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6.18.2017: Daddy’s Day


Inspired by Masturbation Monday

Daddy’s Day

Daddy worked all day today and I knew that once he was home, he wouldn’t want to play. It’s Father’s Day and though it may seem twisted to some people, the only “father” I had was my Daddy. He took better care of me than any sperm donor ever could and I was determined to make today special for him.

I’d spent the week preparing for today. I cleaned on Monday, researched on Tuesday and arranged to have his lunch delivered to him, visited the toy store on Wednesday, straightened the house on Thursday, grocery shopped on Friday, shaved on Saturday, and prepped first thing this morning for dinner. He was supposed to get off at 4 pm which meant he’d actually leave at 5. He’d be home around 545pm. I placed the garlic bread into the oven at 540 and was taking them out when he entered our home.

I heard him coming down the hall toward me and I hurried to get the bread on the table before kneeling next to his seat. His pace slowed when he rounded the corner which meant that he didn’t expect to see the feast I’d created for him. It was enough food present for us to eat for a week but that wasn’t the point. It was some of his favorite foods and he deserved each one.

Daddy sat down his things and I twitched. Normally I greeted him at the door to take them from him. Once I had permission, I’d put them away. I didn’t like disorder and Daddy loved that about me. It would bother me until his things were put away.


He came over to the seat that I was kneeling next to and he sat down. That was my cue to serve him but when I tried to stand, he halted me with a single stroke against my shoulder. I exhaled hoping that he wasn’t displeased with me.

“What’s all this for?” He asked.

“It’s Daddy’s Day,” I responded before looking at him directly. “I get to spoil you tonight.”

“Is that why I got lunch from my favorite restaurant today?” Daddy inquired.

“Yes, Sir.”


For some reason, that sound of inquisition stirred every butterfly and rapid thought. Had I overstepped?

Daddy tapped the crease between my eyebrows and I knew my deep thinking was visible to him. I tried to relax but I couldn’t. The thought of displeasing him was too heavy a burden.

“What are you thinking?” He asked.

“I just… I don’t want to displease you.” I said honestly.

“You haven’t.”


“But you assumed that my consideration of your words was a negative reaction.”

I whined because he was correct and that meant that I was in trouble. He didn’t like when I belittled myself or any of my gestures toward him. “Daddy…”

He scooted back his chair and I crawled over his lap to hang off the other side until my hands were firmly on the floor. He didn’t need to say anything. I knew what I needed to do. My legs dangled on the other side but his firm hold over my hips kept me in place. He rolled up my fitted skirt to expose my ass and cunt to him.


“What time did I walk into the house today?” Daddy asked.

I whined. “5:51.”

“Five places. Fifty-one punishments.”

He hadn’t done anything to me yet and my eyes watered. Today was supposed to be about him and yet, I’d found a way to disappoint him.

“Yes, Sir.” I sniffed.

Daddy spanked me ten times across my ass in varying degrees. Number three, six, and ten hurt the most. I cried and pleaded my apologies to him.  He ignored my pleas and continued his mission.

He began stroking my clit. My mound was pressed against his thigh which made each stroke more intense. It throbbed in need while my ass burned in pain.

“Your pleasure coats my fingers so nicely.” He murmured more to himself than to me.

“For you…” I moaned out.

“Yes, for me…” His voice was deep and gravely. My Daddy was excited.

Daddy moved his fingers through my folds to penetrate my dripping cunt. I cried out loud, loving the feel of his fingers. He fucked me slow and deep moving his fingers in and out.


My body trembled as I neared my orgasm. Daddy withdrew his fingers and began spanking the back of my thighs. His fingertips would swat at my cunt creating a fire so strong that I began to crave each one. But when the tenth one came, I groaned needing just a little more.

His fingers penetrated me for a second and then I felt those fingers pushing into that tight pucker of my asshole. I gasped as he made his way inside. Ten torturous strokes drove me to the brink and I was gasping for more. I was so close. So. Fucking. Close.

Unless I’d miscounted, he was up to fifty and had one more to go. He switched hands, holding me down with the hand that he’d just fucked me with and then I felt his fingers of his clean hand making its way through my folds to my clit. With a firm hold, he began to add pressure from his squeezing fingers until I couldn’t breathe. It was tight and he held steady as my body fought the most overwhelming orgasm I’ve ever had. I was going to cum and I couldn’t voice that to him. My thoughts short-circuited and a strangled cry erupted. My body was seizing from his will and fucking loved it. A rush was taking me under and just as I was about to erupt his fingers moved leaving me on the brink.


I could taste the orgasm that was quickly descending. I wanted to chase it down and beg for mercy but only my tormentor had the power to oblige me.


