12.26.2016: Fuckin’ Christmas Gift


Inspired by Masturbation Monday

Fuckin’ Christmas Gift

I’ve watched Him all night talking to his colleagues and superiors at the company Christmas party. I should have been focused on meeting people and conversing but I was too distracted by him. He wore a navy blue cable knit cardigan, pale blue button down, and tan colored slacks. He had a way of making something more casual seem sophisticatedly sexy. Was it me or was it hot in here?

“Are you okay?” The woman to my right asked.

“Uh, yes. I just… I need something to drink. I’ll be right back.”

I walked to the bar and took the moment to try to get myself together. I sat on the seat that was closest to the end of the bar. I pulled out my compact to take a quick glimpse and wasn’t shocked to see the reddened hues in my complexion shining through.

Arms circled my waist and facial hair grazed my neck. I closed my eyes, relaxing into his embrace. Only one man had the ability to keep my libido sizzling and ready for more. He was the man I’d stared at all night. I lift my hand to his bearded face and stroked the soft hair.

Untitled design (1).png

“Did you order me a drink as well?” His voice was low and dangerously deep.

“I haven’t ordered anything, yet,” I confessed.

“He’s waiting for your order.” He kissed behind my earlobe and my toes curled.

Without opening my eyes, I responded. “Guinness black and a Christmas White Russian.”

“Water while you wait?” The bartender asked.

I opened my eyes but they felt heavy with lust. “Yes, please.”

The bartender placed a bottle of water on the counter and before I could accept it, He took it and began drinking. The entire time he held me in place against him. Half gone, he held it out to me. I took it but almost crushed the bottle to bits when his cool lips caressed my neck and then his tongue licked icy circles in the same spot. I pulled away and looked into his eyes pleading for him not to do this here.

Yes, the people here were mostly drunk and not paying attention to anything but it was too much. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted him to lose himself in me for as long as he wanted. I didn’t want to sound desperate for his affections but I was.

“Your drinks.” The bartender sat down the drinks in front of us and He tipped him graciously.

He pulled a barstool close to mine and sat so close that one of my legs was between his and I could feel the muscles in his thighs. His fingers lazily stroked just above my knee as he enjoyed his beer. I knew he loved the way that my legs felt in nylons so I’d worn the navy sweater dress he’d bought, tights, and chocolate boots. He was discussing something that his boss mentioned but I couldn’t focus with his fingers sliding up my thigh and back. Those lazy circles had grown persistent and wider, higher.

“Did you not like your drink?”

“Hmm?” I asked confused.

“Your drink. You haven’t touched it. Is there something wrong with it?” He flashed that side grin of his and I knew that he was deliberately making fun of me.

I lifted the glass and put the straw to my lips. I sipped the drink until the glass was empty. I placed it back on the counter and looked him head on. “I’m ready to leave, now.”

He chuckled and stood. He put out his hand and I accepted. I got down from the seat and the rush from the alcohol chose that moment to kick in and I stumbled towards him a bit. It wasn’t my first drink of the night, but it was the first one I’d ordered for myself and it was stronger than the others.

“Easy there.” He spoke for only my ears.

“Yes, Sir.” I lifted my head begging for a kiss with my eyes as they caressed the sight of his lips.

He chuckled. “You sure about that?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sure.”

“Hold still.” He lifted my chin a bit higher and leaned into my lips. He pulled my top lip into both of his. He sucked and pulled at it before invading my mouth with his tongue. I lifted towards him for more but he pulled away and kissed my lips again.

“Let’s get you into bed, shall we?”

I nodded, unable to speak.

We left the party room of the hotel in a hurry and he didn’t acknowledge any of the voices that called after him. My vision blurred as he led the way to the car… Wait… He pressed the button to a nearby elevator and it opened immediately. He pulled me inside and against his chest as the door closed. He took my mouth hard and I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him in closer. The elevator dinged and he let go of me apprehensively. He pulled a key from his back pocket and lead us to room 604.

Inside, the door barely closed before he had me against the wall with my legs wrapped around his waist. He pulled my sweater up to my hips and he groaned at the material keeping him from being inside of me. I knew what would happen and I couldn’t let it. He’d ruined multiple pairs of tights this way. I pulled away from his mouth and pushed against his shoulders.

“If you let me down, I’ll take them off for you,” I whispered.

He growled. “I don’t want to let you down.” I felt his fingers curling inward. He was going to rip them.

“Please… I’ll be quick.”

He groaned and set me on my feet slowly. I inched away from him and then removed my boots and tights. He stepped towards me and I removed my panties as well. An animalistic noise rumbled from deep in his chest startling me. I don’t know why, but I ran.

He caught me quickly and pushed me onto the bed. I rolled onto my back just as he was climbing on. He pushed my legs open and leaned over me, capturing my hands and pinning them above my head. Shit! He used his other hand to unfasten his pants and free his thickness. Seconds later he was pushing inside me.

“Fuck!” I cried out.

He smacked the outside of my thigh and then pulled my hips closer to his. He was so deeply seated that I couldn’t tell where I ended and he began. He paused to remove his sweater and shirt before pinning me again pumping his flesh into mine. He tried to move deeper and deeper inside of me each time that he withdrew. Hard, deep, and wild strokes. I cried out from the pain and pleasure getting lost as he branded me with his hips. My body shook as I tried to accept him. It was too much too fast and I couldn’t keep up.

The hand not holding my hands gripped the base of my neck near my shoulder. He leaned down and took my mouth while his tempo moved quicker. I whimpered. There was no way that I’d be able to walk after this. Sounds of arousal meeting stiffness echoed through the room indicating just how much I was enjoying his dominance over my body.

He grunted and shivered when I gripped him tighter inside me. He liked it, but the unexpected event threw him off. I waited until he was back on track before I did it again.

