A Battle of Legacies Series

The six children of the king and queen have to save the fate of the royal grounds. Every wolf in their pack depends on them. Their mother, the queen, believes that they are the prophecy. There is only one way to find out. They have been separated at birth, sent around the world, and are expected to unite with one another as well as their mates to save everything. Will they be able to handle the pressure? Or will the wolfdom fall into the hands of the traitors who cursed the lands?

For Love, Not War, Book 1

For Love

Half-bonded as pups, Teagan and Tristan were separated when her parents were murdered in cold blood. Drawn to reconnect, they search for each other until destiny intervenes. With the need to mate ever-present, unforeseen obstacles throw a wrench in their plans. Fighting heat, instinct, and love were not their only battles. But will they prevail?

Or War
A curse was placed on his parents and their kingdom. Something evil tortures them, and the only hope is that one day Tristan will save them. He needs the help of his new pack and a mate to be victorious. Will he fulfill the prophecy that will save his home and overcome the odds, or will his parents endure a lifetime of pain?

Teagan wants love. Tristan wants revenge. Is it possible to have both? Or will it all crumble before it begins?