8.1.2016: Pretty P*ssy

Inspired by Masturbation Monday 

Pretty P*ssy 

He just kept staring at it. I’d seen it plenty of times and didn’t know what the big to-do was. 

“It’s… so… pretty.”


I smiled accepting the compliment. I guess every girl wanted their pussy to make someone speechless and in awe, but I was horny and wanted him to do something to it already. I opened my mouth to speak and he laid the gentlest kiss on my clit. I sighed, happy that he was able to move again. His tongue caressed my folds and swooped upwards as he kissed my clit again, open mouthed this time.

I whimpered for more hoping that he wasn’t teasing me. He was on to something good and I didn’t want him to lose focus. He inhaled and pushed his face into my cunt. Licking, sucking and sending vibrations throughout my body. I felt his fingers working inside me until he reached that spot. 

“Oh!” Some of the best tinglings worked it’s way over my sex. 

He licked and sucked on every fold. He nipped around zinging everything to life. Pulsing sensations rhythmically pulled me further under his spell winding me tighter and tighter. The muscles in my thighs twitched and still I moved my hips fucking his face just the way I liked. He hummed and encouraged me with positive affirmations. My breathing hitched more and more conveying just how difficult it was to breathe.

He opened my legs wide and held them spread apart. He tongued me licking new places and sucking my clit into his mouth. The suction he created pulsed to the same drumming  beat of the pending orgasm. I gripped the sheets tight trying to gain some control. I was loudly moaning his name and begging him not to stop. I’m sure the neighbors heard but I cared, not.  His fingers worked deeper and deeper until I was suspended awaiting the doom I was destined to meet. He removed his finger and mouth and stroked my clit with his soaking wet fingers. Closer and closer I came to tipping the scale. I waited for him to do something, anything to make it all come together. 

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“Come.” He said as he pinched the most sensitive part of my clit. Not too hard, but just enough to shock the nerves into submission. 

I came hard and loud. Shaking so badly that sweat poured from my body. My voice was hoarse and I couldn’t breathe. What in the hell had he done to me? I’d never…

Fingers entered me and the spasms continued. I felt as if my body was contorted, splitting into two as he pulled more pleasure from me. My body was seizing and I was powerless to stop it. Was this the price I paid for having a pretty pussy? 

I felt feather light kisses along the lips of my sex while I laid limp and almost lifeless. I was afraid to move, afraid to speak. What if he did that magical thing to me again? Would I die from orgasmic bliss? Would I have to confess that sin as I approached the gates of heaven? 

“Pretty Pussy.” He murmured between kisses. 

I sighed and closed my eyes hoping that I was prepared for the time that someone called my pussy pretty. 

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