Limits of Love Series

This series focuses on BDSM, pain, and finding the boundaries of love. Inside each book, you’ll find a unique story about each couple and the challenges that they face. There are erotic scenes and some of the books will have darker stories than the rest. They can be read separately or together but the characters will leave tidbits of information in the other books to connect them as a series. Enjoy.

Unspoken Heartaches, Prequel

Howard, a true alpha male and fierce protector, takes care of everything, including his family, his business and his friends. As the owner of Club Illusions, he’s a professional dominant who possesses both strength and determination. But even the strongest of men need someone to take care of them.

Shelly, a young, troubled woman learns that, while she can’t change her past, her future is ripe for the taking. But will she take it?

Harrison, Howard’s younger brother, feels it’s time for him to move out of the shadows and show everyone what the Baker men are all about. Will the sacrifices he makes be worth it in the end, or will Harrison be the one who is sacrificed?

In Unspoken Heartaches, author Jade Royal introduces you to this intriguing cast of characters in her new Limits of Love series. They will draw you deep into their world and show you how they push all limits to find the one thing everyone wants most … love.

Imperfect Love, Book 1

Drawn to each other since they were teenagers, Shelly and Harrison have fought their attraction for years. A bold move from Shelly changes the game and awakens a need so primal that it can’t be ignored. She’s willing to take a chance on the “ladies’ man”, risking her heart in the process. Something is wrong though … something that Shelly can’t seem to unravel. What is he hiding? Does the secret he’s keeping matter?

When the truth is forced from Harrison, all hope of a future with Shelly is lost. A past that haunts his present seems to be taking over his life, trying to destroy everything in its path. Will it annihilate everything? Or will Harrison and Shelly find an Imperfect Love?

Tethered Trust, Book 2

Running from a demon that has been after her for six years, Vanessa needs respite. His last threat echoes in her mind even now. He’s already won. Why won’t he leave her alone? How much more can he take besides her life?

Jamar isn’t looking for love. He’s too busy with his passions for photography and rope to ponder such things, but a favor from Mistress X flips the script, putting love at his doorstep. Is he strong enough to walk away from the fiery Latina? Or is he already doomed? Does he have enough rope to slay her dragons?

Broken Intentions, Book 3

Shattered by a past that will forever haunt him, Sampson has been abused in multiple ways. He doesn’t let it hold him back. He’s moved on. Nothing can stand in his sassy way of happiness until his past catches up with him, knocking him down and into the hospital, and unsure about everything. Why now?

When he awakens to see Aiden standing in front of him offering him a chance to explore everything he’s wished for, he’s not interested. Why should he be when the only thing he longs for is to succumb to darkness that is always lurking near… along with his abuser?

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