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4.24.2018: It’s Broken

Inspired by Masturbation Monday

It’s Broken

It wasn’t wet. No matter what I did to it, it wouldn’t get wet. I’d been trying to masturbate for over an hour and I just couldn’t get in the mood. I wanted to, needed to, but for some damn reason, my head and body couldn’t get on the same page. The release I felt after an orgasm put everything back into focus. It set my mind on the right course to get things done. Newfound energy.

My body, on the other hand, always needed time to recover. Almost as if the release gave it the right combination to shut down and finally relax. Right now, I couldn’t get them to cooperate to get either one of them off.


I closed the porn app and decided to try meditation to focus my energy. It worked. And I focused myself right to sleep.


“Want to tell me what you’ve been up to?”

I heard his voice and jumped awake. Shit! How long had I been asleep?


“Looks like you’ve been a busy girl.”

I sighed. “Not exactly.” I stretched my limbs and then relaxed again. “I tried to masturbate but I guess I wasn’t in the mood.”

“Oh yeah? Why do you say that?”

I groaned, knowing I couldn’t keep it a secret. “I couldn’t get wet. I think it’s broken.”

“I doubt it.” He chuckled.

“Sir, it’s not funny!”

“Tell you what. Let me check to see. If it is, we’ll go to the doctor together.”

“Look…” I spread my legs for him to inspect.

“Yeah, it’s far from wet.”

I watched as he took off his shirt and the muscles in his shoulders flexed.

“Before we assume the worse, I think she should be punished first for not being up to the job.”

“Punished…” I gripped the sheets, hoping he wasn’t serious. “I don’t think we need to punish her.”

“I do.” He leaned down between my legs and placed gentle kisses randomly around my pussy. Not once did he go near my clit. “And what I think is all that matters.”

I hissed, something in his statement made me come alive inside. I wasn’t fully aroused, but I was definitely curious.

He caressed my thighs as he kissed but it was less sexual and more soothing. I ran my fingertips through his hair just to feel the soft curls on my fingertips. He spread my legs wider and then did the same to my nether lips. The cool breeze from his lips made me gasp as my clit hardened in response. That didn’t happen earlier.

“How’d you do that?” I squeaked.

“Easy. You’re under my control. Your body responds to me.”


A firm slap to my clit short-circuited all my thoughts. I opened my mouth to speak and a quick succession of perfectly aimed hard swats prevented whatever was about to be said from exiting my mouth. I groaned, and my body shivered, trying to shake off the stinging blows. But he wasn’t done yet. I lost track of the number of times he hurt me. He didn’t hold back at all and the most horrifying thing happened. I was more than a little wet. Drenched, even. I wasn’t talking about the streaming tears from my eyes but the extreme arousal that seemed to be lubricating everything. His hand, my pussy, the sheets, and even spreading to my thighs.

Finally, he stopped. My head was heavy, and I was confused. I was grateful that he’d stopped. The pain was no more but it left a stinging bite that made everything throb insistently. I needed that to stop because it was making me mad with desire. It literally hurt not to have gratification. More…

“Pleeeeease!” I begged between sobs. “Don’t leave me like this.”

“Who said I was leaving?” He stood up and removed his clothes. “It’s Monday, right?”

“Yeeeees…” I sniffed, “but I can’t… I…”

“My control. Mine.”

I whined because it was it was true. He’d controlled me from the moment that he laid his first finger on my skin. I was a dripping mess because of him. I hadn’t been able to come close.


He settled between my thighs and kissed me thoroughly. I clung to him as if he were my true salvation. His mouth abused mine with his thorough kisses and sweeping tongue. He lowered his hips to mine and I felt the tip of his thickness as it penetrated the crease of my pussy. It stroked over every single sensitive area until he teased my clit. Breaking the kiss, he lowered his hand to grip his erection and he began teasing me even more. Clit and then almost inside. Back and forth. Long strokes. Slow. Persistent. All-knowing. Fucking torturous and downright amazing.

I gasped for air while pulling at my own hair. I was going crazy and he was the reason. I begged for him to take me. Cried for him to fuck me. He watched me become a complete wreck and the corners of his eyes crinkled in amusement. Sick fuck that he was, he was really getting off on seeing me at such a low level in my desperation. His enjoyment was my damn kryptonite. I would sink even lower for his pleasure and he knew it. He would become even more sadistic for mine, and I knew it.

He took my mouth again while he entered me. I moaned loudly as he slid in and out of me just as slowly as the rest of his torment. I scratched at his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his hips as he continued the most delicious tease. I was close, god damn, I was close. He slid out of me and went back to teasing my bruised pussy.

“Nooo!” I shouted.

He gripped a hand full of hair and held my head still while he used his free hand to spank my pussy thoroughly. His eyes held mine captive, but the tears still poured from them.

“Pleeeeease…” I begged.

He took my mouth again, shutting me up while he went back to his teasing game. He removed his hand from my hair and teased my nipples until they ached too. That’s when his slow teasing turned relentless. He focused on moving the head of his shaft back and forth along my clit quickly.

The slow build had only made the oncoming orgasm even more intense. I grabbed at everything. Him. The pillows. The sheets. My hair. The headboard. But nothing anchored me. I was flying blindly and the rush was amazing.


“Come for me!” He grunted.

I was free falling for what seemed an eternity. And then I plummeted to into oblivion as I shattered. He growled near my head how good I felt and how good I’d been for him before he came too.

I tingled all over and it was the best damn feeling. My mind was exhausted and so was my body. He’d been the missing piece to link them together. Exactly what I needed.

“I’m no longer dry,” I teased.

His sticky semen was also all over my pussy.

He chuckled in my ear but didn’t move. He held me, careful not to rest completely on me. I slid my hands into his curls again and he nibbled my neck. This was the peace I craved.

“Good girl.”

“I can’t believe you masturbated with my body,” I murmured.

“It’s Monday,” he mumbled.

He was falling asleep and pulling me along with him. I smiled at his Monday antics and made a note to do this again next week.



