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7.11.2016: Filthy Girl

Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Filthy Girl

It couldn’t wait. I needed to get off now and though to some it was horrid, I knew just the place.

I rushed down the hall not bothering to play polite to those I passed. Let them assume what they wanted. I passed cubicles, desks, ringing phones, and none of it mattered. People called out to me and I continued moving pass them. My hair had broken loose of the knot I’d fixed at the back of my head and so curls bounced around my shoulders and caressed my hyper sensitive skin at my neck.

I rounded the corner to the executive offices. Seeing my door was like a warm welcoming and a jolt to my already thriving libido. Adding a sprint to my already fast pace, I got to the door and walked in to my office. I closed the door, locking it, and dropped my briefcase to the floor. Resting my forhead against the door, I killed the lights with a flick of my wrist. I took a moment to calm my racing heart before heading to the couch. On the way my shirt, pants and shoes were disposed. Reaching my destination , I leaned forward over the arm of the couch and propped my body up with my hand. I slid down my panties anticipating that first touch. When my fingers stroked the folds that yearned for exploration, I whimpered.


He’d looked so good today in that meeting and his voice and tone always condoned authority. I shouldn’t have a crush on my boss. I should be ashamed. I stroked my slit teasing and denying. He’d looked at me with that smoldering gaze of his and I couldn’t help but to think he wanted me too. The thought prompted my fingers to delve deeper. Penetrating fingers met wetness that coated my hand. I sighed, finally getting relief.

I knew I was panting, knew I was needy and yet I wanted to draw it out. I wanted an orgasm so good my toes would curl.

I felt the pressure of another body behind me, startled I froze.

“I knew that sweet body of yours wanted me. I could see it in your eyes.”

I gasped. What in the hell…?

“How’d you get in here?”

“Well, I’d come to talk to you about the assignment I’d given you but you weren’t here yet. I helped myself to your bathroom and walked out to see the most enticing sight.”

I started to straighten, removing my fingers, but felt his hardness against me. He was hard everywhere. And I mean everywhere. He ground his hips against me just before I heard him unzip his pants. He slid his thickness between my folds coating him in my juices. He teased my clit with the tip over and over taking me to the brink. Why wouldn’t he slide it in already?  I knew it would be sweet. I’d probably combust right away.

I licked my lips whimpering like a bitch in heat waiting for him to seal the deal. He snaked his hand up and grabbed my breasts, cupping them tightly. He kissed my neck and sucked on it in small circles.


Thinking was becoming harder and harder to do as my body took control. He teased my opening but never penetrated. What was he doing to me?

“Fuck me already.” I pleaded.

“Dirty girls will get what they deserve, when they deserve it.”

“Hmm…” I moaned.

He pulled back from me a bit and I heard skin slapping skin. I looked back to see him stroking himself and lost in the sensations. I dropping my hand to my clit, I joined in. Moans echoed. Skin was met with skin. Wetness met with friction. He grunted. I moaned. We panted. He gripped my breast tighter crushing me to him. We sang the song of lust as our bodies gave into our most primal desires. I turned my head searching for that connection to take me over the edge. He didn’t disappoint. His lips were the sweetest drug taking me on the best high.

He held me captive as I pushed orgasm after orgasm forward, surrendering to his will. When he let me go to enjoy his own release I fell forward bent over the couch. Shortly after, I felt warmth shooting over my butt. Jets of cum sliding between my cheeks marked this stolen moment. He stumbled backwards leaning against the wall signaling his completion. I slid a finger along my cheeks, stealing his nectar for a taste. When I sucked my finger, he chuckled.

“You are one filthy girl.”

“Maybe you should remember that for the next time.” I responded confidently.

“Yeah, I will. I like dirty girls. Fucking filthy, they are.”

“Maybe you should teach me a lesson.”

Boss-man fixed his clothes, going back to being Mr. Commanding and put together. Except for his damped hair, nothing looked amiss.

“About that project…”

I stood up and started getting dressed. He squinted at me but continued speaking, studying me. After I was dressed and taking notes, I noticed the bulge in his pants again and I licked my lips.

“Focus.” There went that tone again.

I nodded and went back to note taking. When he was finished I understood my goal a lot clearer. This account was huge and he was trusting me with the important aspects. He turned to walk out the office but paused with his hand on the door knob.

“I don’t know how I’ll get through the day while thinking about you wearing my cum, you filthy girl. But if it becomes unbearable, you better be ready when I get back here.”

With that he left and I smiled knowing he’d be back and this time I’d show him how filthy I really am.

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6 thoughts on “7.11.2016: Filthy Girl

  1. Filthy and just right. Loved this one.

    1. Thanks! Nothing like a filthy girl to provide the perfect story. lol

  2. Wow, what a great piece. You have won over a new follower.

    1. Welcome to my world! 😉 Glad that you enjoyed.

  3. Love this piece…always leaving us craving more…

    1. I try, luv. Definitely glad you enjoy!

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