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Gabriella Messina: Author


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Today Gabriella Messina shows us how shifters, and the authors that write about them, ROCK!!!



Gabriella’s Bio:

Gabriella Messina grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania, where her early ventures in writing consisted of 30-page book reports. Though her writing began in prose, it was screenwriting that first captured her attention. After a trip to the UK during her sophomore year in college, Ms. Messina began teaching herself the basics of screenwriting. By 2005, she had completed her award-winning first screenplay, “The Devil Inside”, which she later adapted into her debut novel, “Bloodline”.

Ms. Messina is also the creator of the Kate Gardener Mysteries, a series of stories revolving around an American forensic photographer cracking cases with London’s Met Police. The series is based on the television series “Yard Work”.

In addition to her creative writing, Ms. Messina writes freelance articles and web content. When not writing, she enjoys reading, catching up on favorite films and television series, traveling and spending time with her family.

Words from Bloodline:


Purchase Links:

Bloodline Series:


Book 1: Bloodline


Amazon: Buy

Book 2: Quicksilver


Amazon: Coming Soon!

Kate Gardener Mysteries Series:


Book 1: The Memory of Trees

The Memory of Trees (Kate Gardener mysteries Book 1) by [Messina, Gabriella]

Amazon: Buy

Book 2: De Profundis

De Profundis (Kate Gardener Mysteries Book 2) by [Messina, Gabriella]

Amazon: Buy

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