3.21.2016: Diner Dash


Inspired by Masturbation Monday.

Diner Dash

I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Heart racing, I began stripping off my pants and kicked off my shoes. The throb between my legs was persistent, driving me mad. My panties were next to hit the floor, frustratingly so because I hadn’t pulled them with my pants.

The first touch to my clit was cooling, soothing. I took a second to savior the moment but the need soared through me again ending that relaxed feeling. My folds were swollen, hot, slick and ready to be used. So I did. Stroking my clit, was nice. But not enough. I groaned needing more so I raised my shirt and bra and pinched my nipples. I didn’t recognize the animalistic moan that echoed but it stirred me on.

Stroking my clit lead me to sliding my two fingers inside where things grew interesting. I leaned back against the cool wall and rode my fingers seeking relief. Every cell in my body craved release. I held on to the tingling feeling and allowed my body to relax into it. I was fevered with lust and primed. I bucked against my hand but drew it out.

Standing on the tip of my toes heightened the experience and my moans became deep pants searching for air. I clenched my vaginal muscles and my body quivered. “Shit!”

I pumped my cunt harder while stimulating both nipples and I began writhing along the wall. My mouth opened and nothing came out as my senses simmered out except in that one region. Sweated beaded over me as my body became light, floating. Time froze and so did I as one of the most powerful orgasms swept through me. I groaned loud as it stuck like lightening. My body quaked as it tore through me. I moved my fingers to my clit pressing it hard and another orgasm blasted through me. Panting, I removed my hands from my body and held on to the wall. Trying to regain my composure.

Minutes later, I began to dress. I washed my face and prepared myself to enter the main part of the deli where knowing eyes watched. I took my lunch order from the counter and winked at the deli clerk. I smiled and walked out and down the street with a little more pep than before. I’d spent my lunch break properly and I’d eat my food while I worked. I’m sure that the next time that I stop by the deli it would probably get extremely interesting with the show I’d given. I smiled welcoming the adventure.

Published by Jade Royal

Hello, I'm Jade and I'm a closeted writer. I've been writing short stories and the likes since I was a young girl but kept all of those words for myself. I've been told a number of times that I write well and that I should publish. The thing is... you can't put yourself out there for that level of criticism unless you're ready. I had a small blog years ago but I failed to keep up with it because I wasn't as committed to my craft. Those days are long gone and here I am. It's take a while but I'm finally ready to make that leap. I'm working on my first series that will include multiple books of a BDSM series. I write Erotica, Romance, Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, and other forms of Fiction. I also love to write Shorts. They can be as short as a bio of a person that I've seen or imagined to as long as a few chapters. I take creative inspiration from everything around me but I never use the source directly. For instance, if I see a blue bird singing in a tree by the time that my mind has come up with a story it be a black cat purring the same tune. As for the fun stuff! I also read by the dozen, use my culinary skills to bake and cook, entertain a swarm of nieces, nephews, and any other adoptive children that I can. I love to host parties, entertain, and talk to my two dogs who happily keep my feet warm. I was born and raised in good old Cincinnati, OH but I love to travel and see new places. I have yet to travel outside of the US but I'm working on it. I don't have any biological children but you can't tell all my previously mentioned children that. Feel free to stick around to find out more about me because I'm sure there's a lot more. Welcome To My World...

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