7.28.2016: Addictive

The longer that I stood looking out the window, the stronger that the pull was for you. The shirt that barely covered my body irritated my skin hyper aware of any and everything. The breeze that should have soothed my skin as it rushed through the window only helped to sensitize it. My hair blew this way and that as my scalp too breathed, searching for your fingers. Flames dance along my body and the heat was too hot to contain, too hot not to extinguish.


Light whimpers more than indicated that I was closer to the edge sexual sanity. I’d gone six whole nights, seven whole days maxing my body to the breaking point. Glancing at my phone only emphasized how easy it could be to just give in. I touched the glass pane and the coolness that I felt pulled the rest of my body against it begging for that little bit of relief. Though the alleviation that I craved was more satisfying, I took what I could get. Fingers trailed across my neck down to my shoulders and I closed my eyes wanting my own hands to be yours.

Addicting, that’s what you are and I needed to fight the habit I’d formed. I wasn’t afraid to be your everything and you weren’t afraid to tell me what you desired. That was toxic and we both knew it. My thighs squeezed in anticipation when I looked over to the phone that was lit. The message indicator was lit and I wasn’t strong enough to walk away. I opened the message and your name displayed in the corner as I read words that sent me to my knees.

I need you now.

The air was removed from the room through some sort of imaginary contraption because suddenly it was hard to breathe. There was no way that the single message had caused me to need air desperately, on my knees, shivering for a dose of… YOU. My phone had been the catalyst that set my fingers typing a quick response to the best high I’ve ever experienced. My phone beeped again and I dropped my phone. Trembling fingers retrieved it and I stared at the words as my head began to swim.

I’m close.

A moan welled up from so deep inside that I felt the vibrations all over when it finally escaped my lips. I sat on the bed rocking waiting for my next fix.


I heard the car door slam and I bolted down the steps to meet you. You walked in already half undressed, threw your shirt aside, and began unbuckling your belt and pants. We met on the bottom step and the force of our bodies connecting like two magnets surged my arousal into overdrive. Needle in vein injected with a drug so potent that I could barely stand.


Knowing your own toxicity, you held me firmly as lust pumped through my veins. Moaning and whimpering for more… I deepened the kiss, not caring about overdosing. Heroin had nothing on you. And to think that you hadn’t even given me the good shit yet. You set me on the edge of the step somewhere in the middle of the stairwell, staying between my legs. Breaking contact with your lips for the first time, I threw my head back screaming in ecstasy as you entered me hard and fast. You pulled my hair keeping my head anchored as you bit into my neck. Drops of the sweetest joy pooled behind closed eyes and then slid down my face. Damn, you were masterful.

My hips met yours quivering for each thrust and you didn’t disappoint. I cried out over and over thanking you for enslaving my body against my will. I hated that you were the only person that could make this sole act so perfect and so wrong. My sex accepted you with ease, no questions asked while my brain told me I was doing this yet once again.

Wet kisses trailed over my chest and you growled at me when you were met with the fabric of my shirt. I pulled it up between us and pulled it over my head. I could see anger spike in you at having to let go of my hair even for a second. Once it was off, you gripped my hair harder and tighter. Fuck if it didn’t add to the sucking and licking you were doing sending me into an orgasm. That never stopped you.

I quaked and my walls pulled you in deeper held you tighter. Another growl from you, through the sucking of my shoulder, made your pelvis pump harder. Thunder echoed through the hall at the storm that you created. I relaxed into the tidal wave of spasms, losing count of the orgasms my body accepted and then released. I wrapped my arms around your neck and you let my hair go and gripped my shoulders with both hands pounding me so hard that the world went white as lightning struck between us. Your hold was tight that my breathing shallowed even more but the act was as intimate as the deepest kiss.


Darkness surrounded me but I knew where I was in an instant. The wind blew through the room and I stumbled to my feet to the window to reduce the chill.  Leaving the window cracked, I made my way to the bathroom to assuage my bladder of its painful cry. Done with that, I stood in the mirror to wash my hands and turned on the light. Red blotches were all over my neck and shoulders. I knew some would leave temporary bruises from the injection of his willpower over me. Like a junkie in true form, shame washed over me at my behavior in the heat of the moment. And I knew I’d do it again. A figure appeared over my shoulder and I stared sin in the face.550ab694943b0b2b2cfe4dced2dc6947

That hum started low and worked itself into a frenzy. I turned the water off just as his body connected with mine from behind. He bent me over the sink and was back inside. All thoughts of rehabilitation left as I succumbed. The grip on the sink was more for my slipping mind while he shot me up with another dose. It’s how he kept me coming back for me. Lots of him at once until the next time that I fell prey.

When we were both spent, he pulled out of me letting his seed mark me in the dirtiest of ways and I loved every moment. Eye contact had never ceased so when he backed out of the bathroom to leave me to clean up what was left of his spank, the symbolism wasn’t lost on me. Just as I expected, when I walked into my bedroom there was no trace of him. I heard his door close to his car and I moved to the window and watched him pull off. He never looked up to acknowledge me there. There was no point.

