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Savannah’s Bio:

I have traveled the world, fought against injustice, and brought evil to a grinding halt. I have made kings and destroyed empires. I have owned businesses, been a housewife and worked as an office assistant. I have written ingenious copy for PR campaigns and I have been an evil Senator. I have built towns, painted world renowned art, and photographed the world. I have found love in the most unlikely places and I have been betrayed. I have scratched and clawed my way out of dissolute situations and I have caused those I love pain. I can fly a plane and a helicopter. I can dismantle a bomb and find the cure of diseases. I can shift into any creature I wish and I am magical. I am a Warrior Goddess who will smite you down or send a faerie in to help you find true love. I am all of these things and more…in the fertile depths of my creativity.

In truth, I live in Central MS with my husband and two dogs and live a simple life, which I love. I have an adventurous spirit and thoroughly enjoy seeing new places while meeting new and interesting people.

Preview of Savannah’s words:




Men of My Dreams 2

Romance for the Senses

Dakota’s Autumn



Dreams – Short Video

Blackthorns/McKinnon Christmas 2014

The Truth About Leprechauns






Passion: A Sapphire Springs Series

Book 1

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Book 2

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Book 3

Amazon: Coming Soon!!!

Danger: A Deadly Flowers Story

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Adventure: Touch of the Irish Collection

Books 1-3

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