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8.8.2016: Self-Love


Inspired by Masturbation Monday




Self-love is a powerful thing. It allows us to see what’s best in situations, preventing negative situations. I do love myself. Maybe too much. I’m not just talking about the clothes that I buy, the house that I love, or my car that has all of the amenities that I want and more. The ways that I spoil and pamper myself are just the beginning of ways that I self-love. Taking care of my mind and body are just as important, which brings me to this moment.

Sex is great. Amazing. But I still crave my own touch. It’s another way to love myself and I am not a selfish lover. Shouldn’t I reap the benefits too? Today, the itch is more intense than it has been in a while. I’d awakened from my nap caressing my body better than another lover could. I knew all the right places to touch and I didn’t have to say a thing.

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My pulse was racing, nipples hard, sex throbbing and soaked, and my skin was moist with the perspiration of need. I felt damn good and I didn’t want to chance moving my body to lose the delicious feeling that my body had worked to orchestrate. I licked my lips and it too added the sexual frenzy. I was in too deep to walk away from the call to self-love.

I pinched my nipples and pulled them while rolling them between my fingers. I gasped not expecting it to feel so insanely good. I purred for more and as I obliged, my body hummed, summoning the stirring and blending that would create something powerful. I moaned for my lover not to finish. No, not this soon. Each manipulation of my body welcomed, encouraged.


My thighs parted and my slickened folds wept sending moisture down my ass. It felt naughty in the best of ways and I embraced it. My fingers lazily caressed and explored before I inched my fingers inside. Hot! My moans were mixed with cries and I threw my head back beckoning deeper thrusts. I wanted to take it slow. I did. But I was powerless to deny the frenzy that was taking over. My fingers did the talking and all I could do was respond.

I moved my hips, timing them to meet my fingers. The friction was amazing and I wasn’t shy about expressing it. I trembled and but I pushed passed it searching for something harder, wilder. An orgasm approached and I gravitated towards it, captured it and held on tight. I wanted it fierce and letting it take control of me prematurely, wouldn’t do this justice. I gripped the sheets beside me hold on while my fingers worked inside me. Stronger it brewed and taunted it for more.

Control was being taken from me as the spasms and tremors took over. There she was… I screamed begging for her, that tornado whirling through my body to give me her best shot. And she did forcing me to roar with abandon. Power surged through me, rendering me speechless as the most intense feelings left me forged and battered.

I gasped over and over with my eyes closed trying to catch enough air to calm my heaving lungs. Fuck! I lay still limbs tingling, body entranced. Slowly, I pulled the pillow from beside me and held it tightly, seeking comfort. The cold fabric did the trick and I curled around it pulling the sheet over me as I tumbled into a deep slumber.

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6 thoughts on “8.8.2016: Self-Love

  1. If you don’t know how to love yourself how will anyone else?

    1. Exactly. It’s detrimental.

  2. Self love = self care, sometimes in the best ways. 🙂

    1. Absolutely… nobody does it like you… lol

  3. Ahh yes, self love… I am a fan


    1. Lol I approve this message. Self love is necessary.

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