“Ooooh!” He responded.

Not easing up this time, I flexed around him continuously. His hold onto my wrists grew tighter and I knew I’d be bruised later. I knew he was close but instead of giving in, he lifted off me and flipped me onto my stomach.

“Hold on.” He growled.

I gripped the pillow just as he entered me again. He raised my ass up higher than my head and took refuge.

I gasped loudly. He was… My legs trembled as he hit the most delicious spot repeatedly. I tried to speak but the air was knocked from my lungs. His firm grip on my hips kept me from being able to pull away. I clawed at the pillows trying to run out of reach. I knew my attempts were feeble but…

My body vibrated and quaked while he pushed me closer and closer to the edge. There was nothing that I could do to stop the orgasm that was bound to drown me. I screamed and pleaded for something, anything, and everything.


“You don’t think it’s so amusing when the tables are turned, do you? Do you?!”

“Nooooo!” I whined and the tears rolled down my face unashamed.

He smacked my ass repeatedly taking things up a notch. My eyes widened and I knew I was doomed. I couldn’t stop the waves threatening to take over and I for the love of god, I couldn’t remember if I could swim.

He grabbed my hair and pulled. My back arched into him and the pain was blinding. I screamed loud because it was the final straw, tipping me over into a world of ecstasy that he’d created.


I collapsed but he still moved inside of me seeking his own relief. The mattress helped to keep me in place as sought his relief, submitting to his will. Another soul wrenching orgasm geared up and I was too weak to hold it back. His mouth was beside my ear and he panted his desires there.

“So good! So… ah! Good… Baby… take me… fucking… oh! Take me.”

I nodded giving in to him. I couldn’t deprive him if I wanted to.

“Cum for me girl. Give me more as fuck you. You need this, don’t you?”

“Yes!” I begged for more. Was I insane? No, I was his. I always needed more of him.

“God da…” His words were strangled and he grunted hard before the wind was knocked from him.

His strokes became more focused yet short and shallow. He was coming and I rode that high as well. My grip on the pillow slipped from the tingling sensations and I came hard. He pulled me closer to him as he emptied his seed into my willing body.

Time stood still as I focused on keeping my heart into my chest. Breathing wasn’t something that I could manage without more spasms racking my body. He laid beside me and pulled me into his arms. Somehow, that made things easier. My eyes closed and I drifted to sleep.

Hours later, I woke to my nipples being savored by his mouth. I slid my hand through his hair and pulled his face to mine. I kissed him and he rolled me on top of him, not breaking the dance of our lips. He pulled off my sweater and already unhooked bra. He’d obviously been busy while I was asleep. His pants were no longer on his hips making us both fully naked. He lifted my hips and slowly I slid down onto his shaft.

“Ride me.” He commanded.

I placed my hands flat on his chest and began riding him slow.

“Good… good girl.” He moaned. His eyes closed and satisfaction was written all over his face. I beamed at being able to please my man and give him what he desired.

“Yes, Sir.”

His hands gripped my ass while I rode him harder. He lifted his body to reach mine and I moved my hands up to his shoulders. I held on as he controlled our movements. The steady trot became a gallop to meet his demands. This wasn’t about me but instead satisfying his needs. I held on tighter as it grew increasingly difficult to stay on pace. He held me still as he took over and rode me from underneath.


“Hold on for me, girl. Just a little more.” He hissed when I tensed, gripping him tighter.

“Just like that… just like…” He moaned loud and it seemed to come from deep inside him as he released into me once again.

Feeling his release, I let go as well, collapsing on top of him.

“Fuck, girl!” He shouted. He then chuckled and sighed in relief. “Merry Christmas, baby.”

I smiled thinking that was the best gift I could have received. “Merry Christmas, Sir.”


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10.17.2016: Sadistic Masturbation


Inspired by Masturbation Monday

Bastard. Fucking Bastard. Sadist. Fucking Sadist. Damn it! Shit! Why?!

This torturous toy that She bought was buried deep inside. I wanted it out. Each orgasm was more intense than the last one and I couldn’t give her another. I didn’t want to disappoint her so getting it out was imperative.

“You’re losing focus, girl. Instead of focusing on me you’re focusing on that sore cunt of yours.”

I groaned because she was right. I am not a masochist and so inflicting pain was that much more intoxicating for her. I took what she gave and I enjoyed it because she did. I always feared it wouldn’t be enough, though.

“Play with that little pussy of yours for me. Make it want what I need.”

Another forced orgasm seized me and it hurt more than the last one. Tears rolled from the corners of my eyes in despair but there was something even more shocking. I liked being forced to come for her. It took away my control giving me the power of submission.

She increased the tempo of the bullet and another orgasm ripped free. She wasn’t finished.

“Play for me, girl.”

Cautiously, I lowered my hand, afraid that I’d break my pussy if I touched it. Gentle caresses earned me a “good girl” and inspired me to explore further. I spread my legs wide while stimulating my clit. It was sore and slower to respond but persistence paid off. I lift my hips in time to meet the down sweep of my fingers. It was wickedly refreshing and got my juices flowing nicely.

“Very good girl.” She praised.

“Thank you, My Lady,” I didn’t lose focus on the goal.


I just needed redirection and I’m glad I listened. Glad that I was primed once again. It felt amazing to have my body in such a primal and orgasmic state that little tremors were constant. I knew this one would be monumental. My vaginal walls were already tightly gripping the vibe accepting the torture.  I needed more.

One digit at a time, I deposited my fingers inside. My eyes grew wide accepting the magnified feelings. The heel of my hand rocked my clit while I moved my fingers back and forth inside. Yes! My reactions were purely instinctual and reflexive, short circuiting my mind into compliance. That rush of pure adrenaline let me know that it was time. I wanted to slow down the moment but that wasn’t my call. I embraced the sensations, letting it take control. I cried out loudly and covered my mouth in shame.

