How They Do (Another Cheeky Girl Installment)


Inspired by Masturbation Monday



Mondays had become his favorite day of the week. I knew that I wrote for him but I wasn’t sure that he understood that until today. His call was brief but held so much promise.

“You’ve been a good girl lately. Snarky, but good. Time so see if I can get you all riled up like you graciously do to me. When I get home, be ready.”

I was a firm believer that even if I wasn’t around, he needed to still get off daily. Mondays were the one day that I could get away with teasing him without punishment. He looked forward to my weekly challenge and I could never disappoint him.  Today’s post had been rather explicit because we’d had incredible sex last next. It was so good that I could still feel him. I’d needed the world to know about it.

His promise of being ready meant that he’d come home hard and ready to rumble in the sheets. I’d taken the liberty of sitting at the table completely nude except the hat on my head and the pink lipstick on my lips. He’d expressed just how good this color looked wrapped around his cock. Since I was out to entice him, it seemed appropriate.

When the door opened he walked in with a perfect view of what was beneath the table. My arms propped up my head but my eyes were still a mystery, unseen. I licked my lips slowly bringing attention to my mouth. Effectiveness wasn’t a question once I’d heard a deep growl came from his lips.

“Good evening.” I greeted.

“Evening, pet. Feeling coy today?”

“All I know is that you wanted me to be ready and I am.”

“Good girl.” He moved toward me and I remained patient. He was here and that meant that good things would follow.

I could feel his presence in front of me, across the table.  I wanted to move but I knew better.

“Leave the hat in place, lie on top of the table and suck me.” Aroused, just as I thought.

I stood and crawled onto the table heading toward where I’d heard his voice. His hand caught me before I’d crawled too far, I leaned forward to kiss him and was welcomed with those delicious lips of his. He held the sides of my face making me feel like his treasured girl. Familiarity allowed me to unbutton his shirt and then his pants. I kissed down his stomach and then his groin where his very stiff member waited for me.

“Make sure you kiss it before putting me in your mouth.” He instructed.

Master was thorough in that way. I needed to show appreciation before worshipping and I was more than okay with that. I kissed along the length of him and just as I was about to put him into my mouth hands spread my legs and I froze.

“It’s only been a few weeks and you’ve forgotten me already?”

I moaned loud and long. I was about to be devoured by two of my favorite men. Together they could turn me into a puddle of mess. Sir licked my clit and pulled it into his mouth sucking it persistently before letting go. Where was I again?

“You’re going to play a little game with us. You’re going to mimic my actions on your Master. He’ll cum before you do and so will I. We’ll determine if you get a turn when the time comes.”

I whined and Sir punished my ass with a firm smack. “Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He sucked my clit and moaned, almost forgetting the rules to this ridiculous game. They’d win, they always did. Another firm slap to my ass sent me into action. Master removed the hat from my head and I looked up into his eyes.

“Have I told you how much I love that color around my cock?”

I pulled away briefly. “Yes, Master but I’ll listen again.”

Another transgression received the appropriate corrective action. He was licking me and I was talking. I groaned and mimicked his actions. Sir got into the taste of me and his actions became blurred and I tried to keep up as much as I could. Concentration became unbearable when he twirled this and that while sucking over here and over there. My moans became puffs of air that I tried to breathe while sucking. My fingers fumbled while trying to hold Master in my mouth. I needed a reprieve so that I could get back on track because whatever he was doing back there was wickedly right in all the wrong ways.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by sexual thrills that you felt buried in bliss? There was no way out and you weren’t really looking for the exit? This was that moment. Of course, Sir’s mouth on me was a godsend but it was about more than that. Submission was something that ran deep and with these two, it was easy to surrender my all. It was like a drug, too intense to fight off. My head was swimming in a pool that they’d filled. Unable to keep up, more pain was administered making it even more difficult to stay in the moment.

“Baby girl?”

I looked up and Master’s expression was hard to read. I blinked but the pending orgasm was too much. I was shivering and a thoughtless mess.

“Suck.” And I did.

“Deeper.” His instruction seemed so logical but without it I was clueless.

Before I knew it, I was back in the game. Master’s grip on the table was firm and I knew he was close. His instruction was far, few, and in between. His warning was loud and clear.

“Fuck! I’m coming!”

He finished in my mouth at the same time that I felt Sir finishing along my back. It was rare that they were ready at the same time, but I’d take it. Pride swelled once more before I Sir’s fingers inside and directly on my g-spot. He wasted no time but I didn’t need to be prepped. I was ready and exploded shortly after the right teases and touches were applied.

When I came down from my high, I was wrapped between the two of them on the couch with my favorite blanket. Sir smiled at me while my head lay on Master’s chest. He massaged my feet and I closed my eyes once again letting them take care of me the way that they do.

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8.25.2016: Bastard, Right? (Part II)

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Bastard, Right?

Well, that’s one way to start my night. I can’t help but wonder what else she wants and standing here checking myself out in the mirror won’t help me figure that out. I’ll admit that she’s fucking enticing but I can’t enjoy her the way that I want. Waiting for that other shoe to drop.

