5.30.2016: Caught


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Movement caught my attention out of my peripheral view. At first I couldn’t tell what she was doing underneath the table but like lightening, realization struck. This girl was masturbating underneath the damn table. I looked around trying to see if anyone else was aware of what was going on. I was surprised to see that no one else watching.


I looked up to see her watching me. The longer I watched the faster she stroked her little clit. She was a nasty girl that needed to be punished. If I had to guess, she was in her mid-twenties. School was still in so with it being early afternoon, there was no chance that a child would be a witness to her debacle.

I raised my eyebrow and her head dropped back as if she was overwhelmed with sensations. Her hips bucked. Her back arched. Her mouth gasped. Her nipples hardened through her white shirt. She fingers gripped the desk and her body grew flush from the force of the orgasm. I smiled watching the entire time.

I stood and walked over to her, stiff dick and all. Her eyes widened in surprise when I leaned down and spoke so only she could hear.

“Meet me at the bathroom.”

I waited outside the bathroom after I checked it’s vacancy. I didn’t know if she would follow my instructions since we didn’t know one another. When she appeared, I was more than pleased. I opened the door to the bathroom and her pace slowed. The hesitation was good. She didn’t know what would happen once she was inside. When she was inside, I closed the door.

“Hands on the sink and bend over.” She followed my orders and I raised her skirt and pulled down her soggy panties.

When I dragged my hard over her bottom she jumped a bit at the initial contact. I continued but knew my time was limited. The door was locked but eventually someone would need in.

“Only bad girls masturbate in public.”

“I’m not bad.”

“What do you call it?”

“Being horny.”

“And you’re disobedient. What’s your safe word?”


“Yes. Do you need me to explain it?”

“No. Strawberry.”

“Strawberry it is then. You’re getting spanked for being naughty and teasing me. You’ll count them out loud.”


The sting radiated through the skin on my hand causing my own erection to jerk. She squirmed and then she whispered.





We continued this way until her ass was nice and red. Tears streamed down her face and yet she complied.

“Good girl.”

She sniffed. I landed another two to her ass and then pulled her panties up and her dress down.

“13.” She informed me as I worked to get her back in order.

“Good job. Now clean your face and return to your seat.”

I exited the bathroom and went back to the table where I went back to researching. Moments later, she walked out. Her fresh was freshly cleaned and she looked settled. She looked at me and blushed before she began writing. She fidget in her seat and I didn’t know if it was from arousal or the soreness from her ass. I smiled evilly and adjusted my crotch noticeably. She blushed more and kept her gaze lowered.

Too bad she wasn’t mine or I’d fuck her senseless. I stretched out my shoulders and went back to my work. Getting off would have to wait. There were more pressing issues that needed to be handled. Focused, time melted away while I worked. I felt a presence beside me and saw a scrap of paper placed on the table. When I looked up she was walking away and already halfway across the room. She turned to me, smiled, waved, and then exited the building.

Score. All of a sudden research didn’t seem as important. I packed up and headed off to find the naughty girl that liked to masturbate in public.

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5.26.2016: Til The Next Time

He pulled up to the garage 10 minutes late, yet I was still excited to see him. The purr of his hog always made me wet because of what it symbolized. I knew what he wore before I saw him. All black: black pants, black tee, black leather jacket, black leather boots, and he was riding on a Harley that was all black and chrome. He controlled all that power, and maneuvered it with ease.



Til The Next Time

He was just driving through on a run which meant he had little time to play games.
Two months. Two weeks. Three days. 1 hour. 37 minutes. 22… 23… 24… 25 seconds since the last dose I had of Him. And I was beyond ready. I’d driven an hour to get to this spot at the right time. I didn’t know when the next time I’d see him was so I treated each visit like it was my last.

I leaned against my car wearing nothing but a red fitted dress. No panties. No bra. Like I said, there was no time to waste.  He pulled up a few spaces a way and cut the engine. His slow sexy gait was the sexiest strip tease. He threw his jacket over the seat of his bike and took off his tee throwing it on top of the jacket. There were rules and I had to wait til he got to me before I could jump him. Anticipation took over my body like a boiling pot of water almost spilling over.



He stopped just before he neared me and searched the parking garage for any sign of life. When it passed his inspection, he closed the gap and my arms went around his neck. Our lips connected and fireworks exploded around us. I moaned into his mouth as he ravaged mine.

He lifted me onto the hood of the car and parted my legs. Yes! I screamed silently. I heard a zipper and then he awakened every nerve in my pussy as he entered me quick and hard. I threw my head back and screamed as I shattered around him.

“Fuck!” I swore.

He moved inside of me taking me to higher heights. Thrusting. Fucking. Humping. I held on riding him with just as much passion and abandon as he. Skin slapping echoed through the garage and I licked my lips, loving the sound of us. He ripped the bust area of my dress as he freed my breasts and I felt his mouth and teeth immediately pulling, tugging, and sucking. I whined loving it all and needing more.

“Yes, Sir. Please!”

Slaps to my ass made me groan. I tilted my hips to accommodate  more of him. I felt him in a different way that made my body spasm. That spot. So delicious. Wicked. I closed my eyes and the sensations damn near drowned me.

