3.10.2016: Mine



One of my favorite fantasies is the one that I’ve never shared. Well, never shared in detail. You are bent over the leather padded table. Wrists cuffed in front of you, straight ahead with very little give. Your hair is in a tight ponytail, draped over your shoulder and out of the way. Your shoulders are bare inviting me to bite along them. All of your sexy, feminine curves are hidden down to your waist with a black satin corset. They are for me alone and I chose not to share. But your hips, they always invite me to caress your ass, hips, and thighs before I tease your folds, so I left them available. Legs bare down to those damn fuck-me pumps, black, silver, and slutty. Your legs are cuffed to the table, spread wide, and unable to close them. You have no idea what’s in store for you. It’s why you’re trembling with lust. The reason you’re slick with need. You’re helpless and you love it. I decided last minute to torture you even more by blind folding you but that won’t last for long. I want you aware of everything that would happen. I want you terrified with anticipation.

I look at the time and smile. Game Time. I open the door and a group of three walk into the room. They are all dressed in black pants, black shirts, and black masks. They stand in front of you and I spank your ass.

“Ready for me?”

“Yes.” You say.

I take off the blindfold and you squint. When your vision focuses you gasp.

“You’ll please them as you would me.” I kiss your mouth thoroughly and as you kiss me you feel someone behind you sucking your clit. You moan into the kiss and I back away. “Be a good girl.”

Number One is tasting you. Savoring you rightfully. His tongue is mine and I can hear him lapping at you. I know how sweet you taste and for a second, I envy him. You’ve always been a slut for a good tongue lashing so I can guess how creamy you’ve gotten. He has an oral fixation and I’ve purposely used him to pull you into the scene quickly. Your legs begin to tremble and your quiet moans have become loud, unleashed cries that grow the longer that he teases you.


“May I?” You beg.

“No.” I reply.

Number Two takes the hint, walks over, and kisses your shoulders while Number Three unzips their pants. A jet black dong brushes your lips and you open wide. You suck her eagerly trying to shift your focus. Number Two bites your shoulder and you moan loudly around Number Three. Number One is inching his hard shaft inside of your dripping cunt and you love every second of it. For an instant, I see the shame wash over you tensing your body.

As you’re fucked, I walk over and spank your ass bringing you back into the moment. “Mine.”

You moan and along with One and Three. I crawl under the table and pause for a second. Under here I see your thighs as they tremble fighting the building need. Your juices are running down your legs showing me how much you appreciate it all. I reach up and began to stroke your clit. My clit.

“Fuck! Please…”

I continue teasing you, ignoring your pleas. Not too fast, not too slow. I see the three of them shift. One is inside of your mouth, Two inside your begging cunt, and Three is standing to the right of Two. I hear leather straps as they strike your flesh. I smile knowing that you’ll be begging soon. You count each lashing as they meet your skin pausing between the licks of the cock in your mouth.

The room is loud of moaning, groaning, whipped ass, and smells of sex. I’m pulled into the intoxicating pull that you’ve created. You’re taking it all and giving even more back.

“Please…. please… please… please… please… please…” The begging is hurried and I know that you’re barely hanging on. Do I make you suffer or reward you for your submission?

“Cum, girl.” I say.

Screaming cries echo across the room and Three fucks you faster. You buck against my fingers holding nothing back.

“God, yes!” I tickle your clit with my finger tips and you spiral into another orgasm.

Three moves as Two takes her place. He enters you and fucks you slowly building you up again. You love every inch as he slides in and out of you. Your body begs for it. Three stands to the left and I hear the crop as it is rained down over your thigh.

“Yes, it feels so good!” You moan before your mouth is filled.

Coming from underneath, I stand near your face watching you get used thoroughly. Your body is drenched in sweat and arousal. It stirs a deep need to claim you in front of these three. I bite the space between your neck and shoulder and you scream as you cum again.

“Yours!” You scream.

“Good girl.”

The panting, groaning, fucking and cries of pleasure are difficult to ignore. There’s no way that anybody in this room could be unaffected. You were the highlight of the show. You gave yourself fully to the experience and I was proud of my girl.

I walked behind you and Three and Two moved away. I unzipped my pants, stroking my already hard dick. “Ready girl?”


I slid inside of you deliciously slow. Each inch forced a new level of submission into you. You tightened your muscles around me and once I was seated deep inside of you, I paused. You shivered so badly that your shoes tapped the floor. Perfect.

I began moving inside you and the dirty slut in you surfaced. Just how I liked it.

“So big.” You said between gasps for air.


“So good.” You cried.

“You’ll take it.” I replied.






“God, Yes!”

“My slut!” My breathing grew labored as you pulled me further under your spell.

“Don’t stop fucking me, please…”

I gripped your ass and spread it as I bottomed out inside you.

“So big.” You whispered.

“Take it!” I fucked you faster and deeper.