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4.9.2018: Just For Them



Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Just For Them


They told me to get to know my body and to value it just as much as they did. A lot of people probably thought that I was crazy being the submissive to a dominant couple. I called them Alpha and Sir. Alpha didn’t like to be called Ma’am because she wasn’t old. I had no issues finding a substitution. And no, it didn’t mean that she was more dominant than he. They were equally torturous but different and I loved it. Back to my body…

I’d sent lots of photos to them over the course of the day. I knew that anything I sent to Alpha, she’d show her kinky friends at the club. The ones that I sent Sir would be kept for his personal use. He liked to masturbate to images of me before I got home. He’d leave evidence on my face cloth which he left on the sink for me to find. He said that using something that smelled like me to clean his cock was symbolic of my purpose. I thought it was endearing, Alpha thought it was gross. I never used the cloth, but it did make me do more laundry than normal.


The picture that I sent to him today, I covered everything naughty but showed my insecurities. I decided to send it because for the first time, I thought I was beautiful. It wasn’t about sex or what they wanted to see. This one was about me feeling good about me. I didn’t get a response all day about it and my insecurities started to whisper. I came home hoping that they weren’t disappointed. None of my naughty bits showed and maybe they weren’t as into it.

It was quiet when I hung up my coat and headed to find them. I wasn’t permitted to speak until they spoke to me, so I couldn’t call out. I heard the faint sounds of jazz as I neared the stairwell. I advanced hoping that I wasn’t intruding. I lived here too but sometimes they needed their alone time too.

I long moan came from Alpha’s mouth that made me quicken my step. She sounded as if she was in a good place and whatever was being done, she loved it. I walked in to find Sir with her long dark hair wrapped around his fist as he long stroked her. She purred and closed her eyes letting him make love to her. His cock shined with evidence of her joy and he never let up.

“Beautiful girl, come suck on my nipples while he fucks me.” Alpha said.

“How’d you know I was here?”

“I could smell your lemon perfume from a mile away.”

I took off my boots and striped as I walked toward them. I laid on my back and scooted beneath her. I went to far and ended up at her belly. I kissed my way to her nipples where I sucked on them firmly.

“Aaahaaa… Mmm…”

Being used this way was my favorite. My job was to enhance the sex they were already having. I got to take things to the next level. I ran my hand down her body and slowly stroked Alpha’s clit while still sucking.


Alpha spread my legs apart and spanked my pussy. I’d touched her without permission, but it was well worth it. I spread her lips and Sir drove into her pussy deeper. More spankings for me as she moaned in delight. I stroked the underside of his shaft as he withdrew and deposited his length.

“Fuck!” He swore.

More spankings.

Carefully, I massaged his balls and caressed underneath them. His movements increased, and Alpha cried out louder.

More spankings.

I was beyond aroused, and I knew if I wasn’t careful, I’d be on edge sooner than later.

“Play with your nipples, dirty girl.” Sir instructed.

I did, and he never told me to stop. They were sensitive and the more that I rolled, pinched, and pulled them, the more that I ground my hips into the bed. I needed more. I need them…

Alpha began spanking my pussy and my entire body spasmed so hard that I thought I was going to cum. I never removed my mouth from her nipples or my hands from mine.

“I’m going to cum…” Alpha moaned out.

“Girl… remove your mouth from her nipples.” Sir demanded.

I did, and Alpha spanked me again, punishing me for his demands. She finger fucked me hard, sound caught in my throat. I was so close, and I couldn’t even get out the words to ask for permission. My stomach rippled as I tried to hold back the orgasm I wasn’t allowed to have. Tears streamed down my face and yet I continued to play with my tender nipples. Telling your body not to do something while you provoked it to do exactly that was the greatest torture. My eyes rolled back as I bucked into her hand begging for more.

“Stop!” Sir demanded.

Alpha spanked my thighs and finally I could breathe. I was soaked and half a second away from an orgasm. I trembled and shook as the edges of my mind tingled in anticipation.

“Tease Alpha, girl.”

I kissed over her body again and reached up with one hand to tease her clit. I made sure to apply just enough pressure to make her lose focus. Easily, she came but she wasn’t done. She rode him faster while I continued stroking her utterly wet pussy.

“Fuck you feel good. Grip me just like that… Get her off again, girl.”

I did exactly that and as she came I stroked Sir’s rock hard cock. It didn’t take long before he was emptying his seed inside her. I slid from under Alpha just in time for her to collapse. I caressed her body as I crawled back to Sir’s messy cock.

“Permission to clean you?” I begged.

“Her first.”

“Too… sensitive…” Alpha murmured.

“Come here…” He grabbed my hair and lead me to the top of the bed where he laid down.

On my knees I cleaned him, but he only grew hard again. It took a minute but when he was fully erect, he fucked my mouth making me gag for him. He loved that he could do that and wasted no time being nice about it. My mouth was for his taking and I relaxed into his control.

That was Alpha’s cue. She pulled my ass back and spread my legs so that she could slide her dick inside me. Hands gripped behind my back, I was powerless to do anything but take what they gave. I can’t tell you when my body began responding on auto pilot, but I do know that it was the exact time that I spaced out. They used me long and hard. I lost track of the orgasms. Lost track of the number of times that they pushed my boundaries. Pleasure burned into something so intense that it was uncomprehensive. That’s when I drifted away into nothingness.

“Beautiful…” Alpha’s voice was soft and soothing. I moved toward it and was rewarded with warm caresses to my face.

Warm kisses were placed along my neck along with the scruffiness from Sir’s goatee. I moved toward it and groaned at the loss of the caresses to my face.

“Pleaseeee, more…” I begged with my eyes closed.

The caresses were back, and Sir’s body moved closer to mine from behind. He never stopped kissing me and his arms were wrapped tightly.

“Spoiled girl…” Alpha’s lips caressed mine before she kissed me so softly that I thought I’d imagined it.

“Yours…” I whispered.

This time she took my mouth as her captive and marked it with her tongue.

My head was still swimming but sensations were starting to come back. I was full. Alpha was buried inside my pussy and Sir in my…

I gasped when they began moving in and out of me. What…

“Spoiled girl…” Alpha whispered against my lips.

“Dirty fucking spoiled girl…” Sir whispered into my ear.

Too much… I gasped for air trying to explain that I wasn’t. And if I was… it was by them… I tried to give what I took but…

“Do you know how sexy you are?” Sir asked in my ear.

“No, Sir.”

“That picture you sent me today… I’ve been so hard thinking about how beautiful you were.”

I whined, happy that I’d pleased him.