“This was the last time,” I said out loud.

That empty feeling of doubt surfaced and I hoped like hell that I’d keep the will to survive another withdrawal spell.

“Lord give me strength.”


I swear he was laughing at me because thunder rumbled and the strongest pour of rain washed over the city. Preparing myself for the side effects, I climbed in bed getting under the blankets to fight the first long night of many.

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7.24.2016: For You (Mystery Man Part 2)


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


This is Part 2 of the story Mystery Man. To see how this began, Click here.


For You

I’d never felt such primitive thoughts about any man before. The laptop was facing me and the cursor blinked as if the impatient flashes would inspire me to type something, anything. We’d talked since last Saturday when he’d played my body like the sweetest symphony, but the light chatter that didn’t give any insight into that night. I was dying here and he didn’t even know it.

I needed more of what had happened. I needed to breathe again. Did he know how he’d affected me? I took off my clothes and caressed each of my thighs. He’d done the same thing before he’d lowered his head between my…


Him: Why are you so quiet today?

Me: I’m not

Him: What’s on your mind?

I paused. You see, we didn’t talk about these things online. The last time when I’d agreed to meet him, he’d never mentioned any of the things that he’d done to me. He’d simply told me that he wanted to see me. I’d received an email on the day of with the details of how I would be displayed for his perusal. Sex was never discussed. But it wasn’t an issue because I wanted him and now he knows it. So how do I answer his question without discussing sex?

I typed a response but heard my friend’s voice loud and clear though she was many miles away. “Be bold.”

I held the delete key until the blank canvas stared back at me. How bold was bold? I held my breath and began typing.

Me: You.

Him: What about me?

Me: How much I want you again.

There was a long silence on his end that made me nervous. I exhaled and lifted my leg to caress it slowly. My skin was so aware of every graze and touch. I was sexually charged and even his quiet pondering aroused me. I trailed my finger along the edges of my already stiffened nipple. The light caresses only stirred it to tighten more. I inhaled sexual energy and exhaled everything else. My eyes closed to take in the sensations and a light ding prompted me to open them to see a box on the screen. He was asking me to activate my video. I should have hesitated. I should have said no. But he’d seen it all anyway. Tasted it too.

I accepted the request and as I expected access to his was denied.

Him: Good god you’re beautiful.

Since my microphone was also activated, I didn’t bother typing.

“Thank you.”

Him: Welcome. How does that feel?

I’d forgotten about the fact that I was teasing my nipples.

“Not as good as your hands.”

I pulled my nipples, between my fingers, away from my body. My back arched conveying just how good that felt. I closed my eyes for a second and let one of my hands travel between my legs. I was primed and ready and all it took was knowing that he was watching to push me into finishing what I’d started.


“I want to feel you inside of me.” I moaned while teasing just outside of my sex.

I heard a low grunt and turned toward the laptop. I turned up the volume and swore that I heard skin sliding over skin.

“Are you touching yourself?” I asked.

Him: No.

The rhythm of the sound I’d heard sped up and I giggled. “You are!”


It was too late. I knew that I affected him now and there was no going back. “You sounded so good.”

I knew I was baiting him and I didn’t care. I reached over and grabbed my vibrator. It was time that I gave back to him. Yes, I’d have an orgasm, but this show was all about him. I angled the laptop so that he could see both my hands and my face. Then I went to work. I parted my folds with the vibrator and slid it inside. I stroked slow and deep at first and as I grew more excited, it became hollow and faster, less precise.

I heard him fisting his cock again and I knew I was having the desired effect. I moved to his rhythm and even called out his name a few times. His breathing was heavy and the grunts were strangled as if he was holding back waiting for something. I glanced at the screen and saw that he was telling me to come for him. Who was I to refuse him?

I did and when the orgasm took over I heard his own moans and groans as he came as well. Was that my name he’d called just as he’d finished? I whined hoping my ears weren’t being deceptive. Even his damn orgasms were sexy. I giggled at how foolish my thoughts were and waited for him to calm. He panted a bit and I moved closer to the screen and blew him a kiss.

Sensual girl in bed

“Talk about sexy.” I murmured.

He laughed and it was music to my ears. It was the first time that I’d heard it and there were no regrets. Maybe we were on to something, you think?

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Part 1 Mystery Man can be found here.

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7.21.2016: Mystery Man

The softest fur hugged my restrained wrists and ankles. My hands were above my head and my feet stretched to meet the corners of the foot rail. I was bound to a bed wearing nothing more than I was born with. The room was warm enough that I didn’t feel much of a chill. My eyes were completely covered, worrying me about what I’d gotten myself into. I had a trusted friend as my safe call and she would make sure that I was safe. I just needed to breathe.


He, the man I’d never met in person, seen, or even heard his voice, was coming to see me. The mystery behind the man had everything to do with keeping his identity a secret from everyone. Even the woman that was starting to fall for him. That woman was me. I wanted us to experience the joys of getting to know one another, letting things grow as they may. Something held him back and the mystery added to the intrigue that was he, and yet I still wanted him. Maybe even more than I should because of his secrecy.