I felt his hand slide between us and then his fingers lightly thumbed my clit pushing me closer to the brink. Faster. Harder. I fought for air as I shook. A sharp pinch forced the loudest scream from my throat. He covered my mouth with his quickly swallowing the rest of my cries.

He leaned forward, taking me with him. He spread me wide and pounded my quaking muscles. Squirts of pleasure covered his groin and bare stomach. I gripped his shoulders and dragged my nails against him before digging in. It was his turn to shiver and while grunting his release, filling me with his seed.

“Damn girl. So… good!”

I smiled with my eyes closed savoring the feel of him wrapped around me. Yes, this was an abandoned garage. No, it didn’t feel cheap or less intimate. I was with him and he was with me. It was perfect. He kissed me slowly and I felt his desire for me. Light moans of content were exchanged. No promises just raw emotion.

I heard a group of hogs approaching and knew our time was almost up. He pulled away hesitantly trailing kisses down the center of my body. He fixed my clothes as he went. He ended between my legs lapping at my pussy until I came for him once more. I ached for more of him but that wouldn’t happen. He fixed his pants while I sat up. He kissed me deeply and I sighed against him.


“Burn for me, girl.”

I nodded. I always did. Thoughts of him kept me aflame and I let it until the next time. I heard revving and knew it was code for him to exit. He kissed me once more before backing away. I slid from the car and hopped inside. Once he straddled his bike and put on his shirt and jacket, I blew him a kiss. Per our ritual, he grabbed the kiss and put it into his breast pocket and winked. He waited for me to pull out and he followed. I drove toward home and the crew of bikers followed me to the highway led by Him. Once I was on the ramp, there was a loud roar signaling their departure. I looked in the mirror to see the others gone, except Him. He watched me. I blew my horn just before he was out of sight and he drove off too. Leaving me until the next time and I’d wait. I always did.

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5.19.2016: Then His (Part II)


Then His (Part II)

I walked into the room slowly, expecting him to attack at any moment. He sat down in the same chair that he’d occupied earlier. I watched as he sipped amber liquid from a glass calmly. He waited for my next move and so did I. I didn’t know where this would go since I couldn’t find his submissive girl that was somewhere inside of me. Inhale. Exhale.


“I can’t do this.” I thought at the same time that I turned around to walk out.


The one word stopped me cold. Challenged me. Ignited a different fire within. Bastard.

“Of you? Never.”

“Then where are you going, little girl?” He proposed the question as if it only made sense.

I heard the sound of the glass meeting a hard surface as he sat it down. I felt him approach and his warmth nestled my ass as he wrapped his arm around my waist. He pulled my head against his shoulder while kissing my neck. I heard a zipper and knew what that revealed. Hard male phallus nestled in the seam of my derriere.

“Should I take you here?” His thumb teased my puckered opening.

I arched into his teasing strokes and he chuckled. “Greedy.”

He lowered his cock to the opening of my soaked cunt and my breathing became erratic. “Maybe we’re on to something. You seem to want to be filled and fucked.”

I groaned and pulled away from his hold. Every word sounded like mockery to my current state of mind. I faced him and growled. His serious expression was lethal. “Watch it, baby. I bite too.”

My eyebrow rose and he took it as a challenge. My back met cold wall as he pushed me against it with his hand at my throat. I smacked him hard and his chest rose and fell as he groaned loud. His lips met mine and I fought. He pinned me to the wall with my hands above my head. Challenged by the move, I used my body to try to push him away. He pulled at my lips with his teeth and moaned in response. The pain fed me in the best of ways.

He leaned down biting along my chest and I shivered. I knew he was winning and it angered… My thought was cut off the moment that my nipple entered his mouth. He pulled each constricted bud with his teeth until the pain was the only thing I could feel. Pushing me towards my pain threshold took away the fighting thoughts and replaced them with something else. Something… He licked and sucked my sensitive peaks making me writhe. He knew that I could come this way and he used it to his benefit.

“Oh yes!” I moaned.

His hold on my arms loosened and then I felt his hands on my hips gripping them. He turned me facing the wall, spread my legs, and entered me quickly. My legs trembled as they endured the spasms and fought to hold me up. I reached back pulling him deeper inside. Friction had never felt so good. He spanked me as he rode me while barking displeasure. I’d been bad and he was punishing my cunt with his malicious attack with his hard dick. I welcomed it and his painfully deep strokes. At first I thought I was imagining, it but then I felt dripping sex down my other leg. I shouldn’t have been surprised since the sound of wet pussy being pounded echoed through the room along with our grunts of passion. Realization created more desire and I arched my back further inviting him in. My nipples were so hard that they hurt and the sensations flooded me until all I could do was feel.


“Give in to me. Feel me.”

“Yours!” He’d managed to temper me to the point that my body dictated my actions instead of my mind. It was a delicious feeling.

This was about getting off. And while his dominance was still present, it wasn’t overbearing. He’d brought me back to the moment and I was living in it. Quaking, shaking, and climbing to a mountainous orgasm that I knew would be my undoing. I closed my eyes hoping to find my footing but it only made things worse. A blinding orgasm knocked the wind from me and though my eyes had opened widely, I couldn’t see a damn thing. Shock at the intensity made me speechless and still. A hard bite to my shoulder brought me back to the moment just before another orgasm ripped through me.