When I walked back out to the bedroom she was laying on the bed fast asleep. Fuck if it didn’t make me harder. Her legs were slightly spread teasing me of what lay between them. I already knew. She was responsive and sensitive. Who couldn’t fucking enjoy that?

I kissed over the cheeks of her ass before biting the juicier and fuller parts. Her moans started low and lazy. I knew she was trying to wake up but her brain fought against that theory. While kissing along her lower back I prepared my dick for entry. I tossed the empty foil that once held the condom that I now wore to the floor. Teasing her wet pussy until she begged with her body was easy.  I made sure to tap her clit with the head of my dick until she squirmed. Over and under. She was juicy, coating my hand with her nectar but it still wasn’t time to fuck. Bastard, remember?


I kissed up her spine and over her shoulders before biting her neck. I held her head in place to keep my targeted spot in position and she trembled. The more that I sucked and used my teeth to scathe her skin the more that she convulsed. I drowned out her cries as I focused on just the taste of her. Sliding along her folds was too easy now that she was soaked. It was all for me and I reveled in it. I was pulled from my thoughts by one word that she seemed to be chanting repeatedly.

“Come… Come… Come…”

“What are you yelling about?” I whispered in her ear.

“Miguel PLEASE!”

I growled. “You can have whatever you want if you keep begging like that.”

I could hear her desperation in every word as she continued to beg. “Please Fuck me!”

Easily, I’d be able to enter her fast and deep. I didn’t want that. I wanted to make her suffer. Slow, easy, and deep. I had all night and that meant so did she.  She gripped the sheets on the bed as I eased inside. The sweetest moan slipped from her lips. Appreciative. Her hips rose and she took all of me inside. I slapped her ass and she purred. I swore it would be the death of me. Something about it made me want to bring out that kitten that wanted to play.


She lay flat on the bed and I sunk in and out of her so easily. Wet. Ready. She tried to grip me to pull me back inside but she was lubricated too well to hold me. I kissed up and over to tease her lips. She arched her head back giving me access to tease her mouth. I kissed her just as slowly as the sex she was getting. I pulled away from her mouth and gripped her hips as I savored her cunt with each thrust.

“Good, good pussy.”

“Mhm…” She moaned.

“Take me.”


She spread her legs wider and I bottomed out inside of her. Every thick inch was within her walls and I flexed my hips but barely moved. I used the tighter grip to masturbate inside of her. As I bucked, she jerked. I couldn’t hold back anymore so I didn’t. I pulled out and flipped her over when I entered her once more. Legs spread wide, I pulled her body into mine as I ground my hips. Spasms rocked her body and I continued to take from her body more than what she knew she could. She threw her head back lost in sensations while screaming for me not to stop. I wasn’t. Shit was good and I planned to get my fill of her. I was on the brink but I had all night.

“What are you doing to me?!” She yelled.

I groaned and grunted. “Keeping my promise. I told you we were just getting started.”


I knew from her whimpering and the sobs that were starting that she’d gotten more than she’d bargained for. That wasn’t my problem and I didn’t sugarcoat it either.

“Next time that you show up to somebody’s room wearing a trench coat and indecencies, make sure that you’re prepared to follow through.”

“I did.”

“No… you didn’t. I’m not finished with you, yet.”

She grabbed the pillow above her head and bit down into it as she screamed. Each time that she came created another layer of sweat and determination from me. I would hold back until she just couldn’t take it anymore. Bastard, remember?

Her body held me firmly, spent. I rocked my hips gradually speeding up the pace until my body took over. I gripped her tightly as I released while inside her and I pumped. Relief took hold in a mind shattering experience that made my muscles tense so tightly that the pain burned into pleasure. Fucking perfect! Needing air and space to breathe, I rolled over onto the bed gulping in as much as I could.

Boudoir Couple in Bed in Phoenix

“You were trying to kill me.” She mumbled hoarsely.

“Yeah.” I chuckled. “I was.”

She mumbled something that I couldn’t decipher and I changed the subject. “Are you ever going to tell me your name?”

“You never asked.” She retorted.

“I am now.”

“Natalie. Everyone calls me Nat.”

“I’ll call you kitten.”

“What? Why?!”

“Because you purr, that’s reason enough.”

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8.22.2016: Bastard (Part I)


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


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Maybe I was a bastard but I didn’t give a shit. Long days. CEO. Divorced. No kids, thank fuck. Nothing against them but my ex would have taken even more if I’d created hell spawn with her. Yeah, I drive a nice car, own a few more, house, and all that other fancy shit but in the end, it’s not worth what it seems. But you can’t tell that to the groupies that flock to the bling or sees dollar signs when they get a glimpse of real leather shoes that have initials that only money can buy.

There’s more to me than money but bitches will never see it. Not all women are bitches and all bitches aren’t women. But with the way that loyalty has been, I trust people as far as I can pay them. You know, arm’s length.

I was downstairs at the bar, minding my business when this floozy walks up and damn near begs to blow me off. I was in a bad mood. And “No” just wasn’t getting through her drugged out mind.


“Darling, sorry I’m late.” At first, I didn’t pay attention but then another woman, who was not the floozy, leaned around me and kissed me briefly. Startled, I looked at her and she smiled mischievously. “I said sorry. You don’t have to be cruel about it.”