When I’d arrived, a woman had been here ready to follow the orders of a man she’d never seen either. He was her boss and as his assistant she carried out his instructions well. I couldn’t get free, see, or even save any modesty for myself. Unlike him, he wanted me open to his perusal. I’d consented to this if it meant I was one step closer to solving the puzzle.

The door opened and I felt a slight breeze as he entered. I was alone, his assistant long gone. I heard a very sure and masculine “Mhm…” as I felt him coming closer. I was nervous and didn’t want to ruin the moment with nervous chatter so I chose to remain silent.

The silence stretched on making me wonder if I’d imagined the entire thing. I listened. Waited. Wondered. Anticipated. Where was he? What was he doing? I searched with the one sense that was hypersensitive hoping for success. Listening for any movement, a breath, or the click of his shoes, I again wondered if I was alone. The silence was a bit eerie but I held my ground for as long as I could. I opened my mouth to speak but a finger was pressed to my lips, silencing any protest.

A lone finger slid from my lips down the center of my body. Heat trailed down following his invisible brand. His movements sure and precise. Chin, neck, chest, between my breasts, along my stomach, across my… His fingers stopped and a kiss was placed just at the top of my pelvis strategically. I gasped at how quickly I’d fallen for his charms. My skin burned from his touch and each labored breath was taken out of need. I closed my eyes trying to reel back. I was giving in too…

My nipples were massaged at the same time before they were teased. Thumb and finger rolled them back and forth stiffening them into dull aching points. Pleasure pooled between my thighs and the ache spread from my clit to the entire sex. One hand left my nipple and was replaced with his hot wet mouth. My back arched and a cry slipped past my lips.



He chuckled and the sound was the sexiest thing. His lips nursed my breast wringing want with each pull. His fingers replaced his mouth and he shifted to the other breast. His shirt, cotton and soft, caressed my torso as he leaned over me. His tongue circled my nipple painfully slow forcing a whimper out of me. I sighed needing his mouth there. I didn’t know how long I would make it at this point. He’d barely touched me and I was getting near the edge. No words had been spoken from him and I was under his spell, lock and key. What in the hell was he doing to me?

I opened my mouth to speak and he pulled my nipple between his teeth. The bit of pain was new and delicious. I could feel the moisture beneath me soaking the sheets. We hadn’t discussed what would happen here today but I guess some things just couldn’t be conveyed with words. His mouth trailed another blazing trail along my body. This time, it was sporadic. My shoulder, my neck, my nose, my earlobe… He lowered his mouth just beneath my ear and I trembled. He licked the spot and then kissed it again. It was sensitive and he gave it just the right amount of attention to make it erotic. He kissed the underside of my stretched arms, my forehead, my nipples, my hips, around my belly button, beneath my breasts, between them… He ran his hands over my thighs and I melted a bit more. They were rougher than mine but not calloused. They were masculine yet smooth. Big, but just right. They dipped between my legs but never came into contact with the aching, pulsing, and needy place that wanted him most.

“God, you’re killing me!” I shouted.

He kneaded my calves, rubbed my ankles, and then massaged my feet further turning me into a puddle of mush. A gentle kiss to the sole of each foot should have sent me into a fit of laughter but it was perfect, light and sweet like him. He stood to give me a brief reprieve before I felt the bed dip between my feet. My attention was once again focused on this conundrum of a man. Deep, passionate kisses started at my ankles and made their way up my legs. Left then right alternating the entire way up. The searing kisses awakened something new. Something paramount. Closer and closer he came to my sex and I held my breath hoping. It was wishful but…

Tongue parted folds to suck and lick. Ffff—! I arched my back bearing down on him as I threw my head back. His tongue lashed awakening more and more nerves. He pulled my clit into his mouth, flicking his tongue against it persistently. I couldn’t tell you about the things that I screamed out because it was all without thought and abandon.

I gripped the cuffs wanting to be free but enjoying how he took control. My thighs shook from the muscle spasms that wrecked. He groaned and the sound vibrated through me. More moans flowed from my mouth and his too. Tasting me affected him and it fed my desire. Closure he pulled me to the edge. I followed his lead, but I was afraid to tip it. My chest heaved and my heart beat accelerated. My wisps of hair stuck to my face from the perspiration. He was creating an inferno and seeming to love my response to it all. I know that I was.

Closer and closer I grew. Finally, I hovered on the edge suspended. Tensely, I held back but relaxed into the tingling of the orgasm that licked feverishly at my skin. The pinpricks grew in speed along my skin and my body grew weightless. All of my senses faded out to focus on the one task. I felt every lick, suck, and pull with his lips through the fierce shaking. I saw the stars racing towards me behind the mask threatening to take over the darkness. I could hear my wetness being coerced from my body and his moaning in response to my compliance. I smelled the lust in the room and it tasted like sin. My abdomen tightened, aligned perfectly with the contractions in my sex. It was too much together. My body was aligned perfectly with the best sensations. Still, I held on refusing to fall apart.

