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9.29.2016: Let’s Play A Game

I slid my hand down the curves of her body. Imperfections that she saw were the blueprints of my desires. She’d never outright said that she found herself unattractive. She’d only said that she didn’t think she was worthy of the attentions I bestowed. That was more than enough for me to understand that she didn’t value herself as I did.

My fingertips moved along her soft skin savoring all that she offered. By giving into my own need to worship her, I’d be pleasuring her in the best of ways. I massaged her breasts avoiding the most sensitive part. This was greater than sexual urgency. She needed to experience me devouring all of her not her brain being short-circuited by premature want.

I trailed digits up her arms awakening the nerves there. She was exquisitely bound in soft silk. It complimented her skin putting all sorts of dirty thoughts into my mind. Later. I’d get there.

Her lips were parted as she exhaled heat and inhaled seduction. The inferno inside her blazed so high that her skin became damp with perspiration. I ignored her whimpers for more than slight touches and stolen caresses. We’d get there too.

I stood up removing my black clothing; leather jacket, shirt, and pants. Her gaze roamed over my body and stiff member. She’d get plenty of that as well. I stroked my shaft slowly torturing myself just as slowly as I’d initiated with her.


“See how much I want you?” I asked.

“Yes.” Her voice was laced with pent up lust that she wanted to expel. That decision wasn’t hers. She’d come when I told her to.

“Watching you right now is more than enough to bring me to my knees. You’re so fucking beautiful.”

She looked away, bashful and ashamed of how those very words stroked something deep inside. I knew because I could see the fight in her now tense frame. She wanted to revel in it but she couldn’t allow false promises to penetrate her thick skin. Time to weaken the wall once more.

All of her body was alert and ready for more. I kissed her neck and then whispered in her ear. “Ready for a game?”

She was weary and had every right to be. “Yes.”

“I’m going to continue to ravish you. The only difference is that you’re going to tell me why I am. Each time focus my attention on any spot, you’ll tell me why it needs my attention.”


“No buts. I’ll let you simmer all night if you comply.”


I kissed down her neck and shoulders but this time, her breasts wouldn’t get off so easily. I kissed around the fullness of them. Lazily, my tongue worked toward the tip before I engulfed the erect nipple into my mouth. I lapped at the sensitive peak before pulling it with my lips and teeth.


Her body arched toward my mouth as she sought even more. I couldn’t continue because she wasn’t following the rules to my game. I released the breast and stared at her waiting.

She panted as if she’d just finished running. Her chest heaved and she wiggled. Her mind was a muddled mess because she couldn’t focus on anything except the sensations that I’d created.

“Love, is there something that you’d wish to say?”

She nodded but stuttered when she tried to speak. She took a deep breath and tried again. “Sensitive… Full… Lush… Sexy…”

“Good. Very good.”

I went back to smothering them with affections. Kissing between each breast and then showering them with kisses and licks. Sucking them until she shivered and trembled. I moved on to her hips. My fingers traced the curve of them while my mouth kissed and sucked. She chuckled a sultry laugh.

“It tickles and feels good at the same time.” It came out breathless and flirty.

“Mhm…” I moaned.

“You like them because they’re feminine.”

“God, yes!” I agreed.

I kissed over to her parted thighs and spread her wide. Kisses to her inner thighs sent her into a fit of moans and groans. I took my time completely blocking out the hurried cries.

“Because they should only part for you,” The words rushed from your lips and I swore that you’d come just from this. You were so close.

“Mhm…” I urged.

“And they are…”

My tongue moved to her pussy and she screamed. “Yes!”

Her clit was so sensitive but she was primed. Gently, I pulled back the hood and gave her one hard suck.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!” She screamed loudly as she came hard.

I pulled my mouth away from her dripping cunt and entered her in one smooth thrust. Fuck she was hot. In and out I moved building up another orgasm within us both. I leaned over and took her mouth. I kissed her as my pace quickened. It took us higher and higher until the spasms that wracked her body, seized mine. Move thrusts were wild and carefree. There was one goal and I sought completion for us both.

Spent, I laid on top of her while she kissed the sides of my face. I reached up, releasing the ties from her wrists. I moved beside her and pulled her into my arms before closing my eyes.

“Because they are both yours, as is the rest of my body. I know how much you love my lips.”

“Fucking, beautiful… All of you…”

“Yes.” She responded before I faded into the darkness.

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9.22.2016: Our Song


Our Song

I hung up the phone feeling more alone than I anticipated. Tomorrow was my big day. Well, technically the day was already present since the red numbers flashed 3:19 a.m. I stretched out on my bed and pulled the blanket up over my breasts. Every inch of my flesh tingled and She was the reason. I need relief, sexual relief. I needed her, all of her. We’d spent the past few months texting, talking, and sending pictures. Neither of us knew where this would lead but that didn’t persuade us that “this” was bad.

There was only one problem. Long nights of talking faded come morning. I walked around on a cloud of joy that I couldn’t explain to anyone because it sounded silly to lust over someone who lived so far away. What was the reason? I didn’t have one that created logic for any else. She was my bit of sunshine in the darkness.


“Wake up, wake up!”

I jumped, startled at the alarmingly loud voice echoing through my apartment. I blinked trying to figure out what in the hell was going on.

“Get. Up!”

Three of my crazy friends rushed into the room and I covered my very nude body just in time. What in the world?

“It’s time to get ready!” I looked at Erica and wondered why her loudness was necessary. We’d been BFF’s since were 8 years old but I never could get used to her boisterous tone.

“Ready for what?” I groaned.

“We’re taking you today before your party.” Alisa chimed in.

“Yeah, you need to be super sexy for tonight,” Isiah added.

I sighed. I was tired as shit but they weren’t going anywhere fast. I shooed them out with hand gestures. I’d planned this stupid party almost six months ago when I was happy about being single and having fun. Now I was in this… thing… and I had no idea what I was.

“Give me a second to get ready.” I wrapped the sheet tighter around me.

“You have 20 minutes.” Isiah threw over his shoulder.

“Yeah, yeah.”

I sighed but was thankful for the distraction. While sleep sounded amazing, I knew when I finally became alert loneliness would kick back in. Groans accompanied all of my movements as I made my way to the shower. Well, if you can’t beat them… get ready. Right?


Beautifully intoxicated, I walked through my party feeling good. Friends, family, and tons of eye candy was scattered all around the room. My favorite cake was on the tallest table in the room screaming out my age and the reason everyone was here celebrating. The DJ was playing all of the right songs keeping people on the dancefloor.

I picked up a plate piling on cheeseball and crackers. The explosion of green onions and ham on my palette was as good as steak and eggs at the moment. The music changed and I heard my song. Our song. The one that we listened to over and over, confessing secrets and stirring our souls while melding them. I’d promised that I’d enjoy today and not text or call until I was home safe. I sat my plate on the table to get a grip on my emotions.

Arms wrapped around my waist and I froze. “It’s me. I couldn’t miss your birthday party now, could I?”

I shrieked and turned in her arms. She kissed me and I wrapped my arms around her neck. Was she really here? I pulled away enough to see her face, gaping at the fact that I was really in her arms. I hugged her again and saw my three best friends standing there smiling and taking pictures. I don’t know how they knew but…

“How did… When did…?” I stuttered in bewilderment.