“I kept it for myself. Nobody gets to see how beautiful my girl is. My secret.” Alpha said as she nibbled my lips.

To much… The emotions twisted the pleasure into something so powerful that it over turned reason and I came hard.

“Good good, girl.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I cried. “Thank you, Alpha.”

They kissed all over me allowing me to fall apart right there in their arms. Their approval was the greatest gift. The reward I needed and sought.

“My Alpha and Sir.” I stated.

“Yours.” They said together.

And didn’t that feel damned good.


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9.4.2017: Best Monday Ever


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Best Monday Ever

My fresh scent perfumed the room, a budding flower. Before my frisky behavior began, I’d taken a shower and I’d need another after I was finished. My damp hair was cool against my shoulders but molded to parts of my face as I tossed about in throes of passion.


My nipples were peaked, hard, and ready to be sucked. My skin was feverish, soft, and needed to be touched. My mouth was open, gasping, and desperate. My fingers were soft, nimble, and teasing. My pussy was wet, throbbing, and ready to be fucked. My legs shivered, spasmed, and shook. I was there. So close and in the moment.

I arched my back, tilting my pelvis into the perfect position to gain different friction, better. I was loud and I didn’t care who heard me. This moment was about giving into myself more than I’d ever given to anybody else. It was for me.

I held on tightly to the sheets trying to anchor my orgasm to the precise place and time but it was wild and trying to control it was like trying to guide a tsunami. Strangled cries escaped and it too only stirred my lust.

“Please!” I begged for the feeling of bliss to never end.

My body grew lighter, weightless and my eyes rolled back as I lost in the final moments. Desire always won and I had no regrets.


Soft licks pulled me from my orgasm induced state. I whined as the sensitive places were soothed. What was…

Deep masculine groans thundered through the room calling to every feminine part of my soul. I reached down running my fingers through his locks of hair.

“Fuck you taste good.” He said between fits of devouring me.

“You feel even better.” I moaned.

“You are so beautiful when you touch yourself.” He murmured.

I froze and he chuckled.

“I watched from the doorway. You were so into it, you never noticed.” He said.

I covered my face embarrassed about how bold I’d been. It was one thing to not care what anybody heard. Another thing to have an audience.

He sucked my clit hard and I bucked and sat straight up. “Aaah!”

“Don’t ever be ashamed of your needs.” He growled.

I nodded trying to control my excitement. He gave me a look and I eased back. He pinned my legs above my head where he fucked me with his mouth successfully keeping me in place. I screamed and howled as he took control of things. I was spent and trying to recover from the light orgasms he’d invoked when he used that same angle to drive his prick inside of me. My eyes widened and he smiled.

“See how hard you’ve made me?”

“Yes!” I hissed. He was thick, long, and hard. Fuck… me…

He held my thighs open and my hips arched as he moved inside of me deeply. I felt every inch of him and I couldn’t move away if I wanted. The way he held me in place was like trying to move steel bars. He was locked around me taking whatever he wanted, however, he wanted it. My breath was stolen with every down sweep of his hips. I looked up at him begging for mercy with my eyes but his bore into mine daring me to take even more of him. The evil tilt of his lips expressed the lack of compassion that he’d show me. I was the reason that he was this riled up. I was the cause of our anguish. Sorry, not sorry. If the honey dripping from my pussy was any indication of how good he felt, it was well worth it.

Quakes began that didn’t diminish. They only became more thunderous as his speed increased and he became even more relentless.

“Fuck!” He growled.

“Oooooh, fuck!” I repeated.

“Yes!” He encouraged.

I nodded unable to speak as the waves washed over me and the flood of endorphins channeled all their energy into making me release the tension that held on to every fiber within.

“I’m… I’m…”

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!” I screamed as I let go.

When the explosion registered, my sight became unfocused and I drifted to another plane where only the best things happened. You know, like chocolate. And all was right.

Warmth settled around me and I nestled closer loving the feel of him, of us. My right side was buried under him and the left was surrounded by my favorite fleece blanket that encased us. His arm pulled me close as if “this” wasn’t enough. He nibbled my ear and then kissed it before he dozed. I sighed in contentment.

I stared at the ceiling wondering if we had whip cream for the pancakes that I was suddenly craving. That would officially make this the best Monday ever.


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6.18.2017: Daddy’s Day


Inspired by Masturbation Monday

Daddy’s Day

Daddy worked all day today and I knew that once he was home, he wouldn’t want to play. It’s Father’s Day and though it may seem twisted to some people, the only “father” I had was my Daddy. He took better care of me than any sperm donor ever could and I was determined to make today special for him.

I’d spent the week preparing for today. I cleaned on Monday, researched on Tuesday and arranged to have his lunch delivered to him, visited the toy store on Wednesday, straightened the house on Thursday, grocery shopped on Friday, shaved on Saturday, and prepped first thing this morning for dinner. He was supposed to get off at 4 pm which meant he’d actually leave at 5. He’d be home around 545pm. I placed the garlic bread into the oven at 540 and was taking them out when he entered our home.

I heard him coming down the hall toward me and I hurried to get the bread on the table before kneeling next to his seat. His pace slowed when he rounded the corner which meant that he didn’t expect to see the feast I’d created for him. It was enough food present for us to eat for a week but that wasn’t the point. It was some of his favorite foods and he deserved each one.

Daddy sat down his things and I twitched. Normally I greeted him at the door to take them from him. Once I had permission, I’d put them away. I didn’t like disorder and Daddy loved that about me. It would bother me until his things were put away.


He came over to the seat that I was kneeling next to and he sat down. That was my cue to serve him but when I tried to stand, he halted me with a single stroke against my shoulder. I exhaled hoping that he wasn’t displeased with me.

“What’s all this for?” He asked.

“It’s Daddy’s Day,” I responded before looking at him directly. “I get to spoil you tonight.”

“Is that why I got lunch from my favorite restaurant today?” Daddy inquired.

“Yes, Sir.”


For some reason, that sound of inquisition stirred every butterfly and rapid thought. Had I overstepped?

Daddy tapped the crease between my eyebrows and I knew my deep thinking was visible to him. I tried to relax but I couldn’t. The thought of displeasing him was too heavy a burden.

“What are you thinking?” He asked.

“I just… I don’t want to displease you.” I said honestly.

