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9.5.2016: Good, boy


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Good, boy

Spread across the bed, I watched him simmer along the lines of ecstasy. He tossed his head this way and that unable to move his hands and feet. Each was tied to the posts of the four corners of the bed. I couldn’t tell you how he did it. I couldn’t. When it was time to take my pleasure I did, selfishly. I guess that’s the difference in his role versus mine. I claimed pleasure as mine and he didn’t put up a fight.

His cock was so hard that it was almost purple. Swollen and waiting for the tiniest amount of friction to get off. Proof that I’d rode him until I’d gotten off glistened down his shaft. He’d never expected me to get up and leaving him that close to the edge. He didn’t have permission to come and his suffering was my long lost lover.

“Please, Mistress.” He begged.

“Hush, boy. Whining is for sissies. Did you want me to put something in your ass?”

“No!” He shouted his refusal but his nipples tightened. Something to toy with later.

“Too bad. Sissies are a lot of fun.” I lowered my head and breathed on his waiting member.

“Oh god, please!” His hips arched and I leaned upwards.

“That’s going to cost you.”

I walked to the foot of the bed and used a single fingernail down the center of his foot making his foot cramp. He knew better than to move. His body shook in shock, not knowing what to do. The pain registered in his groin and pre-cum pooled then leaked down the side of his pulsing manhood.

“Ma’am… I…”


“I want to please you. I’ll do anything.”

The red blindfold against his skin was erotic making me want to torture him forever just so I could watch him completely bound for me.


“Yes! Anything for you, Mistress.”

I tilted my hand so that when he arched his back his cock would slide along it. He was about to work for the orgasm that he wanted.

“You’ll fuck my hand but first, you’ll have to find it with your hips. You may come when it’s time.”

“Yes.” Relief was apparent in his voice. He needed this.

He arched his back and moved his hips until he made contact with my hand. His chest heaved as he bucked against it. I leaned down and blew between my fingers. His thrusts quickened and the frenzy took away his breath leaving him panting.

Cum released from him and I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, jerking him to completion. Once he was spent and softening, I cleaned my hand and sat down in the chair opposite the bed.

“I’ll give you time to recover, but after you have… we’ll get you ready again. I’m horny.”

He nodded his head vigorously. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, boy.”

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