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4.24.2018: It’s Broken

Inspired by Masturbation Monday

It’s Broken

It wasn’t wet. No matter what I did to it, it wouldn’t get wet. I’d been trying to masturbate for over an hour and I just couldn’t get in the mood. I wanted to, needed to, but for some damn reason, my head and body couldn’t get on the same page. The release I felt after an orgasm put everything back into focus. It set my mind on the right course to get things done. Newfound energy.

My body, on the other hand, always needed time to recover. Almost as if the release gave it the right combination to shut down and finally relax. Right now, I couldn’t get them to cooperate to get either one of them off.


I closed the porn app and decided to try meditation to focus my energy. It worked. And I focused myself right to sleep.


“Want to tell me what you’ve been up to?”

I heard his voice and jumped awake. Shit! How long had I been asleep?


“Looks like you’ve been a busy girl.”

I sighed. “Not exactly.” I stretched my limbs and then relaxed again. “I tried to masturbate but I guess I wasn’t in the mood.”

“Oh yeah? Why do you say that?”

I groaned, knowing I couldn’t keep it a secret. “I couldn’t get wet. I think it’s broken.”

“I doubt it.” He chuckled.

“Sir, it’s not funny!”

“Tell you what. Let me check to see. If it is, we’ll go to the doctor together.”

“Look…” I spread my legs for him to inspect.

“Yeah, it’s far from wet.”

I watched as he took off his shirt and the muscles in his shoulders flexed.

“Before we assume the worse, I think she should be punished first for not being up to the job.”

“Punished…” I gripped the sheets, hoping he wasn’t serious. “I don’t think we need to punish her.”

“I do.” He leaned down between my legs and placed gentle kisses randomly around my pussy. Not once did he go near my clit. “And what I think is all that matters.”

I hissed, something in his statement made me come alive inside. I wasn’t fully aroused, but I was definitely curious.

He caressed my thighs as he kissed but it was less sexual and more soothing. I ran my fingertips through his hair just to feel the soft curls on my fingertips. He spread my legs wider and then did the same to my nether lips. The cool breeze from his lips made me gasp as my clit hardened in response. That didn’t happen earlier.

“How’d you do that?” I squeaked.

“Easy. You’re under my control. Your body responds to me.”


A firm slap to my clit short-circuited all my thoughts. I opened my mouth to speak and a quick succession of perfectly aimed hard swats prevented whatever was about to be said from exiting my mouth. I groaned, and my body shivered, trying to shake off the stinging blows. But he wasn’t done yet. I lost track of the number of times he hurt me. He didn’t hold back at all and the most horrifying thing happened. I was more than a little wet. Drenched, even. I wasn’t talking about the streaming tears from my eyes but the extreme arousal that seemed to be lubricating everything. His hand, my pussy, the sheets, and even spreading to my thighs.

Finally, he stopped. My head was heavy, and I was confused. I was grateful that he’d stopped. The pain was no more but it left a stinging bite that made everything throb insistently. I needed that to stop because it was making me mad with desire. It literally hurt not to have gratification. More…

“Pleeeeease!” I begged between sobs. “Don’t leave me like this.”

“Who said I was leaving?” He stood up and removed his clothes. “It’s Monday, right?”

“Yeeeees…” I sniffed, “but I can’t… I…”

“My control. Mine.”

I whined because it was it was true. He’d controlled me from the moment that he laid his first finger on my skin. I was a dripping mess because of him. I hadn’t been able to come close.


He settled between my thighs and kissed me thoroughly. I clung to him as if he were my true salvation. His mouth abused mine with his thorough kisses and sweeping tongue. He lowered his hips to mine and I felt the tip of his thickness as it penetrated the crease of my pussy. It stroked over every single sensitive area until he teased my clit. Breaking the kiss, he lowered his hand to grip his erection and he began teasing me even more. Clit and then almost inside. Back and forth. Long strokes. Slow. Persistent. All-knowing. Fucking torturous and downright amazing.

I gasped for air while pulling at my own hair. I was going crazy and he was the reason. I begged for him to take me. Cried for him to fuck me. He watched me become a complete wreck and the corners of his eyes crinkled in amusement. Sick fuck that he was, he was really getting off on seeing me at such a low level in my desperation. His enjoyment was my damn kryptonite. I would sink even lower for his pleasure and he knew it. He would become even more sadistic for mine, and I knew it.

He took my mouth again while he entered me. I moaned loudly as he slid in and out of me just as slowly as the rest of his torment. I scratched at his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his hips as he continued the most delicious tease. I was close, god damn, I was close. He slid out of me and went back to teasing my bruised pussy.

“Nooo!” I shouted.

He gripped a hand full of hair and held my head still while he used his free hand to spank my pussy thoroughly. His eyes held mine captive, but the tears still poured from them.

“Pleeeeease…” I begged.

He took my mouth again, shutting me up while he went back to his teasing game. He removed his hand from my hair and teased my nipples until they ached too. That’s when his slow teasing turned relentless. He focused on moving the head of his shaft back and forth along my clit quickly.

The slow build had only made the oncoming orgasm even more intense. I grabbed at everything. Him. The pillows. The sheets. My hair. The headboard. But nothing anchored me. I was flying blindly and the rush was amazing.


“Come for me!” He grunted.

I was free falling for what seemed an eternity. And then I plummeted to into oblivion as I shattered. He growled near my head how good I felt and how good I’d been for him before he came too.

I tingled all over and it was the best damn feeling. My mind was exhausted and so was my body. He’d been the missing piece to link them together. Exactly what I needed.

“I’m no longer dry,” I teased.

His sticky semen was also all over my pussy.

He chuckled in my ear but didn’t move. He held me, careful not to rest completely on me. I slid my hands into his curls again and he nibbled my neck. This was the peace I craved.

“Good girl.”

“I can’t believe you masturbated with my body,” I murmured.

“It’s Monday,” he mumbled.

He was falling asleep and pulling me along with him. I smiled at his Monday antics and made a note to do this again next week.



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5 thoughts on “4.24.2018: It’s Broken

  1. I’ve had similar moments when I think I’m broken and he proves me wrong. I love that. This story is hot!

    1. thank you very much

  2. Doesn’t seem quite so broken to me, lol.

  3. Sometimes you just need a different approach to get the juices flowing. Sexy story!

    Rebel xox

    1. thank you

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