“Let me hear you, dear girl. Talk to me.”

By talk, she meant moan. She liked me vocal and I aimed to please.

I moved my hand from my mouth but tightened my legs around my hand bringing it deeper inside.


My fingers moved the bullet back and forth, now coming into contact with it. Talk about a splendid feeling. The vibe moved faster and my body froze as spasms squeezed every nerve ending until my entire being pulsed in pain and pleasure. My eyes rolled backward and I screamed so loud that I felt the vibrations bounce off the wall and lick over me.

Tingling sensations numbed everything else out as I twitched like a fiend on the bed. I grabbed at the air but even my toes and fingers were cramped and tense. Puffs of air erupted from my lips as my body tried to regulate the convulsions. Finally, everything relaxed and I sank into the mattress.

She caressed my forehead moving wet tendrils of hair aside. I turned my head to lean into her caresses and my body groaned at the slight movement. Her fingers traced patterns over my torso and while it normally would arouse me, it helped to bring awareness back in place.

“Good, good girl. I’ll let you rest a bit before I torture that sweet pussy again.”

I opened my eyes to see her Sadistic smile. She wasn’t serious, right? Right?!

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10.10.2016: She Needs To Cum


Inspired by Masturbation Monday

She Needs To Cum

What kind of shi…? She stroked me firmly. Not one of those get you off quickly kind of jackoffs but the kind that made you feel the blood pumping in your veins. It was intense. Each up and down stroke was like experiencing sex for the first time. New and so fucking exciting that you knew you were in just the right place you needed to be in that moment. You were definitely doing this again. I was definitely doing this again.

Her slick folds held onto my shaft as she moved her hips against mine. She coated me in her juices. She was ready for me but giving in would have been too easy. Instead, she marked me with her body making me beg to be used by her. A moan slipped from her lips and I hissed. It burned. The need to release was so intense that my head pounded right along with my heart.

“Yes, baby… Ah!” She moaned.

I gripped the sheets underneath us hoping that I didn’t rip them to shreds first. Her back arched. Her hips bucked. Her other hand caressed her breasts before pulling each nipple in turn.

I knew better. She would let me come if she wanted. Asking wouldn’t get me anywhere. Her hips rose higher and higher until I could feel her almost enveloping me. Is she wasn’t careful… anticipation grew and I closed my eyes, no longer able to watch her beautiful pussy torture my strained cock. I was too close. She was too close. She arched her hips toward me at the same time that she lifted and the tip of my shaft breached her entrance. She slammed down on top of me pulling me inside. She pumped my cock with her muscles and I grit my teeth as I moaned loud begging for mercy. More torture was bestowed and I twisted my face unable to convey how much I wanted every fucking minute of this.


I huffed and growled. She moaned and praised me for feeling so good inside her. Shit, she had no clue what good felt like. I’d never felt pussy so wet, so damn right. She wondered why I came to see her. Why I allowed her to torture me? The room faded out and all I could focus on was her.

Sweat licked, I arched my hips to meet hers. The union between man and woman echoed off the walls. She pulled me deeper, rode me harder. Her orgasm wrapped around us as she screamed. She held still but I continued moving inside of her. I held her hips supporting her body as I took her higher into ecstasy. She wasn’t just any woman. She made even the strength of that orgasm hers, mastering it while laying down the law.

“Another.” She panted.

My body convulsed as she gripped me tightly with her sex. “Please, Mistress… I’m so close.”

“Yeah well, me too,” She moaned sweetly and flexed her cunt around me. “Another.”

She withdrew my cock from her and resumed her initial torture. I angled my neck backward giving in even more to her. She gripped the base of my cock and held it tightly. I flexed in her hand as she took the slippery hold that I had on my orgasm and pulled it right from underneath me. Her pussy swallowed me and vibrations from the plug she’d deposited earlier, initiated sending me off like a rocket.

She moved her hand from my cock and rode me like a stallion. She gripped my shoulders and fucked me senseless. I let go of the sheets, unable to feel anything but her. I couldn’t focus on anything with the firm hold that she had on my desire. I submitted to her and she took more than I ever thought I was giving.

My body seized sharply forcing loud grunts from me. I felt her collapse onto my chest but my arms were too weak to move. I relaxed letting the endorphins take over. I felt them racing along the top of my skin before I passed out cold. Too much. Too…

Tightness in my muscles awakened me. Once plastered to the bed, I was now covered with a blanket that I’d kicked off my legs. I wanted to rollover by my muscles resisted. I moved a little and heard a groan of displeasure.

“Keep still, I’m trying to sleep.” She mumbled.

“Yes, ma’am,” I responded automatically.

I mustered the energy to move my arms to hold the woman resting on top of me. I caressed her back and over her full hips and ass. She was perfect and I didn’t need to open my eyes to know that. I kissed the side of her head and she moaned before trying to bury herself deeper into my chest. Knowing that she felt safe enough to allow me to hold her in the most vulnerable of moments was the best aftercare she could have given. The stiffness in my body was worth it if it meant that it offered her peace. I kissed her once more before joining her in slumber.

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10.3.2016: How to Cure a Migraine


Inspired by Masturbation Monday

How to Cure a Migraine

I stared at the screen wondering if this was normal. I held up the elixir I’d mixed to cure migraines. Pink liquid sluiced in the tube when I lifted it to peer inside. Oxygen bubbles moved throughout substance distracting me momentarily.

The door opened to my lab and I switched the monitor to the report that I was typing my data into.  Michael, my assistant, walked in with a bunch of file folders. He had the potential to be an excellent scientist if I could just get him to focus on his findings instead of hypothetical situations. That’s why I was the only person in on my current experiment. It was better than any drink on the market but it only had one side effect.