“Serve me.” Daddy groaned.

I slid to my knees but my thoughts were swimming in quicksand and my limbs were sore from the shaking and holding on. Food… he wanted food…

Light but firm slaps to my face started to bring me back into the moment. I opened my eyes to look at Daddy but he was holding my head. What was I…?

Soft velvet skin touched my lips and I licked it.

“Aaah. Good girl.” Daddy growled.

The endearment sent my brain into motion and I licked again. Daddy pushed it into my mouth and this thickness filled me. Aaah… serve… him…

I licked him, wetting him before I sucked him deep into my mouth. Little by little. He used my long tresses of hair to push and pull my mouth back and forth. His growling grew louder and until it echoed throughout the room. Booming. Thunderous.

My own pleasure coated my thighs, weeping for a chance to please his demanding cock. I laced my hands behind my back surrendering fully to him. Consciousness of time and place evaded me as I gave in to him. The only thing that existed was his need and I was to fulfill it.

“Need… to… cum!” He roared.

He exited my mouth and he pulled me onto his lap. He pulled me down onto his hot rod and the spasms couldn’t be denied from either of us. I wrapped my arms around his neck holding on as he pumped upward inside me. I tried to ride him but my legs were weak and he was soooooooooo deep. I squeezed his shaft as he pumped and he gripped me tighter and impaled me harder. I was coming and it couldn’t be stopped. The first one ripped from me and I screamed but he only continued to fuck me. The next two came back to back and I could barely hang onto him as he fucked me so hard and fast.

“Fuck… yeah!” He roared.

He filled me with a release that seemed to never end. I gripped the back of his head, fisting hair and he shuddered into me. I rested my head against his chest as his movements slowed. We sat cuddled in the chair for what seemed like an eternity. I loved being wrapped in his arms this way.

“Are you going to feed Daddy or do I need to do it myself?” He asked.

I groaned. “Nobody feeds my Daddy, but me.”

“Then get to it. I’m famished. A tempting little girl took all of the energy I had.”

I rocked backward to scoot away, forgetting that he was still nestled inside, and the friction to my sensitive folds released a small orgasm. I gasped and Daddy chuckled.

“You need some more?” He asked.

Before I could respond he teased my clit lightly and I came again.

“Insatiable cunt.” He whispered into my ear. It excited me and his fingers began playing again. I came in waves. Over and over so many times that I lost track. I was slumped over onto his shoulder unable to fight as he pulled even the smallest of releases from me. I’d soaked us both and still, I responded to him. He continued whispering how needy my pussy was into my ear and each time I responded to the unspoken demand.

Daddy pulled his fingers away from my cunt and licked his sopping wet fingers. I kissed the sides of his lips until he was finished. He kissed me thoroughly and I rode his reawakening cock. He spanked my ass in encouragement and I rode him until he quaked inside me, releasing once again. I kissed over his neck until his breathing returned to normal.

I stood on shaky legs and headed to the bathroom to pee and clean. I brought back a washcloth and boxer shorts for Daddy. His work pants were soiled with our lust and it made me smile as he sat there spent and eating cold ribs. I got on my knees and removed his pants, cleaned him, and put on his boxers with very little help from him. He was busy eating cold food that he moaned at as he ate.  I grabbed my plate and filled it with food for him and warmed it in the microwave while the bread went back into the oven. Placing it in front of him, I took the plate that he’d put his bones on and cleared it before fixing my own food.

“You’re so good to me.” He said after swallowing a mouth full of food.

“Why? Is it the ribs, mac and cheese, and cream spinach?”

He shook his head while chewing. “Nope.”

“The barbecue chicken, mash potatoes, or squash?”

“Mmm… nope.”

“Sweet potatoes?”

“Getting closer.” He said while smiling.


“No. It’s sweet like the potatoes though.” He looked toward my pussy and I blushed. “This is a lot of food.”

“I know. I didn’t expect you to eat it all today.” I admitted.

“I can’t wait to eat some of that cherry pie.” He licked his fingers and I blushed knowing that he hadn’t washed them.

“There’s vanilla ice cream for it.”

Daddy groaned. “You do love me.”

I laughed. “And that’s the thing that said it?”

“Yes.” His face was serious and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Happy Daddy’s Day.”

He leaned over and kissed my forehead. “Thank you, baby girl. You’re one of a kind.”

I beamed brightly. Anything for my Daddy.

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  2. I wish I could have done something similar for John Brownstone this year! And I loooooove that he feasted on you before eating all that amazing food. 🙂

    1. I figured you’d enjoy this one since it’s a Dd/bg one. A lot of my bg followers were all over it. Glad to switch things up for you ladies.

  3. Wow, that was absolutely Amazing!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed!

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