“You haven’t.”


“But you assumed that my consideration of your words was a negative reaction.”

I whined because he was correct and that meant that I was in trouble. He didn’t like when I belittled myself or any of my gestures toward him. “Daddy…”

He scooted back his chair and I crawled over his lap to hang off the other side until my hands were firmly on the floor. He didn’t need to say anything. I knew what I needed to do. My legs dangled on the other side but his firm hold over my hips kept me in place. He rolled up my fitted skirt to expose my ass and cunt to him.


“What time did I walk into the house today?” Daddy asked.

I whined. “5:51.”

“Five places. Fifty-one punishments.”

He hadn’t done anything to me yet and my eyes watered. Today was supposed to be about him and yet, I’d found a way to disappoint him.

“Yes, Sir.” I sniffed.

Daddy spanked me ten times across my ass in varying degrees. Number three, six, and ten hurt the most. I cried and pleaded my apologies to him.  He ignored my pleas and continued his mission.

He began stroking my clit. My mound was pressed against his thigh which made each stroke more intense. It throbbed in need while my ass burned in pain.

“Your pleasure coats my fingers so nicely.” He murmured more to himself than to me.

“For you…” I moaned out.

“Yes, for me…” His voice was deep and gravely. My Daddy was excited.

Daddy moved his fingers through my folds to penetrate my dripping cunt. I cried out loud, loving the feel of his fingers. He fucked me slow and deep moving his fingers in and out.


My body trembled as I neared my orgasm. Daddy withdrew his fingers and began spanking the back of my thighs. His fingertips would swat at my cunt creating a fire so strong that I began to crave each one. But when the tenth one came, I groaned needing just a little more.

His fingers penetrated me for a second and then I felt those fingers pushing into that tight pucker of my asshole. I gasped as he made his way inside. Ten torturous strokes drove me to the brink and I was gasping for more. I was so close. So. Fucking. Close.

Unless I’d miscounted, he was up to fifty and had one more to go. He switched hands, holding me down with the hand that he’d just fucked me with and then I felt his fingers of his clean hand making its way through my folds to my clit. With a firm hold, he began to add pressure from his squeezing fingers until I couldn’t breathe. It was tight and he held steady as my body fought the most overwhelming orgasm I’ve ever had. I was going to cum and I couldn’t voice that to him. My thoughts short-circuited and a strangled cry erupted. My body was seizing from his will and fucking loved it. A rush was taking me under and just as I was about to erupt his fingers moved leaving me on the brink.


I could taste the orgasm that was quickly descending. I wanted to chase it down and beg for mercy but only my tormentor had the power to oblige me.


“Serve me.” Daddy groaned.

I slid to my knees but my thoughts were swimming in quicksand and my limbs were sore from the shaking and holding on. Food… he wanted food…

Light but firm slaps to my face started to bring me back into the moment. I opened my eyes to look at Daddy but he was holding my head. What was I…?

Soft velvet skin touched my lips and I licked it.

“Aaah. Good girl.” Daddy growled.

The endearment sent my brain into motion and I licked again. Daddy pushed it into my mouth and this thickness filled me. Aaah… serve… him…

I licked him, wetting him before I sucked him deep into my mouth. Little by little. He used my long tresses of hair to push and pull my mouth back and forth. His growling grew louder and until it echoed throughout the room. Booming. Thunderous.

My own pleasure coated my thighs, weeping for a chance to please his demanding cock. I laced my hands behind my back surrendering fully to him. Consciousness of time and place evaded me as I gave in to him. The only thing that existed was his need and I was to fulfill it.

“Need… to… cum!” He roared.

He exited my mouth and he pulled me onto his lap. He pulled me down onto his hot rod and the spasms couldn’t be denied from either of us. I wrapped my arms around his neck holding on as he pumped upward inside me. I tried to ride him but my legs were weak and he was soooooooooo deep. I squeezed his shaft as he pumped and he gripped me tighter and impaled me harder. I was coming and it couldn’t be stopped. The first one ripped from me and I screamed but he only continued to fuck me. The next two came back to back and I could barely hang onto him as he fucked me so hard and fast.

“Fuck… yeah!” He roared.

He filled me with a release that seemed to never end. I gripped the back of his head, fisting hair and he shuddered into me. I rested my head against his chest as his movements slowed. We sat cuddled in the chair for what seemed like an eternity. I loved being wrapped in his arms this way.

“Are you going to feed Daddy or do I need to do it myself?” He asked.

I groaned. “Nobody feeds my Daddy, but me.”

“Then get to it. I’m famished. A tempting little girl took all of the energy I had.”

I rocked backward to scoot away, forgetting that he was still nestled inside, and the friction to my sensitive folds released a small orgasm. I gasped and Daddy chuckled.

“You need some more?” He asked.

Before I could respond he teased my clit lightly and I came again.

“Insatiable cunt.” He whispered into my ear. It excited me and his fingers began playing again. I came in waves. Over and over so many times that I lost track. I was slumped over onto his shoulder unable to fight as he pulled even the smallest of releases from me. I’d soaked us both and still, I responded to him. He continued whispering how needy my pussy was into my ear and each time I responded to the unspoken demand.

Daddy pulled his fingers away from my cunt and licked his sopping wet fingers. I kissed the sides of his lips until he was finished. He kissed me thoroughly and I rode his reawakening cock. He spanked my ass in encouragement and I rode him until he quaked inside me, releasing once again. I kissed over his neck until his breathing returned to normal.

I stood on shaky legs and headed to the bathroom to pee and clean. I brought back a washcloth and boxer shorts for Daddy. His work pants were soiled with our lust and it made me smile as he sat there spent and eating cold ribs. I got on my knees and removed his pants, cleaned him, and put on his boxers with very little help from him. He was busy eating cold food that he moaned at as he ate.  I grabbed my plate and filled it with food for him and warmed it in the microwave while the bread went back into the oven. Placing it in front of him, I took the plate that he’d put his bones on and cleared it before fixing my own food.

“You’re so good to me.” He said after swallowing a mouth full of food.

“Why? Is it the ribs, mac and cheese, and cream spinach?”

He shook his head while chewing. “Nope.”

“The barbecue chicken, mash potatoes, or squash?”

“Mmm… nope.”

“Sweet potatoes?”