“Dr. Shenava, I’ve researched the chromosomes as you’ve indicated and I’m not seeing the same predictions as you when mixed with this drug. I think that we should stick to Jordan’s law…”

I tuned him out. I’ve gone to my share of colleges to collect a plethora of degrees. I’ve listened to many professors explain why and how things occur. Hell, I’ve taught students half of the information that I know but for some reason, Michael has a way of making science boring even to someone who breathes it. I needed to find a way to make him depart so that I could continue my observation.

“Michael, down in Lab 4 there were medicines that needed testing. Did you complete all of the tasks left by Dr. Rolo?”

He shook his head no. “I thought you could use my help.”

“I need you to complete those responsibilities first. Speak with me later about the rest.”

Michael sat down the files and left my office. I exhaled in relief. I put the tube back into the vortex mixer and turned my attention to something much more interesting.

Subject HRNY69LVR was half dressed lying in the bed on her stomach. Her hand was underneath her and stroking her vagina. I zoomed the camera in to see her massaging her clitoris expeditiously. Her back arched raising the slope of her buttocks to great heights. Her hips moved towards the bed and then away as she humped searching for relief.

She rolled on her back and deposited both fingers inside her… “Oh!”

I turned the volume down even lower as she spread her legs wide. She seemed to be searching for something as her fingers entered deeper. I shifted in my seat, suddenly there wasn’t enough room in my pants. They restricted the growing erection lengthening to maximum potential.

Her body contorted as she shook wildly finding completion. The whole thing was fascinating. I looked back at the tube containing the elixir and wondered if the sexual side effects made a headache better or worse.

The subject was now passed out cold on the bed. I stood and grabbed the key from my drawer. I exited my office and locked the door to my office and headed down the long corridor. Inserting the key into the door, I opened the door slowly to see HRNY69LVR asleep, motionless. She was aware that I’d check on her throughout her stay and since the same thing had occurred for the past couple of sessions, she didn’t stir when I touched her.

Her vagina was hot and seemed to pulse underneath my fingers. Fluids were present on her thighs and on the underside of her buttocks. Her nipples were slightly erect and blushing. Her coloring held redder than previously and her breathing was now nice and even.

She blinked sleepily at me as I went about making observations.

“Doctor, do you think that my migraines will ever be healed?”

Unsure of the answer to her question, I focused on what I did know. “How’s your head feeling now?”

“I don’t feel any pain at the moment.”

“Good. I think that we need to increase the dosage to see if we can prevent the migraines before they start.”

HRNY69LVR lifted her hand and grabbed my penis through my pants. I gasped in shock but my body responded to her harassment.

“I’ve noticed your response to my body, Doctor. Why don’t you let me heal you for once?”

“I think that is highly inappropriate behavior. We’ll need to check  your hormones to make sure that the elixir isn’t making you more aggressive.”

She unzipped my pants and stuck her hand inside the opening. I tried to push away her hand but the way she cupped me and then wrapped her fingers around me created hesitation. I looked down at her hand and then her face. She licked her lips and then used her other hand to unfasten my slacks. She pulled me free and without missing a beat, she put me inside of her mouth. I hissed. Much like her vagina, her mouth was warm and inviting. I knew this was a disturbance in my research but…


Her tongue massaged the length of me and I put my hand behind her head pushing further into her mouth. Holy hell!

She gagged and I withdrew not wanted her to pass out. I was reluctant because when she gagged, the closing of her throat gripped my penis nicely. I pulled her head back and forth creating an easy rhythm. She sucked eagerly but she lowered her hand down to her now soaking wet vagina and began her ritual of relieving herself. Maybe the dose was too strong. She should be sated by…

She swallowed me and the action caused a knee-jerk response that sent my body into a series of spasms that inspired me to ejaculate into her mouth. Her head was pressed close to my groin as I emptied into her throat. She pushed a bit on my thigh and I released her to obtain air. She shivered also climaxing. She searched for air with her lungs and tears poured from her eyes. Another side effect that I needed to add to my notes.

“Thank you, Doctor.”

I struggled to pull up my pants that managed to fall in the midst of things. I nodded not capable of forming a sentence. My head was still spinning and it made me wonder if she’d spread her condition to me.

When I was back in order, I watched the once again sleeping subject. She seemed to have produced the same results as before. I backed out of the room careful not to wake her this time. I took the key from my lab coat and locked the door behind me. One way or another I’d find a cure for migraines. Even if that meant that I had to risk my own health. Walking back to my office I stopped. What if my sperm caused a reaction to the elixir that I hadn’t predicted?

Unfortunately, I think that the best thing for me to do is stay overnight and observe her more carefully. Once everyone was gone for the evening, I’d go back to her room and watch her closer. Any difference in her sleeping patterns may be an indicator of a breakthrough. Yes, I think I’ll send everyone home early today. Proud of my assessment, I strolled to my office to make the announcement. Subject HRNY69LVR needed me and I was prepared to make the necessary sacrifices.

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9.26.2016: If You Only Knew


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


If You Only Knew

The messages on the screen had nothing to do with what I was doing… directly. It didn’t mean that it wasn’t a reaction. Something about you, us, me…

I purred. It ached. I needed…

Fingers caressed my slit then delved deeper. Heat, hot, wet, slick, smooth… I moaned trying to hold back. This… it wasn’t right. You had no idea what I was doing but still I couldn’t help myself.

Fingers deep inside of me moved slowly, searching. I sighed as I responded to the message on the screen. It was innocent enough but I couldn’t help but wonder what you’d think if you knew.

Wetness, all me, coated my fingers making it easy to move them faster. I was growing tired of always needing you this way. And you didn’t even know, fucking shame.