Baffled, because I was still put off by the kiss, I nodded. The two women glared at one another until the beauty trying to save me spoke up.

“Who is your friend, Darling?”

I scoffed at the word friend. “I don’t know her. I think that she was looking for her dealer.”

The beauty with the southern drawl laughed and put my arm around her. Taking advantage of the moment, I caressed the curve of her back while looking into her eyes. She almost purred. The kitten laying underneath the skin wasn’t afraid to play. But what about the woman?

I looked over to see the floozy still there looking desperate. The jackpot radar was still whirling inside her head. And she seemed unaffected by the intrusion. Time to make this crystal fucking clear.

“You’re done here.”

The floozy rolled her eyes and stood walking to some schmuck she probably had a better chance with. I turned to thank the beautiful southerner but she was gone. I just knew I’d have to pay her off too. Lucky me. I’d managed to get out of all of that without paying a dime. Not even for a drink. Call me a horrible bastard but I was good with the outcome. Three Scotches later, I was feeling better than I had when I sat down. My tie was loose, suit jacket beside me on the stool, the first two buttons undone on my shirt and sleeves rolled up to my elbows. The amber liquid had taken effect and I was ready to retire for the night. Meetings over and I had the rest of the week to enjoy.

I walked to the elevator, jacket over a shoulder, taking my time. No rush. Leaning against the wall, I waited for the next elevator car to arrive. Ping! I looked up and then walked into an empty elevator. I leaned back and slowly released air from my lungs. Stress seemed to exit with it making for a lighter load. Just before the doors closed they reopened and in walked that southern charmer from earlier.


“Well hello, there Darling.” She greeted. Unlike earlier, that accent was slurred and laced with liquid courage. She stood in front but just to the side of me after she pressed the number just below mine.

I nodded accepting her greeting. “I never got a chance to thank you for earlier.”

“No problem sugar. I saw her at the bar harassing some poor bastard yesterday. You seemed ready to slug her so I decided to save you the hassle.”

Silence resumed and the sexual tension in the elevator was so thick it was difficult to fucking breathe. Her dress hugged every curve of her body displaying just how divine she really was. All she needed was a hat to finish off her “Southern Belle” demeanor. Her bare back only reminded me of how responsive she’d been. I reached forward and stroked her there. She gasped and it was the sweetest fucking sound.

“Don’t.” She whispered.

“Give me one reason.”

I walked up behind her and kissed the smooth skin at her neck. Did she just purr?

“I can’t focus if you’re doing that.” She looked back at me over her shoulder and said words I never thought she would.

“I’m not for sale.”

I chuckled but chose not to respond. Everybody had a price; she just hadn’t been faced with the opportunity yet. I bit the same place I’d kissed and her knees grew weak.

“You know we could take this to my room and discuss this over a glass of wine.”

She laughed low and seductive. “I don’t think you want to talk, big boy.”

I pulled her hips into mine and let her feel the truth in her words. She gasped again, caught by surprise.

“I don’t. I want to find out how sensitive you really are and if you’re smooth all over.” I knew I wasn’t playing fair since my mouth grazed her ear with each and every word. “Come, let me show you what I really want to do.”


“Mmm… fuck!” She whispered. Her breathing now labored, let me know just how aroused she truly was.

“Yes, exactly that.” The elevator opened and I walked around her and exited.

“Your call. Penthouse Suite 3.” I walked out and turned the corner where the Penthouse elevator waited. Up to my suite, I went hoping she’d eventually see reason.


I sat drinking another glass of Scotch in my room, debating whether to shower when I heard a soft knock. I sat down my glass and made my way to the door. When I opened it, in walked that southern girl and she was more exquisite than before. She walked in wearing a trench coat and shoes made just for her. As she passed me, her hand grazed my groin intently. I groaned and she continued as if she wasn’t fazed.

Her coat was opened and dropped to the floor revealing black lace thigh highs, panties and bra. Things were finally starting to look up. She walked into my bedroom and stretched out on the bed exposing her ass to me and disposing of her shoes. I could tell that her panties were already wet from where I stood but still I moved closer. I sat in the chair next to the bed and watched as her fingers teased that sweet pussy of hers. I had the perfect view of her bent over and her hand coming from underneath her to give me a show.


I’d grabbed my drink and sipped it slowly. We hadn’t spoken a word to one another and I preferred it that way. Soon there would be enough sound to forget the words. I watched as she expertly fingered herself as she probably had many times before. She was probably getting off on the fact that I was watching and I couldn’t blame her. The energy was fucking magnetic.

“Please…” She begged.

“Please, what?” I inquired.

“Please, do as you promised.”

“I am. I told you I didn’t want to talk.”

“No…” She whined so sweetly. And yes, I was going to make her beg for what she wanted. It was no secret that I got off on shit like that.

“Then what?”

“I want you…” Her words dragged, pleading.

I started unbuttoning my shirt. She was getting closer. “I’m here.”

“Don’t make me say it.” Her fingers dipped inside and she groaned. “Here, I want you here.”

“I am here.” My voice was gruff even to my ears. Fuck I wanted her. But I wanted… no needed her to fucking beg for it.

“God!” She moaned as she worked herself over.

