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5.26.2016: Til The Next Time

He pulled up to the garage 10 minutes late, yet I was still excited to see him. The purr of his hog always made me wet because of what it symbolized. I knew what he wore before I saw him. All black: black pants, black tee, black leather jacket, black leather boots, and he was riding on a Harley that was all black and chrome. He controlled all that power, and maneuvered it with ease.


Til The Next Time

He was just driving through on a run which meant he had little time to play games.
Two months. Two weeks. Three days. 1 hour. 37 minutes. 22… 23… 24… 25 seconds since the last dose I had of Him. And I was beyond ready. I’d driven an hour to get to this spot at the right time. I didn’t know when the next time I’d see him was so I treated each visit like it was my last.

I leaned against my car wearing nothing but a red fitted dress. No panties. No bra. Like I said, there was no time to waste.  He pulled up a few spaces a way and cut the engine. His slow sexy gait was the sexiest strip tease. He threw his jacket over the seat of his bike and took off his tee throwing it on top of the jacket. There were rules and I had to wait til he got to me before I could jump him. Anticipation took over my body like a boiling pot of water almost spilling over.


He stopped just before he neared me and searched the parking garage for any sign of life. When it passed his inspection, he closed the gap and my arms went around his neck. Our lips connected and fireworks exploded around us. I moaned into his mouth as he ravaged mine.

He lifted me onto the hood of the car and parted my legs. Yes! I screamed silently. I heard a zipper and then he awakened every nerve in my pussy as he entered me quick and hard. I threw my head back and screamed as I shattered around him.

“Fuck!” I swore.

He moved inside of me taking me to higher heights. Thrusting. Fucking. Humping. I held on riding him with just as much passion and abandon as he. Skin slapping echoed through the garage and I licked my lips, loving the sound of us. He ripped the bust area of my dress as he freed my breasts and I felt his mouth and teeth immediately pulling, tugging, and sucking. I whined loving it all and needing more.

“Yes, Sir. Please!”

Slaps to my ass made me groan. I tilted my hips to accommodate  more of him. I felt him in a different way that made my body spasm. That spot. So delicious. Wicked. I closed my eyes and the sensations damn near drowned me.

I felt his hand slide between us and then his fingers lightly thumbed my clit pushing me closer to the brink. Faster. Harder. I fought for air as I shook. A sharp pinch forced the loudest scream from my throat. He covered my mouth with his quickly swallowing the rest of my cries.

He leaned forward, taking me with him. He spread me wide and pounded my quaking muscles. Squirts of pleasure covered his groin and bare stomach. I gripped his shoulders and dragged my nails against him before digging in. It was his turn to shiver and while grunting his release, filling me with his seed.

“Damn girl. So… good!”

I smiled with my eyes closed savoring the feel of him wrapped around me. Yes, this was an abandoned garage. No, it didn’t feel cheap or less intimate. I was with him and he was with me. It was perfect. He kissed me slowly and I felt his desire for me. Light moans of content were exchanged. No promises just raw emotion.

I heard a group of hogs approaching and knew our time was almost up. He pulled away hesitantly trailing kisses down the center of my body. He fixed my clothes as he went. He ended between my legs lapping at my pussy until I came for him once more. I ached for more of him but that wouldn’t happen. He fixed his pants while I sat up. He kissed me deeply and I sighed against him.

“Burn for me, girl.”

I nodded. I always did. Thoughts of him kept me aflame and I let it until the next time. I heard revving and knew it was code for him to exit. He kissed me once more before backing away. I slid from the car and hopped inside. Once he straddled his bike and put on his shirt and jacket, I blew him a kiss. Per our ritual, he grabbed the kiss and put it into his breast pocket and winked. He waited for me to pull out and he followed. I drove toward home and the crew of bikers followed me to the highway led by Him. Once I was on the ramp, there was a loud roar signaling their departure. I looked in the mirror to see the others gone, except Him. He watched me. I blew my horn just before he was out of sight and he drove off too. Leaving me until the next time and I’d wait. I always did.

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