The phone slipped from my fingertips when I found that sweet spot. I focused on it and not the beeping messages pinging my phone. My fingers became yours… My moans were pleas to keep you taking from my body. I desired more.


Another message alerted me to grab the phone though I was breathing as if I’d ran a marathon. Maybe I had. The message on the screen conveyed something I liked. Loved even. You were persistent about what you wanted though you had no idea what you were really asking for, me.

I anchored my feet on the bed and arched my hips. The new angle created different sensations and I teased myself. Wanting to draw it out until the initial ache paled in comparison, for you.

I gripped the phone holding on to you but my fingers never stopped. Pushing, shivers, panting, cries… I moaned your name loudly as the intensity of the moment took over. Euphoria so sweet that I lost my bearings. I closed my eyes tightly letting my body take over. Another sweep of the moment’s kiss radiated, penetrated. Shocks so intense that my toes curled and it was all for you. Because of you.

I drifted but was brought back into the moment by another notification. Spent, I struggled to see the words on the screen. When I could finally comprehend the words, since they didn’t swim anymore I smiled.

“You’re beautiful.” The message read.

Perfect timing.

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9.19.2016: Pay Attention


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Pay Attention

I watched as he shifted in his seat. I wore a bra, thigh highs, and heels underneath my trench coat. My nipples were hard and could be seen through the black lace. I’d gotten in the car all nice and horny and he knew it. It was obvious what my intentions were.

Now that we were on the highway, it was time to put my plan into action. Pinching my nipple, I lowered my hand and began stroking my clit. Sideways glances came from him as he tried to watch and steer.

“Pay attention.” I’d left it up to his interpretation about what exactly I meant.”

It didn’t take long before I’d gotten off without his help. One orgasm was never enough. I unzipped his fly and popped the buttons on his jeans. He was hard and the bulge in his pants didn’t even compare to his full potential. Freeing his erection, I lowered my head to taste the pre-cum gathering at the tip of his shaft. I sucked just the head not taking more into my mouth. I felt the car swerve and I looked up.

“Pay… attention.”

“Yes, Madame.”

Putting the bulb back into my mouth, I stroked him with my hands. Pumping him slow and steady bored me. I wanted him on the edge and I had little patience today. The faster I pumped the louder his gasping became. I thought that I could even hear his heart racing as brought him up to speed. The car stopped and I looked up and around to see us on the side of the highway.

“You didn’t have permission to stop the car, boy.”

“I didn’t think it was safe to continue.”

“Who asked you to think?” I sat up and looked him in the eye.

He looked down at the floor and shook his head. “Nobody.”

“Exactly.” I got out of the car and into the back. “Lower your seat.”

He put the car in park and leaned the seat back until it was flat. I took off my coat, straddled his face and grabbed his hair. “Make me cum.”


He held on to my thighs and I rode his face while looking out the back window seeing everything but nothing. He was so good at this that I knew it wouldn’t take long. My boy had to be starving because he was breaking records with how quickly he was getting me off. He was sucking and… I grabbed the handle above the door and my entire body seized. My eyes crossed and my vision blurred yet still he continued. I let go of his hair to pinch my nipple and that throbbing ache consumed me once again. I lifted from his mouth and he chased me.

“No.” But he continued. I smacked his face and his dick bobbed in response. “No.”

“Yes, Madame.”

Not caring about the trench coat, I got out of the car and into the front. It was growing dark and I didn’t really care who got a good look. I gripped his shaft tightly and slapped his face again.

“Someone doesn’t understand “no”.”

“I do.”

I raised my eyebrow pondering his logic. “You don’t or you chose to ignore it.”

Defeated, he lowered his head back down to the leather seat. I caressed his shaft tenderly getting a good feel of every inch of him. Tip to base, bottom to top. He was close, very close and I took him stroke by stroke to the brink.

“May I cum?” He breathed.



I gripped him tighter and continued stroking.

“May I cum?” He begged.

I leaned down and sucked him into my mouth and then released him. “No.”

“Shit!” He gripped the door and I heard the leather groan in response.

I lowered my hand to my dripping cunt and stroked my clit in time to his panting pleas.

“Madame, I… please?!”


I squeezed my thighs getting off on controlling his orgasm. That kind of power was intoxicating.

“I’ll do anything… please?!”

“Anything?” I panted.

“Yes, Madame. Anything.”

“Kiss me.”

He sat up and pulled me into his arms kissing me roughly. All of his pent up desire and aggression poured into that sole kiss. In his arms, I succumbed to the orgasm threatening.

He broke the kiss barely able to hold back his own orgasm. “Madame?”

I shook my head while still trying to catch my bearings. “No.”

He kissed along my neck until I calmed. I put my arms around his neck loving the feel of his mouth on my body. He was mine and I loved it. He kissed me again this time tenderly and I purred.

“Be a good boy and get us home safely. I’m exhausted.” I confessed.

“Yes, Madame.” He kissed me once more and then I climbed into my seat while he lifted his back into place, erection exposed.

During the drive, I stroked him slowly while we talked about our day. He was nice and hard the whole time. Once we were home, I climbed into bed and he massaged my feet until I passed out. I awakened to the dip in the bed as he climbed behind me. I felt the strength of his arousal as I allowed him inside. He thrust inside me until I released once more. Still, he remained hard, inside, and with his arms around me. There would be no release for him. This he knew.

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9.12.2016: Masturbation Chaos


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Masturbation Chaos


Have you ever awoken to what feels like the most intense throb between your thighs? Well, here I am. 6:42 a.m. on a Monday morning and my persistent clit won’t let me sleep. It’s the reason why my hand is kind of… well…

I rolled onto my back and stroked the obnoxious, pounding beat of need. Mmm… I fought to keep my eyes open because I really just wanted to sleep. The haze of wine still hadn’t cleared from my mind. But… aaaah!