My folds were parted again, lower. Fingers stroked the sensitive skin and then they penetrated me. Arched fingers found that spec-tac-cular… I came hard. Screaming loud and releasing my hold on everything. I floated along the best of feelings. And then it happened again. The tightness came quicker this time, but I was too weak to fight it off.

“No… no… oooooh!” I protested but there was no way that I could avoid it.

I was flooded with more spasms just before I exploded again. Lights flashed behind my eyes repeatedly as he took me higher and higher after each orgasm. His mouth now gone from my sensitive bud, he pumped his hand as he kissed up my body. Drenched in my own sweat, wrung, my eyes were heavy and yet I was still controlled by him. He pulled at my lips with his teeth and I whimpered. Lips that I craved to taste teased mine. I mustered the energy to move my head trying to get even the small taste of him. He avoided me and only gave me what he wanted me to have.

I whined. “Please… Just a little… Please!”

He pulled away and I protested. His lips crashed against mine and sparks rained over us setting off the orgasm that shook my soul. He tasted magnificent and the flavor of me complimented him. I followed his lead as he devoured me taking my breath away. When he pulled away, I rode the best high as the air filled my lungs again. I faded until no sound could be heard. Darkness resumed. Remnants of us lingered on my tongue. I felt every bit of the cloud that I floated on. The smell of him embedded into my memory.

In my dream, he’d removed the cuffs and held me in his arms. Kisses were placed along my face and lips. He’d cuddled me and wrapped us in the surrounding blanket. We’d lain together and he’d fallen asleep with my arm draped around him. He’d allowed the small vulnerability because he trusted me. I could have removed my mask but I wanted him to reveal himself to me. The stolen moment of peeking wouldn’t have felt right. It was a gift to me that I’d experienced so much.

I smelled coffee and opened my eyes. Sunlight greeted me and I frowned. I turned my head and buried it into the pillow there. I moaned at the smell. It smelled of his cologne and warmed me. I heard movement in the other room and I froze. I looked around wondering if I’d pulled the mask off in my sleep. Across the room in a chair, the cuffs and mask sat on top of my clothes. Footsteps approached me and I wondered if I was dreaming again. I didn’t know if I should look away or if I should take him in as much as possible. The steps rounded the corner and His assistant surfaced. It was hard to hide the disappointment. I pulled the sheets closer to hide my indecency. She held out a mug of steaming coffee. It smelled delicious.

“Good morning. He insisted that you have a cup of your favorite before starting your day. I hope I got it right.”

I looked at the cup hesitantly. Returning to the real world would be difficult especially since now I knew so much more about him. He was a passionate and unselfish lover. Something I couldn’t let go so easy. But he wasn’t here and I had to put on my big girl panties. Coffee seemed like a good first step. I took the mug and sipped the hot brew. Instantly, I moaned. It really was perfect and just how I liked it. Half and Half and a bit sweetener. He’d remembered.

“Oh good! I’m glad that I got it right. He left some things for you in the bathroom. I’ll be in the other room. Take your time.”

Once she was gone, I retrieved my phone from my purse and headed to where I presumed the bathroom was. Missed calls from my concerned friend told me that I’d missed the call deadline. I hit the send button and waited for her to answer.

“You were minutes away from having the police there.” She chastised.

“I’m sorry. I overslept.”

“So how was it? Are you okay?”

I groaned. “I don’t know where to start.”

I looked at a fresh pile of clothes and on top was a note. I opened it to find the sweetest words from the sweetest man. He had gotten it right…”Until we meet again.” The rest of the words were private, meant for only me.


“I’ll start from the beginning.”

I ran my bathwater and retrieved my cup of coffee. I sunk into the bubbled water sipping and reliving my night with the only other person who knew about this crazy thing.


“You’re going to see him again right?” I wasn’t lost on the emphasis on see.

Without a second thought, I responded. “Yes!”

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Read Part 2 Here! Will she finally get to see the Mystery Man?

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7.18.2016: Swallow and Pinch: A Home Emergency


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Swallow and Pinch: A Home Emergency


I opened my mouth to pull in his pulsing erection ready to give him all I had. He was mighty in more than one way and I was ready to complete the mission. Well, as long as he could complete it soon. I was running off to work when he’d grabbed me by the throat, pushed me against the wall, and kissed me senselessly. Yeah, he was that kind of man. When he wanted my attention he took action. I was good with that. Loved it even. My panties immediately became wet and I knew whatever he wanted, he’d get. His fingers merely held me in place controlling me, not causing harm. Delicious.