“Getting closer.” He said while smiling.


“No. It’s sweet like the potatoes though.” He looked toward my pussy and I blushed. “This is a lot of food.”

“I know. I didn’t expect you to eat it all today.” I admitted.

“I can’t wait to eat some of that cherry pie.” He licked his fingers and I blushed knowing that he hadn’t washed them.

“There’s vanilla ice cream for it.”

Daddy groaned. “You do love me.”

I laughed. “And that’s the thing that said it?”

“Yes.” His face was serious and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Happy Daddy’s Day.”

He leaned over and kissed my forehead. “Thank you, baby girl. You’re one of a kind.”

I beamed brightly. Anything for my Daddy.

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6.5.2017: Next Time


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Next Time

“Let me see it.” She said.

I looked over at my husband wanting him to protest. I’d never been with any other person but him. That wasn’t a dreadful thing. He was a kinky prick that I was madly in love with. His friend was here to pick up her casserole dish but heard me moaning how good my cunt must taste for him from the doorway.

She was often at the play parties and watched us from time to time. I knew that she was a Domme. Her spiked heels were scary enough before I added in her studded paddle that she liked to use. Her demeanor contrasted with her sweet smile, an oxymoron.

“See what?” I asked her.

“This pussy that you keep moaning on and on about. Let’s see it.”

Sir, he smiled. He didn’t object. His lips still glistened with my juices and I was still horny. He was interrupted and had not finished when she’d walked in.

“Sir?” I asked the unspoken question hoping that he’d tell her to leave so that we could finish with my reward.

“Show her.”

I gasped. What would happen next? Would she tell me that my cunt didn’t taste good? Oh my god! Would she taste it? She’d have to or she wouldn’t know. I closed my legs tighter and a firm slap to my thighs set me in motion.

I opened my legs and my polka dot panties held on to only one thigh, baring everything to her perusal.

Her finger parted my folds and she examined it.

“There’s no way that this little thing could taste good.”

“It does!” I objected.

She took the tips of her fingers and spanked my cunt. I gasped again in shock. The sting spread causing me to throb lightly.

“She liked that.” Sir informed.

“Oh, did she?” She asked.

She spanked my cunt until it was tender and throbbing so hard that it pierced my ears. My chest rose and fell deeply. I looked at her lips wanting them to kiss and lick me better. My tongue darted out to wet my lips out of nervousness.

“Baby girl, bend over the chair.” Sir instructed.


Quickly, I got into position and waited. I heard his zipper as it was lowered. He tested my cunt to see if I was ready for him and I passed with flying colors. She leaned over me and spread my cheeks giving Sir easy access. He teased me, wetting him completely before penetrated me deeply.

My eyes widened. He’d never been this deep at this angle. The cool air licked at my exposed flesh and I moaned.

“I can see every inch as it goes in and out.” He moved slowly emphasizing exactly what he’d said. He was watching and that excited me.

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’re so wet.” He groaned.

“Yes, Sir.” I whined.

She spanked me until my butt was nice and tender just like my cunt. Then she spread me open again.

“God, your drenched.”

Shame washed over me and to make it worse, she circled my sphincter with her finger while he slid into me and then out. I lifted my head wanting more but not knowing how to ask for it.

“Cat got your tongue, little girl?” She asked.

I started to respond but then Sir began tickling my clit to awaken it. I buried my face into the chair muffling my moans. I trembled non-stop as the urge to cum overwhelmed the rest of my senses. I needed to feel it. I wanted the ultimate level of control to be ripped from me.

Sir pushed me to the edge continuously, repeatedly. He gave me just enough to get there and then he drew me back. She’d pulled my dress off and caressed my skin with tips of her fingernails. I was a ball of nerves ready to combust.

“Please!” I screamed.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Shh…” Sir quieted.

I suffered in silence and his movements intensified. He was enjoying my silent tears and I knew it. Fucking hell!

“Please. Sir.” I whispered.


She spanked me more and the vibrations were more than I could handle. I gripped the chair but I was sliding down the rabbit hole. Too far in to save me.

“Give in to me, baby.”

I heard Sir’s voice loud and clear through the beating drum of my orgasm.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!” I screamed.

“Uh!” Sir groaned. He continued fucking me through my release until he found his. I growled as he ejaculated into me.

She smoothed the hair around my face and kissed my cheeks.

“I guess your cunt really is good. Next time I’ll have to taste it.”

She stood and walked into the kitchen getting her dish before I heard the click of the door, marking her exit. Next time…

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5.1.2017: Controlled


Inspired by Masturbation Monday



Tied to the bed, bound for her pleasure. There was nothing more to say or do but to give her control. She kissed up my torso marking me as hers.

“You’ll beg boy.” She said firmly.

“Yes, Mistress.”

She nibbled along my neck and up my jawline before snaking her fingertips through my hair and pulling it to arch my back. She had my undivided attention.

Cock, hard.

Groin, throbbing.

Lips, dry.

I licked them and she took it into her mouth. I groaned. It was unexpected and a delicious treat. My eyes were covered heightening the sensations. I could only imagine her appearance. She’d approached me from behind and blindfolded me immediately. Her delectable body was one that I couldn’t forget.

She was tall for a woman. Long dark hair. Chocolate eyes. Her breasts… Firm. Ripe. Juicy. Delicious.

When I was allowed, I loved to lick from her shoulder down to her feet in one continuous sweep. She’d lay on her side and allow me to. It was like outlining her silhouette with my tongue. I knew things about her that she never would. She shivered when I started. Laughed when I reached the side of her belly. Gasped when I licked from her hips to her ankle. Frowned when I reached the sole of her foot. The fact that I couldn’t see her right now wasn’t punishment. It gave me the chance to see her in the same light that I tasted. She was magnificent.

She moved away from my mouth and I felt the loss immediately. The bed dipped on either side of my head and I knew her thighs were just above my face. I lifted and kissed one side of her thigh and she gasped in surprise.

“Bad… bad… boy.”

Her hands caressed my chest and I laid back down. I knew I was only “bad” because she’d enjoyed the treat.

Pins pressed into my nipple and I shivered. She rolled them along my skin and instantly I knew it was a Wartenberg wheel. The pins pricked but never penetrated my skin. The precise sticks caused my skin to come alive in the paths that she set out to.