Tears poured down my face. I was still being deliciously fucked. My body was slick with sweat. My body convulsed and my chest was pressed against the wall to hold me in place. All I could do was take and give and he sought the deepest desires. My head heavy, rested on the wall as my reality drifted away. Far, far, far away…

Gentle strokes to my hip stirred me from my dreams. I’d had one of the best dreams of domination and submission but I guess it was time to get back to reality. Heat surrounded me and I moaned. If I moved to one side, the warmth at the other side disappeared. I groaned wanting both. I felt a light kiss on my shoulder and I moaned. Another kiss pulled at my lips and I shivered. The torment continued until I opened my eyes to see Him. Another kiss across my back drew my attention to the sassy girl behind me. That’s when it dawned on me. It wasn’t a dream.

Fingers stroked my body sweetly as my legs were spread and one went over His hip. I leaned back against the girl awakening my body while he entered my tender folds. I pulled her mouth to mine, controlling the kiss that she submitted. She whimpered while grazing my nipples with her fingertips. His thrusts were sure and he used me to rock out his desires. He strummed my clit as I milked him. I slid one hand behind me pinching and pulling her clit until she gripped me tightly in need.

“Come for me.” I whispered against her lips.

Her orgasm set off mine and His until we were a cluster fuck of gasping sexed fools. I groaned, reveling in satisfaction. I sunk into the pillow once again finding sleep with the biggest smile plastered to my face. Yes!

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5.16.2016: Let Me Show You


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Let Me Show You

He’d ordered me to masturbate for him. Okay. I’d gotten undressed and gotten right to the point. Legs spread; I sat with pillows supporting my back. He’d given me my favorite bullet and I’d pressed it to my sweet spot. In less time than normal, I was ready to shoot off. I asked for permission and was taken back by his response.


I opened my eyes and looked to see a scowl on his face. I removed the vibe from my clit and pretended not to be hurt. It was the first time that I’d masturbated in front of anyone and he didn’t seem to be happy about it. I swallowed and tried to control the panic.


Shit! I knew she was timid about sex but I didn’t expect the one word to make her freeze up. I jumped to action getting her to calm. Once I’d gotten her to breathe it was time to talk her through it. I looked over her beautiful body and wondered how she’d never been appreciated before. It didn’t matter; it was every other fucker’s miss and my victory. It was time that I showed her the power of a woman.


“Lay down.” I instructed.

Gingerly, she got back into position. I could see panic starting to build so I cut it off the best way I knew how. I kissed her stupid. Lips crushed, tongues soothed, and her hands grabbed at me the more I deepened the kiss until she was breathless. I pulled away and she was one damn sexy bitch in heat. Perfect.

“Start at your ears and stroke your skin. Lightly. Teasingly. Draw out your need.”

I watched as she awakened her body. It was the best fucking thing she’d ever done. Before, her movements were robotic and unstimulating. There was a race that I’m sure she would have finished first in. This was different. I could actually see her body respond to her touch. I watched her body arch into the caresses, unable to wait for the next sensation. I leaned over and stroked her nipples the same way that she had.  Her moan feverishly grew louder making me painfully aware of how hard I’d gotten.

“You know that you’re doing it right when the person watching you just has to touch too. That’s when you know that you’re un-fucking-resistible. Teasing is an art. My beautiful girl, you’ve got it in spades. Allow yourself to let go and just feel and you could be the Mistress of Seduction.”

Her movements progressively got bolder, wilder. I stepped back to watch her in action. I wanted to see all of her. When her legs parted to explore her forbidden fruit, I groaned. She was swollen, ripe, and ready to be feasted. Her berry had produced some of the finest wine and I fought not to taste it. She needed to let this play out fully but when it was over, the rules to this game were over. I’d take her as I pleased. I growled and she shivered in response. Shit!

Her clumsy discovery became sure and precise. She didn’t even notice that she didn’t need that damn bullet of hers. Her hips ground against her finger tips and she mewled the most delightful sounds. She whimpered for more that only she could control and she didn’t even realize it. She worked herself up into a frenzy and her moans became second nature, a slave to her orgasm. I sat beside her to watch her alluring features contort into something exquisitely carnal. Primal. Lustful.

I was so drawn by her spell that I didn’t realize her hand moving over my groin until she cupped my man package. I hissed. My dick was so hard that it was painful against the inside of my jeans. She unzipped then unbuttoned them, freeing it into her stroking hand. A boldness I’d never seen from her was present. That powerful woman within her was out front and center. She licked the tip of my cock and then pulled it into her mouth lubricating it well. I stood and her hand took over. I leaned down to test her pussy and was pleasantly surprised at how wet she was. I groaned and began to fuck her with my fingers. Her fingers struggled to hold on to my dick when I hit a sweet spot.

Her body begged for more, needing to find release. I worked her over until her hand had fallen to the bed and she gripped the sheets. Sweat covered, she tossed her head back and forth searching for more. She was so close that I could feel her energy taking over the room. So damn hot that I wanted to say screw the masturbating and fuck her senseless right now.


“Ah, little vixen. You have no idea how difficult it is to not just fuck you right now.”

“Please fuck me!” She groaned out.