Next, he pushed me to my knees and ripped open my shirt exposing his kryptonite. He instructed me to take off my bra so that he could focus. I did and his hardness became firmer, rock solid. I leaned forward and licked his pre-cum before sucking him inside. He pulled my neatly pinned hair a loose and gripped it pulling my head back. He pushed to the back of my throat and pumped his hips until I gagged. I knew what he was doing. And I wanted it.
My body awakened fully soaking my panties. I loved to please him in this way and my body wasn’t shy about letting him know. My nipples were hard and ready. My cunt was drenching my panties. My body ached. He’d taken me from 0 to 10 in no time. I could come from this sole act. He knew this. It was a way to get me off while getting him off. And it worked every damn time. I was a slut to his sexual needs, willing to go the distance. He relied on it and that’s why sex was always amazing between us. We relied on instinct and trust. A no fail.
Again he entered my mouth and he inched it back. In and then out. Deeper and deeper. Once he was far enough in, the one word sent me to the edge. Fuck.
“Swallow.” He groaned.
I did and he slid in and out of my throat. Cutting off air. My vision blurred and tears streaked my face. My body shook when he withdrew and like a fiend, I went back for more. Giving me a reprieve, he allowed the breathing break while he pinched and rolled my nipples between his fingers. My breasts were just as much kryptonite for me as they were for him. I could come from that too. Together? Watch out!
He pushed my head back to meet the wall and then he entered my mouth. He bucked inside my mouth and I relaxed my mouth.
“Swallow and pinch.”
I moaned loud before swallowing him and pinching my nipples. The longer my air was controlled by him the longer I pinched. My orgasm pounded so close to the surface I could taste it. He withdrew and swayed a bit. I leaned backward trying to regain my composure. My head was swimming and I didn’t know if I would make it again. I looked up to see him looking just as discombobulated. When he came forward again I whimpered for it.
“Swallow and pinch.”

I did and immediately I was taken under by bliss. There was no going back. I breathed around him before calming enough to swallow. When I did, my hands worked their magic on my nipples. I felt his cum shoot and my orgasm blasted through me. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I lowered my hands between my legs and stroked my clit tipping another orgasm. He withdrew from my mouth and finished on my breasts while I came again like a good girl.
I stayed in that spot until I calmed completely. A mess I was. Cum on my lips, tits, and oozing from my cunt. I leaned back reveling in the moment. I heard chuckling and looked up at Him. He was just as spent leaning against the opposite wall.
“Going to work like that?” He asked.
“Yes. I’ll tell my boss I had an emergency at home.”
He laughed wholeheartedly as I stood. I kissed him after licking my lips and then ran to the shower to try to head to work, Take Two. I must admit, it was damn good too.

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7.11.2016: Filthy Girl

Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Filthy Girl

It couldn’t wait. I needed to get off now and though to some it was horrid, I knew just the place.

I rushed down the hall not bothering to play polite to those I passed. Let them assume what they wanted. I passed cubicles, desks, ringing phones, and none of it mattered. People called out to me and I continued moving pass them. My hair had broken loose of the knot I’d fixed at the back of my head and so curls bounced around my shoulders and caressed my hyper sensitive skin at my neck.

I rounded the corner to the executive offices. Seeing my door was like a warm welcoming and a jolt to my already thriving libido. Adding a sprint to my already fast pace, I got to the door and walked in to my office. I closed the door, locking it, and dropped my briefcase to the floor. Resting my forhead against the door, I killed the lights with a flick of my wrist. I took a moment to calm my racing heart before heading to the couch. On the way my shirt, pants and shoes were disposed. Reaching my destination , I leaned forward over the arm of the couch and propped my body up with my hand. I slid down my panties anticipating that first touch. When my fingers stroked the folds that yearned for exploration, I whimpered.


He’d looked so good today in that meeting and his voice and tone always condoned authority. I shouldn’t have a crush on my boss. I should be ashamed. I stroked my slit teasing and denying. He’d looked at me with that smoldering gaze of his and I couldn’t help but to think he wanted me too. The thought prompted my fingers to delve deeper. Penetrating fingers met wetness that coated my hand. I sighed, finally getting relief.

I knew I was panting, knew I was needy and yet I wanted to draw it out. I wanted an orgasm so good my toes would curl.

I felt the pressure of another body behind me, startled I froze.

“I knew that sweet body of yours wanted me. I could see it in your eyes.”

I gasped. What in the hell…?

“How’d you get in here?”

“Well, I’d come to talk to you about the assignment I’d given you but you weren’t here yet. I helped myself to your bathroom and walked out to see the most enticing sight.”

I started to straighten, removing my fingers, but felt his hardness against me. He was hard everywhere. And I mean everywhere. He ground his hips against me just before I heard him unzip his pants. He slid his thickness between my folds coating him in my juices. He teased my clit with the tip over and over taking me to the brink. Why wouldn’t he slide it in already?  I knew it would be sweet. I’d probably combust right away.

I licked my lips whimpering like a bitch in heat waiting for him to seal the deal. He snaked his hand up and grabbed my breasts, cupping them tightly. He kissed my neck and sucked on it in small circles.


Thinking was becoming harder and harder to do as my body took control. He teased my opening but never penetrated. What was he doing to me?

“Fuck me already.” I pleaded.

“Dirty girls will get what they deserve, when they deserve it.”

“Hmm…” I moaned.