Nipples, stomach, and… I groaned loud. She ran the wheel up one side of my cock and down the other, over and over. I panted and tried to breathe but she chose that moment to lower her wetness onto my mouth.

Ready for anything that I could do for her, I opened my mouth and worshiped her heat easily. She was sweet and uniquely her. She rode my face slowly while torturing my swollen cock.

“You look ready to explode boy.” She said between moans.

Unable to speak with a mouthful of her I continued feasting upon her as if my life depended on it.

“Come be a good girl and put your mouth to use.” I heard Mistress say.

Confused for a second, I started to move to speak but then lips firm and ready wrapped around my erection. I groaned loudly. I’d almost…

“Suck him deep,” Mistress said.

She, whoever she was, began sucking me so deep into her mouth that I could feel her throat as it stretched to accept me.

Her tongue was sure.

Her mouth was wet.

Her throat was warm.

I flexed my hips in her mouth fucking it with abandonment to her needs. The only thing that I could focus on was releasing into her throat. I wanted to grab her head but my arms were tied. I wanted in deeper and she tried to accept me but her gags could be heard often.

“Keep up, girl. My boy likes your mouth.” Mistress demanded.

“Yes, Ma’am.” She said. She set forth to the task with new motivation.

Mistress pinched my nipples until the pen was the only thing that I could feel. I’d done something wrong.

“Lick. Me.”

I went back to the task of pleasing her. Talk about being determined. The sensation to fuck and lick was all I could think about. I wanted to use and be used. I wanted to please and be pleased.

I was close. So fucking close.

“Girl, you aren’t to cum until he does,” Mistress commanded.

“Yes, but…”

I was losing the war. She was shaking uncontrollably as she sucked me. She needed this just as badly as I. Mistress was riding my mouth and I knew she was close. She was grinding and leaving me with a little air. The control over the air I received was an aphrodisiac.

I roared. Jets squirted into the girl’s mouth and she caught every drop. She cried out around me as her own orgasm pushed forward.

Mistress, being the commanding element, came last basking in the power. She collapsed onto my chest giving me a reprieve to breathe but it was too late. I was already floating.

I felt the freedom of my arms and then soft light entered my vision. I kept my eyes closed and gave in to exhaustion.

“Rest, my boy.”

I heard the words but was too spent to respond. Hers…

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1.23.2017: Orgasms Before Lunch


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Orgasms Before Lunch

“Fuck that pretty cunt,” I commanded.

Her fingers worked faster and the glistening folds beneath her fingers conveyed just how excited that pussy of hers was. Her fingers slipped inside penetrating her swollen folds. She wanted my dick inside of her instead of the substituted digits.

Wet thrusts echoed throughout the room calling to my need to fuck her. Her hips raised to meet the sensual demands of her body. I smacked her thighs and her fingers slid deeper.

“I think you liked that didn’t you, dirty girl?”

“No, Sir.” Liar.

“No?” I smacked her thighs harder leaving a reddened reminder.

Her moans grew louder and her fingers pumped wildly. No, she didn’t enjoy that at all.

“No, Sir.”

“Oh, okay.” I leaned down and pinched her nipple, pulling it from her body.

She stroked her clit with her free hand and I swore she was levitating. The cultivating sounds of a needy cunt so close to a blissful explosion was more than any one person could take.


I unzipped my pants and stroked my hard prick. She whined and I knew I was driving her crazy. She licked her lips and I felt it. I knew exactly what that warm mouth of hers would feel like if it was wrapped around my dick. Up, down, and tightening around the head of my shaft felt like fucking magic. The only thing better would be if I was inside of her right now but I was too busy watching her drip all over the floor.

Sinking inside of her would be amazing. Her hot, wet, and swollen cunt would suck my dick inside of her until I filled her completely. Who could deny how damn good that would feel?

“Sir!” She moaned louder humping the air.


I didn’t know how much longer she could hold on but I knew that I was exactly where I needed to be. About to come all over her pussy and hand. I got down on my knees, between her legs and tightened my grip. She was laying there watching with anticipation but I had no plans on entering her sweetness.

When I didn’t enter her, her expression was confused. I threw my head back urging the orgasm forward. I groaned loudly just before the first few jets of semen landed on top of her hand. Her eyes widened. My orgasm rode me hard and I released it all over her pussy.

“I beg you, please Sir!” She was on the edge and let her stay there a bit before I said the words that soothed her soul.

“Make her cry for me, girl,” I said between clenched teeth.


Hearing exactly what she needed to come, she allowed her body to relax, succumbing to my wishes. Her fingers slowed until her cunt was too sensitive to come anymore.  Two orgasms before lunch. That makes for a great Monday.

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1.16.2017: Garage Rush


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Garage Rush

“I don’t have much time.”

“It won’t take me long.” He said as he unzipped my fly and freed my dick.


“Hush, boy. I know what I’m doing. If you’re anything like last night, it shouldn’t take you long at all to get me off.”

I’d called him and told him that I needed a fix. Either he could tend to the swollen pecker or I would.

“Yes, Sir.” He lowered to the ground and sucked me into his mouth immediately.Image result for male kneeling bdsm

I whistled. That was good. Real good. I looked around the garage for any onlookers but there weren’t any. It was usually scarce around this time. The last thing I needed was for someone to walk up and ask me about something work related while I was trying to get off.

I was beyond ready. I’d suffered through two meetings and some interviews with the stiffest of hard-ons. I’d given him 10 minutes to get here to drain the problem before I handled it myself. He worked nearby and got here in 5.

As long as he’d been my submissive, I’ve only jerked myself off when he was unavailable. He hated it. He told me that getting me off was his job and no one else’s. It was a territorial statement and made me harder as I thought about it.

I put my hand behind the back of his head pressing more of my dick into his mouth. He wasn’t prepared for the extra length just yet so he gagged and I released him. He took a second to breathe while he pumped his fist around my shaft. He looked up at me and I stared down into his beautiful browns.

“Let’s go, boy. I don’t have all day either.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He sucked on the very tip of me before he pulled my entire length into his mouth. This time when I grabbed his head, he adjusted his body going higher on his knees to swallow my erection.


I continuously fucked his mouth. In, out, deeper, faster… His mouth was the perfect remedy. Hot, wet, and his throat was just the right amount of deep. The spasm worked its way up my leg until it registered in my groin. It was time.