I thumped her clit with my thumb while fucking her with my fingers and she flew apart. I moved between her legs and entered her quickly. I used her trembling muscles to pull milk my dick. I ground into her deep and quick. I got to the brink quickly and held nothing back. Her body was the vessel I was using to get off. She’d created the monster tearing into her body without second thought and she needed to feel it. Her body quaked against me again as she succumbed to another orgasm. It pushed me over and I emptied inside her and collapsed on top of her. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Minutes later, I rolled over her and she snuggled up at my side.

“How’d I do that time?” Her face held a cunning expression but her eyes were unsure.

“I thought it was obvious when I started fucking you senseless.” I chuckled lazily.

Her smile spread across her face along with a blush that couldn’t be hidden. So goddamn sexy. Mhm…

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5.12.2016: First Sassy (Part I)


First Sassy (Part I)

Sassy. That’s what I called her. It wasn’t because of her mouth but more so her attitude. Her demeanor. It didn’t help that she looked like a pin-up girl at all times. Her fire red lips called to me and so I kissed her. Slowly at first but then the hunger that I’d held at bay all day took over. I pushed her against the frame of the bed until she fell backwards onto it.


She looked up at me breathless and I raised my eyebrow at her. Her lips, parted, made me want to put something between them. I took the red scarf from around my neck and leaned down to gag her, reinforcing it with a knot behind her head. Helpless eyes, heavy with curiosity of the unknown, stared back at me challenging me to take her to new heights. I removed her panties and tossed them to the floor. No need for them.


She nodded. Listening. Eager.

“Keep your body open to me.”

She spread her legs and put her arms above her head before giving a firm nod.

“Your orgasms belong to me.”

Sassy closed her eyes. I watched as she swallowed. She knew that orgasm control was my forte. I could drag it on for hours or force so many from her that they hurt. Which part of the scale I’d tip today wasn’t part of the information provided. When she opened her eyes, I knew that she was ready to move on. Good girl.

“The only restraints provided today will be up here.” I tapped her head and she groaned. It was something she loved and hated. It was a test to her willingness to please me versus the natural reaction to run from your tormentor.

I slid my fingers inside of her and was greeted with warmth, wetness, and her gripping walls. She looked behind me and I smacked her thigh.

“Eyes on me.” I knew she was a bit shy but as of today, she’d have to get over it.

I stroked her while kissing over her neck, shoulders, and nibbling on her ear. She relaxed into me and panted as her heart rate escalated. Her hands griped the bed as she fought the urge to touch me. I chuckled loving how much she was into it already. I bit the side of her neck hard and her cunt shivered. I twisted my fingers inside of her while thrusting and she moaned louder. Wetness coated my entire hand letting on to just how much she appreciated the ministrations to her. I drove her closer and closer to her orgasm and just before she tipped I pulled away. She knew better than to beg but her moans echoed through the room conveying just how close she had been.

I kissed up her body until I reached her gagged mouth. I made quick work of untying it before taking her mouth. I grabbed a handful of hair, forcing her head to tilt up toward my mouth. I took just as much as she gave and she mewled in defeat. I pulled away and she followed my lips. I chuckled at how needy she was. I gave her a bit more before slapping her thigh firmly before pulling away. She closed her eyes and groaned.

“You’ll pay for that, minx.”

“But it was well worth it, M’Lady.”

“We shall see.”

I removed her bra and a set of clovers pinched her hardened and swollen nipples. I hummed my approval at her following the instructions given before she’d gotten here. I walked over to the chair that held my matching floggers. I swung them loosely in the air and stretched my shoulders and arms. It was time. I turned around and was stunned momentarily by the view in front of me. My sassy minx lay sprawled out for my use, ready for more. In the corner, off to the side of me He sat watching, observing. Unable to keep away, I walked over to him and kissed him deeply. He slid his hand over my ass and then gripped it tightly. I tapped the side of his face with my hand playfully before pulling away and wagging a finger at him. The chastisement caused him to shake his head. Playful or not, I knew I’d pay for it later. I could only wait.

I turned toward my sassy girl and whirled my floggers in the air. Her eyes widened and fear ignited her arousal taking it up a few notches. The lips of her pussy were glistening, wet, and swollen. I watched as her fingers gripped the sheets even tighter. I leaned down sucking her clit into my mouth and sucking it until she was once again facing an orgasm that she wouldn’t get just yet.


“Be a good girl.” I told her before the corded lashes stung her skin with the first double succession.

She breathed in and out deeply. Her pain tolerance was high and I wanted to make her feel me quickly. Thighs, hips, cunt, and then breasts were the pattern that I stuck to. The deeper she breathed the more I quickened the rain of strikes. Her skin reddened, blushing in appreciation. I watched her face and body for cues of any and everything as I struck her over and over. Her groans grew lighter and lighter until she was silent. One strong and hard swat to her cunt made her scream.

“Breathe!” I chastised.

“Yes! Yes!” Tears flowed from her eyes down to the bed. Her hands limply held on to the sheets.

“Good, good sassy girl.”

Her reddened cunt dripped with the finest ambrosia. Her legs shook from the hold that she had on them to keep them in place. Though they’d started off as flat, they’d bent digging her feet into the mattress. Now they too were limp but still parted. Disciplined in the best of ways. I leaned over her, pressing into her heated skin. Her eyes were glazed over illustrating just how much of those endorphins she was feeling.