“I drove down today. That’s why I didn’t want you to call or text. I needed to make sure that I didn’t give it away.”

“But I never told you where I was having my party.”

She smiled. “You mentioned Erica, Alisa, and Isiah enough times that I could find them on your Facebook page easily. I messaged them and told them the plan.”

Shaking my head at how amazing she was, I kissed her again. Today had just gotten that much better.

By the end of the night, I was more than ready to head home. I needed some alone time with Her. My friends were nice enough to take care of the hall for me while I took advantage of the surprise I’d gotten. I led her to my bedroom not bothering to play shy. I knew she was leaving in two days and I needed to make the best of it.


She sat down on the bed while I strip teased for her to our song. She undressed casually but kept her eyes on me. When I was completely available for her to see, I sashayed over to sit on her lap. She leaned over and took my lips between hers, claiming them as hers. Even if just for the night.

Lost in the sensations, I never realized when she eased me to the bed. Her lips never left mine as she moved between my legs yet on top of my body. Her hands caressed and grabbed, taking hold yet soothing me. I pulled away finally needing air. Kisses were placed along the column of my neck sporadically and I gripped the sheets. She was teasing me and igniting a flame that I hope she could handle. Her mouth traveled down my body leaving no skin untouched.

Taut nipples ached for her mouth to return but I let her take the lead. She did. She controlled my body with a finesse that was indescribable. The way she used her lips to trail along my body between the stream of kisses made my toes curl. She wasn’t at the best paaaa…

I moaned when her mouth enveloped my throbbing clit. I sighed appreciatively. Her tongue lapped at my sensitive folds while I held on to the ride. The sound of our song continued to play. It must have been on repeat because it stopped and then started again. It helped to set the tone of the night. The mixture of her mouth and music was addictive. I’d always wondered what it’d feel like and she…

“No, no, no…” I pleaded.

An orgasm was quickly approaching but I didn’t want this to end.

“Don’t worry, it’s only the first of many.” How’d she know?

My legs quivered against her shoulders and my hips bucked against her mouth. Her arms gripped my thighs and she sucked my clit further into her mouth.

“What the…” I gasped trying to breathe normally but stumbled over words and rationality.

Fingers caressed the lips around her mouth before they inched inside of me. She moved her fingers while she punished my pussy with her tongue. Too much for me to deny, I succumbed to her demands. As the first orgasmed washed over me another was building simultaneously. My heart raced, thumped so hard I wondered if I would die this way. Having one of the best orgasms of my life couldn’t be murder, could it?

Fingers thrust wildly and deep. I whined, moaned, and groaned requiring even more of her attentions. She moved her mouth and kissed up my body as she finger fucked me. I wrapped my arms around her neck, pulling her close to me as my body was forcibly wrecked into submission. I rode her fingers while she drove them deeper and harder.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess!” I cried out at last.

My body wanted to relax but the spasms coursing through had a different plan.

Finally, I grew limp and sated. She kissed me careful not to disturb the satisfaction that I felt. She was amazing. This was that moment of awe.

She lay beside me caressing my damp skin. I’d been reduced to sounds of approval and she silently gloated. I couldn’t deny her that moment of gratification. She deserved it. I closed my eyes too weak to keep them open.

My pussy was wet and being stroked by the thickness that caressed my folds with sexual precision. I moaned wondering what was happening. I opened my eyes to see Her moving her hips against mine. I hummed wondering when this began. I’d been asleep when…

“You’re wet like you missed my touch.” She said.

I nodded knowing that even in my sleep I craved her. “Yes.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

Her hips moved faster. Her thrusts moved deeper. She was marking me. Destroying me. She lifted my legs around her waist and leaned over me. The look on her face was pure determination and purpose. She shivered on top of me and I knew she was close. I leaned closer and kissed across her chest.

“Yeah…” She whispered. She liked it and her pace faltered as she reveled in the sensations.

Trying to get her off fed my own drive for release. She held on to my shoulders as she pumped inside my sex faster. She was close and so was I. I came first and she followed soon after. She rocked in and out until her body eased. Fulfilled.

Slowly, she withdrew and discarded the strap-on. Lying beside me, we remained quiet. Nothing needed to be said. It was a wonderful feeling and as my mind quieted, I heard our song in the background continuing to play.

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9.15.2016: Am I Dreaming

I had to be dreaming. There was no way in hell that he was here with me. Or maybe I should say that there was no way that I was here with him. I looked over in the seat beside me to see him fast asleep. I really needed to go to the bathroom but didn’t want to wake him while trying to pass him. Carefully, I removed my seat belt and inched to the isle. When I was safely out of the waking him up zone, I darted to the restroom.

Expecting a tiny space like on a normal folk plane, I was taken back by the added space that the private plane offered. The nagging feeling of an impatient bladder stopped me from gawking to handle my business.  After freshening up, I headed back to my seat. He slept still and I maneuvered to slide by him. This time, not so lucky. Turbulence took control and shook us up a bit. Stumbling forward, I grabbed the seat above his head to prevent falling on top of him. I closed my eyes as the plane experienced shakes from the air pockets.

“Well, that’s a nice sight to wake up to.”

I opened my eyes to see him looking at my breasts that were at his eye level.

“Sorry. I was coming back from the bathroom and…”

The plane shook again and I held on tighter.

I felt hands along my sides and then he palmed my breasts through my bra. I gasped.

“Yes, this is definitely one hell of a way to wake up.”

He lifted the armrests and then my skirt as he pulled me to straddle him. I looked over my shoulder and saw no signs of the flight attendant. He leaned up taking my lips between his, disconnecting rational thoughts. He was him. The man I’d lusted over for god knows how long and he was here. Why would I not kiss him?


His hands stroked my thighs causing all kinds of tremors. I ground against him and he lifted my shirt. Distracted by his reveal, he moved his mouth to kiss along the tops of my breasts. I heard crackling before the pilot came over the loudspeaker.

“Prepare for landing.”

Fuck. Me.

He chuckled and pulled my shirt down. “Don’t worry, we’ll resume this soon.”

I sighed and stood to put myself back together. I sat in my seat and buckled my seatbelt. Why hadn’t I gone to the bathroom earlier?


Settled onto the ship, I went straight to the room I’d used the first time. We’d spent 5 days and 6 nights on the island. It was beautiful! He’d been filming scenes for his next movie so he’d been pretty busy the entire time while I toured. I expected to see him during the nights but that hadn’t happened either. All of that time had passed since I’d straddled his lap and I was in a constant state of arousal. I wanted him and now our trip was over. After this ride on the ship, it was back on the flight then off to the real world. I showered and went to sleep acknowledging the fact that it was a mishap that wouldn’t happen again.


My eyes flew open and my heart rate was off the charts. I moaned loud as the orgasm shook my core. What. In. The. Hell? He kissed up my body from between my legs and underneath the sheet until his lips were planted against mine. I heard the familiar sounds of foil unwrapping before he entered me. Moist and ready for him, I accepted his thickness easily. He filled me completely making me lose my breath once again.

“Were you expecting me tonight?” He asked.

“What? No! Why…? Mmm.”

“Because you aren’t wearing any clothes.” He moved inside of me with skillful determination.

“I fell asleep…” I moaned holding nothing back.

