3.14.2016 #MasturbationMonday

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Masturbation Monday: Week 80

The Prelude


            “Fuck me harder!” Latoya San Hose screamed.

            “Is this how you like it?” Chocolate Dynamite asked as she pounded away at Blue Cherry.

            “Yes! Yes!” Latoya hollered back.

            Renee sat up in bed and shook her head. “There’s no way I’m going to get off to this crap. She scooted to the edge of the bed and turned off the adult movie she was watching with the remote control. She lied back on the bed and closed her eyes. She thought about some of the good sex that she’s had in the past. She felt the heat between her legs as she became aroused. She laid there fully undressed and her body still as she allowed her body to relax.

            Renee was a light chocolate brown complexion with natural hazel eyes. She had average looks but had a body out of this world. She was about a size 10 with a set of D breasts and an ass that made even J-Lo envious. She had hips that fit her body perfectly and long black and cinnamon dyed hair. All of this rested on a five foot-eleven inch long frame. She was taller than most but she carried herself well. She was confident about her body which radiated her comfort in her sexuality.

            Renee caressed her nipples making them fully erect. She moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head. She was moved her hips slowly as she got in her groove. She moved her fingers down the center of her body until she reached her thighs as she spread them. She ran her hand over her freshly shaven lips and felt her juices as they flowed to the outside of her vagina.

            Renee moaned delightfully as she teased her clit. “Ooh!” She crooned. She massaged her clit slowly and let her fingers work their magic. She felt the first spasm and slowed down her rhythm.

            “Not yet, baby.” She said as she envisioned her make believe lover.

            Renee slid two of her fingers inside of her teasing and pleasing her submissive side while her aggressive one took over. She stroked her g-spot until her spasms grew so hard that she couldn’t hold back any longer. She positioned herself so that she was directly in front of the dildo that she had fastened to her bed on the head board. She put her legs up on the wall above the head board and slowly eased on to the dildo. As she adjusted to it being inside of her she grabbed the vibrator that had been lying beside her, turned it on, and placed it between her lips and directly on her clitoris. She closed her legs firmly holding the vibrator in place. She let the vibrations course through her body until she felt the wetness on the outside of her lips again. She began riding the dildo to the rhythm of the spasms that the vibrator was causing. As her senses heightened so did the intensity as she rode. She pulled her hair as she screamed and begged for more.

            Renee came hard and fast but the dominant side of her wouldn’t settle for just one orgasm. She began to ride vigorously as her body complied. She bucked harder and faster until it felt like her body had taken control of her mind. She felt the orgasm coming over her and continued to ride harder and faster. She exploded as the vibrations sped through her body and she bucked away at the dildo inside of her. Her body continued on until she came twice more and collapsed from exhaustion.

            Ten minutes later Renee woke to find herself gyrating to the vibrations that the vibrator was still sending through her body. Before she could grab her bearings she grabbed the sheets as she felt herself succumbing to an orgasm she didn’t mean to create. She bit her lip as she tried to muffle a scream that was tearing at her soul to escape. Not able to hold back anymore she screamed as the tears came rolling down the sides of her face.

            Two orgasms later Renee jumped up from her position on the bed and turned off her vibrator. She cleaned her toys and placed them back into the drawer of her nightstand right next to her bed. She removed the drenched comforter she always put on the bed when she masturbated along with the sheets under it. She put fresh linen on her bed and laid down in the center of her king size bed. She smiled as exhaustion hit her again and she closed her eyes bringing the sheets over her nude body.

            “Now if I could just find me somebody to keep up with me I’d be content.” She thought as she drifted off to sleep.

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