“No, I’m Miguel. Not God but if you’re into role playing, I’m not opposed.”

“Please!” She whined.

“Good girl. Now we’re getting somewhere. Say it again.”

I saw her suck the fingers of her free hand and I groaned. We couldn’t have that. Her mouth could be taking care of much better things. I stood and took off my shirt and unbuckled my pants.

Her moans echoed through the room and her fingers were hitting something good because her thighs shook, toes curled, and her moans were reckless. She cared not who heard her and neither did I.

“Miguel, I’m so close… please… please… please…”

“Tell me what you need, pretty girl.”

“You!” Her screams replicated the shattering of her will as she came. Her hands pulled her hair and her body jerked while she succumbed to the call of her orgasm.


I stood and ran my fingertips down her back. Her skin was damp from the exertion of the take over from her orgasm and it was a good one.

When she calmed, she looked back at me with a nervous smile. “Hi.”

I chuckled. “Hello.”

“I… I guess I should take off. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

“You didn’t and you were magnificent.”

She blushed. “Thank you.”

I leaned down and kissed the small of her back and she sighed.

“Now… now…”

“I’ll let you take a minute to recover and I’ll get you a glass of water before we start.” I turned and heading toward the bar to get her a bottled water.

“Start?” She asked bewildered.

“Yes. Once you’re hydrated, I want to see what it feels like for you to be that wet while I’m deep inside you.”

Her mouth opened in shock but nothing came out.

“I can put something in that hole too.”

I walked away leaving her to deal with the excitement that I knew was coursing through her. Yeah, she’d be a fun way to relieve the stress I’m feeling this week and I had no problems with doing that. Why? Because I’m a sick bastard and she hadn’t even tipped the iceberg on what that’ll mean for her.


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Sharon Johnson: Poet & Author

Collage 2016-08-21 14_18_39

Today is the Official Release Day for Sharon’s Book: Eclectic Poet My Voice!!!




Sharon’s Bio:

From the time Sharon Johnson learned to write, she had one dream, to become a writer and author. Writing has always been the one constant through every moment, both good and bad, in her life. She started with basic Haiku and rhyming poems; then later, she started writing simple one to two-page stories. She’s always kept journals documenting her life and those of her children. Through every poem, story and journaled event, she never stopped looking for what she calls her ‘Charmed’ book. Year after year the book never came, until the summer of 2013, when a two to three-page idea max, turned into ten then twenty pages and kept growing from there. It became clear within a very short time, her characters had much more to say and their story was far from over. And that’s how ‘The Chat Room’ was born. Eighteen months and a lifetime later, her dream finally became a reality in August 2015. There’s a saying she’s created as a part of her daily mantra; “Never stop looking for your happy ending, because your story isn’t finished yet… Just a few fun facts      She never tires of intellectual stimulation in whatever form it comes. She’s never met a stranger she didn’t like or couldn’t crack up in the first ten minutes after they meet. She loves to read anything romantic or erotica. She also writes poetry, as well as short stories and has a following on Facebook that grows weekly. She has the heart of a twelve year and considers grown-ups boring and not much fun lol. She prides herself on being able to sit Indian style and touch her face to the floor and she loves NFL football. There’s never been a pizza she didn’t love or a piece of chocolate she’d ever say no to. And most importantly; she never forgets how blessed she is and how important it is to tell those in her life how much they mean to her.

Sharing for Sharon: More words about Sharon

“Sharon, I know how much today means to you and I’m excited to help you celebrate the release of something so profound. You have an artistic flair with words that is difficult to ignore. Your personality and the way that you support other authors and friends makes you even more dynamite.  Hopefully today has been as amazing as you deserve and more. That “blank canvas” of yours should be filled with all of the love and support from those of us who can’t get enough of you. In case I don’t say it enough: Sharon, thanks for being you.”

Author Jade Royal


“Sharon has been an inspiration with both her written words and her friendship. She’s willing to help others in their journey in this maddening career we’ve chosen. And I have the privilege of calling her a friend and colleague.”

Author Teresa Crumpton

“Sharon, I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing you for a few short months, but the impression your words and your person have made on me make it seem as if you’ve always been a part of my circle of friends. Your poetry creates such imagery when I read it… exotic, erotic, exquisite… TRUE… that’s what your words are… They reach inside of me, touching my mind and my heart with their genuine feeling and wisdom. As a person, Sharon, you have always impressed with your calm, kind presence… Your optimistic greetings and encouraging words… Your support for authors and friends… It has been a gift to know you and I hope one I will continue to enjoy for a long time to come. Congratulations on your new release! I can’t wait to read it!”

Author Gabriella Messina


“Sharon Johnson and I are the new kids on the block. I’ve found nothing but grace and elegance in Sharon, both as a person, a poet, and an author. She’s been wonderfully supportive of me and my writing, and I am thrilled beyond words to call her my friend. I’m looking forward to a continued, brilliant, writing career from this woman, but even more so, I looked to build an enduring friendship!”