Teasing my clit seemed to sate it, so I did. But then I needed to be filled. I knew He was already gone. He’d left hours ago to catch his flight. I spread my legs and wasn’t surprised to find the rest of my pussy in a juicy mess. Fingers slid inside easily. My leg, with a mind of its own, lifted.  What… in.. the… hell…?

“Yes!” I moaned.

I moved my fingers hitting all of the good spots but my clit… I reached blindly beside me, into the drawer that held my favorite bullet. 8bd41cde1cf0b666ee309d138a2f35ccGrabbing it, I turned it on and placed it directly on the throbbing SOB. My eyes flew open and my body seized, almost curling. WTF!


My fingers pumped and my something inside tightened. I shook my head trying to slow the moment, to regain control.


The orgasm rushed over me at the same time that another began building. Fucking bullet! I moved my hand to remove it but the shift only moved the bullet down a bit. Holy shit! Another orgasm rushed over me and my fingers inside only aided on the intensity. I wanted to stop… but…

Another wave of dread took over because yet another orgasm began to build. I grunted while trying to breathe. The noise was strangled and yet another like it escaped. My nipples ached and I tried to sooth them with pulls, twists, and massages but it only pulled me deeper into the moment.

“Oh Gawd, please!!!”

My hips arched and dipped, the vibe set against my fingers driving the vibrations deeper as they thrust. Perfect. Fucking. Feeling. I fought to hold on to the moment much harder this time. Sweat poured from my pores and still, I fought. I could feel the distorted disconnect from reality in this moment. Sensation overruled everything. And it was fucking amazing.

Pounding wrecked me and when my body could hold on not a second longer, I seized and then combusted. Wetness filled my hand, leaking onto the bed and I removed my hands from all areas and gripped the pillow above my head as the vibrator did its thing. I couldn’t tell you how long the damn orgasm lasted but eventually I passed out.

I awakened to spasms wracking my body and another small orgasm hit. I kicked at nothing trying to get as far away from the damn vibrations as possible. It rolled away and my ass, wet from a good time, cooled from being exposed to the air. I groaned and covered myself. Pussy sore, body tense from too many orgasms, sated and confused… I fell back to sleep only to be awakened by my alarm clock. Time for work. Fuck!

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9.5.2016: Good, boy


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Good, boy

Spread across the bed, I watched him simmer along the lines of ecstasy. He tossed his head this way and that unable to move his hands and feet. Each was tied to the posts of the four corners of the bed. I couldn’t tell you how he did it. I couldn’t. When it was time to take my pleasure I did, selfishly. I guess that’s the difference in his role versus mine. I claimed pleasure as mine and he didn’t put up a fight.

His cock was so hard that it was almost purple. Swollen and waiting for the tiniest amount of friction to get off. Proof that I’d rode him until I’d gotten off glistened down his shaft. He’d never expected me to get up and leaving him that close to the edge. He didn’t have permission to come and his suffering was my long lost lover.

“Please, Mistress.” He begged.

“Hush, boy. Whining is for sissies. Did you want me to put something in your ass?”

“No!” He shouted his refusal but his nipples tightened. Something to toy with later.

“Too bad. Sissies are a lot of fun.” I lowered my head and breathed on his waiting member.

“Oh god, please!” His hips arched and I leaned upwards.

“That’s going to cost you.”

I walked to the foot of the bed and used a single fingernail down the center of his foot making his foot cramp. He knew better than to move. His body shook in shock, not knowing what to do. The pain registered in his groin and pre-cum pooled then leaked down the side of his pulsing manhood.


“Ma’am… I…”


“I want to please you. I’ll do anything.”

The red blindfold against his skin was erotic making me want to torture him forever just so I could watch him completely bound for me.


“Yes! Anything for you, Mistress.”

I tilted my hand so that when he arched his back his cock would slide along it. He was about to work for the orgasm that he wanted.

“You’ll fuck my hand but first, you’ll have to find it with your hips. You may come when it’s time.”

“Yes.” Relief was apparent in his voice. He needed this.

He arched his back and moved his hips until he made contact with my hand. His chest heaved as he bucked against it. I leaned down and blew between my fingers. His thrusts quickened and the frenzy took away his breath leaving him panting.

Cum released from him and I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, jerking him to completion. Once he was spent and softening, I cleaned my hand and sat down in the chair opposite the bed.

“I’ll give you time to recover, but after you have… we’ll get you ready again. I’m horny.”

He nodded his head vigorously. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, boy.”

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How They Do (Another Cheeky Girl Installment)


Inspired by Masturbation Monday



Mondays had become his favorite day of the week. I knew that I wrote for him but I wasn’t sure that he understood that until today. His call was brief but held so much promise.

“You’ve been a good girl lately. Snarky, but good. Time so see if I can get you all riled up like you graciously do to me. When I get home, be ready.”

I was a firm believer that even if I wasn’t around, he needed to still get off daily. Mondays were the one day that I could get away with teasing him without punishment. He looked forward to my weekly challenge and I could never disappoint him.  Today’s post had been rather explicit because we’d had incredible sex last next. It was so good that I could still feel him. I’d needed the world to know about it.

His promise of being ready meant that he’d come home hard and ready to rumble in the sheets. I’d taken the liberty of sitting at the table completely nude except the hat on my head and the pink lipstick on my lips. He’d expressed just how good this color looked wrapped around his cock. Since I was out to entice him, it seemed appropriate.

When the door opened he walked in with a perfect view of what was beneath the table. My arms propped up my head but my eyes were still a mystery, unseen. I licked my lips slowly bringing attention to my mouth. Effectiveness wasn’t a question once I’d heard a deep growl came from his lips.

“Good evening.” I greeted.

