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5.8.2016: The News: A Mother’s Day Treat

The News

I blinked at the line of plastic indicators. All 12 of them said the same thing in one way or another. Pluses, double lines, and words popped up on the little screen. One even flashed it to my attention. There was no turning back. I didn’t believe the first two tests that came in the same box. No, they had to be faulty. But 12 more later, different brands, shapes, color scales, and even random wait times later, it was confirmed. I sighed in defeat. This wasn’t a part of the agreement. Agreeing to be His didn’t include pregnancy. We are in sync and enjoying the relationship as it is. There was no room for a baby. After trial and a lot of error, I’d finally gotten it right this time. Found someone that made me cherish my submission enough for me to offer it without worry. This couldn’t be happening.

The happiness that I should be feeling was there, somewhere buried under what “ifs” and “why now’s”. I sighed sitting on the toilet with the seat cool against my bum cheeks. My hands were locked together covering my mouth. I shook as I thought over my reality. The scary part was that I wanted it. Not because I don’t believe in abortion but because it was His. My gift of submission was being rewarded with a present of life. He’d never spoken of children, marriage, and forever. We lived in the current and had always been safe. Except…

I remembered it clear as the air I breathed. Several weeks ago, the condom I’d declared faulty had not only broken but put me in my current predicament. He’d mentioned nothing about the possibilities that had unfolded. He’d simply cleaned us, retrieved the broken pieces, cleaned me again, and cuddled. Who really knew what that meant? I sighed again and hoped that I could get through tonight before I had to tell him. I’d planned a really nice seduction scene but the initial agenda didn’t include an aftercare with confessions of the unplanned pregnancy.

Everything was already in place; I just needed to get my ass in gear. I cleared the counter in one swipe into the garbage can and put it underneath the sink. Out of sight, out of mind; hopefully. I showered letting the water soothe me. Rivulets of water cascaded over my body as the shower head jet strands of liquid resolve over me. Squeaky, I got out of and toweled off. I took extra care of using honeydew and melon oil to scent and moisturize me skin. It was His favorite, marking me as edible. I shivered as it dawned on me that I would be powerless in just a couple of hours. It stirred something deep yet felt peaceful too.

I sat out both wine glasses on the table while cooling the bottle in the chiller. Dinner had been in the crock-pot since this morning. Beef stew perfumed the air and the bread was waiting to be warmed with the basil butter I’d made earlier in the week. The night I’d planned was perfect but now I didn’t know how I was going to manage it with the heavy news on my shoulder. I took my glass from the table and poured cranberry juice to the rim. I took several sips before heading to the window to sit where I got lost in the view, biding my time until He came home.



“Isn’t that a sight for sore eyes.”

I turned to see Him watching me carefully. I looked over at the clock realizing just how much time had passed. My thoughts had taken over channeling out everything else. I turned, sitting my glass down on the sill, and kneeled before him.

“I’m sorry. Time got away from me.”

“It’s okay. What are you cooking? It smells amazing.”

“Your favorite. Beef stew.”

A hearty groan of approval sounded. I smiled needing his affirmation. He stepped closer and stroked my hair as I leaned onto his thigh. Perfection.

“It looks like someone wants to play hard.”

I smiled again knowing that he’d finally noticed the toys I’d laid out for him. I needed to be pushed and he’d given me permission to pick his weapons of destruction.

“Want to tell me what’s going on before we start?”

I shook my head hoping to skip the semantics. The silence was a giveaway that I’d better provide answers. I sighed.

“I’m stressed.”


I opened my mouth to tell him and nothing came out. Tears rolled down my face but I didn’t move or speak. I knew in this moment that I couldn’t go any further. It was time to confess. The honesty that we’d built in our communication deserved more than a partial truth. His hand pulled my hair tipping my head back. There was no hiding my emotions from him and I didn’t try to once he’d exposed them. Lips devoured mine making me shiver and cry harder. I poured all of my emotion in to the one single kiss hoping that it wouldn’t be the last time. Tongues clashed and he took control as easily as taking candy from a baby. Baby…


He pulled away kissing over my neck and shoulders. It was gentile, loving, and possessive all at the same time. I couldn’t help but to sober a bit as he laid claim. By the time that he’d gotten to my nipple and sucked, I’d forgotten the issue. My brain was short circuited completely when he pulled each one with his teeth adding pressure. Being sensitive there, the pain shook my core quickly giving me nowhere to hide. I wanted him.

“Please.” I begged for more.

He pulled away and squatted in front of me. “You will please me, but first my girl is going to tell me what bothers her so much.”