He leaned closer and I held his shoulders from underneath. Trying to hold on, I scratched at his back and he seemed to love it. He groaned loudly into my ear letting me know just how much he was enjoying himself.

I arched my hips and clenched my muscles around him. “Oh!”

I licked my lips and then kissed along his chest. I wanted to savor him too. He pulled my hair to give him access to my neck where he buried his face. I arched it giving him space to do as he wished. He sucked and kissed. I knew I would be marked in the morning but I didn’t care.

His body rocked mine taking me to greater heights than I’d ever been. He kept me on edge careful not to tip the scale. Slickened bodies caressed one another as we searched for new and exciting ways to arouse the other. He rolled over putting me on top. He pulled my arms behind my back and I whined yet again. It was so good and intense that tears threatened the back of my eyes.

“Ride me, beautiful.”

I purred and tried to give him what he needed. I leaned toward him, careful of my wrists allowing him fully inside of me again. With every motion my body fought for release, it was so intensely felt that I struggled to follow his orders. His hips moved to meet mine taking away the last bit of resistance I had. I came violently as he hit the same sweet spot over and over. He didn’t stop after the first time or the second. He rolled us over mounting me again where he rode me until my body seized hard.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” I screamed.

He roared just as loud as he came as well. Spent, I passed out trying to remember how he’d gotten into my room


I watched as the clouds surrounded us again as we left the airport. I was exhausted. We’d had sex multiple times throughout the night leaving me without sleep. I counted the cluster of clouds until they blurred.


His beard nuzzled along my neck, waking me from my slumber. “Get on top of me.”

I blinked trying to make sense of his words. “What?”

“You’ve made me unbearably hard. Get on top of me.”

“I’ve been asleep!”

“I keep thinking about the sexy noises you make when you’re helplessly riding me.”

Wherever the soreness was before was replaced by the deepest of throbs.

“Get. On. Top. Of. Me. Now, beautiful.”

I took off my seatbelt and stood up. I removed my shoes and panties, lifting my dress, I straddled him and he moaned.

“Now kiss me.”

I did. He prepared his shaft before he entered me slowly. I appreciated it since I was tender.

“Ride me.”

Raising my hips and rocking back and forth had never felt so good. My hair showered around us as I leaned down to kiss him. He lowered the strap to my dress and bra and pulled my nipple with his fingers. I moaned into his mouth and he moved his hands down to grab my ass, holding me in place as he rocked into me. He lowered the back of the seat until it lay almost flat. He went deeper inside me and there was no mistaking the sound of skin on skin as it echoed through the cabin of the plane. If he didn’t care, neither did I. I was so close. God…

“Please!” I moaned.

He reached between us, teasing my clit. I gripped him tightly as I rode out my orgasm. He came and the shaking of his body tipped me again into a blinding whirlwind of bliss.

Kisses along my shoulder and face woke me this time. He was holding me and I closed my eyes again.

“Baby, I need you to get into your seat while the plane lands. I’ll hold you while we ride to my house.”

“Your house?”

“Yes, did you think I was going to let you go that easily?”

I kissed him and then moved into my seat so that he could right his seat. I buckled in and put my head on his shoulder waiting for someone to pinch me to wake me from this dream.

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9.8.2016: She Doesn’t Know


She Doesn’t Know

She was late. I could have dismissed it but then I wouldn’t be me. I sipped my wine enjoying the unique flavor. The fireplace crackled behind me and the rain thrummed against the windows. There was a romantic dinner planned but each moment that she was late took us further from the plan.  I heard a car pull into the driveway and I knew that it was her. That distinctive sound that was attached to her car was the only indicator I needed. I took another drink and swirled the wine impatiently.

The door opened and shuffling feet moved across the hardwood floor. I shifted getting even more comfortable.  When she walked into the room she paused seeing my intense gaze. Her eyes shifted to the clock above my head and then back to my face. Nervously, she fiddled with a strand of loose hair that kept falling onto her forehead.

“Hey.” She finally greeted me.

“Hello.” I kept my greeting short. If I let her stew, she’d do more damage than I ever could.

“I’m sorry I’m late. There was more work than I thought and I lost track of…”

“I’m glad to see you’re alive.” I took another sip of wine waiting.

“I know I should have called but…”

“Is it still pouring raining outside?” I knew the answer but my question implied more than I was willing to say.

“It is and I’m sorry. I know you were probably worried because I didn’t call…”

“Strip.” The command came out more even than I felt. I wanted to shake her for worrying me and that thought was enough to let me know that I needed more time before I touched her.

“Yes, Sir.”

The white shirt that was wet and clingy to her curves was unbuttoned with nervous fingers. She knew I was angry. It was more than about the dinner. She’d not followed the rules once again. Her safety was my number one concern. The fact that I’d called her but it went straight to voicemail and she was unaware, tells me that she hadn’t bothered with her phone since who knows when. Unacceptable.

Bra and shirt removed, she moved on to her slacks and panties. I watched as she removed each item slowly making sure to tease me as she went. She was good at remembering things like this. It was for me and that translated into important for her. Things like her wellbeing came as an afterthought. That’s why it bothered me more than one would assume. She didn’t yet understand her value. Every time it made me want to strangle the bastards before me that didn’t make her believe in herself.

She left her shoes and thigh highs in place. “Sir, should I keep these on or take them off as well?”

I swallowed the last of my burgundy spirit and placed my glass back on the table. Standing, I made my way over to where she stood. Her eyes lowered waiting for my next instruction. I wrapped my hand around her throat holding her securely and backed her against the wall. Her eyes glazed and I knew her full attention was exactly where I needed.  Her chest rose and fell quickly. She was afraid yet aroused by the act. She knew that I’d never hurt her but I needed her to understand me fully. Her attention was required.

I spoke directly into her ear using my body to pin hers into place. “I don’t think you understand just how precious you are.”

A lone tear slid down her face and she closed her eyes shielding herself from me. “I’d rather spend my time ravishing your body instead of wondering if you’re wrapped around a tree. I bet you didn’t realize your cell phone is dead.”

“No.” She’d tried to move her head, forgetting my hold, but I held steady preventing movement.

“What if something would have happened to my girl? How would you have let me know?”

She inhaled air through her nose and it was shaky. I knew she was moments from breaking and I planned to take her there. It was time.

“You are mine and I need you to act like it. You’ll do that for me. Take care of my girl, won’t you?”

“Ye-es.” The sob that followed wasn’t enough.

“I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you. You’re my world, baby.”

She opened her eyes, turning her head, which I allowed, and looked at me. Some of the biggest tear drops I’d ever seen rained down her face. “Sir, I’m so sorry.”

I kissed her silencing her apologies. My right hand gripped her hip while the left held her in place. She relaxed into my hold and kissed me hungrily. Maybe, this time, she’d understand what her life meant to me even if she couldn’t place value on it for herself. One step at a time. Concern for her safety was overshadowed by relief and the brewing passion between us.

I picked her up and took her to the rug that lay near the fireplace, close enough to feel the heat but far enough away to avoid any danger. Unbroken, our kiss continued making the fire envious of the heat we created. Her hands were on either side of my face holding me to her. My hands were all over her body at once. Feeling, touching, stroking, caressing, pulling, and teasing her until she was a pent up ball of need waiting for release. The cries from her were exhausted and now she panted wanting more than I currently offered her. She lifted her body so that her hips met mine and even through my pants, I could feel the heat of her pussy.

