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5.16.2016: Let Me Show You


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Let Me Show You

He’d ordered me to masturbate for him. Okay. I’d gotten undressed and gotten right to the point. Legs spread; I sat with pillows supporting my back. He’d given me my favorite bullet and I’d pressed it to my sweet spot. In less time than normal, I was ready to shoot off. I asked for permission and was taken back by his response.


I opened my eyes and looked to see a scowl on his face. I removed the vibe from my clit and pretended not to be hurt. It was the first time that I’d masturbated in front of anyone and he didn’t seem to be happy about it. I swallowed and tried to control the panic.


Shit! I knew she was timid about sex but I didn’t expect the one word to make her freeze up. I jumped to action getting her to calm. Once I’d gotten her to breathe it was time to talk her through it. I looked over her beautiful body and wondered how she’d never been appreciated before. It didn’t matter; it was every other fucker’s miss and my victory. It was time that I showed her the power of a woman.

“Lay down.” I instructed.

Gingerly, she got back into position. I could see panic starting to build so I cut it off the best way I knew how. I kissed her stupid. Lips crushed, tongues soothed, and her hands grabbed at me the more I deepened the kiss until she was breathless. I pulled away and she was one damn sexy bitch in heat. Perfect.

“Start at your ears and stroke your skin. Lightly. Teasingly. Draw out your need.”

I watched as she awakened her body. It was the best fucking thing she’d ever done. Before, her movements were robotic and unstimulating. There was a race that I’m sure she would have finished first in. This was different. I could actually see her body respond to her touch. I watched her body arch into the caresses, unable to wait for the next sensation. I leaned over and stroked her nipples the same way that she had.  Her moan feverishly grew louder making me painfully aware of how hard I’d gotten.

“You know that you’re doing it right when the person watching you just has to touch too. That’s when you know that you’re un-fucking-resistible. Teasing is an art. My beautiful girl, you’ve got it in spades. Allow yourself to let go and just feel and you could be the Mistress of Seduction.”

Her movements progressively got bolder, wilder. I stepped back to watch her in action. I wanted to see all of her. When her legs parted to explore her forbidden fruit, I groaned. She was swollen, ripe, and ready to be feasted. Her berry had produced some of the finest wine and I fought not to taste it. She needed to let this play out fully but when it was over, the rules to this game were over. I’d take her as I pleased. I growled and she shivered in response. Shit!

Her clumsy discovery became sure and precise. She didn’t even notice that she didn’t need that damn bullet of hers. Her hips ground against her finger tips and she mewled the most delightful sounds. She whimpered for more that only she could control and she didn’t even realize it. She worked herself up into a frenzy and her moans became second nature, a slave to her orgasm. I sat beside her to watch her alluring features contort into something exquisitely carnal. Primal. Lustful.

I was so drawn by her spell that I didn’t realize her hand moving over my groin until she cupped my man package. I hissed. My dick was so hard that it was painful against the inside of my jeans. She unzipped then unbuttoned them, freeing it into her stroking hand. A boldness I’d never seen from her was present. That powerful woman within her was out front and center. She licked the tip of my cock and then pulled it into her mouth lubricating it well. I stood and her hand took over. I leaned down to test her pussy and was pleasantly surprised at how wet she was. I groaned and began to fuck her with my fingers. Her fingers struggled to hold on to my dick when I hit a sweet spot.

Her body begged for more, needing to find release. I worked her over until her hand had fallen to the bed and she gripped the sheets. Sweat covered, she tossed her head back and forth searching for more. She was so close that I could feel her energy taking over the room. So damn hot that I wanted to say screw the masturbating and fuck her senseless right now.

“Ah, little vixen. You have no idea how difficult it is to not just fuck you right now.”

“Please fuck me!” She groaned out.

I thumped her clit with my thumb while fucking her with my fingers and she flew apart. I moved between her legs and entered her quickly. I used her trembling muscles to pull milk my dick. I ground into her deep and quick. I got to the brink quickly and held nothing back. Her body was the vessel I was using to get off. She’d created the monster tearing into her body without second thought and she needed to feel it. Her body quaked against me again as she succumbed to another orgasm. It pushed me over and I emptied inside her and collapsed on top of her. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Minutes later, I rolled over her and she snuggled up at my side.

“How’d I do that time?” Her face held a cunning expression but her eyes were unsure.

“I thought it was obvious when I started fucking you senseless.” I chuckled lazily.

Her smile spread across her face along with a blush that couldn’t be hidden. So goddamn sexy. Mhm…

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