“Evening, pet. Feeling coy today?”

“All I know is that you wanted me to be ready and I am.”

“Good girl.” He moved toward me and I remained patient. He was here and that meant that good things would follow.

I could feel his presence in front of me, across the table.  I wanted to move but I knew better.

“Leave the hat in place, lie on top of the table and suck me.” Aroused, just as I thought.

I stood and crawled onto the table heading toward where I’d heard his voice. His hand caught me before I’d crawled too far, I leaned forward to kiss him and was welcomed with those delicious lips of his. He held the sides of my face making me feel like his treasured girl. Familiarity allowed me to unbutton his shirt and then his pants. I kissed down his stomach and then his groin where his very stiff member waited for me.

“Make sure you kiss it before putting me in your mouth.” He instructed.

Master was thorough in that way. I needed to show appreciation before worshipping and I was more than okay with that. I kissed along the length of him and just as I was about to put him into my mouth hands spread my legs and I froze.

“It’s only been a few weeks and you’ve forgotten me already?”

I moaned loud and long. I was about to be devoured by two of my favorite men. Together they could turn me into a puddle of mess. Sir licked my clit and pulled it into his mouth sucking it persistently before letting go. Where was I again?

“You’re going to play a little game with us. You’re going to mimic my actions on your Master. He’ll cum before you do and so will I. We’ll determine if you get a turn when the time comes.”

I whined and Sir punished my ass with a firm smack. “Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He sucked my clit and moaned, almost forgetting the rules to this ridiculous game. They’d win, they always did. Another firm slap to my ass sent me into action. Master removed the hat from my head and I looked up into his eyes.

“Have I told you how much I love that color around my cock?”

I pulled away briefly. “Yes, Master but I’ll listen again.”

Another transgression received the appropriate corrective action. He was licking me and I was talking. I groaned and mimicked his actions. Sir got into the taste of me and his actions became blurred and I tried to keep up as much as I could. Concentration became unbearable when he twirled this and that while sucking over here and over there. My moans became puffs of air that I tried to breathe while sucking. My fingers fumbled while trying to hold Master in my mouth. I needed a reprieve so that I could get back on track because whatever he was doing back there was wickedly right in all the wrong ways.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by sexual thrills that you felt buried in bliss? There was no way out and you weren’t really looking for the exit? This was that moment. Of course, Sir’s mouth on me was a godsend but it was about more than that. Submission was something that ran deep and with these two, it was easy to surrender my all. It was like a drug, too intense to fight off. My head was swimming in a pool that they’d filled. Unable to keep up, more pain was administered making it even more difficult to stay in the moment.

“Baby girl?”

I looked up and Master’s expression was hard to read. I blinked but the pending orgasm was too much. I was shivering and a thoughtless mess.

“Suck.” And I did.

“Deeper.” His instruction seemed so logical but without it I was clueless.

Before I knew it, I was back in the game. Master’s grip on the table was firm and I knew he was close. His instruction was far, few, and in between. His warning was loud and clear.

“Fuck! I’m coming!”

He finished in my mouth at the same time that I felt Sir finishing along my back. It was rare that they were ready at the same time, but I’d take it. Pride swelled once more before I Sir’s fingers inside and directly on my g-spot. He wasted no time but I didn’t need to be prepped. I was ready and exploded shortly after the right teases and touches were applied.

When I came down from my high, I was wrapped between the two of them on the couch with my favorite blanket. Sir smiled at me while my head lay on Master’s chest. He massaged my feet and I closed my eyes once again letting them take care of me the way that they do.

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8.22.2016: Bastard (Part I)


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Catch Part 2 Here!


Maybe I was a bastard but I didn’t give a shit. Long days. CEO. Divorced. No kids, thank fuck. Nothing against them but my ex would have taken even more if I’d created hell spawn with her. Yeah, I drive a nice car, own a few more, house, and all that other fancy shit but in the end, it’s not worth what it seems. But you can’t tell that to the groupies that flock to the bling or sees dollar signs when they get a glimpse of real leather shoes that have initials that only money can buy.

There’s more to me than money but bitches will never see it. Not all women are bitches and all bitches aren’t women. But with the way that loyalty has been, I trust people as far as I can pay them. You know, arm’s length.

I was downstairs at the bar, minding my business when this floozy walks up and damn near begs to blow me off. I was in a bad mood. And “No” just wasn’t getting through her drugged out mind.


“Darling, sorry I’m late.” At first, I didn’t pay attention but then another woman, who was not the floozy, leaned around me and kissed me briefly. Startled, I looked at her and she smiled mischievously. “I said sorry. You don’t have to be cruel about it.”

Baffled, because I was still put off by the kiss, I nodded. The two women glared at one another until the beauty trying to save me spoke up.

“Who is your friend, Darling?”

I scoffed at the word friend. “I don’t know her. I think that she was looking for her dealer.”

The beauty with the southern drawl laughed and put my arm around her. Taking advantage of the moment, I caressed the curve of her back while looking into her eyes. She almost purred. The kitten laying underneath the skin wasn’t afraid to play. But what about the woman?

I looked over to see the floozy still there looking desperate. The jackpot radar was still whirling inside her head. And she seemed unaffected by the intrusion. Time to make this crystal fucking clear.

“You’re done here.”

The floozy rolled her eyes and stood walking to some schmuck she probably had a better chance with. I turned to thank the beautiful southerner but she was gone. I just knew I’d have to pay her off too. Lucky me. I’d managed to get out of all of that without paying a dime. Not even for a drink. Call me a horrible bastard but I was good with the outcome. Three Scotches later, I was feeling better than I had when I sat down. My tie was loose, suit jacket beside me on the stool, the first two buttons undone on my shirt and sleeves rolled up to my elbows. The amber liquid had taken effect and I was ready to retire for the night. Meetings over and I had the rest of the week to enjoy.

