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2.9.2017: Cultivating




Eric’s arms draped around my waist and making me feel secure in his hold. Tonight had been perfect. The kind of celebration I’d always wanted. I was proud of my accomplishments and for the first time ever, I felt the joys of having someone else to cherish the moment with. The red satin tie that covered my eyes matched the dress that he’d picked out for me to wear tonight.

“If you’re a good girl I’ll show you just how proud of you I am.”

I gasped but my heart rate increased in response. I wanted everything that he could offer and more. His hands moved over my body caressing, holding, grasping, reaching, touching, feeling, and he awakened the skin in the trail he left behind. He cupped my breasts making them respond to his lust. My nipples hardened until they ached and I loved every second of it.

Tonight, I wanted to be taken to new heights and I was willing to let him work his magic on me. He was firmly pressed against my body from behind making it difficult to ignore how much he really wanted me. His thickness was nestled in just the right place. If I had the magic abilities to snap away our clothes now would be the time. I trusted him and I’d let him set the pace but it was the hardest thing to do right now.

He lowered the satin dress from my shoulders, one strap at a time. It pulled at my feet but I stood still waiting for him to give me any instructions. His hands stroked bare skin and it was heavenly. My soft skin, his rougher hands, and the chill in the room licking at my skin until it came alive with chills.

He pulled my hands behind my back and locked the leather restraints in place. I exhaled becoming lost in the confines. Nothing else mattered, just whatever happened in this moment. His lips nibbled along the side of my neck until he reached my ear. He nipped it then pulled it between his teeth. I leaned back into his embrace relaxing into him even more so.

“Very good, girl. I’m only beginning. Will you be able to last as long as I?”

I didn’t answer because I truly didn’t know. I was quickly falling under his spell and I needed to pace myself. He gripped the hair at the back of my head and tugged it tight. I moaned and hoped that my legs could handle this situation because my mind couldn’t.

I closed my eyes and let the power within me take over. The control was all his and I trusted what he would do with it. It was time to relinquish what I was to be who I am. I lowered to my knees and waited for his will to become mine.

“You have no idea…” He started but then cleared his throat.

I’d pleased him and that’s all that mattered.



Lily’s body draped forward. She hung from the ceiling completely unaware of her surroundings. I’d used her body to play music that only I heard. The leather flogger left red lashes along her back and ass marking her nicely but I wasn’t done. I needed her to take more.

I slid my fingers between her legs along the folds of her heat, not surprised by how much her cunt wept for attention. I’d licked her until she hurt. Finger fucked her until the spasms racked. Still, I wanted more.

The cane I’d picked would make me lose her altogether. There was no way that she could handle it without slipping into a space filled with comfort and endorphins.

“Ready, baby?”

Lily mumbled and I took it as a yes. Not that it mattered. Her delicious derriere stood out and at attention inviting me to continue having my way with her. I laced stripes over her ass, thighs, and shoulders. I was careful not to break the skin but I definitely marked her. Her cries echoed around the room and it only served to make my erection pulse… throb…

Tears raced from her eyes, just as fearful as Lily to displease me. She was perfect and more beautiful in this moment than ever before. Beads of sweat ran down the center of her back taunting me. Not wanting anyone else’s marks on her body, I licked them away leaving only remnants of me. She was mine and on this night, tonight, she’d feel it.

I walked around Lily to get a better view of her face. It was tear stained and her eyes were glazed over. She wasn’t here with me and that just wouldn’t do. I stripped out of my clothes and raised Lily high enough to wrap her legs around my waist. I slipped inside and I swore I saw stars. Her heat consumed me entirely. Her wetness helped to anchor me at just the right depth to make her feel me.

Her eyes widened and I knew I was regaining her attention. In… out… thrusts… pumping… clapping… slapping… taking… giving… controlling… pushing… pulling… manipulating… encouraging…

Lily gripped the chains and bucked against me. She was close and her body wasn’t able to fight the turbulence brewing. I moved faster as her fuel fed my fire. I gripped her hips and rode her hard. I held nothing back and my body moved of its own accord until I exploded inside of her. Time stood still and I panted and growled out my release. She was fucking magnificent and all mine.

After the earth was once again our playing field, I released her from the chains that hung from the ceiling and carried her to the bed. Not ready to let her go, I moved to the center of the bed and held her against me. Precious… She was vulnerable and I loved that she could be that way with me.

“Sir…” She mumbled.

Lily trembled in my arms and I pulled the blanket tight around us. She scooted closer and trying to take as much of my heat as she could. I kissed the top of her head and closed my eyes. This was perfect. Just like her.

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