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8.18.2016: Angel

Angel was ready, spread. I’d flogged her until she was nice and tender. The whimpering was a side effect of a submissive in a good place at the right time. Not much of reality registered for her. Being prone to her drifting off into a surreal place, meant that I was better equipped for this sort of thing and I knew how to make it count.

Angel was primed and ready for a good fuck and that’s exactly what she was going to get. I teased her mouth with mine until she returned my kisses with the enthusiasm of a wanton girl. Her nipples were painfully decorated with clothes pins and so was her clit. It was time to relieve her of some of the tension coursing through her body.


Freeing her ankles, I disrobed and lifted her legs around my waist. She was positioned perfectly for me to thrust inside her, so… I did. A deep sigh left her lips and her eyes lost focus once again.

“Stay with me…” I urged.

“I’m trying.” She breathed.

I moved inside of her building speed with my pace. Angel was hot, wet, and tight around me just like I wanted. Her cunt muscles clenched and spasmed as I rode her hard.

“Yes, please!” She screamed.

“Not yet my girl, hold on a bit longer.”

I watched her fists as they tightened around the chains holding her upright. She suffered in blissful silence holding on to something she couldn’t control. The orgasm at bay would be more than her fragile state could handle. The thought alone was a delicious reward.



“Please!” Angel cried.

“No darling girl. I’m not ready to put you out of your misery. Suffer for me. Give me your pain and tears.” I watched as the tears continued pouring from her eyes as she shook the chains begging for strength.

The Sadist was alert and ready to strike. I gripped her ass and she hissed. She shook her head silently communicating to a force that couldn’t hear her pleas. Chuckling, I leaned down and licked her nipples that were sensitive and begging to be freed from the clothes pins. Wetness covered my shaft and thighs, letting me know just how much she was enjoying herself. The grip of her legs was tight and steady so I let her go of her ass and removed both clothespins from her nipples. The silent screams persisted as her body succumbed to my will. Trembling, she fought to hold on to her sanity but her face contorted as the first release rushed at her and exploded.

She continued begging for mercy while I sought refuge inside her. I’d enjoyed her every reaction to my action. Before the sensations calmed I gripped her ass again waking yet another orgasm.

“Please no!”

I grunted falling under the spell of us. I was hyper aware of every move. Her needs were the air I breathed. I needed her just as much as she needed me. Only I could take her to these heights. She was my angel and she knew it. She was so close to drifting away that every move had to be planned, calculated if I wanted her to fly at just the right moment.

I kissed her and she leaned into it with her all. Her lips moved lazily as if she were drunk. The delayed response created a hunger from being teased. Pulling away from her mouth, I moved to her ear. I growled at how wonderful she felt and I knew how much she loved to hear about it.


“You feel fucking wonderful gripping my dick with your pussy.”

She whimpered. “Do I?”

“Yeah…” I grunted my affirmation. “So hot. I could be inside you forever.”

“Hmm… Please!”

“I can’t wait to come inside…” She interrupted.

“Sir, please! You fill me so much. I want you deeper… Harder…”

I couldn’t deny my favorite girl, right?

“Fuck yes!” I shouted. I was close and the thrust of my hips was wild, hurried. So close. “Fuck you’re so wet.”

“For you. You make me this needy. I’m yours!”

Trigger pulled. No going back. I came hard, shooting off like a rocket. I removed the clothespin from Angel’s clit just in time for her orgasm to set me off again. I held her tightly knowing that her roaring and continued howls were signs that she’d hit subspace again. I bucked and jerked until my explosion finished its torment.

Angel’s head tilted forward, spent and weak. Carefully, I withdrew from her body, struggling to right myself. The hum that clouded my senses felt like raw power and it was addictive. I managed to get Angel free and into bed where I crashed alongside her.


Morning came too soon. I was greeted with the smells of coffee and beef. Angel walked in the room with a tray and I sat up ready to devour her and the ingredients on that tray.

“What’s all this?” I asked.

“My Sir needs his energy too.”

I chuckled. “You’re too good to me.”

She smiled and kissed me. “Thank you for last night.”

I held her still deepening the kiss and taking what I wanted.

“Anything you want.” She muttered. Her eyes stayed closed as she savored the taste of us.

“Good to know.” I winked and took a bite of eggs and steak. Fantastic. “Go shower. When I get done there’s something else I want to eat.”

Angel whimpered, then stood. “Yes, Sir.”

I watched as she fled the room in the direction of the bathroom. I chuckled amused at my girl. Yeah, she was in for a treat when she came back. I knew it’d be a nice long one too because I was famished and it had nothing to do with the kind of hunger that this steak would cure.

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