9.4.2017: Best Monday Ever

Inspired by Masturbation Monday   Best Monday Ever My fresh scent perfumed the room, a budding flower. Before my frisky behavior began, I’d taken a shower and I’d need another after I was finished. My damp hair was cool against my shoulders but molded to parts of my face as I tossed about in throesContinue reading “9.4.2017: Best Monday Ever”

5.1.2017: Controlled

Inspired by Masturbation Monday Controlled Tied to the bed, bound for her pleasure. There was nothing more to say or do but to give her control. She kissed up my torso marking me as hers. “You’ll beg boy.” She said firmly. “Yes, Mistress.” She nibbled along my neck and up my jawline before snaking herContinue reading “5.1.2017: Controlled”

1.23.2017: Orgasms Before Lunch

Inspired by Masturbation Monday   Orgasms Before Lunch “Fuck that pretty cunt,” I commanded. Her fingers worked faster and the glistening folds beneath her fingers conveyed just how excited that pussy of hers was. Her fingers slipped inside penetrating her swollen folds. She wanted my dick inside of her instead of the substituted digits. WetContinue reading “1.23.2017: Orgasms Before Lunch”

1.16.2017: Garage Rush

Inspired by Masturbation Monday   Garage Rush “I don’t have much time.” “It won’t take me long.” He said as he unzipped my fly and freed my dick. “But…” “Hush, boy. I know what I’m doing. If you’re anything like last night, it shouldn’t take you long at all to get me off.” I’d calledContinue reading “1.16.2017: Garage Rush”