As I took off the clover clamps on her nipples, I commanded firmly. “Come for me.”

Her brain took a beat to catch on but then pain registered loud and clear. Her eyes widened and she screamed loudly as the orgasm pounded through her. I entered her with three fingers headed straight for her g-spot where I tapped against it insistently. Her weakened grip sought the sheets again as another orgasm threatened to shred the bit of sanity that she had left.

“Again, little minx.”

Her babbled cries were the response as she succumbed to my demands. Not finished with her, I slowly rolled her over onto her stomach. She hissed when her nipples grazed the bed.

“Glad that I have your attention.”

I picked up the flogger and rained even more blows to her ass. She arched into them spreading her legs to meet the sting. Her cries became wails of submission as she begged and pleaded for more. I dropped the floggers and climbed on the bed spreading her wide before entering her with the dick that was strapped to my waist. Together, we were in a zone. One that only included her and I. Though I’d pushed her, she was giving more to me than I ever expected and the fuel burned rapidly through me. I needed this just as much as she did. I noticed every movement. Every breath. I anticipated her responses and she delivered flawlessly. My skin tingled, hyper-aware of everything, especially her.

“Thank you!” She screamed as I fucked her hard and deep. Her thighs quaked against mine and I knew she was close once again.

I reached forward and grabbed a fist full of hair pulling her into each stroke.

“M’Lady, please! May I come for you? Your… girl… needs… you!” Her request was guttural and heady. Raw. Animalistic.

“Yes.” I commanded.

Her body relaxed to the point that she collapsed. Foreseeing it allowed me to follow her, grinding into her flat against the bed. I counted two more rolling orgasms that consumed her before I too released the building orgasm she’d ignited.

When I finally caught my own breath, I removed the harness from my hips. I pulled two pillows behind my head and my sassy girl into my arms. I stroked her sweat licked skin loving the smoothness of her. I watched as He stood and got the throw from the bottom of the bed. He laid it over us and returned to his post.



He nodded. “Welcome.”

“Thank you, too.” I heard the mumbling and looked down. I smiled at the drunken woman in my arms.

He chuckled. “Your welcome.”

She moved closer to me and closed her eyes again. I gave her time to rest before the hydration bit. Once she was alert and onto her favorite candy of the KitKat nature, I put her in the guest room to rest. Though she protested with weak excuses of not being tired, when her head hit the pillow she was already out. Riddle me that!

I knew He waited for me in the bedroom. My high from topping my girl hadn’t diminished. I sat in the arm chair in the living room trying to reign in my thoughts. I heard footsteps behind me and I closed my eyes. I didn’t open them when he stood in front of me. I felt the kiss to my forehead and it awakened something primal inside.

I opened my eyes and he lowered his body to the floor kneeling in front of me. Primal male versus primal female. I felt the chase and I met it head on. He leaned forward to kiss my cunt and I drew away. Carefully, I raised my legs into the seat away from him. I put my knee on the arm of the chair ready to jump it when He stopped me mid pose. He put my other knee on the opposite arm spreading me wide for him.


I groaned. I needed him and he knew it. My cunt was wet and though I wasn’t prepared to submit to him fully, he would always have my desires. When his tongue licked me for the first time my body fell backwards over the back of the chair. I’d seen the bulge in his pants when he’d stood to grab the blanket. He’d more than enjoyed the show that he’d witnessed. It was time for him to cash in. His tongue explored every fold before he thrust it inside of me. Crazed with need, I ran my fingers through my hair grasping at my sanity. I was losing control and war raged inside of me. Submit or fight. It echoed inside as my moans filled the room with my turmoil. Suddenly it stopped and so did he. I looked down and he winked before standing slowly. I put my knees into the seat of the chair while my lungs fought for air. My orgasm teetered and He was walking away.

“You know where to find me.” He said before he entered the room, leaving me with a decision to make.


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5.9.2016: Fucking Amazing


Inspired by: Masturbation Monday


Fucking Amazing

Waking up to an empty bed and stiff dick is the worst damn feeling when you have the need to fuck. Must be Monday. Any other day of the week and her sweet lips would be here welcoming me to a new day. Brighter fucking morning when you’re drained by her mouth and coffee placed in your hand as she says “Have a good day, Sir.”

Mondays though, I’m left to suffer without her while she goes to her early workout class. Yoga or another. All I know is that I’d have no issues getting up an hour early to work her out. Reasons of workout buddy commitments don’t seem like reason enough. She has a greater purpose and tending to me is a high priority. I’ll admit, I’m a man that wants what he wants, when he wants. So being denied doesn’t sit well for me, but I spoil my angel and giving her this day is the least that I can do.

The image of her sweet face, sexy almond eyes, lips made for sucking me, and her wicked tongue only makes my situation worse. Harder. I can easily feel her mouth around me so I lower my hand under the sheet and close my eyes. Shit! I love how she looks up at me seeking approval as she lavishes me with that skillful tongue of hers.

But nothing beats when she closes her eyes and swallows me. Not because I’m in her throat but because she enjoys it so much that she closes her eyes to savor the damn moment. Tightening my grip, images start running through my mind of her on her knees shining me.