I lifted my mouth from hers and she whined following my movements. “No.”

She froze and lowered her head back to the floor.

“Hands above your head.”

When her hands were in place, she looked at me with a new level of determination. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight, but this was a start. I kissed over her body starting from her neck down. Each curve needed its own level of intensity to accompany my lips. Her neck, bitten. Swell of her breasts, massaged. Nipples licked, sucked, and pulled. Stomach, trails of my fingers. It made her giggle but then she moaned when I licked down her happy trail to get to the source of her heat. Just before I got to the crease of her good parts, I moved to her thighs. Groaning and gasping ensued. I smiled to myself as she whined for my mouth to grace her pussy. Not yet.

“You smell so fucking good.” I inhaled the heady scent of her arousal, not holding back the moan that resulted. “Fuck.”

My brain was fogged in a drug-like trance. It was hard to think, I could only react. I took off my shirt and the rest of my clothes went quickly behind it. She fidgeted, unable to deny her need for me.

“Please…” She begged.

I sat up on my knees stroking my shaft while admiring the woman laid out before me. “See what you do to me?”

She moved her hands to reach for me and I growled. Queue the whimpering. “Please!”

I spread her legs further apart and moved closer to her dripping sex. The nectar there would barely whet my appetite. I tapped her clit with my cock watching spasms consume her. She lifted her hips trying to entice me, it worked… but I held back. Instead, I got into position and began feasting. I watched as she threw her head back and her stomach dipped as she quivered for more. Her hands fisted the edge of the rug and she moved her hips to the rhythm of my tongue.

“I… ple… oh… gah… mmm… sh… don’… wai… I… oh please!”

I chuckled arrogantly as I sucked her clit hard. Her hands were lost in her hair and I allowed the momentary reprieve. She was close and exactly how I wanted her.

“Pull your nipples for me.” My voice was raspy and rough. I knew from experience that she loved it that way. She’d told me that it was an expression of how much I wanted her. I ached and if that’s what she understood, have at it.

Her hands massaged her breasts until she reached the peaks. She rubbed each between two of her fingers and pulled them away from her body.

“Good, girl.”

Her thighs trembled. And I lapped at her pussy until she was screaming.



She exploded gushing onto my face and hands. I tasted every drop and before she settled I entered her body with mine. She came again and I pulled her closer to my hips before I leaned over her, pinning her hands back above her head. I stared into disoriented eyes I sought my pleasure. Deep, hard strokes met her wet, tight folds.


“Yours!” She cried. “Yours! Oh please!”

I growled loudly as I took her harder. Something primal held a firm grip on my resolve and I submitted to it, dominating her in the process. My grip on her hips and hands tightened. I didn’t care about bruises. In fact, marking her created a buzz that hummed around us. Nothing but sexual lust could be felt and we were in too deep. Buried. Tingling started at the back of my neck and crept down to my lower back. I held it there as I became that much more lost into her.

“My, girl!”

“Yes! Yours! Sir, I’ll do better. I prom… ah! I promise!”

“I know… Fuck!” I came… hard!

Roaring her name and expletives, I collapsed onto her depleted form. Weak and feeble arms wrapped around me. After catching my breath, I moved to her mouth kissing her. She was still shaking and I pulled away to get a good look at her. She was tense and I knew immediately she was still on edge. I smiled.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”



“I… I…”

“Yes, baby… you.”


I chuckled and withdrew from her before replacing my cock with my fingers. She gasped loudly. I sought her sweet spot and wiggled my fingers. She moaned and massaged that spot repeatedly, alternating with thrusts of my fingers. She was so close.

“I’ll get you there, needy girl.”

I kissed the spot behind her ear, lazily running my tongue there. Her grip on my shoulder tightened and she moaned indescribable noises right before she exploded once more.

I rolled to my side pulling her into my arms. Spent, she easily relaxed into my arms. I closed my eyes resting as well.

I awakened to a tray of food being placed at my side. She walked away but when she returned, she carried two wine glasses and a brand new bottle of wine. She sat beside me and kissed me.

“Hello, sexy man.”

I chuckled. “Hello, insatiable woman.”

She blushed. It was one of the sexiest things.

“Shall I feed you, my love?” She murmured.


And well, she did.

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8.25.2016: Bastard, Right? (Part II)

Catch Part 1 Here


Bastard, Right?

Well, that’s one way to start my night. I can’t help but wonder what else she wants and standing here checking myself out in the mirror won’t help me figure that out. I’ll admit that she’s fucking enticing but I can’t enjoy her the way that I want. Waiting for that other shoe to drop.

When I walked back out to the bedroom she was laying on the bed fast asleep. Fuck if it didn’t make me harder. Her legs were slightly spread teasing me of what lay between them. I already knew. She was responsive and sensitive. Who couldn’t fucking enjoy that?

I kissed over the cheeks of her ass before biting the juicier and fuller parts. Her moans started low and lazy. I knew she was trying to wake up but her brain fought against that theory. While kissing along her lower back I prepared my dick for entry. I tossed the empty foil that once held the condom that I now wore to the floor. Teasing her wet pussy until she begged with her body was easy.  I made sure to tap her clit with the head of my dick until she squirmed. Over and under. She was juicy, coating my hand with her nectar but it still wasn’t time to fuck. Bastard, remember?


I kissed up her spine and over her shoulders before biting her neck. I held her head in place to keep my targeted spot in position and she trembled. The more that I sucked and used my teeth to scathe her skin the more that she convulsed. I drowned out her cries as I focused on just the taste of her. Sliding along her folds was too easy now that she was soaked. It was all for me and I reveled in it. I was pulled from my thoughts by one word that she seemed to be chanting repeatedly.

“Come… Come… Come…”

“What are you yelling about?” I whispered in her ear.

“Miguel PLEASE!”

I growled. “You can have whatever you want if you keep begging like that.”

I could hear her desperation in every word as she continued to beg. “Please Fuck me!”

Easily, I’d be able to enter her fast and deep. I didn’t want that. I wanted to make her suffer. Slow, easy, and deep. I had all night and that meant so did she.  She gripped the sheets on the bed as I eased inside. The sweetest moan slipped from her lips. Appreciative. Her hips rose and she took all of me inside. I slapped her ass and she purred. I swore it would be the death of me. Something about it made me want to bring out that kitten that wanted to play.


She lay flat on the bed and I sunk in and out of her so easily. Wet. Ready. She tried to grip me to pull me back inside but she was lubricated too well to hold me. I kissed up and over to tease her lips. She arched her head back giving me access to tease her mouth. I kissed her just as slowly as the sex she was getting. I pulled away from her mouth and gripped her hips as I savored her cunt with each thrust.

“Good, good pussy.”

“Mhm…” She moaned.

“Take me.”


She spread her legs wider and I bottomed out inside of her. Every thick inch was within her walls and I flexed my hips but barely moved. I used the tighter grip to masturbate inside of her. As I bucked, she jerked. I couldn’t hold back anymore so I didn’t. I pulled out and flipped her over when I entered her once more. Legs spread wide, I pulled her body into mine as I ground my hips. Spasms rocked her body and I continued to take from her body more than what she knew she could. She threw her head back lost in sensations while screaming for me not to stop. I wasn’t. Shit was good and I planned to get my fill of her. I was on the brink but I had all night.

