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3.31.2016: Good Morning


Good Morning

Showering to wash away the ache only seemed to magnify the need. It grew to a disabling level preventing me to think of anything besides you. Yesterday you used me thoroughly and it seemed to drive my lust into a throbbing impatient state requiring you to salvage me repeatedly.

I staggered into the bedroom, trying to dry my body as much as possible. Each swipe of the threaded cloth sensitized my skin further. Weakened by my overwhelming need to be taken, I climbed into the bed and moved the sheet to see you already prepared and ready for what I had in store. Carefully, I straddled you watching your sleeping form.

Slowly, I inched you inside my dripping cunt, closing my eyes as you seemed to cool the burning. When you were deeply seated, I trembled unable to fight the orgasm punching forward. The ripples were nice but not enough. I wanted, no needed more. I felt your hips thrusting inside me and gasped, opening my eyes to look into yours.

“Don’t stop now.”

You grabbed my hips and pounded me from underneath. I tried to hold on to your shoulders by gripping you tightly but another orgasm blasted through me and I collapsed onto you. You kissed my neck, and bit my shoulder still driving into me. I whined hoping that you’d never stop. You sought my lips and I kissed you back, loving the captured energy created by it. All the while, your hips claimed mine and I submitted to each thrust begging for more.

Your fingers from, one hand, tweaked my nipples and the other teased my clit. I rolled my hips into your taunts knowing this would be my downfall. When the quaking began, you showed no mercy. I gripped you harder but sound was impossible as my mind tingled with the rest of my body. My eyes became unfocused and nothing matter besides that winding feeling in my groin.

Faintly, it sounded as if you were saying things but I wasn’t sure. Sweat seemed to sting my skin as my senses heightened yet again. The only thing I could think was ‘what are you doing to me?’ just before the most powerful orgasm filled with pain and pleasure resonated.

I purred, whined, hummed, and even gasped for more air than my lungs could hold. You rolled me over onto our sides and held me while I sought balance. Finally, things seemed to calm. I took a deep breath and sighed in relief.

“Good morning.” I purred.

You chuckled and responded. “Good morning.”

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