I use my hand to cup my sac and massage it while beating. The sounds of skin milking skin forces memories of her cunt gripping me as I slide balls deep inside her. It always makes her wetter. Without much movement, I reach into the drawer beside me and grab the lube. A squirt later I feel her wetness covering me as I began stroking my dick again. Twisting and pulsing movements make me throw my head back arching into my hand, her cunt.

“Please!” I hear her beg and my pace quickens. Her back arches into me taking more.

Tingling pricks race over my unoccupied hand while thinking about spanking her as her cunt swallows me. She’s a good girl and she fucking knows it. Suddenly her back slants downward with her head on the bed as I go even deeper. Holy Hell. Pumping instinctually, I lose me self in her folds and I’m happy to do so. She’s mine and the thought of marking her with my seed urges me buck wildly inside her. Hurting her isn’t an issue since she knows how to get my attention.


“Fuck, girl!” I groan out, barely able to voice my delight.

“Yours!” She screams and I nod while trying to breathe, grunt, and groan at the same time.

So. Fucking. Close.

“Sir, your girl needs it. Please cum, make me yours!”

Works every god damn time. Like rocket I shoot off. Liquid lust squirting up my groin and stomach. She turns toward me and begins licking, sucking me dry. Gasping and panting is the only thing I’m capable of as my body numbs out from the tension release. Fuck! The only thing better would have been if she was here to do the damn deed herself instead of her in my fantasy.

I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling wondering what she left me for breakfast. Pulling a cloth from the bedside chest, I clean myself and hands. Showering takes no time and once I’m fitted and ready to head to work, I walk into the kitchen whistling “Sex on Fire” and see a note on the counter.

“Sir, I hope Masturbation Monday was fun. Breakfast and lunch are in the fridge, ready to go. All your fixings are in your coffee tumbler, pour the waiting hot coffee and go. See you for dinner. Your angel.”

Like I said. I want what I want, and she’s fucking amazing!

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5.8.2016: The News: A Mother’s Day Treat

The News

I blinked at the line of plastic indicators. All 12 of them said the same thing in one way or another. Pluses, double lines, and words popped up on the little screen. One even flashed it to my attention. There was no turning back. I didn’t believe the first two tests that came in the same box. No, they had to be faulty. But 12 more later, different brands, shapes, color scales, and even random wait times later, it was confirmed. I sighed in defeat. This wasn’t a part of the agreement. Agreeing to be His didn’t include pregnancy. We are in sync and enjoying the relationship as it is. There was no room for a baby. After trial and a lot of error, I’d finally gotten it right this time. Found someone that made me cherish my submission enough for me to offer it without worry. This couldn’t be happening.

The happiness that I should be feeling was there, somewhere buried under what “ifs” and “why now’s”. I sighed sitting on the toilet with the seat cool against my bum cheeks. My hands were locked together covering my mouth. I shook as I thought over my reality. The scary part was that I wanted it. Not because I don’t believe in abortion but because it was His. My gift of submission was being rewarded with a present of life. He’d never spoken of children, marriage, and forever. We lived in the current and had always been safe. Except…

I remembered it clear as the air I breathed. Several weeks ago, the condom I’d declared faulty had not only broken but put me in my current predicament. He’d mentioned nothing about the possibilities that had unfolded. He’d simply cleaned us, retrieved the broken pieces, cleaned me again, and cuddled. Who really knew what that meant? I sighed again and hoped that I could get through tonight before I had to tell him. I’d planned a really nice seduction scene but the initial agenda didn’t include an aftercare with confessions of the unplanned pregnancy.

Everything was already in place; I just needed to get my ass in gear. I cleared the counter in one swipe into the garbage can and put it underneath the sink. Out of sight, out of mind; hopefully. I showered letting the water soothe me. Rivulets of water cascaded over my body as the shower head jet strands of liquid resolve over me. Squeaky, I got out of and toweled off. I took extra care of using honeydew and melon oil to scent and moisturize me skin. It was His favorite, marking me as edible. I shivered as it dawned on me that I would be powerless in just a couple of hours. It stirred something deep yet felt peaceful too.

I sat out both wine glasses on the table while cooling the bottle in the chiller. Dinner had been in the crock-pot since this morning. Beef stew perfumed the air and the bread was waiting to be warmed with the basil butter I’d made earlier in the week. The night I’d planned was perfect but now I didn’t know how I was going to manage it with the heavy news on my shoulder. I took my glass from the table and poured cranberry juice to the rim. I took several sips before heading to the window to sit where I got lost in the view, biding my time until He came home.



“Isn’t that a sight for sore eyes.”

I turned to see Him watching me carefully. I looked over at the clock realizing just how much time had passed. My thoughts had taken over channeling out everything else. I turned, sitting my glass down on the sill, and kneeled before him.

“I’m sorry. Time got away from me.”

“It’s okay. What are you cooking? It smells amazing.”

“Your favorite. Beef stew.”

A hearty groan of approval sounded. I smiled needing his affirmation. He stepped closer and stroked my hair as I leaned onto his thigh. Perfection.

“It looks like someone wants to play hard.”

I smiled again knowing that he’d finally noticed the toys I’d laid out for him. I needed to be pushed and he’d given me permission to pick his weapons of destruction.