“What are you doing to me?!” She yelled.

I groaned and grunted. “Keeping my promise. I told you we were just getting started.”


I knew from her whimpering and the sobs that were starting that she’d gotten more than she’d bargained for. That wasn’t my problem and I didn’t sugarcoat it either.

“Next time that you show up to somebody’s room wearing a trench coat and indecencies, make sure that you’re prepared to follow through.”

“I did.”

“No… you didn’t. I’m not finished with you, yet.”

She grabbed the pillow above her head and bit down into it as she screamed. Each time that she came created another layer of sweat and determination from me. I would hold back until she just couldn’t take it anymore. Bastard, remember?

Her body held me firmly, spent. I rocked my hips gradually speeding up the pace until my body took over. I gripped her tightly as I released while inside her and I pumped. Relief took hold in a mind shattering experience that made my muscles tense so tightly that the pain burned into pleasure. Fucking perfect! Needing air and space to breathe, I rolled over onto the bed gulping in as much as I could.

Boudoir Couple in Bed in Phoenix

“You were trying to kill me.” She mumbled hoarsely.

“Yeah.” I chuckled. “I was.”

She mumbled something that I couldn’t decipher and I changed the subject. “Are you ever going to tell me your name?”

“You never asked.” She retorted.

“I am now.”

“Natalie. Everyone calls me Nat.”

“I’ll call you kitten.”

“What? Why?!”

“Because you purr, that’s reason enough.”

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8.18.2016: Angel

Angel was ready, spread. I’d flogged her until she was nice and tender. The whimpering was a side effect of a submissive in a good place at the right time. Not much of reality registered for her. Being prone to her drifting off into a surreal place, meant that I was better equipped for this sort of thing and I knew how to make it count.

Angel was primed and ready for a good fuck and that’s exactly what she was going to get. I teased her mouth with mine until she returned my kisses with the enthusiasm of a wanton girl. Her nipples were painfully decorated with clothes pins and so was her clit. It was time to relieve her of some of the tension coursing through her body.


Freeing her ankles, I disrobed and lifted her legs around my waist. She was positioned perfectly for me to thrust inside her, so… I did. A deep sigh left her lips and her eyes lost focus once again.

“Stay with me…” I urged.

“I’m trying.” She breathed.

I moved inside of her building speed with my pace. Angel was hot, wet, and tight around me just like I wanted. Her cunt muscles clenched and spasmed as I rode her hard.

“Yes, please!” She screamed.

“Not yet my girl, hold on a bit longer.”

I watched her fists as they tightened around the chains holding her upright. She suffered in blissful silence holding on to something she couldn’t control. The orgasm at bay would be more than her fragile state could handle. The thought alone was a delicious reward.



“Please!” Angel cried.

“No darling girl. I’m not ready to put you out of your misery. Suffer for me. Give me your pain and tears.” I watched as the tears continued pouring from her eyes as she shook the chains begging for strength.

The Sadist was alert and ready to strike. I gripped her ass and she hissed. She shook her head silently communicating to a force that couldn’t hear her pleas. Chuckling, I leaned down and licked her nipples that were sensitive and begging to be freed from the clothes pins. Wetness covered my shaft and thighs, letting me know just how much she was enjoying herself. The grip of her legs was tight and steady so I let her go of her ass and removed both clothespins from her nipples. The silent screams persisted as her body succumbed to my will. Trembling, she fought to hold on to her sanity but her face contorted as the first release rushed at her and exploded.

She continued begging for mercy while I sought refuge inside her. I’d enjoyed her every reaction to my action. Before the sensations calmed I gripped her ass again waking yet another orgasm.

“Please no!”

I grunted falling under the spell of us. I was hyper aware of every move. Her needs were the air I breathed. I needed her just as much as she needed me. Only I could take her to these heights. She was my angel and she knew it. She was so close to drifting away that every move had to be planned, calculated if I wanted her to fly at just the right moment.

I kissed her and she leaned into it with her all. Her lips moved lazily as if she were drunk. The delayed response created a hunger from being teased. Pulling away from her mouth, I moved to her ear. I growled at how wonderful she felt and I knew how much she loved to hear about it.


“You feel fucking wonderful gripping my dick with your pussy.”

She whimpered. “Do I?”

“Yeah…” I grunted my affirmation. “So hot. I could be inside you forever.”

“Hmm… Please!”

“I can’t wait to come inside…” She interrupted.

“Sir, please! You fill me so much. I want you deeper… Harder…”

I couldn’t deny my favorite girl, right?

“Fuck yes!” I shouted. I was close and the thrust of my hips was wild, hurried. So close. “Fuck you’re so wet.”

“For you. You make me this needy. I’m yours!”

Trigger pulled. No going back. I came hard, shooting off like a rocket. I removed the clothespin from Angel’s clit just in time for her orgasm to set me off again. I held her tightly knowing that her roaring and continued howls were signs that she’d hit subspace again. I bucked and jerked until my explosion finished its torment.

Angel’s head tilted forward, spent and weak. Carefully, I withdrew from her body, struggling to right myself. The hum that clouded my senses felt like raw power and it was addictive. I managed to get Angel free and into bed where I crashed alongside her.


Morning came too soon. I was greeted with the smells of coffee and beef. Angel walked in the room with a tray and I sat up ready to devour her and the ingredients on that tray.

“What’s all this?” I asked.

“My Sir needs his energy too.”

I chuckled. “You’re too good to me.”

She smiled and kissed me. “Thank you for last night.”

I held her still deepening the kiss and taking what I wanted.

“Anything you want.” She muttered. Her eyes stayed closed as she savored the taste of us.

“Good to know.” I winked and took a bite of eggs and steak. Fantastic. “Go shower. When I get done there’s something else I want to eat.”

Angel whimpered, then stood. “Yes, Sir.”

I watched as she fled the room in the direction of the bathroom. I chuckled amused at my girl. Yeah, she was in for a treat when she came back. I knew it’d be a nice long one too because I was famished and it had nothing to do with the kind of hunger that this steak would cure.

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8.11.2016: Something About

Who says that fantasies can’t be made from memories? I certainly didn’t. I have a memory that I can’t shake. One that won’t let me lose sight of it. I’ll tell you about it.

We’d decided to meet at our hotel room and walk down to the ballroom together. His plane had arrived hours before mine giving him time to prepare. I’d had to get dressed at the airport to make sure that I was at my best friend’s wedding on time. He was my plus one and though there was nothing official about us, he was the only man I was seeing.

I walked down the hall heading to our room when the finest specimen of man emerged from it. I stopped in my tracks trying to decipher the panic that was rising. The palms of my hands were moist, my heart rate accelerated, and I was speechless. He was immaculate and beyond sexy. The throbbing between my thighs persisted making this moment surreal.


Our eyes locked and I was powerless to look away. I walked toward him and when I reached him, he pulled me inside the room and closed the door. Against the nearest wall, he kissed me passionately. It was so hot that my clothes began to melt away. Dress, bra, and panties dissolved from my body. His mouth trailed kisses along my shoulder before lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist provoking him to follow through.

