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9.15.2016: Am I Dreaming

I had to be dreaming. There was no way in hell that he was here with me. Or maybe I should say that there was no way that I was here with him. I looked over in the seat beside me to see him fast asleep. I really needed to go to the bathroom but didn’t want to wake him while trying to pass him. Carefully, I removed my seat belt and inched to the isle. When I was safely out of the waking him up zone, I darted to the restroom.

Expecting a tiny space like on a normal folk plane, I was taken back by the added space that the private plane offered. The nagging feeling of an impatient bladder stopped me from gawking to handle my business.  After freshening up, I headed back to my seat. He slept still and I maneuvered to slide by him. This time, not so lucky. Turbulence took control and shook us up a bit. Stumbling forward, I grabbed the seat above his head to prevent falling on top of him. I closed my eyes as the plane experienced shakes from the air pockets.

“Well, that’s a nice sight to wake up to.”

I opened my eyes to see him looking at my breasts that were at his eye level.

“Sorry. I was coming back from the bathroom and…”

The plane shook again and I held on tighter.

I felt hands along my sides and then he palmed my breasts through my bra. I gasped.

“Yes, this is definitely one hell of a way to wake up.”

He lifted the armrests and then my skirt as he pulled me to straddle him. I looked over my shoulder and saw no signs of the flight attendant. He leaned up taking my lips between his, disconnecting rational thoughts. He was him. The man I’d lusted over for god knows how long and he was here. Why would I not kiss him?


His hands stroked my thighs causing all kinds of tremors. I ground against him and he lifted my shirt. Distracted by his reveal, he moved his mouth to kiss along the tops of my breasts. I heard crackling before the pilot came over the loudspeaker.

“Prepare for landing.”

Fuck. Me.

He chuckled and pulled my shirt down. “Don’t worry, we’ll resume this soon.”

I sighed and stood to put myself back together. I sat in my seat and buckled my seatbelt. Why hadn’t I gone to the bathroom earlier?


Settled onto the ship, I went straight to the room I’d used the first time. We’d spent 5 days and 6 nights on the island. It was beautiful! He’d been filming scenes for his next movie so he’d been pretty busy the entire time while I toured. I expected to see him during the nights but that hadn’t happened either. All of that time had passed since I’d straddled his lap and I was in a constant state of arousal. I wanted him and now our trip was over. After this ride on the ship, it was back on the flight then off to the real world. I showered and went to sleep acknowledging the fact that it was a mishap that wouldn’t happen again.


My eyes flew open and my heart rate was off the charts. I moaned loud as the orgasm shook my core. What. In. The. Hell? He kissed up my body from between my legs and underneath the sheet until his lips were planted against mine. I heard the familiar sounds of foil unwrapping before he entered me. Moist and ready for him, I accepted his thickness easily. He filled me completely making me lose my breath once again.

“Were you expecting me tonight?” He asked.

“What? No! Why…? Mmm.”

“Because you aren’t wearing any clothes.” He moved inside of me with skillful determination.

“I fell asleep…” I moaned holding nothing back.

He leaned closer and I held his shoulders from underneath. Trying to hold on, I scratched at his back and he seemed to love it. He groaned loudly into my ear letting me know just how much he was enjoying himself.

I arched my hips and clenched my muscles around him. “Oh!”

I licked my lips and then kissed along his chest. I wanted to savor him too. He pulled my hair to give him access to my neck where he buried his face. I arched it giving him space to do as he wished. He sucked and kissed. I knew I would be marked in the morning but I didn’t care.

His body rocked mine taking me to greater heights than I’d ever been. He kept me on edge careful not to tip the scale. Slickened bodies caressed one another as we searched for new and exciting ways to arouse the other. He rolled over putting me on top. He pulled my arms behind my back and I whined yet again. It was so good and intense that tears threatened the back of my eyes.

“Ride me, beautiful.”

I purred and tried to give him what he needed. I leaned toward him, careful of my wrists allowing him fully inside of me again. With every motion my body fought for release, it was so intensely felt that I struggled to follow his orders. His hips moved to meet mine taking away the last bit of resistance I had. I came violently as he hit the same sweet spot over and over. He didn’t stop after the first time or the second. He rolled us over mounting me again where he rode me until my body seized hard.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” I screamed.

He roared just as loud as he came as well. Spent, I passed out trying to remember how he’d gotten into my room


I watched as the clouds surrounded us again as we left the airport. I was exhausted. We’d had sex multiple times throughout the night leaving me without sleep. I counted the cluster of clouds until they blurred.


His beard nuzzled along my neck, waking me from my slumber. “Get on top of me.”

I blinked trying to make sense of his words. “What?”

“You’ve made me unbearably hard. Get on top of me.”

“I’ve been asleep!”

“I keep thinking about the sexy noises you make when you’re helplessly riding me.”

Wherever the soreness was before was replaced by the deepest of throbs.

“Get. On. Top. Of. Me. Now, beautiful.”

I took off my seatbelt and stood up. I removed my shoes and panties, lifting my dress, I straddled him and he moaned.

“Now kiss me.”

I did. He prepared his shaft before he entered me slowly. I appreciated it since I was tender.

“Ride me.”

Raising my hips and rocking back and forth had never felt so good. My hair showered around us as I leaned down to kiss him. He lowered the strap to my dress and bra and pulled my nipple with his fingers. I moaned into his mouth and he moved his hands down to grab my ass, holding me in place as he rocked into me. He lowered the back of the seat until it lay almost flat. He went deeper inside me and there was no mistaking the sound of skin on skin as it echoed through the cabin of the plane. If he didn’t care, neither did I. I was so close. God…

“Please!” I moaned.

He reached between us, teasing my clit. I gripped him tightly as I rode out my orgasm. He came and the shaking of his body tipped me again into a blinding whirlwind of bliss.

Kisses along my shoulder and face woke me this time. He was holding me and I closed my eyes again.

“Baby, I need you to get into your seat while the plane lands. I’ll hold you while we ride to my house.”

“Your house?”

“Yes, did you think I was going to let you go that easily?”

I kissed him and then moved into my seat so that he could right his seat. I buckled in and put my head on his shoulder waiting for someone to pinch me to wake me from this dream.

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