“Hold on tight, boy.” I hissed.

His mouth tightened around me and he used his fist to stroke the part of my dick that didn’t fit into his mouth. He used his other hand to massage my sac until I shot off in his mouth. He swallowed every drop, milking me dry. I stumbled backward watching the excitement on his face. The little fucker was proud of himself.

“Clean yourself up and get on out of here,” I said while panting.

He licked his lips and stood up. He dusted the debris from his pants and fixed his shirt. He walked over to me and waited for his reward. I chuckled.

“How do you know if I want your nasty mouth on mine?” I joked.

He smiled and ran his hand over my chest. “You like the different things that my ‘nasty mouth’ can do. Kissing has to be on the list.”

I righted my clothes and put both hands on either side of his face before kissing him hard. He grabbed my shirt, fisting it tight. He would be riled up but I’d have to deal with it tonight.Image result for two men kissing bdsm

When I pulled away he hummed and smiled before licking his lips. “Thank you.”

I nodded and let him go. “I’ll see you tonight boy.”

He smiled harder and scurried over to his car. He got in, started it, and pulled off in record time. My phone beeped and I pulled it from my pocket.

Him: There was a woman watching us. I saw her when I pulled off. Blue car to your right.

I turned around to see that car pulling off in the direction that he’d left. I smiled and texted back.

Me: I guess you gave her one hell of a show.

Him: lol Later.

I looked at my clothes to make sure I was still decent and then headed back inside to finish my boring work day ahead. The shit that had just occurred in the past 7 minutes had been the highlight of my workday. It gave me something to look forward to since I planned to take my time later when I saw him again. And that would set the mood for my night.

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1.9.2017: One Night (Part 1)


Inspired by Masturbation Monday

***This is Part 1. Part 2 will be released on 1/12/2017 for #DirtyFantasyThursday HERE. Stay tuned…***


One Night

“One night. That’s all I wan .”

“What if I say no?”

“Then I’ll respect it.”

“What if I want more?”

“That can’t happen. We both know why.” I looked at her waiting for her to turn down my proposal. It was fucking insane but I had to get her out of my system. It wasn’t one of those obsessive kinds of things.

Occasionally, she would say or do things that made me want to fuck reason into her. Yesterday had been one of those days. Everything that she said was foolish and were signs of her lack of faith in herself. She was brilliant in her own right but insecurities keep her from flourishing. But she could be timid… and today was one of those days.

“I don’t know.” She mumbled.

“That means no. You need to be sure. I’m headed home.” I stood and grabbed my empty water bottle from the end table.

On my way to the door, I chucked it into the trash. Was I disappointed? Yes, I was. Not in her but that I wouldn’t be able to scratch my itch. Her and I? We’d stay professional when our paths crossed again. I wouldn’t bring it back up.

“Wait!” There was still confusion in her voice.

I paused but didn’t turn towards her. I wasn’t into playing games. “Yes?”

“Don’t leave.”


“Because I don’t want you to go.”

“Give me a reason.”


“Give me a reason to stay and I will.” I turned toward her and looked her dead on. I folded my arms waiting for her to prove me wrong.

“I want you.”


She whined and then huffed. “Don’t make me say it.”

“Why not? If you want it, you should have no qualms about saying it.”

She looked at the floor searching for strength that I already knew she possessed.

“I want to give us one night.”

“You can do better, baby girl.”

“Fuck me…” She mumbled.

I raised my eyebrow. “Do what?”

“Fuck me, please.” This time her voice held more confidence.

I walked over to her but stopped within arm’s reach. “Show me that you want it.”

She hesitated. “How?”

“Show me that you truly want it.” I walked around her until I was closely behind her. “Is she wet?”

She whined and nodded. “Yes.”

“Show me.”

I breathed on the back of her neck and she gasped. She was frozen momentarily and I nibbled her ear. “Now, girl.”

She removed her clothing quickly. When she bent over to remove her pants and panties, I smelled her need. It was going to take a lot more control than I thought not to take her right away. She turned toward me and then immediately began to back away.

“Where… are you… going?” I walked towards her slowly.

“You look like you want to hurt me.” Her actions seemed fearful but her eyes and the way she nervously licked her lips told me that there was anticipation mixed in as well.

“I do want to hurt you,” I admitted.

She fell backward onto the bed and groaned. I smiled and continued my advance onto her. I stopped at the foot of the bed. She was breathtaking.


“Show me.”

She opened her legs and I could see her glistening and she hadn’t even parted her folds. She squirmed and it only pulled me further under her spell.

“More…” I could barely recognize my own voice it was so low.

She slid her fingers over her sex teasingly. Her fingers slid up and down her slit easily. She spread her pussy lips and stroked her clit slowly. Her fingers were coated in her juices and my mouth watered. She dipped one finger inside of her and arched her back when she moaned. Her other hand was playing with her nipple teasing it until the peak was hardened from stimulation.

I pulled the chair over to the foot of the bed and sat down. She watched me, watching her and it seemed to feed her arousal. Her fingers moved around her clit while she moved her hips to the same rhythm. I stood up and leaned closer to pull her body to the edge of the bed. Her fingers froze when she realized what I was doing. I sat down and put each of her feet on the arms of the chair with her ass on the edge of the bed. She was open to my perusal.

“Continue, baby girl.”

She was nervous now. No more teasing. She knew that this was real and there was no backing out. Well…

“You have a safe word if you need it.”

“You mean, ‘red’?”

“That’s exactly what I mean.”

She hesitated for a moment longer than I wanted so I leaned forward taking a long lick of her. She cried out and I held her thighs still as I delved in further. Fuck she was delicious. I sucked her clit into my mouth and let my tongue do the rest. I flicked it, caressed it, and even flattened my tongue against her while adding a bit of pressure before sucking her again.

“Please!” She begged.

I pulled back and waited for her to resume her play. “Finish what you started.”

Her body shivered and I knew it wasn’t because of the temperature in here. I smacked her thigh and she gasped. She went back to her original task of pleasing that pretty pussy of hers.

She was a beautiful sight to take in as she pleased herself. Her fingers were coated with her desire and the more she teased, more of her became saturated with her passion. She penetrated her sex with her fingers taking her closer to the edge. I leaned forward and kissed her thighs while sliding my fingers closer to her heat.