He’d looked better than I ever thought he would in a suit and I knew that I was lethal in my dress. That energy is why clothes were being shed to the floor. Hours of preparation disrobed in a matter of moments. I didn’t care. All I wanted was his beautiful and lethal dick inside me. I literally burned for him, that’s how bad the ache was.

“I’ve been fantasizing about this moment since last night.” He said.

His cockhead stroked my folds teasing me. He wanted in, what in the hell was he waiting on? I surely wasn’t holding back. I grabbed his head and kissed him, letting him know that I didn’t want to talk about it. He pulled back and stared at me. I was confused until I felt him penetrating me. I leaned my head back and moaned a slow drawn out note of satisfaction.

“I fucking love that. You make the sweetest fucking sounds.”

I mewled. It wasn’t poetry but I’d take it any day.

“Fuck me. Take it.”

I moaned again, a sucker for sex talk. I put my arms around his neck and leaned back to give me leverage. I then rode him like the wildest stallion holding back nothing. Digging my nails in, I heard him groan. He bucked meeting my hips. Skin slapped skin. Moisture intertwined. Moans. Grunts. Cries. Hissing. I leaned up to kiss him and to feel my favorite part of him. That fucking beard. It was the sexiest thing and I couldn’t deny it or him.


He walked us over to the bed and laid us down without breaking the connection. Lips on lips. Thickness inside wetness. The angle had adjusted a bit and he was deep inside me making me so full. I pulled my mouth away to verbalized how he was affecting me.

“Deep!” I cried out.

“Feel me.” He moaned in my ear.

He moved his face against mine and I shivered. He knew what it did to me. I snuggled my face against his feeling the soft hairs on his face caressing mine. It sent a direct signal to clit making it throb as I was fucked. His hips flexed and my eyes crossed. What was he…?

His fingers strummed my clit and forced a strangled cry from my lips. It was too much, too fast and I wasn’t ready for the moment to be over. I tried to move away from him but he followed. His strokes were fiercer and more determined. My eyes widened in disbelief. He’d been holding back! I tried again to move away by grabbing the sheets and trying to pull upwards. He growled, literally, at me. He slid his arms underneath mine and gripped my shoulders holding me in one spot while he took his frustrations of me running out on my deserving pussy.

Air was foreign. My senses were overloaded receiving too much pleasure to ignore. I quivered around him and he reveled in it. My hands gripped his shoulders tightly trying to find some sort of anything to ground me. I felt as if I was being lifted, floating. My body was weightless and I was prey to a predator that was pursuing me relentlessly.

“God!” I screamed.

“Yes!” He grunted back.

The world as I knew it exploded leaving me to fall apart into a million pieces. Was I even alive anymore? Damn insane. All I could feel was the pulling apart from reality and then a billion tingling sensations trying to reassure me of my existence. I heard hard, heavy, and satisfied breathing in my ear and I leaned toward it. I was welcomed by the softness that melted my resolve every time.


I pulled his face closer and leaned into him. The world had been righted and I could stay in this spot forever. He pulled away to look into my eyes and I met his stare head on.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. I needed you, don’t be angry.”

I smiled. “How can I be angry at that? You were amazing.”

“Good. I’m not finished, though.”

He smiled back and lowered his body down mine slowly. Kisses marked his path and I felt that damn facial hair as he neared my now throbbing sex. I grabbed the hair on the top of my hair. Would I last? When his lips met mine I sighed in relief. I could feel that damned beard and it was going to be the death of me. Why?! The first lick was delivered and I knew that I was doomed. Question was… what wedding?

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8.4.2016: One More

You quivered around me and I fought to hold on to the orgasm that ached to be free. Three orgasms and you owed me two more. You were tired and whimpering but I couldn’t back off now. Besides, we both knew that you loved to be pushed. Your back was to me and I took a moment to kiss up the column of your neck.


“Please,” you begged, “I can’t.”

“You can and you will.”

You sounded almost regretful. It stirred the sadistic urges that threatened to take over but we both knew you didn’t want that. I pulled each of your nipples before stroking over your body. You purred and I knew that you weren’t really done. You just needed some help getting there.

“I’ll make a deal with you. If you come once more, and I mean a good hard orgasm, I’ll forgive the last one. If not, I expect both of them.”


“No. Buts.”

I picked up the wand that lay on the table beside us. I turned it on low and moved it over your body.

“Ah!” Your body shivered in shock. It was close to its limit and I recognized that, but there was more to give.

I placed the wand on your clit and stroked it lightly. Your hips bucked towards it forcing you to ride my hard shaft.

“Yes,” I whispered.

The sensations were sweet and longed for more. The wetness sucking me in and out of your body had me gasping for air. You gripped me tightly making every stroke of your cunt over my erection painfully good. I felt every quiver, every thrust, and just how wet you were. It was fucking amazing, damn near bringing me to my knees. When you gave me that orgasm that I craved, it would set us both off into a whirlwind of pleasure.


Indescribable sounds left your lips like the sweetest melody. Strangled moans, half groans, and pathetic cries implied just how much your body loved this. You needed this just as much as I. I clicked the wand up two speeds and those sounds grew louder. I wound my hips into you as you pushed into me. The spasms shook you so hard that you could only hold on to the cuffs that kept you in place. Without them, you’d have collapsed long ago. Your hold onto my hardness loosened a little and I knew it was because of the greed that I’d stirred. Your pussy was a needy girl and loved my ruthless charm.

“It. Hurts.” You cried out.

Aaaaah. Now we’re getting somewhere. “Good.” I turned up the speed on high and you screamed. “Time to make you cry.”

I held the wand firmly in place as your body shook hard. There was no need for me to move since you’d tightened around me again and the spasm massaged me in the worst way. It was time. Your moans took everything out of you leaving you gasping for each breath. Fuck! I gripped your hip holding on to the last of my resolve.

Your orgasm ripped forward and you growled like the fiercest cat in the wild. I’d tamed you into embracing that animalistic nature when it called. You took hold of the beast and didn’t let go. Your hips moved violently fucking me without abandon as you took that ball of lust and rode it hard, good. I gave you as you gave me. My body was a mess of matching spasms that manifested and released into you. I howled letting go of everything and it was fucking unreal how good I felt.

We were soaked in everything us and I cared not. I removed the wand from your clit and slowly withdrew from your folds. I stumbled backward realizing I was just as fucked up. You were floating and it gave me the time to find some sort of balance. Beautifully spent, I carried you to the bed and pulled us under the duvet. Off on my on high, I let us ride out the feelings until we were both competent.

I woke to you nibbling my lips and I smiled. “Hey there.”

“Mmm… Hello, Sir.” You paused to respond and then went back to your kissing fest.


“How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Well used.” You laid your head on my chest and I cuddled you closer.

“Good. You wore me out.” I confessed.

“That makes two of us. Thank you, Sir.”

I rumbled in approval. “Welcome. Sleep with me, pet.”

You nodded and mumbled. “Yes.”

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7.28.2016: Addictive

The longer that I stood looking out the window, the stronger that the pull was for you. The shirt that barely covered my body irritated my skin hyper aware of any and everything. The breeze that should have soothed my skin as it rushed through the window only helped to sensitize it. My hair blew this way and that as my scalp too breathed, searching for your fingers. Flames dance along my body and the heat was too hot to contain, too hot not to extinguish.


