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Who is the Dark Lady really?

Greetings to All! I am Zorha Redwolf Edwards, AKA “The Dark Lady.” I am a Poet and a Multi-Genre Writer…I have 2 poetry books available on Amazon. I have long loved in a place of peace, That is when the Moon is full…I walk the path of Learn and tolerance. I am always open for intelligent and engaging Discussion on any topic. I have a Back Ground in Ancient Languages  and Belief systems. I have lived through A life killing disease and now write about my journey, my way!

Allow me to Welcome you to my Madness


Want a sample of her Poetic words?

Listen to the Dark Lady as she gives you even MORE!


The Key

Soulful Shadows

Book 1

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Book 2

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Book 3

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Book 4

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Book 5

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Book 6 (New Release)

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