7.18.2016: Swallow and Pinch: A Home Emergency


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Swallow and Pinch: A Home Emergency


I opened my mouth to pull in his pulsing erection ready to give him all I had. He was mighty in more than one way and I was ready to complete the mission. Well, as long as he could complete it soon. I was running off to work when he’d grabbed me by the throat, pushed me against the wall, and kissed me senselessly. Yeah, he was that kind of man. When he wanted my attention he took action. I was good with that. Loved it even. My panties immediately became wet and I knew whatever he wanted, he’d get. His fingers merely held me in place controlling me, not causing harm. Delicious.

Next, he pushed me to my knees and ripped open my shirt exposing his kryptonite. He instructed me to take off my bra so that he could focus. I did and his hardness became firmer, rock solid. I leaned forward and licked his pre-cum before sucking him inside. He pulled my neatly pinned hair a loose and gripped it pulling my head back. He pushed to the back of my throat and pumped his hips until I gagged. I knew what he was doing. And I wanted it.
My body awakened fully soaking my panties. I loved to please him in this way and my body wasn’t shy about letting him know. My nipples were hard and ready. My cunt was drenching my panties. My body ached. He’d taken me from 0 to 10 in no time. I could come from this sole act. He knew this. It was a way to get me off while getting him off. And it worked every damn time. I was a slut to his sexual needs, willing to go the distance. He relied on it and that’s why sex was always amazing between us. We relied on instinct and trust. A no fail.
Again he entered my mouth and he inched it back. In and then out. Deeper and deeper. Once he was far enough in, the one word sent me to the edge. Fuck.
“Swallow.” He groaned.
I did and he slid in and out of my throat. Cutting off air. My vision blurred and tears streaked my face. My body shook when he withdrew and like a fiend, I went back for more. Giving me a reprieve, he allowed the breathing break while he pinched and rolled my nipples between his fingers. My breasts were just as much kryptonite for me as they were for him. I could come from that too. Together? Watch out!
He pushed my head back to meet the wall and then he entered my mouth. He bucked inside my mouth and I relaxed my mouth.
“Swallow and pinch.”
I moaned loud before swallowing him and pinching my nipples. The longer my air was controlled by him the longer I pinched. My orgasm pounded so close to the surface I could taste it. He withdrew and swayed a bit. I leaned backward trying to regain my composure. My head was swimming and I didn’t know if I would make it again. I looked up to see him looking just as discombobulated. When he came forward again I whimpered for it.
“Swallow and pinch.”

I did and immediately I was taken under by bliss. There was no going back. I breathed around him before calming enough to swallow. When I did, my hands worked their magic on my nipples. I felt his cum shoot and my orgasm blasted through me. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I lowered my hands between my legs and stroked my clit tipping another orgasm. He withdrew from my mouth and finished on my breasts while I came again like a good girl.
I stayed in that spot until I calmed completely. A mess I was. Cum on my lips, tits, and oozing from my cunt. I leaned back reveling in the moment. I heard chuckling and looked up at Him. He was just as spent leaning against the opposite wall.
“Going to work like that?” He asked.
“Yes. I’ll tell my boss I had an emergency at home.”
He laughed wholeheartedly as I stood. I kissed him after licking my lips and then ran to the shower to try to head to work, Take Two. I must admit, it was damn good too.

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