He pulled back from me a bit and I heard skin slapping skin. I looked back to see him stroking himself and lost in the sensations. I dropping my hand to my clit, I joined in. Moans echoed. Skin was met with skin. Wetness met with friction. He grunted. I moaned. We panted. He gripped my breast tighter crushing me to him. We sang the song of lust as our bodies gave into our most primal desires. I turned my head searching for that connection to take me over the edge. He didn’t disappoint. His lips were the sweetest drug taking me on the best high.

He held me captive as I pushed orgasm after orgasm forward, surrendering to his will. When he let me go to enjoy his own release I fell forward bent over the couch. Shortly after, I felt warmth shooting over my butt. Jets of cum sliding between my cheeks marked this stolen moment. He stumbled backwards leaning against the wall signaling his completion. I slid a finger along my cheeks, stealing his nectar for a taste. When I sucked my finger, he chuckled.

“You are one filthy girl.”

“Maybe you should remember that for the next time.” I responded confidently.

“Yeah, I will. I like dirty girls. Fucking filthy, they are.”

“Maybe you should teach me a lesson.”

Boss-man fixed his clothes, going back to being Mr. Commanding and put together. Except for his damped hair, nothing looked amiss.

“About that project…”

I stood up and started getting dressed. He squinted at me but continued speaking, studying me. After I was dressed and taking notes, I noticed the bulge in his pants again and I licked my lips.

“Focus.” There went that tone again.

I nodded and went back to note taking. When he was finished I understood my goal a lot clearer. This account was huge and he was trusting me with the important aspects. He turned to walk out the office but paused with his hand on the door knob.

“I don’t know how I’ll get through the day while thinking about you wearing my cum, you filthy girl. But if it becomes unbearable, you better be ready when I get back here.”

With that he left and I smiled knowing he’d be back and this time I’d show him how filthy I really am.

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7.7.2016: Oh, Sir (The Lesson: Part 2)


 (This is a two part story, posted as a Double Feature. Read Part 1.)

Oh, Sir (The Lesson: Part 2)

As Master walked to me I couldn’t help but admire him. He was beautiful in the most masculine of ways. His jeans hung low on his hips and my mouth watered wanting to lick along the seams. I knew what was underneath and my mouth wanted that as well.


Another pair of footsteps walked behind him. It couldn’t be… I looked up and moaned instantly. My eyes met his and it took everything in me not to meet them halfway. It had been so long since I’d played with Sir. Together he and Master were lethal. I knew I was beaming. Whatever I’d done lately, I’d been a good girl. This had to be a treat. Master and Sir…

Sir smiled and winked. It was one of those smiles that soaked your panties and since I wasn’t wearing any…

“I’ve missed you too girl.” Sir addressed me and the flutter in my heart couldn’t have been denied.

Separately, they each had their own style. Master demanded control. Sir inspired submission. Neither opinion was a complaint. I loved how they pushed me and teased me until I was a mess of emotions.

Master gripped my hair and pulled my head, arching my back. The tingling in my scalp hardened my nipples. My clit was stroked and pulled, grazing it along the knotted rope that covered only my body, my hands freed. The hand stroking me belonged to Sir. I submitted my body to him while Master demanded my mind. I focused on his eyes and hoped that I could handle them both tonight. I was already on edge again and didn’t have the strength to fight.

“Here’s to hoping you can handle what’s in store.” Master kissed me and I moaned at every twist of his tongue. His lips massaged mine, coaxing them to follow his sweet torture.

Kisses rained over my back and shoulders short-circuiting my brain. Sir bit me there branding my body with his marks. It burned and ached to pull me back from the edge that I’d been on, yet he continued stroking me with his fingers. Suddenly, I was unattended. Both men had pulled away, starving me of their touch. I watched as they stood still watching me, assessing.

“Ready to scream for me, girl?” Sir asked.

I nodded anxiously. “Yes, please Sir.”

He walked over to me, lifting me to my feet effortlessly. He walked me over to the padded table and bent me over. I spread my legs to keep me balanced.

“Good girl. Somebody is eager tonight.”

I groaned. I was and it couldn’t be denied.

Sir’s finger stroked my lips and I immediately sucked his finger inside. It wasn’t anywhere near the size of his shaft. He was thick, long, and loved to make me take it all. I couldn’t wait. I felt the moisture literally dripping from my cunt. I wanted to be used. I wanted to feel both of them taking their pleasure from me. I closed my eyes and sucked his finger giving him a taste of what my mouth would feel like in other places.

Sir groaned and I was excited that I’d pleased him. He removed his finger and swatted my ass before I heard him disappear to the closet. I knew what that meant. I slowed my breathing focusing on it.

“Good girl.”