I opened my eyes staring into the most intense gaze I’d ever seen. It wasn’t scary or intimidating. It radiated strength and love, warmth and firmness, dedication and honesty. It was a reflection of what I gave him and I knew it was time. No more holding back. I took his free hand and moved it down the center of my body until it reached my stomach and I held it there firmly. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“Every Master needs an understudy.”

He looked at me studying my expression. Openly, I returned the emotion I saw in his eyes, hoping I wasn’t imagining it. The corner of his lips turned upwards and his boyish grin was a good indication of how our son would look.

“Every submissive needs to find new ways to give more of herself.”

“Yes, Sir. I have.”

“And it’s so fucking beautiful.”

Warmth exploded over me and I squealed. He let go of my hair just as I jumped onto him, knocking him over, onto the floor. I kissed him repeatedly and he chuckled. I stared down at him and he looked up into my eyes.

“Did you think I wouldn’t be happy?”

I blushed and looked away from his gaze.

“Punishing you tonight will be the highlight of my day.” He remarked before spanking my bare ass.

I squeaked, caught off guard.

“Yes, Sir.”

He rolled us over pinning me to the floor. I moaned, submitting fully to the sexiest man in the planet. He stared down at me as he ground his pant cladded hips into my bare ones. His bulge signaled just how much he wanted me. He released one hand to unfasten his pants and to slide inside of me in one sweep. I’d wanted him all day despite my nervousness. Holding me down had focused all of my desire to the pulsing muscles in my cunt. I was beyond ready. I arched my back at the intrusion welcoming every inch of him.

“No need for a condom is there?”

“No Sir.” I whispered.

My body already had spasms wrecking it. He tilted his hips, realigning mine. I felt him deeper than I could ever recall. He put his hands back into mine pinning me completely. As he worked his hips grinding into me I felt marked. It was the first time that we’d never used protection. The sentiment wasn’t lost on me, giving meaning to the new tears sliding into the hair at my temples. Deep thrusts were welcomed by my body. I quivered, barely able to hang on to the lust building inside.

“You’re mine. Your body is mine. The child growing inside of you is mine. Your desires belong to me. Your happiness, it’s mine too.”

“Yes!” I moaned loudly. “Please, may I?”

He leaned down to my ear and his panting drove me insane with need. I was so wet, coating us with enough of my nectar to feed an army. Finally, he spoke between gritted teeth.

“You’ll come with me. Only then will I allow you to release your need for me. Mine!”

Harder he took me. Faster. Wilder. It was so intense that I couldn’t tell where I ended and he began. His hips bucked and he snarled as his released took over his body. Right there with him, I gave in to the call of his seed.

“Yours!” I screamed while releasing.

“Fuck!” I shouted. Another orgasm ripped from him and I whimpered encouragingly.

Time moved, we didn’t. Gasping, panting, and trying to ride the high of the best sex. Eventually, he rolled to my side and pulled me close. I nestled in and closed my eyes content.

“You’re still getting punished tonight. Right after I finish up the beef stew.”

I smiled. “Yes, Sir.”

“That wasn’t wine in that glass was it? Another infraction?”

I shook my head smiling wider. “Cranberry juice.”

He hummed in approval. “My good girl.”

“Yes. Yours.”

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4.8.2016: Declaration

This story was written for the Brain to Books Cyber Convention (B2B CyCon). Sit back, relax, enjoy, and Welcome To My World…



                I lay in bed, staring at the wall, wondering why I get myself into these situations. I looked over to find her getting dressed. I shook my head and rolled my eyes as shame and anger coursed through me. Yes, I’ve done it once again. Gotten my hopes up that today would be different. Today, she would see my worth and things would be picture perfect. I allowed myself the pleasure of watching her carefully put on her clothes. Every article of clothing was perfectly put into place as if I didn’t exist. Like I’d never touched her.

I heard my own moans echoing throughout my mind, ringing in my ears. I closed my eyes trying to shake the sound, instead I was transported back three hours. We laughed and talked on my couch about things that would never happen. She didn’t make promises to keep, yet I felt like she could. Should. I wanted her to confess her feelings for me so that I could come clean. Feelings that shouldn’t have festered had and there wasn’t a damn thing that I could do about it.

She leaned closer, laying her head next to my arm on the back of the couch. Her hand made lazy circles on my thigh and I felt every lazy swirl as if she placed it directly on my clit. It was hard to concentrate and the sexual tension in the room grew to a level that made it hard to breathe anything but lust. She reached up with her lips, connecting them with mine. All reason vanished, giving her the upper hand. She inched me backwards on the couch taking all that I gave plus more. She captured and invaded my mind, body, and soul. I was doomed and knew it.

