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9.22.2016: Our Song


Our Song

I hung up the phone feeling more alone than I anticipated. Tomorrow was my big day. Well, technically the day was already present since the red numbers flashed 3:19 a.m. I stretched out on my bed and pulled the blanket up over my breasts. Every inch of my flesh tingled and She was the reason. I need relief, sexual relief. I needed her, all of her. We’d spent the past few months texting, talking, and sending pictures. Neither of us knew where this would lead but that didn’t persuade us that “this” was bad.

There was only one problem. Long nights of talking faded come morning. I walked around on a cloud of joy that I couldn’t explain to anyone because it sounded silly to lust over someone who lived so far away. What was the reason? I didn’t have one that created logic for any else. She was my bit of sunshine in the darkness.


“Wake up, wake up!”

I jumped, startled at the alarmingly loud voice echoing through my apartment. I blinked trying to figure out what in the hell was going on.

“Get. Up!”

Three of my crazy friends rushed into the room and I covered my very nude body just in time. What in the world?

“It’s time to get ready!” I looked at Erica and wondered why her loudness was necessary. We’d been BFF’s since were 8 years old but I never could get used to her boisterous tone.

“Ready for what?” I groaned.

“We’re taking you today before your party.” Alisa chimed in.

“Yeah, you need to be super sexy for tonight,” Isiah added.

I sighed. I was tired as shit but they weren’t going anywhere fast. I shooed them out with hand gestures. I’d planned this stupid party almost six months ago when I was happy about being single and having fun. Now I was in this… thing… and I had no idea what I was.

“Give me a second to get ready.” I wrapped the sheet tighter around me.

“You have 20 minutes.” Isiah threw over his shoulder.

“Yeah, yeah.”

I sighed but was thankful for the distraction. While sleep sounded amazing, I knew when I finally became alert loneliness would kick back in. Groans accompanied all of my movements as I made my way to the shower. Well, if you can’t beat them… get ready. Right?


Beautifully intoxicated, I walked through my party feeling good. Friends, family, and tons of eye candy was scattered all around the room. My favorite cake was on the tallest table in the room screaming out my age and the reason everyone was here celebrating. The DJ was playing all of the right songs keeping people on the dancefloor.

I picked up a plate piling on cheeseball and crackers. The explosion of green onions and ham on my palette was as good as steak and eggs at the moment. The music changed and I heard my song. Our song. The one that we listened to over and over, confessing secrets and stirring our souls while melding them. I’d promised that I’d enjoy today and not text or call until I was home safe. I sat my plate on the table to get a grip on my emotions.

Arms wrapped around my waist and I froze. “It’s me. I couldn’t miss your birthday party now, could I?”

I shrieked and turned in her arms. She kissed me and I wrapped my arms around her neck. Was she really here? I pulled away enough to see her face, gaping at the fact that I was really in her arms. I hugged her again and saw my three best friends standing there smiling and taking pictures. I don’t know how they knew but…

“How did… When did…?” I stuttered in bewilderment.

“I drove down today. That’s why I didn’t want you to call or text. I needed to make sure that I didn’t give it away.”

“But I never told you where I was having my party.”

She smiled. “You mentioned Erica, Alisa, and Isiah enough times that I could find them on your Facebook page easily. I messaged them and told them the plan.”

Shaking my head at how amazing she was, I kissed her again. Today had just gotten that much better.

By the end of the night, I was more than ready to head home. I needed some alone time with Her. My friends were nice enough to take care of the hall for me while I took advantage of the surprise I’d gotten. I led her to my bedroom not bothering to play shy. I knew she was leaving in two days and I needed to make the best of it.

She sat down on the bed while I strip teased for her to our song. She undressed casually but kept her eyes on me. When I was completely available for her to see, I sashayed over to sit on her lap. She leaned over and took my lips between hers, claiming them as hers. Even if just for the night.

Lost in the sensations, I never realized when she eased me to the bed. Her lips never left mine as she moved between my legs yet on top of my body. Her hands caressed and grabbed, taking hold yet soothing me. I pulled away finally needing air. Kisses were placed along the column of my neck sporadically and I gripped the sheets. She was teasing me and igniting a flame that I hope she could handle. Her mouth traveled down my body leaving no skin untouched.

Taut nipples ached for her mouth to return but I let her take the lead. She did. She controlled my body with a finesse that was indescribable. The way she used her lips to trail along my body between the stream of kisses made my toes curl. She wasn’t at the best paaaa…

I moaned when her mouth enveloped my throbbing clit. I sighed appreciatively. Her tongue lapped at my sensitive folds while I held on to the ride. The sound of our song continued to play. It must have been on repeat because it stopped and then started again. It helped to set the tone of the night. The mixture of her mouth and music was addictive. I’d always wondered what it’d feel like and she…

“No, no, no…” I pleaded.

An orgasm was quickly approaching but I didn’t want this to end.

“Don’t worry, it’s only the first of many.” How’d she know?

My legs quivered against her shoulders and my hips bucked against her mouth. Her arms gripped my thighs and she sucked my clit further into her mouth.

“What the…” I gasped trying to breathe normally but stumbled over words and rationality.

Fingers caressed the lips around her mouth before they inched inside of me. She moved her fingers while she punished my pussy with her tongue. Too much for me to deny, I succumbed to her demands. As the first orgasmed washed over me another was building simultaneously. My heart raced, thumped so hard I wondered if I would die this way. Having one of the best orgasms of my life couldn’t be murder, could it?

Fingers thrust wildly and deep. I whined, moaned, and groaned requiring even more of her attentions. She moved her mouth and kissed up my body as she finger fucked me. I wrapped my arms around her neck, pulling her close to me as my body was forcibly wrecked into submission. I rode her fingers while she drove them deeper and harder.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess!” I cried out at last.

My body wanted to relax but the spasms coursing through had a different plan.

Finally, I grew limp and sated. She kissed me careful not to disturb the satisfaction that I felt. She was amazing. This was that moment of awe.

She lay beside me caressing my damp skin. I’d been reduced to sounds of approval and she silently gloated. I couldn’t deny her that moment of gratification. She deserved it. I closed my eyes too weak to keep them open.

My pussy was wet and being stroked by the thickness that caressed my folds with sexual precision. I moaned wondering what was happening. I opened my eyes to see Her moving her hips against mine. I hummed wondering when this began. I’d been asleep when…

“You’re wet like you missed my touch.” She said.

I nodded knowing that even in my sleep I craved her. “Yes.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

Her hips moved faster. Her thrusts moved deeper. She was marking me. Destroying me. She lifted my legs around her waist and leaned over me. The look on her face was pure determination and purpose. She shivered on top of me and I knew she was close. I leaned closer and kissed across her chest.

“Yeah…” She whispered. She liked it and her pace faltered as she reveled in the sensations.

Trying to get her off fed my own drive for release. She held on to my shoulders as she pumped inside my sex faster. She was close and so was I. I came first and she followed soon after. She rocked in and out until her body eased. Fulfilled.

Slowly, she withdrew and discarded the strap-on. Lying beside me, we remained quiet. Nothing needed to be said. It was a wonderful feeling and as my mind quieted, I heard our song in the background continuing to play.

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