Light whimpers more than indicated that I was closer to the edge sexual sanity. I’d gone six whole nights, seven whole days maxing my body to the breaking point. Glancing at my phone only emphasized how easy it could be to just give in. I touched the glass pane and the coolness that I felt pulled the rest of my body against it begging for that little bit of relief. Though the alleviation that I craved was more satisfying, I took what I could get. Fingers trailed across my neck down to my shoulders and I closed my eyes wanting my own hands to be yours.

Addicting, that’s what you are and I needed to fight the habit I’d formed. I wasn’t afraid to be your everything and you weren’t afraid to tell me what you desired. That was toxic and we both knew it. My thighs squeezed in anticipation when I looked over to the phone that was lit. The message indicator was lit and I wasn’t strong enough to walk away. I opened the message and your name displayed in the corner as I read words that sent me to my knees.

I need you now.

The air was removed from the room through some sort of imaginary contraption because suddenly it was hard to breathe. There was no way that the single message had caused me to need air desperately, on my knees, shivering for a dose of… YOU. My phone had been the catalyst that set my fingers typing a quick response to the best high I’ve ever experienced. My phone beeped again and I dropped my phone. Trembling fingers retrieved it and I stared at the words as my head began to swim.

I’m close.

A moan welled up from so deep inside that I felt the vibrations all over when it finally escaped my lips. I sat on the bed rocking waiting for my next fix.


I heard the car door slam and I bolted down the steps to meet you. You walked in already half undressed, threw your shirt aside, and began unbuckling your belt and pants. We met on the bottom step and the force of our bodies connecting like two magnets surged my arousal into overdrive. Needle in vein injected with a drug so potent that I could barely stand.


Knowing your own toxicity, you held me firmly as lust pumped through my veins. Moaning and whimpering for more… I deepened the kiss, not caring about overdosing. Heroin had nothing on you. And to think that you hadn’t even given me the good shit yet. You set me on the edge of the step somewhere in the middle of the stairwell, staying between my legs. Breaking contact with your lips for the first time, I threw my head back screaming in ecstasy as you entered me hard and fast. You pulled my hair keeping my head anchored as you bit into my neck. Drops of the sweetest joy pooled behind closed eyes and then slid down my face. Damn, you were masterful.

My hips met yours quivering for each thrust and you didn’t disappoint. I cried out over and over thanking you for enslaving my body against my will. I hated that you were the only person that could make this sole act so perfect and so wrong. My sex accepted you with ease, no questions asked while my brain told me I was doing this yet once again.

Wet kisses trailed over my chest and you growled at me when you were met with the fabric of my shirt. I pulled it up between us and pulled it over my head. I could see anger spike in you at having to let go of my hair even for a second. Once it was off, you gripped my hair harder and tighter. Fuck if it didn’t add to the sucking and licking you were doing sending me into an orgasm. That never stopped you.

I quaked and my walls pulled you in deeper held you tighter. Another growl from you, through the sucking of my shoulder, made your pelvis pump harder. Thunder echoed through the hall at the storm that you created. I relaxed into the tidal wave of spasms, losing count of the orgasms my body accepted and then released. I wrapped my arms around your neck and you let my hair go and gripped my shoulders with both hands pounding me so hard that the world went white as lightning struck between us. Your hold was tight that my breathing shallowed even more but the act was as intimate as the deepest kiss.


Darkness surrounded me but I knew where I was in an instant. The wind blew through the room and I stumbled to my feet to the window to reduce the chill.  Leaving the window cracked, I made my way to the bathroom to assuage my bladder of its painful cry. Done with that, I stood in the mirror to wash my hands and turned on the light. Red blotches were all over my neck and shoulders. I knew some would leave temporary bruises from the injection of his willpower over me. Like a junkie in true form, shame washed over me at my behavior in the heat of the moment. And I knew I’d do it again. A figure appeared over my shoulder and I stared sin in the face.550ab694943b0b2b2cfe4dced2dc6947

That hum started low and worked itself into a frenzy. I turned the water off just as his body connected with mine from behind. He bent me over the sink and was back inside. All thoughts of rehabilitation left as I succumbed. The grip on the sink was more for my slipping mind while he shot me up with another dose. It’s how he kept me coming back for me. Lots of him at once until the next time that I fell prey.

When we were both spent, he pulled out of me letting his seed mark me in the dirtiest of ways and I loved every moment. Eye contact had never ceased so when he backed out of the bathroom to leave me to clean up what was left of his spank, the symbolism wasn’t lost on me. Just as I expected, when I walked into my bedroom there was no trace of him. I heard his door close to his car and I moved to the window and watched him pull off. He never looked up to acknowledge me there. There was no point.

“This was the last time,” I said out loud.

That empty feeling of doubt surfaced and I hoped like hell that I’d keep the will to survive another withdrawal spell.

“Lord give me strength.”


I swear he was laughing at me because thunder rumbled and the strongest pour of rain washed over the city. Preparing myself for the side effects, I climbed in bed getting under the blankets to fight the first long night of many.

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7.21.2016: Mystery Man

The softest fur hugged my restrained wrists and ankles. My hands were above my head and my feet stretched to meet the corners of the foot rail. I was bound to a bed wearing nothing more than I was born with. The room was warm enough that I didn’t feel much of a chill. My eyes were completely covered, worrying me about what I’d gotten myself into. I had a trusted friend as my safe call and she would make sure that I was safe. I just needed to breathe.


He, the man I’d never met in person, seen, or even heard his voice, was coming to see me. The mystery behind the man had everything to do with keeping his identity a secret from everyone. Even the woman that was starting to fall for him. That woman was me. I wanted us to experience the joys of getting to know one another, letting things grow as they may. Something held him back and the mystery added to the intrigue that was he, and yet I still wanted him. Maybe even more than I should because of his secrecy.

When I’d arrived, a woman had been here ready to follow the orders of a man she’d never seen either. He was her boss and as his assistant she carried out his instructions well. I couldn’t get free, see, or even save any modesty for myself. Unlike him, he wanted me open to his perusal. I’d consented to this if it meant I was one step closer to solving the puzzle.

The door opened and I felt a slight breeze as he entered. I was alone, his assistant long gone. I heard a very sure and masculine “Mhm…” as I felt him coming closer. I was nervous and didn’t want to ruin the moment with nervous chatter so I chose to remain silent.

The silence stretched on making me wonder if I’d imagined the entire thing. I listened. Waited. Wondered. Anticipated. Where was he? What was he doing? I searched with the one sense that was hypersensitive hoping for success. Listening for any movement, a breath, or the click of his shoes, I again wondered if I was alone. The silence was a bit eerie but I held my ground for as long as I could. I opened my mouth to speak but a finger was pressed to my lips, silencing any protest.

A lone finger slid from my lips down the center of my body. Heat trailed down following his invisible brand. His movements sure and precise. Chin, neck, chest, between my breasts, along my stomach, across my… His fingers stopped and a kiss was placed just at the top of my pelvis strategically. I gasped at how quickly I’d fallen for his charms. My skin burned from his touch and each labored breath was taken out of need. I closed my eyes trying to reel back. I was giving in too…

My nipples were massaged at the same time before they were teased. Thumb and finger rolled them back and forth stiffening them into dull aching points. Pleasure pooled between my thighs and the ache spread from my clit to the entire sex. One hand left my nipple and was replaced with his hot wet mouth. My back arched and a cry slipped past my lips.