Sir stroked my shoulders relaxing me further. His hand inched to the small of my back where he held me firmly. Cool wood stroked the curve of my butt before tapping me lightly on it. The initial taps reawakened the skin, preparing it for the real show. They grew in intensity until the sting blended into one continual burn. Tears rolled down my face relieving me of the pain. Yet, he didn’t stop. My derriere arched toward the paddle meeting it head on. I beckoned him for more with only my body and the moans from my lips. With every stroke of the paddle, I submitted more and more. When there was no more to give him, I still begged him to continue. My body didn’t belong to me anymore and I was fine with that too. Growing sluggish, I struggled to focus. The pain had taken over and was seducing my mind with its trickery. Pleasure was its new name and he demanded that I feel it. Succumbing felt delicious. I begged for more even as my mind started drifting. I gravitated towards the warmth that was offered and clouds enveloped me pulling me further in.


“Where’d you go?”

I blinked trying to focus on the brown eyes looking down at me. Sir was chocolate man candy that I wanted to lick all over. Had I fallen asleep before I’d gotten the chance? I couldn’t remember.


“Did I fall asleep?” My words were slurred to even my ears.

“Naaa, you just floated for me.”

I moved toward him and his lips met mine. His kiss was just as intense as he was. It was then that I realized that we were in bed and the ropes were gone. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer still. I felt him stroking his thickness through my wetness and I moaned in encouragement. He teased me with his lips and his cock creating an inferno of desire. I wanted him. He wanted me. I gasped when he breached my opening.

“Tight.” He spoke between gritted teeth. He stroked my clit and I pulled more of him inside with each spasm.

Once he was deep inside, he flexed his hips into mine rhythmically. He pulled my arms from around his neck and pinned them above my head. He lowered his mouth to my nipples where he nipped and sucked at them. 


“Yes… say it again.”

He felt amazing and each sweep of his hips hit the best spots. He pulled me closer to him, arching my hips. My eyes widened as he pumped against my g-spot. My eyes watered and I cried out nice and long.

“Y-yeeeeeees. Please, Sir!”

Skin slapped skin and my juices coated us along with perspiration. Echoes of the dance of lust sounded throughout the room. He let go of my hands and gripped my shoulders bringing me harder against him. Everything tightened within me until it felt as if I would explode, and then I did.

He didn’t stop. I quaked around him on autopilot. My body took more of him as it prepared for another explosion. Tension built again inside me making me feel as though I was losing ground. Sir gripped my ass and pain mixed with pleasure was reawakened. I hissed at the initial contact but it sizzled out making my clit drum with the most intense ache.

Being this close, I could still smell his unique scent through the thick musk of sex. It would stay with me for days. He kissed my neck and buried his face there making my skin tingle.

“So good. So wet. I’ve missed how good you feel, girl.”

I sobbed and whined. “Sir, I’ve missed you too.”

His breathing was static and I knew he was close. “Please,” I begged. “Come inside me.”

He growled loudly into my ear. I held him tightly as he bucked and fucked his completion. He rode me hard triggering yet another orgasm to swallow me whole. When I calmed, I could feel the kisses along my neck. They were tender and I closed my eyes and relaxed into his hold. He rolled off of me, slowly withdrawing, and pulled me to his side. I cooed loving the feel of him as he stroked my hair.


I felt eyes on me and looked toward the doorway. Master leaned there and his expression was unreadable. I would have thought that I was in trouble but the bulge between his legs said differently. How long had he been standing there?

“Master?” I called for him.

“Have fun?” His expression was still serious but I could see the delight in his eyes.


“Good. When I come back from the kitchen you better be prepared for me.”

Eek! “Yes, Master.”

He turned and walked away leaving a chill to make its way over my body. Sir chuckled and slid from beside me. He kissed my forehead and walked into the bathroom off of the bedroom. I heard the shower and couldn’t help but to wonder what they were up to and if my body could survive.


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7.7.2016: Cheeky Girl (The Lesson: Part 1)



(This is a two part story, posted as a Double Feature. Read Part 2 here.)

Cheeky Girl (The Lesson: Part 1)


Pain. Pleasure. It all blended together. I was nice and tender but the smile on my face indicated that I’d enjoyed every bit of it. I pulled the sheet closer and my nipple protested at the fabric that grazed it. I whimpered but it wasn’t because I was complaining. I ache and it was from being well used.

He’d had his way with me bringing his dirty fantasies to life. I couldn’t believe the things that I’d done. A blush crept from my toes up to my hair follicles displaying exactly how I felt about the things he’d accomplished.


Startled, I gasped. My eyes darted to the doorway where He stood looking at me. Only parts of my body were covered by the sheet but it was as if he could see right through. He knew my body better than I did and it was an unsettling feeling. I pulled the sheets closer as if it could shield me from the inevitable. I was his for as long as I was here.

He made his way toward me and though I was anxious, my body thrummed with energy at the possibilities. As tender as I was, I couldn’t be ready for him again, right? I closed my eyes and time transfixed me into the moment where it all began.


There was something to be said about men with beards. For the love of me, I just wanted to lean in close and cuddle their faces. Nuzzling the hair there did all kinds of things to my nether places. Being denied the opportunity to touch was pure torture.