Author Ellie Masters







Some Poetic words from Sharon:

Something that lost… 

You’re busy again, but it’s been that way for a while now. I miss the days when the excitement between us, crackled like a roaring fire. I miss the days when you tangled your fingers through my hair and overtook my mouth with yours; devouring it, owning it and sending shivers down my spine. The way you’d loosen your hold slightly and my lashes would flutter, as I slowly opened my eyes and looked into your eyes. That deep contented sigh you’d make, as you looked at my face and your full beautiful lips would begin to turn up in a smile. Your breathing was like music to my ears, every time we made love and our rhythm was perfectly in sync. I miss the man who use to be my hero…the one who wrapped me up in his arms, and tell me I was safe and everything would be ok. There were so many nights we’d lay there in bed, just spooning, while you’d whisper sweet words in my ear. All the late night chats about everything and nothing at all. So many hopes and dreams we shared back then, and now; all we are, is a couple, linked together by a name and a forever that will never be.

Sharon Johnson Author Poet © February 2016.

Sharon has a collection of works that demonstrates her love of words and her amazing finesse of arranging them poetically.





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8.18.2016: Angel

Angel was ready, spread. I’d flogged her until she was nice and tender. The whimpering was a side effect of a submissive in a good place at the right time. Not much of reality registered for her. Being prone to her drifting off into a surreal place, meant that I was better equipped for this sort of thing and I knew how to make it count.

Angel was primed and ready for a good fuck and that’s exactly what she was going to get. I teased her mouth with mine until she returned my kisses with the enthusiasm of a wanton girl. Her nipples were painfully decorated with clothes pins and so was her clit. It was time to relieve her of some of the tension coursing through her body.


Freeing her ankles, I disrobed and lifted her legs around my waist. She was positioned perfectly for me to thrust inside her, so… I did. A deep sigh left her lips and her eyes lost focus once again.

“Stay with me…” I urged.

“I’m trying.” She breathed.

I moved inside of her building speed with my pace. Angel was hot, wet, and tight around me just like I wanted. Her cunt muscles clenched and spasmed as I rode her hard.

“Yes, please!” She screamed.

“Not yet my girl, hold on a bit longer.”

I watched her fists as they tightened around the chains holding her upright. She suffered in blissful silence holding on to something she couldn’t control. The orgasm at bay would be more than her fragile state could handle. The thought alone was a delicious reward.



“Please!” Angel cried.

“No darling girl. I’m not ready to put you out of your misery. Suffer for me. Give me your pain and tears.” I watched as the tears continued pouring from her eyes as she shook the chains begging for strength.

The Sadist was alert and ready to strike. I gripped her ass and she hissed. She shook her head silently communicating to a force that couldn’t hear her pleas. Chuckling, I leaned down and licked her nipples that were sensitive and begging to be freed from the clothes pins. Wetness covered my shaft and thighs, letting me know just how much she was enjoying herself. The grip of her legs was tight and steady so I let her go of her ass and removed both clothespins from her nipples. The silent screams persisted as her body succumbed to my will. Trembling, she fought to hold on to her sanity but her face contorted as the first release rushed at her and exploded.

She continued begging for mercy while I sought refuge inside her. I’d enjoyed her every reaction to my action. Before the sensations calmed I gripped her ass again waking yet another orgasm.

“Please no!”

I grunted falling under the spell of us. I was hyper aware of every move. Her needs were the air I breathed. I needed her just as much as she needed me. Only I could take her to these heights. She was my angel and she knew it. She was so close to drifting away that every move had to be planned, calculated if I wanted her to fly at just the right moment.

I kissed her and she leaned into it with her all. Her lips moved lazily as if she were drunk. The delayed response created a hunger from being teased. Pulling away from her mouth, I moved to her ear. I growled at how wonderful she felt and I knew how much she loved to hear about it.


“You feel fucking wonderful gripping my dick with your pussy.”

She whimpered. “Do I?”

“Yeah…” I grunted my affirmation. “So hot. I could be inside you forever.”

“Hmm… Please!”

“I can’t wait to come inside…” She interrupted.

“Sir, please! You fill me so much. I want you deeper… Harder…”

I couldn’t deny my favorite girl, right?

“Fuck yes!” I shouted. I was close and the thrust of my hips was wild, hurried. So close. “Fuck you’re so wet.”

“For you. You make me this needy. I’m yours!”

Trigger pulled. No going back. I came hard, shooting off like a rocket. I removed the clothespin from Angel’s clit just in time for her orgasm to set me off again. I held her tightly knowing that her roaring and continued howls were signs that she’d hit subspace again. I bucked and jerked until my explosion finished its torment.

Angel’s head tilted forward, spent and weak. Carefully, I withdrew from her body, struggling to right myself. The hum that clouded my senses felt like raw power and it was addictive. I managed to get Angel free and into bed where I crashed alongside her.


Morning came too soon. I was greeted with the smells of coffee and beef. Angel walked in the room with a tray and I sat up ready to devour her and the ingredients on that tray.

“What’s all this?” I asked.

“My Sir needs his energy too.”

I chuckled. “You’re too good to me.”

She smiled and kissed me. “Thank you for last night.”

I held her still deepening the kiss and taking what I wanted.

“Anything you want.” She muttered. Her eyes stayed closed as she savored the taste of us.

“Good to know.” I winked and took a bite of eggs and steak. Fantastic. “Go shower. When I get done there’s something else I want to eat.”

