3.31.2016: Good Morning

Good Morning Showering to wash away the ache only seemed to magnify the need. It grew to a disabling level preventing me to think of anything besides you. Yesterday you used me thoroughly and it seemed to drive my lust into a throbbing impatient state requiring you to salvage me repeatedly. I staggered into theContinue reading “3.31.2016: Good Morning”

3.24.2016: Our Way

  Our Way             Laying on the bed per the instructions sent to me, I began to freak out just a little. Maybe it was more than a little since the palms of my hands were moist with anticipation. This would be the first time that we’d played this game. The first time that you’veContinue reading “3.24.2016: Our Way”

3.21.2016: Diner Dash

Inspired by Masturbation Monday. Diner Dash I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Heart racing, I began stripping off my pants and kicked off my shoes. The throb between my legs was persistent, driving me mad. My panties were next to hit the floor, frustratingly so because I hadn’t pulled them with my pants.Continue reading “3.21.2016: Diner Dash”

3.17.2016: All About Me

All About Me             Spread your legs. No questions. No comments. Just do it. I understand that you were caught off guard but what I have in mind requires focus. So listen. Slide your panties to the floor. Very nice. Keep your legs open, sweetheart. I can see just how much you like this fromContinue reading “3.17.2016: All About Me”

3.14.2016 #MasturbationMonday

Inspired by: Masturbation Monday: Week 80 The Prelude               “Fuck me harder!” Latoya San Hose screamed.             “Is this how you like it?” Chocolate Dynamite asked as she pounded away at Blue Cherry.             “Yes! Yes!” Latoya hollered back.             Renee sat up in bed and shook her head. “There’s no way I’m goingContinue reading “3.14.2016 #MasturbationMonday”

3.10.2016: Mine

Mine One of my favorite fantasies is the one that I’ve never shared. Well, never shared in detail. You are bent over the leather padded table. Wrists cuffed in front of you, straight ahead with very little give. Your hair is in a tight ponytail, draped over your shoulder and out of the way. YourContinue reading “3.10.2016: Mine”

3.3.2016: Good Girl

Good Girl Sometimes, the best fantasy is simply to relive the moments that have already happened. That’s why I’m laying here in bed, with nothing but thoughts of you. Whispering all the dirty things you want to do to me, makes my nipples harden craving your touch. Like a chain reaction, my passage becomes slickContinue reading “3.3.2016: Good Girl”

3.7.2016: Lunch Rush

Story Inspired by Masturbation Monday. Lunch Rush Out of breath, I made it inside the apartment with five minutes to spare. I had a report due to the big dogs by 11 a.m. Don’t misunderstand me. This report had been ready to go for days. We were preparing for a very important merger that required aContinue reading “3.7.2016: Lunch Rush”