On the floor, I waited. My hands were firmly tied behind my back, roped along with everything else. He’d chosen blue rope because he enjoyed the color of it along my skin. Who was I to deny him? He’d tied the last knot and now all I could do was ponder my fate. I knew that no matter what I came up with, it wouldn’t be close to his evil ploy.

Speaking of torture, he’d pulled a number on me tonight. For starters, The rope caressed all of my naughty bits making it difficult to focus on any one thing. There was a blue anal plug firmly in place. Next, there were blue clothes pins on my nipples keeping them nice and hard. Initially, he’d used the rope to pinch my nipples sensitizing them so that even the lightest sweep of the wind stirred more need. He decided that he needed more. That’s when he’d grabbed the pins instead.


There was a knot that pressed against my clit keeping it nice and stimulated. The rope had to be drenched against my sex because my body hummed for the slightest relief. I wanted Him. Lastly, there was a blue and white wand vibrating against my mound on the medium setting. I squirmed against it wanting the friction to get me off. It vibrated only against the top and if I arched for more it would probably fall. I groaned in frustration. I groaned. “Why?”

“Why what, pet?”

“Why are you doing this?”

He sat directly in front of me on the couch watching me take every breath. My every struggle fed his sadistic nature. He was enjoying himself if the bulge in his lap was any indication. He leaned forward and feather light touches from his hand caressed my breasts. I sighed in defeat. It didn’t matter why he was doing this. He could and would.

He leaned down, drifting closer to me so slowly that the anticipation was killing me. When his lips touched mine, it was like finding water in the desert. I was starved for it and only he could sate me. I whimpered. I was hooked and I knew it. Tongues twisted and he held me close as he took what he wanted how he wanted it. I literally throbbed for him. I gasped in shock when I felt pressure to the wand, sending the vibrations lower and harder.

The pulses induced shock to my body. I felt every nerve as it came alive. Everything tightened and my heart rate accelerated. So close.  I panted. More! Almost. Right…

He removed the wand and pulled me onto and then over his lap. He caressed my face at the same time that he played in my wetness. I cooed needed more. My breathing hitched when he inserted something thick into me and began stroking me. What was he doing to me? Sensations traveled over my body and my eyes seemed to roll backward. The rope was holding the presumed dildo inside me firmly. I arched my hips and was rewarded with a firm swat. I looked over at him and he raised his eyebrow.

“It’s time for your punishment, cheeky girl.”

The next hit was on the swell of my butt and the sensations vibrated both the plug and the dildo. I closed my eyes to try to gain control but he never let up. Before I knew it, tears were pouring from my face and I was sobbing for relief.

“Please! Please!”

He didn’t say a word. It registered louder than the spanking. I wailed and collapsed onto him. Relaxing into the pain. After a while, he stopped and ran his hand across the skin that was probably fire engine red. I hissed but he continued. He chuckled and I turned towards him.


“You’re so wet.”

He had no way of telling and I couldn’t have been. Suddenly I felt his fingers trailing the wetness on my thighs, infuriating me. Before I could object, he slid me to the floor and unbuttoned his pants. His waist was at eye level so I swallowed hard. Words were caught in my throat unsure if it was wise to speak.

His erection was nice and hard. He stood at attention and pre-cum beaded at the top. The tie that was once around his neck was wrapped around the back of my neck and he used it to pull my mouth to him. I opened and it was filled immediately. I moaned. He tasted delicious.

“Cheeky girls need their mouths full to keep them in line.” I groaned.

I nodded but the effects of his actions made me shift. I wanted him inside of my cunt badly. I hummed around him and he moaned. He pulled my head forward and began fucking my mouth. It started off slowly but gradually he moved faster until he was in my throat and I was gagging for air. That didn’t stop him. I focused on breathing through my nose and flattening my jaw. He pulled out of my mouth and I took the small reprieve to swallow and gain as much air as I could. Between my legs was drenched with need. I whined needed more.

“Please, Master.” He tapped the side of my face with his cock before filling it. I moaned.


He flexed his hips and rode the reins of my mouth steadily. I shook with need trying to keep my body in check. I was losing the battle and the pending orgasm was seconds from exploding. He withdrew and bent me over the couch. The dildo was withdrawn and I was filled with him instead. He spread my legs and pushed my face into the couch as he sought refuge in my body. He spanked me hard as he bucked blending more pleasure and pain. I screamed in ecstasy at finally getting what I needed. Suddenly, my hair was pulled and my back arched taking him deeper.

“Oh. My. God!” I screamed.

“Take it all.” He said between clinched teeth.


His other hand gripped the rope at my lower back pulling me even harder. I couldn’t hold it anymore. It was time. I shouted and screamed as I creamed for him. I clenched down on the anal plug and him gripping hard.

“Yes!” He roared.

His strokes stiffened as he came. I collapsed over the back of me giving me his warmth. I closed my eyes relaxing into the moment.

“Lesson of the day?” He questioned between gulping air into his lungs.

“Cheeky girls, get filled and fucked?” I teased. My words came out slurred and breathless.

He chuckled and swatted my ass. It was all I remembered before drifting.

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