Clapping sounded as I continued using my girl for your sexy body. You begged, pleaded and cried as I denied you over and over. Your body became limp as I forced it into submission. When you turned your head, the tears were pouring and your eyes were unfocused.. It registered in my groin and my movements stiffened. I pistoled into you coming with each stroke.

“Cum!” I shouted.

Like a bitch in heat, you bucked and fucked finding release. You were even more beautiful when you roared.

“That’s my good girl.”I kissed your back and shoulders while I massaged heat into your muscles.

You whined as you started to come down from your high. I withdrew from you and kissed over your ass and thighs.

“So beautiful. So sexy.”

You moaned your agreement and I untied you. When I looked up, all three of my accomplices were gone. I nodded to myself that I’d picked the right three. They’d been discreet in their comings and goings. When you were free and I moved you to the bed, you cuddled in my arms holding on to me tightly.

“Thank you, baby.” You whispered.

“You’re welcome, girl.” I kissed all over your face saving your lips for last. “Mine.”

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3.3.2016: Good Girl


Good Girl

Sometimes, the best fantasy is simply to relive the moments that have already happened. That’s why I’m laying here in bed, with nothing but thoughts of you. Whispering all the dirty things you want to do to me, makes my nipples harden craving your touch. Like a chain reaction, my passage becomes slick with liquid heat preparing me for you again.

Lazily, I stroke my nipples stimulating them until they tighten in need. Your mouth, I need it to pull, suck, tease, and lick me into submission.  My breathing intensifies. I close my eyes trying to get a grip, and I do: of my nipples pinching and pulling as I grind my hips into the mattress beneath me.

My free hand travels between my legs caressing my thighs. I tremble loving the feather light touches.

“More.” My fantasized image of you demands.


Instantly, my fingers delve into the folds that have desired you most. My fingers awaken the nerves in every part of my pussy slowly. Touching, pulling, stroking, tapping, and even pinching. Writhing, I avoid penetration and continue to massage my lips; inner and outer. My nipples are sore with lust and I’m crazed with need. My soaked sex is only a mild invitation in comparison to the full body ache you can arouse when you’re near. I slide my fingers downwards to penetrate, ready to feel you.

“Not yet, baby girl.”

I whine needing you more when denied. I stroke my clit and grind my hips into my hand feeling electrified at once. Slowly my hips increase in speed and intensity as I try to buck my way to completion. My whines turn into moans. Moans into groans. Groans into begging. I need you; I couldn’t deny anything you’d want to do to me.

“Please… please…” I beg. The hand that once teased my nipple is now in my hair. Pulling and tugging which helps me to arch my back meeting the cool air that strokes my sweat covered skin.


The single word hits home and drives the bit of decency from my mind and body. I spread my legs, driving two fingers deep inside of me. Thrusts, twists, turning, and stroking drives me wilder as I ride the growing wave.

“Good girl. Faster.”

“Yes!” I scream as I follow your commands. Deeper, faster, and harder. The tingling starts at the tip of my toes and the roots of my hair moving toward the center of me. I feel every cell awakening within me driving me closer and closer to the brink. “Yours!”

“Good girl. Use your body for me.”

Moans echo throughout the room as I shudder, vibrate, and yet still quiver for more. Tears wet the corners of my eyes. Pleasing you means so much. Hearing your praise is the ultimate reward. I feel your fingers stroke my clit in time to my hips thrusting. Though imagined, it’s the perfect addition to my fantasy.

“Please! Please!” I beg knowing I am seconds from completion. I need your command. All of this represents how much I thirst for you.

“Come for me.”

White light explodes behind my lids as I release the pent up energy. The edges of my vision fade out and the only thing I feel is pure passion overwhelming all of my senses. Faintly, I feel you penetrate me. Taking me again. I’m powerless to stop you but I welcome the dominance over my spent body. Your hips meet mine and I struggle to open my eyes. Fire builds in my groin letting me know I’m not quite done with satisfaction. Quickly, I’m tipped over the orgasmic scale and sliding down the whirling hole of lust into ecstasy. Weak and unable to fight, blackness takes over.

“Baby girl…”

I roll into the direction of your voice but keep my eyes closed. They’re still heavy. I feel warmth surround me and I snuggle in. Delicious. I feel a kiss at my temples.

“Baby girl.” This time, your voice is sterner. Instinctively, I open my eyes and stare into yours.

“Good girl.”

I look down to see you undressed and wrapped around me. I snuggle closer. “When’d you get home?”

“You don’t remember?”

I frowned. “No.”

“Your clit seemed to know exactly when I made it home.”

My eyes widened in shock. Fantasizing is good but nothing beats the real thing. You kiss me and I snuggle in even closer, smiling, knowing I satisfied you. After all, I am your good girl.

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© 2016. Jade Royal. All Rights Reserved.