Between the kissing, stroking of parts, licking and even fondling, I forgot that I was supposed to be protecting my heart. Reason kicked in to detour her plans, but then she bit the inside of my thigh causing me to shudder. I placed my hands behind her head bringing her to the spot that I desired to be touched the most. Clothes were disposed on the floor and the only thing that separated us from one another was air.

Her tongue divided my folds giving her access to the nectar stored there. She moaned her delight at tasting me. I knew how much she enjoyed it because she often expressed how bad she craved my sweetness. It made this moment more sensational, fulfilling. I lifted my hips to give her better access. She moaned loud and long while inserting her fingers inside me. It was now my turn to moan my pleasure to her. Fingers twisted, stretched, pulled, pumped, and stroked me into a frenzy.

“Did you miss me?” She asked.

I nodded trying to keep some semblance of respect for myself.

“How much?”

I sighed and her fingers moved deeper causing me to tremble with need. She wasn’t going to make this easy.

“Tell me how much you missed me.”

I held back not disclosing another word. But all that did was fuel her into making me pant, moan, and finally beg for release. My orgasm was mounting and the fear of her finding out just how much I cared for her drove me back into silence.  Her stubborn nature refused to let me hide away, so I turned my head, moaning into the couch. Her mouth closed over my clit at the same time that she twisted her fingers sending them deep inside of me.

“Yes!” I screamed.

“Now tell me how much.”

“So much!” I cried.

She pushed me right to edge of my orgasm and kept me suspended until she was ready to finish me off. My body shook and convulsed in shock of the generous amount of pleasure radiating through me.

“Tell me you’re mine.” She whispered hoarsely.

Tears conveyed how much of my heart was being exposed and how I felt about it. For her, this experience was purely sexual. To me it was about wanting to be loved and treasured by this one particular person. I wanted her feelings to be just as strong as mine were. I wanted her to end my misery and to claim me as hers. It was more than what would ever happen. It was more than she could ever comprehend. I was hopelessly in love with a woman who would never reciprocate the feelings that I had at the intense level of forever. I was a pawn that she used when she had not another left. This was the way that I tortured myself every time that she glanced in my direction. It was this small amount of pleasure that she would give to me that would keep me hanging on until the next time.

“Tell me!”

Her voice was commanding but there was no hiding the lust that rode her. She needed this just as much as I did. It was my job to make sure that she got everything that she could possibly want in my time with her. Despite the fact that she was incapable of demonstrating her feelings, I knew that on some level she needed me. A quick screw was something that she could get from anywhere, but the way that I gave into her was something that she couldn’t find anywhere else. Here with me, we made love. We both knew it. It started off hurried with lust but at some point before she left, emotions would flow without words. My body would show her how much I loved her. Her body would show me how badly she wanted to love me, but something prevented it. I didn’t have the power to unlock her heart so that the love would pour freely from her. It was locked away for another.

“I’m yours!” I screamed as I shattered into a million pieces.

Just as I knew, she put me back together with her kisses and how she tenderly stroked my body. When I could focus again, she led me to my room where she did it all over again. Slowly. Surely. The wild and ravaged torture slowed to something that tore at my heart. I was in too deep and didn’t try to block my feelings for her. It felt delicious as our skin caressed one another’s. Her lips touched every inch of my body leaving nothing untouched. Every plea was met by a quantum of worshipping that lead to more and more.

I was pulled out of my memories by her movement around the bed. I blinked knowing that I was moments from breaking down into a mess of emotions. I just had to hold it together for a bit more. She would be gone soon.

“Thank you.” She graciously told me.

I nodded unable to get the lump from my throat. She leaned down and kissed me thoroughly. It was her silent apology for not being able to be what I needed. Her seal on what she could give. I savored it and when she tried to pull away, I followed her dropping the sheet and exposing my body. I didn’t care about hiding it since she knew it better than anyone else in the world. My arms wrapped around her neck and she held my face pouring her emotions into me. Like each departing kiss, I felt that spark, that thing that she tried so hard for me not to feel. I held on to it and gave her more of me until I felt a surge of emotion coming from her. When it became too much for her to bare, she withdrew and nibbled my lips letting me know that it was time to bottle things back up. I closed my eyes letting her go. Immediately, I felt the loss and I stayed still, frozen in that spot. I touched my lips, still feeling the grazes of hers. I didn’t make another move until I heard the door to my home close.

I held my mouth trembling for another reason than I had hours ago. When I heard her car start and pull away, the flood gates opened allowing my heart to cry freely. I spoke the words that she would never hear loud and clear.

“I love you.” The declaration tore my soul to shreds and I collapsed onto the bed yearning to be loved back.

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