“Want to tell me what’s going on before we start?”

I shook my head hoping to skip the semantics. The silence was a giveaway that I’d better provide answers. I sighed.

“I’m stressed.”


I opened my mouth to tell him and nothing came out. Tears rolled down my face but I didn’t move or speak. I knew in this moment that I couldn’t go any further. It was time to confess. The honesty that we’d built in our communication deserved more than a partial truth. His hand pulled my hair tipping my head back. There was no hiding my emotions from him and I didn’t try to once he’d exposed them. Lips devoured mine making me shiver and cry harder. I poured all of my emotion in to the one single kiss hoping that it wouldn’t be the last time. Tongues clashed and he took control as easily as taking candy from a baby. Baby…


He pulled away kissing over my neck and shoulders. It was gentile, loving, and possessive all at the same time. I couldn’t help but to sober a bit as he laid claim. By the time that he’d gotten to my nipple and sucked, I’d forgotten the issue. My brain was short circuited completely when he pulled each one with his teeth adding pressure. Being sensitive there, the pain shook my core quickly giving me nowhere to hide. I wanted him.

“Please.” I begged for more.

He pulled away and squatted in front of me. “You will please me, but first my girl is going to tell me what bothers her so much.”

I opened my eyes staring into the most intense gaze I’d ever seen. It wasn’t scary or intimidating. It radiated strength and love, warmth and firmness, dedication and honesty. It was a reflection of what I gave him and I knew it was time. No more holding back. I took his free hand and moved it down the center of my body until it reached my stomach and I held it there firmly. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“Every Master needs an understudy.”

He looked at me studying my expression. Openly, I returned the emotion I saw in his eyes, hoping I wasn’t imagining it. The corner of his lips turned upwards and his boyish grin was a good indication of how our son would look.

“Every submissive needs to find new ways to give more of herself.”

“Yes, Sir. I have.”

“And it’s so fucking beautiful.”

Warmth exploded over me and I squealed. He let go of my hair just as I jumped onto him, knocking him over, onto the floor. I kissed him repeatedly and he chuckled. I stared down at him and he looked up into my eyes.

“Did you think I wouldn’t be happy?”

I blushed and looked away from his gaze.

“Punishing you tonight will be the highlight of my day.” He remarked before spanking my bare ass.

I squeaked, caught off guard.

“Yes, Sir.”

He rolled us over pinning me to the floor. I moaned, submitting fully to the sexiest man in the planet. He stared down at me as he ground his pant cladded hips into my bare ones. His bulge signaled just how much he wanted me. He released one hand to unfasten his pants and to slide inside of me in one sweep. I’d wanted him all day despite my nervousness. Holding me down had focused all of my desire to the pulsing muscles in my cunt. I was beyond ready. I arched my back at the intrusion welcoming every inch of him.

“No need for a condom is there?”

“No Sir.” I whispered.

My body already had spasms wrecking it. He tilted his hips, realigning mine. I felt him deeper than I could ever recall. He put his hands back into mine pinning me completely. As he worked his hips grinding into me I felt marked. It was the first time that we’d never used protection. The sentiment wasn’t lost on me, giving meaning to the new tears sliding into the hair at my temples. Deep thrusts were welcomed by my body. I quivered, barely able to hang on to the lust building inside.

“You’re mine. Your body is mine. The child growing inside of you is mine. Your desires belong to me. Your happiness, it’s mine too.”

“Yes!” I moaned loudly. “Please, may I?”

He leaned down to my ear and his panting drove me insane with need. I was so wet, coating us with enough of my nectar to feed an army. Finally, he spoke between gritted teeth.

“You’ll come with me. Only then will I allow you to release your need for me. Mine!”

Harder he took me. Faster. Wilder. It was so intense that I couldn’t tell where I ended and he began. His hips bucked and he snarled as his released took over his body. Right there with him, I gave in to the call of his seed.

“Yours!” I screamed while releasing.

“Fuck!” I shouted. Another orgasm ripped from him and I whimpered encouragingly.

Time moved, we didn’t. Gasping, panting, and trying to ride the high of the best sex. Eventually, he rolled to my side and pulled me close. I nestled in and closed my eyes content.

“You’re still getting punished tonight. Right after I finish up the beef stew.”

I smiled. “Yes, Sir.”

“That wasn’t wine in that glass was it? Another infraction?”

I shook my head smiling wider. “Cranberry juice.”

He hummed in approval. “My good girl.”

“Yes. Yours.”

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5.5.2016: More




I turned to see her closing the door of the hotel room. Was I mistaken? Had she spoken or was I hearing things? I opened my mouth to speak but she held up her hand halting the action.

“Strip. I hate repeating myself.”

I put my things on the table next to where I stood. Exhaling, I hoped that my nerves would calm before she got to this point. She could be quite demanding but I thought that I’d have a second to warm up to her presence.

“I’m adding up the infractions as you hesitate. Please, take your time. I’ve got all night to punish you.”

I shook my head trying to get myself in motion but I couldn’t make myself obey. Was it stage freight? I exhaled slowly once again. It wasn’t her. It had just been so long since…

I watched each step that she took toward me. It was precise, controlled, and calculating. She was the tigeress and I was her prey. She stalked me in a circle, moving steadily. I didnt dare to look up into her eyes for fear of what I would see. Her will surrounded me intimidating my rebellious nature that once engulfed the room. Her dominance reached out to caress my submission making me pant in need.