He chuckled and the sound was the sexiest thing. His lips nursed my breast wringing want with each pull. His fingers replaced his mouth and he shifted to the other breast. His shirt, cotton and soft, caressed my torso as he leaned over me. His tongue circled my nipple painfully slow forcing a whimper out of me. I sighed needing his mouth there. I didn’t know how long I would make it at this point. He’d barely touched me and I was getting near the edge. No words had been spoken from him and I was under his spell, lock and key. What in the hell was he doing to me?

I opened my mouth to speak and he pulled my nipple between his teeth. The bit of pain was new and delicious. I could feel the moisture beneath me soaking the sheets. We hadn’t discussed what would happen here today but I guess some things just couldn’t be conveyed with words. His mouth trailed another blazing trail along my body. This time, it was sporadic. My shoulder, my neck, my nose, my earlobe… He lowered his mouth just beneath my ear and I trembled. He licked the spot and then kissed it again. It was sensitive and he gave it just the right amount of attention to make it erotic. He kissed the underside of my stretched arms, my forehead, my nipples, my hips, around my belly button, beneath my breasts, between them… He ran his hands over my thighs and I melted a bit more. They were rougher than mine but not calloused. They were masculine yet smooth. Big, but just right. They dipped between my legs but never came into contact with the aching, pulsing, and needy place that wanted him most.

“God, you’re killing me!” I shouted.

He kneaded my calves, rubbed my ankles, and then massaged my feet further turning me into a puddle of mush. A gentle kiss to the sole of each foot should have sent me into a fit of laughter but it was perfect, light and sweet like him. He stood to give me a brief reprieve before I felt the bed dip between my feet. My attention was once again focused on this conundrum of a man. Deep, passionate kisses started at my ankles and made their way up my legs. Left then right alternating the entire way up. The searing kisses awakened something new. Something paramount. Closer and closer he came to my sex and I held my breath hoping. It was wishful but…

Tongue parted folds to suck and lick. Ffff—! I arched my back bearing down on him as I threw my head back. His tongue lashed awakening more and more nerves. He pulled my clit into his mouth, flicking his tongue against it persistently. I couldn’t tell you about the things that I screamed out because it was all without thought and abandon.

I gripped the cuffs wanting to be free but enjoying how he took control. My thighs shook from the muscle spasms that wrecked. He groaned and the sound vibrated through me. More moans flowed from my mouth and his too. Tasting me affected him and it fed my desire. Closure he pulled me to the edge. I followed his lead, but I was afraid to tip it. My chest heaved and my heart beat accelerated. My wisps of hair stuck to my face from the perspiration. He was creating an inferno and seeming to love my response to it all. I know that I was.

Closer and closer I grew. Finally, I hovered on the edge suspended. Tensely, I held back but relaxed into the tingling of the orgasm that licked feverishly at my skin. The pinpricks grew in speed along my skin and my body grew weightless. All of my senses faded out to focus on the one task. I felt every lick, suck, and pull with his lips through the fierce shaking. I saw the stars racing towards me behind the mask threatening to take over the darkness. I could hear my wetness being coerced from my body and his moaning in response to my compliance. I smelled the lust in the room and it tasted like sin. My abdomen tightened, aligned perfectly with the contractions in my sex. It was too much together. My body was aligned perfectly with the best sensations. Still, I held on refusing to fall apart.

My folds were parted again, lower. Fingers stroked the sensitive skin and then they penetrated me. Arched fingers found that spec-tac-cular… I came hard. Screaming loud and releasing my hold on everything. I floated along the best of feelings. And then it happened again. The tightness came quicker this time, but I was too weak to fight it off.

“No… no… oooooh!” I protested but there was no way that I could avoid it.

I was flooded with more spasms just before I exploded again. Lights flashed behind my eyes repeatedly as he took me higher and higher after each orgasm. His mouth now gone from my sensitive bud, he pumped his hand as he kissed up my body. Drenched in my own sweat, wrung, my eyes were heavy and yet I was still controlled by him. He pulled at my lips with his teeth and I whimpered. Lips that I craved to taste teased mine. I mustered the energy to move my head trying to get even the small taste of him. He avoided me and only gave me what he wanted me to have.

I whined. “Please… Just a little… Please!”

He pulled away and I protested. His lips crashed against mine and sparks rained over us setting off the orgasm that shook my soul. He tasted magnificent and the flavor of me complimented him. I followed his lead as he devoured me taking my breath away. When he pulled away, I rode the best high as the air filled my lungs again. I faded until no sound could be heard. Darkness resumed. Remnants of us lingered on my tongue. I felt every bit of the cloud that I floated on. The smell of him embedded into my memory.

In my dream, he’d removed the cuffs and held me in his arms. Kisses were placed along my face and lips. He’d cuddled me and wrapped us in the surrounding blanket. We’d lain together and he’d fallen asleep with my arm draped around him. He’d allowed the small vulnerability because he trusted me. I could have removed my mask but I wanted him to reveal himself to me. The stolen moment of peeking wouldn’t have felt right. It was a gift to me that I’d experienced so much.

I smelled coffee and opened my eyes. Sunlight greeted me and I frowned. I turned my head and buried it into the pillow there. I moaned at the smell. It smelled of his cologne and warmed me. I heard movement in the other room and I froze. I looked around wondering if I’d pulled the mask off in my sleep. Across the room in a chair, the cuffs and mask sat on top of my clothes. Footsteps approached me and I wondered if I was dreaming again. I didn’t know if I should look away or if I should take him in as much as possible. The steps rounded the corner and His assistant surfaced. It was hard to hide the disappointment. I pulled the sheets closer to hide my indecency. She held out a mug of steaming coffee. It smelled delicious.

“Good morning. He insisted that you have a cup of your favorite before starting your day. I hope I got it right.”

I looked at the cup hesitantly. Returning to the real world would be difficult especially since now I knew so much more about him. He was a passionate and unselfish lover. Something I couldn’t let go so easy. But he wasn’t here and I had to put on my big girl panties. Coffee seemed like a good first step. I took the mug and sipped the hot brew. Instantly, I moaned. It really was perfect and just how I liked it. Half and Half and a bit sweetener. He’d remembered.

“Oh good! I’m glad that I got it right. He left some things for you in the bathroom. I’ll be in the other room. Take your time.”

Once she was gone, I retrieved my phone from my purse and headed to where I presumed the bathroom was. Missed calls from my concerned friend told me that I’d missed the call deadline. I hit the send button and waited for her to answer.

“You were minutes away from having the police there.” She chastised.

“I’m sorry. I overslept.”

“So how was it? Are you okay?”

I groaned. “I don’t know where to start.”

I looked at a fresh pile of clothes and on top was a note. I opened it to find the sweetest words from the sweetest man. He had gotten it right…”Until we meet again.” The rest of the words were private, meant for only me.


“I’ll start from the beginning.”

I ran my bathwater and retrieved my cup of coffee. I sunk into the bubbled water sipping and reliving my night with the only other person who knew about this crazy thing.


“You’re going to see him again right?” I wasn’t lost on the emphasis on see.

Without a second thought, I responded. “Yes!”

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