8.15.2016: Sh!t

Inspired by Masturbation Monday


He rolled off of me onto his back and I could see how hard he was. He’d stopped just before I came and he hadn’t either. What was going on? We’d both been into it. Both needed this. It’d been months since I’d seen him and I hadn’t been able to find release since. 

He was still on edge and stroking his cock while I laid here in shock. What was the deal?


“What girl?” His voice was gruff letting me know just how close he was.

“Why’d you stop?”

“Shh… be a good girl and come here.”

I moved between his legs and watched him bring himself to the edge. I leaned down to lick him and he pulled away.


“Give me your hand.”

I did and he wrapped his hand around mine jerking his shaft. I continued where he’d ended and he let my hand go, enjoying  and taking his pleasure. I leaned closer feeling his thighs on my stomach.


I did and he stiffened just before he growled his release all over my hand and stomach. He pumped his hips finding completion. I stayed still waiting for his next instruction.

“Go clean yourself.” I nodded and stood feeling dazed.

When I came back he was asleep so I cleaned him with the warm cloth I had. After disposing it, I climbed in bed to relax next to him.

“Remember when I told you that I don’t forget infractions?”

I froze. Shit! About three weeks ago, we’d talked on the phone and I’d been rather bitchy to him when he told me he needed to reschedule our play session. At first he was understanding but I’d taken it too far. He warned me that another word would result in punishment. I’d figure he would forget and so I’d responded anyway.


“Yes, Sir.”

“Now you know. We’ll see if I’ll take pity on that needy cunt of yours by the end of the week. Otherwise, you’ll be a needy girl when I return home.”

I whined in defeat. “Yes, Sir.”

He pat my thigh and then I heard him snoring. A lone tear rolled down my cheek as I suffered in silence.

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