5.19.2017: My Loving Muse

My Loving Muse

When I think of your eyes, I see the passion locked away until it’s ignited from your soul. 
Delectable lips reach for mine but I make you anticipate our union, a thrilling delight.
Your neck and your shoulders dare to be nibbled, kissed and caressed. 
Sweet skin inviting me to cherish you inch by inch.
Breasts full and ripe 

Perfect for my hands, sensitive to my touch
Your waist, hips and thighs entice even the strongest of wills
The division of your legs creates an opportunity of lustful sanctuary
Wetness, so hot and tempting, stirs me to indulge in your offering 
Your ankles and toes, are a sign of your strength. 

But they too deserve the ministrations of love 
As my body conquers your, one beat at a time, submit your heart and your love
Desperation of mixing our passion, searching for more
Your hands, my hair

Pulling as my mouth ignites your fire 
Rapid breathing, hearts racing 

Colliding thrusts, moaning pleasure 
Temperatures soaring, time stands still
In this moment nothing else matters, it’s just you and I
Basking in glory our bodies combust simultaneously
The sensuality of one woman, rocks me so deep to my core that no one else matters
And it all started with innocence, but I was wrapped in your spell
Not love at first sight, but still drawn to you indefinitely 
I leave you with a kiss so gentle and light, until the time comes to savor you once again.

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 © Jade Royal 2017. All rights reserved.

Published by Jade Royal

Hello, I'm Jade and I'm a closeted writer. I've been writing short stories and the likes since I was a young girl but kept all of those words for myself. I've been told a number of times that I write well and that I should publish. The thing is... you can't put yourself out there for that level of criticism unless you're ready. I had a small blog years ago but I failed to keep up with it because I wasn't as committed to my craft. Those days are long gone and here I am. It's take a while but I'm finally ready to make that leap. I'm working on my first series that will include multiple books of a BDSM series. I write Erotica, Romance, Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, and other forms of Fiction. I also love to write Shorts. They can be as short as a bio of a person that I've seen or imagined to as long as a few chapters. I take creative inspiration from everything around me but I never use the source directly. For instance, if I see a blue bird singing in a tree by the time that my mind has come up with a story it be a black cat purring the same tune. As for the fun stuff! I also read by the dozen, use my culinary skills to bake and cook, entertain a swarm of nieces, nephews, and any other adoptive children that I can. I love to host parties, entertain, and talk to my two dogs who happily keep my feet warm. I was born and raised in good old Cincinnati, OH but I love to travel and see new places. I have yet to travel outside of the US but I'm working on it. I don't have any biological children but you can't tell all my previously mentioned children that. Feel free to stick around to find out more about me because I'm sure there's a lot more. Welcome To My World...

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