6.5.2017: Next Time


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Next Time

“Let me see it.” She said.

I looked over at my husband wanting him to protest. I’d never been with any other person but him. That wasn’t a dreadful thing. He was a kinky prick that I was madly in love with. His friend was here to pick up her casserole dish but heard me moaning how good my cunt must taste for him from the doorway.

She was often at the play parties and watched us from time to time. I knew that she was a Domme. Her spiked heels were scary enough before I added in her studded paddle that she liked to use. Her demeanor contrasted with her sweet smile, an oxymoron.

“See what?” I asked her.

“This pussy that you keep moaning on and on about. Let’s see it.”

Sir, he smiled. He didn’t object. His lips still glistened with my juices and I was still horny. He was interrupted and had not finished when she’d walked in.

“Sir?” I asked the unspoken question hoping that he’d tell her to leave so that we could finish with my reward.

“Show her.”

I gasped. What would happen next? Would she tell me that my cunt didn’t taste good? Oh my god! Would she taste it? She’d have to or she wouldn’t know. I closed my legs tighter and a firm slap to my thighs set me in motion.

I opened my legs and my polka dot panties held on to only one thigh, baring everything to her perusal.

Her finger parted my folds and she examined it.

“There’s no way that this little thing could taste good.”

“It does!” I objected.

She took the tips of her fingers and spanked my cunt. I gasped again in shock. The sting spread causing me to throb lightly.

“She liked that.” Sir informed.

“Oh, did she?” She asked.

She spanked my cunt until it was tender and throbbing so hard that it pierced my ears. My chest rose and fell deeply. I looked at her lips wanting them to kiss and lick me better. My tongue darted out to wet my lips out of nervousness.

“Baby girl, bend over the chair.” Sir instructed.


Quickly, I got into position and waited. I heard his zipper as it was lowered. He tested my cunt to see if I was ready for him and I passed with flying colors. She leaned over me and spread my cheeks giving Sir easy access. He teased me, wetting him completely before penetrated me deeply.

My eyes widened. He’d never been this deep at this angle. The cool air licked at my exposed flesh and I moaned.

“I can see every inch as it goes in and out.” He moved slowly emphasizing exactly what he’d said. He was watching and that excited me.

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’re so wet.” He groaned.

“Yes, Sir.” I whined.

She spanked me until my butt was nice and tender just like my cunt. Then she spread me open again.

“God, your drenched.”

Shame washed over me and to make it worse, she circled my sphincter with her finger while he slid into me and then out. I lifted my head wanting more but not knowing how to ask for it.

“Cat got your tongue, little girl?” She asked.

I started to respond but then Sir began tickling my clit to awaken it. I buried my face into the chair muffling my moans. I trembled non-stop as the urge to cum overwhelmed the rest of my senses. I needed to feel it. I wanted the ultimate level of control to be ripped from me.

Sir pushed me to the edge continuously, repeatedly. He gave me just enough to get there and then he drew me back. She’d pulled my dress off and caressed my skin with tips of her fingernails. I was a ball of nerves ready to combust.

“Please!” I screamed.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Shh…” Sir quieted.

I suffered in silence and his movements intensified. He was enjoying my silent tears and I knew it. Fucking hell!

“Please. Sir.” I whispered.


She spanked me more and the vibrations were more than I could handle. I gripped the chair but I was sliding down the rabbit hole. Too far in to save me.

“Give in to me, baby.”

I heard Sir’s voice loud and clear through the beating drum of my orgasm.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!” I screamed.

“Uh!” Sir groaned. He continued fucking me through my release until he found his. I growled as he ejaculated into me.

She smoothed the hair around my face and kissed my cheeks.

“I guess your cunt really is good. Next time I’ll have to taste it.”

She stood and walked into the kitchen getting her dish before I heard the click of the door, marking her exit. Next time…

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