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Resources have been pulled from various sites to give you the most asked questions and answers. Enjoy!

Q. Do you ever get Writer’s Block?

A. Absolutely. It seems to happen mostly when I try to suppress my creative flow. I’ve learned to try to write it down when it comes to mind so that the next thoughts can build. The inopportune times when it does occur, I usually listen to music, drive with no destination in mind, or I’ll find a fountain to sit by and listen to the water. When none of that works, I relocate my writing space to a public place where I can observe others. That usually does the trick.

Q. Do you outline your story before you write?

A. Yes, but it’s usually once I’ve gotten to the middle of the story. I have a tendency to jump in with excitement and outline what I’ve done then where I need to go. It rebuilds creative energy. I’ve learned that if I map it all out first I lose interest.

Q. Where do you write?

A. Everywhere! If I’m at work, I may jot down notes in my cell phone. If I’m lying in bed, I’ll use my iPad. If I’m driving, I’ll use the voice recorder (I always start it BEFORE I begin my journey.)

Q. What books have helped you the most?

A. Currently, I’ve been using Tymber Dalton’s two books: Pimp Yourself: Easy, Painless, and Cheap Self-Promotion for Writers and Opening a Vein for Fun and Profit: A Writer’s Guide to Channeling Blood Into Books. They were huge eye opening reads that helped me to focus on the reality of becoming a published author. It won’t be easy, quick, and all of the benefits won’t kick in immediately. You have to work at building your brand.

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