I walked to the elevator, jacket over a shoulder, taking my time. No rush. Leaning against the wall, I waited for the next elevator car to arrive. Ping! I looked up and then walked into an empty elevator. I leaned back and slowly released air from my lungs. Stress seemed to exit with it making for a lighter load. Just before the doors closed they reopened and in walked that southern charmer from earlier.


“Well hello, there Darling.” She greeted. Unlike earlier, that accent was slurred and laced with liquid courage. She stood in front but just to the side of me after she pressed the number just below mine.

I nodded accepting her greeting. “I never got a chance to thank you for earlier.”

“No problem sugar. I saw her at the bar harassing some poor bastard yesterday. You seemed ready to slug her so I decided to save you the hassle.”

Silence resumed and the sexual tension in the elevator was so thick it was difficult to fucking breathe. Her dress hugged every curve of her body displaying just how divine she really was. All she needed was a hat to finish off her “Southern Belle” demeanor. Her bare back only reminded me of how responsive she’d been. I reached forward and stroked her there. She gasped and it was the sweetest fucking sound.

“Don’t.” She whispered.

“Give me one reason.”

I walked up behind her and kissed the smooth skin at her neck. Did she just purr?

“I can’t focus if you’re doing that.” She looked back at me over her shoulder and said words I never thought she would.

“I’m not for sale.”

I chuckled but chose not to respond. Everybody had a price; she just hadn’t been faced with the opportunity yet. I bit the same place I’d kissed and her knees grew weak.

“You know we could take this to my room and discuss this over a glass of wine.”

She laughed low and seductive. “I don’t think you want to talk, big boy.”

I pulled her hips into mine and let her feel the truth in her words. She gasped again, caught by surprise.

“I don’t. I want to find out how sensitive you really are and if you’re smooth all over.” I knew I wasn’t playing fair since my mouth grazed her ear with each and every word. “Come, let me show you what I really want to do.”


“Mmm… fuck!” She whispered. Her breathing now labored, let me know just how aroused she truly was.

“Yes, exactly that.” The elevator opened and I walked around her and exited.

“Your call. Penthouse Suite 3.” I walked out and turned the corner where the Penthouse elevator waited. Up to my suite, I went hoping she’d eventually see reason.


I sat drinking another glass of Scotch in my room, debating whether to shower when I heard a soft knock. I sat down my glass and made my way to the door. When I opened it, in walked that southern girl and she was more exquisite than before. She walked in wearing a trench coat and shoes made just for her. As she passed me, her hand grazed my groin intently. I groaned and she continued as if she wasn’t fazed.

Her coat was opened and dropped to the floor revealing black lace thigh highs, panties and bra. Things were finally starting to look up. She walked into my bedroom and stretched out on the bed exposing her ass to me and disposing of her shoes. I could tell that her panties were already wet from where I stood but still I moved closer. I sat in the chair next to the bed and watched as her fingers teased that sweet pussy of hers. I had the perfect view of her bent over and her hand coming from underneath her to give me a show.


I’d grabbed my drink and sipped it slowly. We hadn’t spoken a word to one another and I preferred it that way. Soon there would be enough sound to forget the words. I watched as she expertly fingered herself as she probably had many times before. She was probably getting off on the fact that I was watching and I couldn’t blame her. The energy was fucking magnetic.

“Please…” She begged.

“Please, what?” I inquired.

“Please, do as you promised.”

“I am. I told you I didn’t want to talk.”

“No…” She whined so sweetly. And yes, I was going to make her beg for what she wanted. It was no secret that I got off on shit like that.

“Then what?”

“I want you…” Her words dragged, pleading.

I started unbuttoning my shirt. She was getting closer. “I’m here.”

“Don’t make me say it.” Her fingers dipped inside and she groaned. “Here, I want you here.”

“I am here.” My voice was gruff even to my ears. Fuck I wanted her. But I wanted… no needed her to fucking beg for it.

“God!” She moaned as she worked herself over.

“No, I’m Miguel. Not God but if you’re into role playing, I’m not opposed.”

“Please!” She whined.

“Good girl. Now we’re getting somewhere. Say it again.”

I saw her suck the fingers of her free hand and I groaned. We couldn’t have that. Her mouth could be taking care of much better things. I stood and took off my shirt and unbuckled my pants.

Her moans echoed through the room and her fingers were hitting something good because her thighs shook, toes curled, and her moans were reckless. She cared not who heard her and neither did I.

“Miguel, I’m so close… please… please… please…”

“Tell me what you need, pretty girl.”

“You!” Her screams replicated the shattering of her will as she came. Her hands pulled her hair and her body jerked while she succumbed to the call of her orgasm.


I stood and ran my fingertips down her back. Her skin was damp from the exertion of the take over from her orgasm and it was a good one.

When she calmed, she looked back at me with a nervous smile. “Hi.”

I chuckled. “Hello.”

“I… I guess I should take off. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

“You didn’t and you were magnificent.”

She blushed. “Thank you.”

I leaned down and kissed the small of her back and she sighed.

“Now… now…”

“I’ll let you take a minute to recover and I’ll get you a glass of water before we start.” I turned and heading toward the bar to get her a bottled water.

“Start?” She asked bewildered.

“Yes. Once you’re hydrated, I want to see what it feels like for you to be that wet while I’m deep inside you.”

Her mouth opened in shock but nothing came out.

“I can put something in that hole too.”

I walked away leaving her to deal with the excitement that I knew was coursing through her. Yeah, she’d be a fun way to relieve the stress I’m feeling this week and I had no problems with doing that. Why? Because I’m a sick bastard and she hadn’t even tipped the iceberg on what that’ll mean for her.


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