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5.30.2016: Caught


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Movement caught my attention out of my peripheral view. At first I couldn’t tell what she was doing underneath the table but like lightening, realization struck. This girl was masturbating underneath the damn table. I looked around trying to see if anyone else was aware of what was going on. I was surprised to see that no one else watching.


I looked up to see her watching me. The longer I watched the faster she stroked her little clit. She was a nasty girl that needed to be punished. If I had to guess, she was in her mid-twenties. School was still in so with it being early afternoon, there was no chance that a child would be a witness to her debacle.

I raised my eyebrow and her head dropped back as if she was overwhelmed with sensations. Her hips bucked. Her back arched. Her mouth gasped. Her nipples hardened through her white shirt. She fingers gripped the desk and her body grew flush from the force of the orgasm. I smiled watching the entire time.

I stood and walked over to her, stiff dick and all. Her eyes widened in surprise when I leaned down and spoke so only she could hear.

“Meet me at the bathroom.”

I waited outside the bathroom after I checked it’s vacancy. I didn’t know if she would follow my instructions since we didn’t know one another. When she appeared, I was more than pleased. I opened the door to the bathroom and her pace slowed. The hesitation was good. She didn’t know what would happen once she was inside. When she was inside, I closed the door.

“Hands on the sink and bend over.” She followed my orders and I raised her skirt and pulled down her soggy panties.

When I dragged my hard over her bottom she jumped a bit at the initial contact. I continued but knew my time was limited. The door was locked but eventually someone would need in.

“Only bad girls masturbate in public.”

“I’m not bad.”

“What do you call it?”

“Being horny.”

“And you’re disobedient. What’s your safe word?”


“Yes. Do you need me to explain it?”

“No. Strawberry.”

“Strawberry it is then. You’re getting spanked for being naughty and teasing me. You’ll count them out loud.”


The sting radiated through the skin on my hand causing my own erection to jerk. She squirmed and then she whispered.





We continued this way until her ass was nice and red. Tears streamed down her face and yet she complied.

“Good girl.”

She sniffed. I landed another two to her ass and then pulled her panties up and her dress down.

“13.” She informed me as I worked to get her back in order.

“Good job. Now clean your face and return to your seat.”

I exited the bathroom and went back to the table where I went back to researching. Moments later, she walked out. Her fresh was freshly cleaned and she looked settled. She looked at me and blushed before she began writing. She fidget in her seat and I didn’t know if it was from arousal or the soreness from her ass. I smiled evilly and adjusted my crotch noticeably. She blushed more and kept her gaze lowered.

Too bad she wasn’t mine or I’d fuck her senseless. I stretched out my shoulders and went back to my work. Getting off would have to wait. There were more pressing issues that needed to be handled. Focused, time melted away while I worked. I felt a presence beside me and saw a scrap of paper placed on the table. When I looked up she was walking away and already halfway across the room. She turned to me, smiled, waved, and then exited the building.

Score. All of a sudden research didn’t seem as important. I packed up and headed off to find the naughty girl that liked to masturbate in public.

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4 thoughts on “5.30.2016: Caught

  1. There’s no fun in being a good girl all the time.😈

    1. That must be the theme of this post. Lol

  2. If that’s what happens when you masturbate in public, consider me a convert. 😉

    1. Lol Kayla… I knew there was a bad girl in there.

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