6.20.2016: More Please



Inspired by Masturbation Monday


 More Please

I was bound helpless, just the way he liked me. I wanted what he liked because it was that much more satisfying. He picked up a flogger with long leather strands and my body shivered in response. He always pushed me hard with that one.

My nipples pebbled in anticipation. My heart beat so hard that I felt as if it were beating out of my chest. Anxiety?

“Breathe, lass. Don’t stop the fun before it begins.”

His hands were of a working man that loved to spend his days building things. I’ve watched this carpenter sand wood the way that women desired to be made love to. I’ve experienced his touch and still I was envious. Men needed to sign up as his apprentice to learn his tricks. He was great at tearing things down to build something new and beautiful. I was proof of that.

“Good girl. Stay with me.”

Painfully slow, he kissed and stroked every inch of my body bringing it to life. The good spots were rewarded with sucking and licking. I didn’t mean genitalia. There was a spot on my thigh that curled my toes, he sucked it. The sensitive space beneath my ear was licked. The side of my knee was licked and sucked. My chin was nibbled and sampled. I was a mess and he hadn’t even touched the naughty places.


I looked up at him but I felt drunk with need. I nodded wanting anything from him that he’d give. He twirled the flogger  warming up before I felt the light stings of the tips of the strands. It was more of a caress than a flogging. That didn’t stop the blood from rushing to heat my skin. Thighs, sides of my breasts, hips, calves, and belly all received his call for me to pay attention. It was a warning.

The flogging stopped and back were his mouth and hands. He kneaded my breast. Palmed my ass. Cupped my cunt. All the while kissing my lips. Sucking my nipples. Stroking my clit. Must. Not. Beg. If I did  he’d draw it out longer and even withhold orgasms. That didn’t stop me from moaning. He loved the sound of my distressed need. It fed his Sadistic nature. Only he could end my suffering and he wasn’t there yet. I’d wait.


More. I gasped loudly as he pulled my clit into his mouth and sucked hard. My body fought for freedom but the cuffs and straps held me tight. His tongue teased every nerve ending I had in my pussy.  Every tongue stroke caused a wave to move down my body. I moved against his mouth hoping to find release. So close. His teeth scathed my sensitized clit making me still. He nipped it and the pain pushed my orgasm back a bit.

I watched as he slid beneath me  and then his tongue entered me in one sweep.

“Fuck, Sir!”

He chuckled against me but his tongue never wavered. He fucked me with it as if it were his dick. In and out, slowly and then fast. My stomach tightened, fighting spasms that threatened to take over. I was juicy and beyond needy. I was under his control and loving every second. Lost in a sea of passion. I couldn’t tell you when he got up but I heard his next words loud and clear.

“That pussy gets sweeter for me every time. I want to hear your desire for me loud and clear. I don’t want you to hold back. Beg me for my touch. This is one time you won’t regret it, lass.”


Hard slashes of leather bit my skin. My eyes open wide and another struck. My thighs burned and I couldn’t help but to cry out. He stepped forward and kissed me. I didn’t hold back and whined when he stepped away again. Rewarded for meeting his demand.

He started over lightly flogging me until he built up the intensity so much that he could only target my thighs and breasts. Pain? No. It’d burned into the most delicious pleasure I’ve ever tasted. And I wanted more.

“Please… please… please…”

My body was in shock at how high he was taking me. I wanted more. Craved it like it was the best drug I’d ever taken.

“Use me! Please don’t stop.”

More lashes. More strokes. More pain. More pleasure. More Him. I couldn’t ignore the way that my body had become weightless. I gripped my hands tighter hoping not to float off of the cross that I was attached to. My thoughts? Muddled. Colors begin to blend and I couldn’t make out my captor any more. Was I crying? My eyes closed, too heavy to hold open. Moving my lips became too much. I couldn’t feel him anymore was he there?  My heart raced. Was I running? Yes! The closer I got to the edge… of… Faster I pushed. Searching for the freedom at the finish… Harder to breathe… close… building… shaking… numbness… touching…

“Come for me!”

A rush followed by a release so monumental that my throat burned it’s cry. More building…


Release. Was that another?

The growl was unmistakable. “Again.”

No amount of preparation readied me for the release so powerful that I…

Kisses so tender, I barely felt through the fog, pulled at me. Warmth enveloped me and I sighed as comfort threatened to put me in a deep sleep.

“Baby, I need you to come back to me.”

I nodded. I didn’t want to leave him. Struggling to clear my mind, I groaned.

“Lassie girl.” The command behind his words couldn’t be ignored.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. Blinking to adjust my vision, the sight of him was more comforting than the fog.

“Good. Girl.”

I lifted my leg over his and came in contact with a very stiff cock. He pulled me closer and I reached for his erection. We were in bed. When did we get here? He pulled the blanket up higher around me.

“I’m on edge, girl. Careful.”

I nodded mischievously. I lowered my head and sucked him before stroking him quickly. Dominants need rewards too right? His hips arched and bucked. I licked around the head and sucked him deep before stroking him again. His grip on me grew tighter as he held back.

“Please let me serve you.” I purred.

“Fuck, yes girl!”

Thick jets squirt from him coating my hand and his thighs. He panted and growled his release. So sexy… I removed my hand and cleaned him with my mouth, milking him for more.

“You are something else.” He said while trying to catch his breath.

I smiled as I slid up to steal a kiss. “Only for you.”


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Published by Jade Royal

Hello, I'm Jade and I'm a closeted writer. I've been writing short stories and the likes since I was a young girl but kept all of those words for myself. I've been told a number of times that I write well and that I should publish. The thing is... you can't put yourself out there for that level of criticism unless you're ready. I had a small blog years ago but I failed to keep up with it because I wasn't as committed to my craft. Those days are long gone and here I am. It's take a while but I'm finally ready to make that leap. I'm working on my first series that will include multiple books of a BDSM series. I write Erotica, Romance, Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, and other forms of Fiction. I also love to write Shorts. They can be as short as a bio of a person that I've seen or imagined to as long as a few chapters. I take creative inspiration from everything around me but I never use the source directly. For instance, if I see a blue bird singing in a tree by the time that my mind has come up with a story it be a black cat purring the same tune. As for the fun stuff! I also read by the dozen, use my culinary skills to bake and cook, entertain a swarm of nieces, nephews, and any other adoptive children that I can. I love to host parties, entertain, and talk to my two dogs who happily keep my feet warm. I was born and raised in good old Cincinnati, OH but I love to travel and see new places. I have yet to travel outside of the US but I'm working on it. I don't have any biological children but you can't tell all my previously mentioned children that. Feel free to stick around to find out more about me because I'm sure there's a lot more. Welcome To My World...

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