Angel whimpered, then stood. “Yes, Sir.”

I watched as she fled the room in the direction of the bathroom. I chuckled amused at my girl. Yeah, she was in for a treat when she came back. I knew it’d be a nice long one too because I was famished and it had nothing to do with the kind of hunger that this steak would cure.

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8.15.2016: Sh!t

Inspired by Masturbation Monday


He rolled off of me onto his back and I could see how hard he was. He’d stopped just before I came and he hadn’t either. What was going on? We’d both been into it. Both needed this. It’d been months since I’d seen him and I hadn’t been able to find release since. 

He was still on edge and stroking his cock while I laid here in shock. What was the deal?


“What girl?” His voice was gruff letting me know just how close he was.

“Why’d you stop?”

“Shh… be a good girl and come here.”

I moved between his legs and watched him bring himself to the edge. I leaned down to lick him and he pulled away.


“Give me your hand.”

I did and he wrapped his hand around mine jerking his shaft. I continued where he’d ended and he let my hand go, enjoying  and taking his pleasure. I leaned closer feeling his thighs on my stomach.


I did and he stiffened just before he growled his release all over my hand and stomach. He pumped his hips finding completion. I stayed still waiting for his next instruction.

“Go clean yourself.” I nodded and stood feeling dazed.

When I came back he was asleep so I cleaned him with the warm cloth I had. After disposing it, I climbed in bed to relax next to him.

“Remember when I told you that I don’t forget infractions?”

I froze. Shit! About three weeks ago, we’d talked on the phone and I’d been rather bitchy to him when he told me he needed to reschedule our play session. At first he was understanding but I’d taken it too far. He warned me that another word would result in punishment. I’d figure he would forget and so I’d responded anyway.


“Yes, Sir.”

“Now you know. We’ll see if I’ll take pity on that needy cunt of yours by the end of the week. Otherwise, you’ll be a needy girl when I return home.”

I whined in defeat. “Yes, Sir.”

He pat my thigh and then I heard him snoring. A lone tear rolled down my cheek as I suffered in silence.

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8.11.2016: Something About

Who says that fantasies can’t be made from memories? I certainly didn’t. I have a memory that I can’t shake. One that won’t let me lose sight of it. I’ll tell you about it.

We’d decided to meet at our hotel room and walk down to the ballroom together. His plane had arrived hours before mine giving him time to prepare. I’d had to get dressed at the airport to make sure that I was at my best friend’s wedding on time. He was my plus one and though there was nothing official about us, he was the only man I was seeing.

I walked down the hall heading to our room when the finest specimen of man emerged from it. I stopped in my tracks trying to decipher the panic that was rising. The palms of my hands were moist, my heart rate accelerated, and I was speechless. He was immaculate and beyond sexy. The throbbing between my thighs persisted making this moment surreal.


Our eyes locked and I was powerless to look away. I walked toward him and when I reached him, he pulled me inside the room and closed the door. Against the nearest wall, he kissed me passionately. It was so hot that my clothes began to melt away. Dress, bra, and panties dissolved from my body. His mouth trailed kisses along my shoulder before lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist provoking him to follow through.

He’d looked better than I ever thought he would in a suit and I knew that I was lethal in my dress. That energy is why clothes were being shed to the floor. Hours of preparation disrobed in a matter of moments. I didn’t care. All I wanted was his beautiful and lethal dick inside me. I literally burned for him, that’s how bad the ache was.

“I’ve been fantasizing about this moment since last night.” He said.

His cockhead stroked my folds teasing me. He wanted in, what in the hell was he waiting on? I surely wasn’t holding back. I grabbed his head and kissed him, letting him know that I didn’t want to talk about it. He pulled back and stared at me. I was confused until I felt him penetrating me. I leaned my head back and moaned a slow drawn out note of satisfaction.

“I fucking love that. You make the sweetest fucking sounds.”

I mewled. It wasn’t poetry but I’d take it any day.

“Fuck me. Take it.”

I moaned again, a sucker for sex talk. I put my arms around his neck and leaned back to give me leverage. I then rode him like the wildest stallion holding back nothing. Digging my nails in, I heard him groan. He bucked meeting my hips. Skin slapped skin. Moisture intertwined. Moans. Grunts. Cries. Hissing. I leaned up to kiss him and to feel my favorite part of him. That fucking beard. It was the sexiest thing and I couldn’t deny it or him.


He walked us over to the bed and laid us down without breaking the connection. Lips on lips. Thickness inside wetness. The angle had adjusted a bit and he was deep inside me making me so full. I pulled my mouth away to verbalized how he was affecting me.

“Deep!” I cried out.

“Feel me.” He moaned in my ear.

He moved his face against mine and I shivered. He knew what it did to me. I snuggled my face against his feeling the soft hairs on his face caressing mine. It sent a direct signal to clit making it throb as I was fucked. His hips flexed and my eyes crossed. What was he…?

His fingers strummed my clit and forced a strangled cry from my lips. It was too much, too fast and I wasn’t ready for the moment to be over. I tried to move away from him but he followed. His strokes were fiercer and more determined. My eyes widened in disbelief. He’d been holding back! I tried again to move away by grabbing the sheets and trying to pull upwards. He growled, literally, at me. He slid his arms underneath mine and gripped my shoulders holding me in one spot while he took his frustrations of me running out on my deserving pussy.