“There she is.” She taunted. “Bring her out to play, My treaure.”

I melted at the endearment knowing that I was going to give her anything that she wanted. Her face invaded my space as she sniffed the side of my neck.   She moved closer dragging the tip of her nose across my neck. I held back my moans trying not to break under pressure.

“Your clothing is filthy and better not touch my face. Not a surprise since they are on a dirty girl.”

I groaned. Embarrassment reddened my cheeks as my sex pulsed from the compliment. When her nose moved down toward my collar, I hurriedly unbuttoned it and slid it from my arms without grazing her. She licked over the swell of my ripe breasts and my brain short circuit. She kissed and sucked causing me to purr in response. I wanted her to continue, needed her to so badly that I almost forgot to remove my bra. Quickly, I removed it before she reached the edges of the black lace, pulling it behind me to dispose. Heat encased my nipple seconds before I threw my head back to thrust my chest outward. I couldn’t breathe and still I tried to beg for more. I was suspended on edge as she teased the the second most sensitive part of my body. The orgasm that my body craved began to coil slowly, wickedly. Whimpers escaped when she switched to the other waiting peak. Moisture pooled between my thighs demanding the attention of her mouth there as well. I shivered in need of more knowing she’d take her time. Whatever that meant.

She licked down the valley between my globes of euphoria to my soft belly. The tingling ceased when she nipped me causing me to giggle in content. I started to protest when I realized that my skirt was in her way. I reached behind me, unzipped, and then let it ease to the floor. I then lowered my panties and was about to remove my garter when her groan stopped me.


“Leave the garter, thigh highs, and heels.”  She instructed. I nodded afraid to disturb her perusing.

Kisses to my thighs and hips prepared me for kiss to my mound just before her tongue reached for my folds. A firm slap to my ass put me in gear to part my legs and then her tongue delved into the slices of my forbidden fruit. My legs grew weaker lick by lick. I reached for something to hold on to and found that her shoulders were my only life line.  I held on heaving, writhing.

She stood suddenly, pushing my back against the nearest wall. My leg was raised over her hip just before I was penetrated by the cock she retrieved from her open fly. Black to match her pants, I almost didn’t see it before I was filled. I screamed as a new wave of pleasure filled me. She moved inside me easily, steadily, and taking all she needed.

I panted, begged, thanked and even moved my hips to take more of her. The building speed of my orgasm increased and I welcomed it. I chanted her name like she was a God that I needed to repent to. I grew closer to the edge and just before I could come, she pulled out.

“No!” I exclaimed.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me to the desk. Sitting me on top, she roughly spread my legs and entered me again. I arched my back into her thrusts helping me to regain my footing on the pending orgasm. She never let go of my hair and she smacked the sides of my breasts. I crooned for even more. She let go of my hair and lifted my legs to her shoulders. My thighs trembled as she hit the most delicious spot.
I held on to the desk guiding my orgasm as it pounded it’s way to the surface. Just before release she slid out again.

“No!” I cried. Huge temper tantrum tears slid down my face at the denial. Her chuckle was mockery that I hated and craved at the same damn time.
She turned me on to my stomach, bent over the desk.

“What a fine sight.” She spanked me thoroughly. Sparing nothing and it too fed my desires.

Shame dripped from my cunt putting me in just the right state of mind. This was her game to play. She made the rules. I was merely the board she chose to play on. Again she entered me when I was nice and primed with painfully awakened skin that burned in the most devine ways. Hard deep thrusts were delivered to my sensitized cunt. My face was a mess of tears that begged of forgiveness and mercy.

Her motions hastened. My heart rate increased. She was seconds from her orgasm and so was I. I arched my back and gripped her cock. My moans turned in to screams as she delivered more blows. She pulled my hair and leaned forward.

“Hold that orgasm, dirty girl. It’s not permitted.”

I screamed in shock as she bucked away. My orgasm mounted and I struggled to fight it back. Her moans were just as loud as mine and it stirred me on. Not good. I held on to the desk praying for a respite.

“Please.” I begged. But my pleas went unanswered.

I cried harder wanting to obey. The harder I begged to more it aroused her. I heard the hitch in her moan as she came hard and loud. Shock settled in as her movements ceased and she leaned over me spent from her orgasm. Panting  and groaning helped me not as I stared at the wall in disbelief. She stood pulling out of me and my juices trickled down my legs.  Used.

Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes into moments. I heard her disposing of the strap-on she wore and then fixing her clothes.

“Put your clothes back on, treasure. I’m starving and you’re taking me for food.”

Obediently I did as I was told. Hesitancy had left my psyche the moment she’d taken over. Dressed I walked to the door where she stood waiting. I hadn’t been allowed to clean myself making me feel more used.

She pinned me to the wall giving me the best reward. Kisses were pulled from me letting me know just how pleased she was. She tasted of me but still all her.  She gripped my ass giving me promises of more later. The tenderness from my spanking would keep the sexual hum alive and well through dinner.


I whimpered while nodding as I lay my head on her shoulder.


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