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The Reaper Collection

They’re coming without mercy…

The Optimist
The Child
The Scorned Woman
The Best Friend

They want revenge….

A chain of lies spoken by trusted parents, stolen possibilities from a lover, the wrongful conviction of a stranger, and betrayal by the greatest ally. Pain corrupts their minds, twists their souls, and schemes a plan for death. Their victims will face karma, delivered as retribution.

And nothing will stop them…

Chancing Love

I was in my own world, minding my own business, but he chose my table, disrupting my groove. He has no manners and doesn’t think twice about the weight of his words. Why me? There was something that intrigued me about him. I couldn’t explain it, but something kept me from throwing my drink in his face and sending him away. He must have slipped something into my chai tea to make me wonder about the man behind those beautiful eyes of his. Who was he?

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t plan to meet the woman I wasn’t strong enough to walk away from. She’s here, in my favorite coffee shop. She answers my questions with more questions. It should be irritating as hell, not sexy. Or maybe I was blinded by her curly hair, neo-soul vibe, and her good taste in music. Who in the fuck is this woman?

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