Air was foreign. My senses were overloaded receiving too much pleasure to ignore. I quivered around him and he reveled in it. My hands gripped his shoulders tightly trying to find some sort of anything to ground me. I felt as if I was being lifted, floating. My body was weightless and I was prey to a predator that was pursuing me relentlessly.

“God!” I screamed.

“Yes!” He grunted back.

The world as I knew it exploded leaving me to fall apart into a million pieces. Was I even alive anymore? Damn insane. All I could feel was the pulling apart from reality and then a billion tingling sensations trying to reassure me of my existence. I heard hard, heavy, and satisfied breathing in my ear and I leaned toward it. I was welcomed by the softness that melted my resolve every time.


I pulled his face closer and leaned into him. The world had been righted and I could stay in this spot forever. He pulled away to look into my eyes and I met his stare head on.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. I needed you, don’t be angry.”

I smiled. “How can I be angry at that? You were amazing.”

“Good. I’m not finished, though.”

He smiled back and lowered his body down mine slowly. Kisses marked his path and I felt that damn facial hair as he neared my now throbbing sex. I grabbed the hair on the top of my hair. Would I last? When his lips met mine I sighed in relief. I could feel that damned beard and it was going to be the death of me. Why?! The first lick was delivered and I knew that I was doomed. Question was… what wedding?

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8.8.2016: Self-Love


Inspired by Masturbation Monday




Self-love is a powerful thing. It allows us to see what’s best in situations, preventing negative situations. I do love myself. Maybe too much. I’m not just talking about the clothes that I buy, the house that I love, or my car that has all of the amenities that I want and more. The ways that I spoil and pamper myself are just the beginning of ways that I self-love. Taking care of my mind and body are just as important, which brings me to this moment.

Sex is great. Amazing. But I still crave my own touch. It’s another way to love myself and I am not a selfish lover. Shouldn’t I reap the benefits too? Today, the itch is more intense than it has been in a while. I’d awakened from my nap caressing my body better than another lover could. I knew all the right places to touch and I didn’t have to say a thing.

“ 5500+ Bondage Pics : KnottyPunishments // Hardcore BDSM Videos

My pulse was racing, nipples hard, sex throbbing and soaked, and my skin was moist with the perspiration of need. I felt damn good and I didn’t want to chance moving my body to lose the delicious feeling that my body had worked to orchestrate. I licked my lips and it too added the sexual frenzy. I was in too deep to walk away from the call to self-love.

I pinched my nipples and pulled them while rolling them between my fingers. I gasped not expecting it to feel so insanely good. I purred for more and as I obliged, my body hummed, summoning the stirring and blending that would create something powerful. I moaned for my lover not to finish. No, not this soon. Each manipulation of my body welcomed, encouraged.


My thighs parted and my slickened folds wept sending moisture down my ass. It felt naughty in the best of ways and I embraced it. My fingers lazily caressed and explored before I inched my fingers inside. Hot! My moans were mixed with cries and I threw my head back beckoning deeper thrusts. I wanted to take it slow. I did. But I was powerless to deny the frenzy that was taking over. My fingers did the talking and all I could do was respond.

I moved my hips, timing them to meet my fingers. The friction was amazing and I wasn’t shy about expressing it. I trembled and but I pushed passed it searching for something harder, wilder. An orgasm approached and I gravitated towards it, captured it and held on tight. I wanted it fierce and letting it take control of me prematurely, wouldn’t do this justice. I gripped the sheets beside me hold on while my fingers worked inside me. Stronger it brewed and taunted it for more.

Control was being taken from me as the spasms and tremors took over. There she was… I screamed begging for her, that tornado whirling through my body to give me her best shot. And she did forcing me to roar with abandon. Power surged through me, rendering me speechless as the most intense feelings left me forged and battered.

I gasped over and over with my eyes closed trying to catch enough air to calm my heaving lungs. Fuck! I lay still limbs tingling, body entranced. Slowly, I pulled the pillow from beside me and held it tightly, seeking comfort. The cold fabric did the trick and I curled around it pulling the sheet over me as I tumbled into a deep slumber.

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8.4.2016: One More

You quivered around me and I fought to hold on to the orgasm that ached to be free. Three orgasms and you owed me two more. You were tired and whimpering but I couldn’t back off now. Besides, we both knew that you loved to be pushed. Your back was to me and I took a moment to kiss up the column of your neck.


“Please,” you begged, “I can’t.”

“You can and you will.”

You sounded almost regretful. It stirred the sadistic urges that threatened to take over but we both knew you didn’t want that. I pulled each of your nipples before stroking over your body. You purred and I knew that you weren’t really done. You just needed some help getting there.

“I’ll make a deal with you. If you come once more, and I mean a good hard orgasm, I’ll forgive the last one. If not, I expect both of them.”


“No. Buts.”

I picked up the wand that lay on the table beside us. I turned it on low and moved it over your body.

“Ah!” Your body shivered in shock. It was close to its limit and I recognized that, but there was more to give.

