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3.28.2016: Awakened


Story Inspired by Masturbation Monday.


I woke up on the verge of an orgasm. Panting, I tried to focus on breathing but the need to be fucked overwhelmed my senses. I opened my eyes to see the reason for my demise stroking an erection that I needed to fill me. I started to move toward him but he stopped me with a single word.

“No.” He commanded.

I whimpered and lay still waiting his next command. He leaned down and sucked each of my nipples one at a time until they were rock hard. Once they met his approval, he used his teeth to pull the hardened peaks into his mouth making me pant… writhe… want… need…. I scooted to him and licked the veins around his shaft loving the shiver that I felt in return.

“Bad.” He responded.

I moaned around him agreeing. He slid his hand down between my legs and inside of my dripping cunt. He didn’t wait for an acknowledgement before his fingers thrust in and out of me. I felt invaded. Owned. Worshipped. His. I knew better than to move anything besides my hips which I did. His fingers arched, curled, tucked and hit my gspot cause me to free him from my mouth. I kept stroking him but when he hit that delicious spot my back arched, lifting me from the bed as I rode the building orgasm.


I screamed following his command seizing on the bed. I felt his mouth on my nipples again as he flicked my clit and another rush enveloped me into complete and total darkness.

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