While her fingers were inside, I inserted two of mine. When she withdrew, her fingers I went deeper. Then I withdrew and her fingers replaced mine. We continued until she was so close to the edge of bliss that she was breathless and pleading. She wanted more. She wanted to come.

“Please… Please… Please…”

I withdrew her fingers and added a third of mine. She was nice and wet. Ready. Primed. I lowered my head and took her into my mouth again. Her hands were in my hair and I growled. She pulled away and I looked up at her.

“Don’t touch me.”


I lowered my head and she moaned loudly. Her hands fisted the sheets while I worked her over with my mouth and fingers. Her body shook and I knew she was close. I leaned up again and looked at her until her eyes met mine.

“You don’t have permission to come.”


Back to my assertions on her body. I amped up the movements of my fingers and my assault on her clit with my tongue grew lazily and long. She loved it.


I tuned her out and focused on her building orgasm. I curled my fingers finding her g-spot and tapped it rhythmically. Her quieting murmurs were full blown cries of pleasure that echoed throughout the room. She moved her hips against my face and bucked hard.

“Noooooooo! Please…. Please… Please…”

She inched away from me and I crawled after her not releasing her from my mouth and fingers. I could hear the tears in her pleas. She needed this and I planned to make her work for it. Work just as hard as it had taken me to keep from fucking her every time that she bated me into a frustrated mess.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs and held her in place while I exerted my renewed frustrations with her. Her hands found my hair and she pushed my head away. It’s not that she didn’t want it. It was quite the opposite. But she was a good girl and she wanted to please me. I growled loudly at her and she shook hard as she fought the orgasm that was taking control of her. Her hands fisted my hair instead and pulled me to her body. She was succumbing to my desires and had no clue. I wanted her to break the rules. It gave me another reason to punish her.

She screamed her release and I held her giving her false security. She relaxed against me as the sensations took over. Sated she drifted… She had no idea that I was just getting started.


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1.2.2017: Does She Know?


Inspired by Masturbation Monday

Does She Know?

Her legs were over my shoulders and my face was buried deep inside her cunt. Every woman has her own distinctive taste and M’lady, well… hers was delicious. I don’t know if it was a result of her diet or how she took care of herself. Hell, it didn’t matter. Whatever it is that she’s doing, she needs to continue. I hummed when she gripped my shoulders digging her nails into my skin.

“Fingers…” She instructed.

She was wet. Fuck! My fingers slid inside of her easily and I knew just where to go. I arched my fingers but let the tips of them move back and forth drumming along her sweet spot.

“Uuuuuuh!” She moaned.

I continued sucking on her clit while fingering her sweetness. I was rock hard and she hadn’t done anything to me. Her excitement and arousal were enough. I did want to penetrate her with my shaft but I’d still die a happy man if she’d cum on my fingers and in my mouth.


Firm fingers gripped my hair and she pushed my head closer to her body. I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t give a fuck. I withdrew my fingers and then rotated them upwards to change the sensation.


She bucked against my face and I knew she was coming. She gripped my shoulders tighter arching and flexing her hips into my mouth. My tongue stroked paths along her clit as I sucked. I’d written my name there a thousand times and I’d do it a thousand more if that’s what it took. She cried out and then screamed as she tipped the orgasmic scale.

She released me as her body succumbed into the sensations. I panted and kissed along her thighs until she was once again calm. She jumped down from the dresser and I caught her. She was still unsteady but seemed to have an agenda. She pushed against me until I fell back onto the bed. She crawled up my body and kissed me. It was rough and she was laying claim. She took my lips and I knew that she could taste herself. It seemed to make her even wilder and that shit was like gasoline to my fire.

Her hands rubbed along my body until she reached my erection. She stroked me with a firm grip and my hips arched into her hand. I couldn’t focus on her kisses and her hands. It required more air than I had. I pulled away panting and trying to regain control of myself but she didn’t allow me to go far.

“You liked sticking your face in my snatch, didn’t you?” She licked her lips and I moaned. She was teasing.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Her hand moved faster and I gasped. I turned my head to breathe into her neck but she was already lowering her head to the tip of my cock. I couldn’t watch. I closed my eyes and felt her hot mouth wrapped around me. She pulled me deep into her mouth and then used her hand to stroke the length of me that wouldn’t fit. Her hand moved from her lips down to the base of my shaft while she sucked and licked me. I wanted to slam more of it down her throat but I knew that would result in being disciplined.

I wanted more from her than these small sessions every other week. I wanted her collar around my neck as I satisfied every sexual fantasy that she creates. I knew I was hers but did she understand the extent of my feelings? When she pleased me this way all I could think about was whether it was enough for her too.

M’lady swallowed me and my head shot up off the bed. I was suspended there and I couldn’t breathe. Hot, tight, pulsing… Beads of sweat covered my forehead and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. A single finger slid back and toyed with the crinkled opening of my ass. I gripped the sheets and fought harder than I ever had before to speak. I needed to ask permission but…


Her finger penetrated me and I came hard. Stars lit up behind my eyes, shooting across the darkness. I don’t know how long it lasted, but when it ended I was spent. M’lady made her way back up my body and kissed my lips. She deepened the kiss and I could taste the semen that was still on her tongue. Never had she kissed me without swallowing everything. The kiss was slow and sensual, almost as if she was giving me a chance to get used to it. I tasted more of her than me and the mixture of the two of us along our tongues was intoxicating.

She pulled away first and kissed my neck. “You’re fucking delectable.”

I smiled, warmed at her words. “Yes, Mistress. Thank you.”

Her hand moved up to my neck and she gripped the base of it waiting for my reaction. I looked into her eyes as my breathing slowed. I trusted her. She knew when enough was enough. She bit my ear and then kissed my lips.

Related image

“Fucking spectacular.”

I blushed but watched her. She exhaled and then sat up on the edge of the bed. She was withdrawing and I wasn’t ready for that. Please no… I slid to the floor and kneeled at her feet humbling myself. I didn’t speak and neither did she.

After a bit, she began playing in my hair and I rested my head on her knee content. The silence stretched on but I enjoyed every second that she gave me. Treasured each moment because I didn’t know when our time would be up. I hoped never.

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