I placed the wand on your clit and stroked it lightly. Your hips bucked towards it forcing you to ride my hard shaft.

“Yes,” I whispered.

The sensations were sweet and longed for more. The wetness sucking me in and out of your body had me gasping for air. You gripped me tightly making every stroke of your cunt over my erection painfully good. I felt every quiver, every thrust, and just how wet you were. It was fucking amazing, damn near bringing me to my knees. When you gave me that orgasm that I craved, it would set us both off into a whirlwind of pleasure.


Indescribable sounds left your lips like the sweetest melody. Strangled moans, half groans, and pathetic cries implied just how much your body loved this. You needed this just as much as I. I clicked the wand up two speeds and those sounds grew louder. I wound my hips into you as you pushed into me. The spasms shook you so hard that you could only hold on to the cuffs that kept you in place. Without them, you’d have collapsed long ago. Your hold onto my hardness loosened a little and I knew it was because of the greed that I’d stirred. Your pussy was a needy girl and loved my ruthless charm.

“It. Hurts.” You cried out.

Aaaaah. Now we’re getting somewhere. “Good.” I turned up the speed on high and you screamed. “Time to make you cry.”

I held the wand firmly in place as your body shook hard. There was no need for me to move since you’d tightened around me again and the spasm massaged me in the worst way. It was time. Your moans took everything out of you leaving you gasping for each breath. Fuck! I gripped your hip holding on to the last of my resolve.

Your orgasm ripped forward and you growled like the fiercest cat in the wild. I’d tamed you into embracing that animalistic nature when it called. You took hold of the beast and didn’t let go. Your hips moved violently fucking me without abandon as you took that ball of lust and rode it hard, good. I gave you as you gave me. My body was a mess of matching spasms that manifested and released into you. I howled letting go of everything and it was fucking unreal how good I felt.

We were soaked in everything us and I cared not. I removed the wand from your clit and slowly withdrew from your folds. I stumbled backward realizing I was just as fucked up. You were floating and it gave me the time to find some sort of balance. Beautifully spent, I carried you to the bed and pulled us under the duvet. Off on my on high, I let us ride out the feelings until we were both competent.

I woke to you nibbling my lips and I smiled. “Hey there.”

“Mmm… Hello, Sir.” You paused to respond and then went back to your kissing fest.


“How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Well used.” You laid your head on my chest and I cuddled you closer.

“Good. You wore me out.” I confessed.

“That makes two of us. Thank you, Sir.”

I rumbled in approval. “Welcome. Sleep with me, pet.”

You nodded and mumbled. “Yes.”

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8.1.2016: Pretty P*ssy

Inspired by Masturbation Monday 

Pretty P*ssy 

He just kept staring at it. I’d seen it plenty of times and didn’t know what the big to-do was. 

“It’s… so… pretty.”


I smiled accepting the compliment. I guess every girl wanted their pussy to make someone speechless and in awe, but I was horny and wanted him to do something to it already. I opened my mouth to speak and he laid the gentlest kiss on my clit. I sighed, happy that he was able to move again. His tongue caressed my folds and swooped upwards as he kissed my clit again, open mouthed this time.

I whimpered for more hoping that he wasn’t teasing me. He was on to something good and I didn’t want him to lose focus. He inhaled and pushed his face into my cunt. Licking, sucking and sending vibrations throughout my body. I felt his fingers working inside me until he reached that spot. 

“Oh!” Some of the best tinglings worked it’s way over my sex. 

He licked and sucked on every fold. He nipped around zinging everything to life. Pulsing sensations rhythmically pulled me further under his spell winding me tighter and tighter. The muscles in my thighs twitched and still I moved my hips fucking his face just the way I liked. He hummed and encouraged me with positive affirmations. My breathing hitched more and more conveying just how difficult it was to breathe.

He opened my legs wide and held them spread apart. He tongued me licking new places and sucking my clit into his mouth. The suction he created pulsed to the same drumming  beat of the pending orgasm. I gripped the sheets tight trying to gain some control. I was loudly moaning his name and begging him not to stop. I’m sure the neighbors heard but I cared, not.  His fingers worked deeper and deeper until I was suspended awaiting the doom I was destined to meet. He removed his finger and mouth and stroked my clit with his soaking wet fingers. Closer and closer I came to tipping the scale. I waited for him to do something, anything to make it all come together. 

Collage 2016-08-01 23_21_11

“Come.” He said as he pinched the most sensitive part of my clit. Not too hard, but just enough to shock the nerves into submission. 

I came hard and loud. Shaking so badly that sweat poured from my body. My voice was hoarse and I couldn’t breathe. What in the hell had he done to me? I’d never…

Fingers entered me and the spasms continued. I felt as if my body was contorted, splitting into two as he pulled more pleasure from me. My body was seizing and I was powerless to stop it. Was this the price I paid for having a pretty pussy? 

I felt feather light kisses along the lips of my sex while I laid limp and almost lifeless. I was afraid to move, afraid to speak. What if he did that magical thing to me again? Would I die from orgasmic bliss? Would I have to confess that sin as I approached the gates of heaven? 

“Pretty Pussy.” He murmured between kisses. 

I sighed and closed my eyes hoping that I was prepared for the time that someone called my pussy pretty. 

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