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4.18.2016: The Way He Likes It


Inspired by: Masturbation Monday

The Way He Likes It

I sat my things down on the table and walked up the stairwell to my room. Just as I reached the top, I heard moans coming from my bedroom. Approaching the door, I saw Him on the bed. Legs spread, hips thrusting, and his hand pumping at his cock. His grip was strong and unrelenting as he pleasured himself.

There were growls, moans, and even groaning echoing through the room. I said nothing as I disposed of my shirt, dropped to the floor out of sight, and crawled over to his spread legs. I kissed his thighs before sucking his sac into my mouth. A loud hiss was my reward and I continued licking and sucking. I twirled my tongue around the base of his shaft watching his hand move faster.

When I heard panting, I slid my hand over his to catch his rhythm. He removed his hand and I took over. I jerked him the way he loves it. With a tighter grip, long strokes, and my tongue meeting the top of my hand to lick the tip. His cologne perfumed the air, accompanied by lust and desire. My need to pleasure him overrode the throb between my own legs. Watching him always aroused my body, but I had no plans to sate the building need. I was focused on him.

His pants drew my attention to him. It was my cue that he was close. He gripped the sheets at his side and my strokes shortened, moving from the middle of his cock to the end. I leaned forward and sucked the sensitive vein underneath. Strangled cries filled that room and I continued eagerly. His lungs wouldn’t fill quickly enough or fast enough. He gasped for air needed it to center himself.


The one word affected him deeply, prompting jets of cum to rain on my shoulder, hand, and neck. I milked him until his hips stopped seizing and his hand released the sheets. I leaned upwards and looked at his content face.

“Good girl.” He said smiling.

I nodded, stood, walked off to wash, and came back to him passed out in bliss. I kissed his hips softly and headed to make dinner, riding a satisfied high.

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4.14.2016: To Move, Or Not To Move


To Move, Or Not To Move

I stood looking inside the room that was deemed His. The office was organized in an “I know where everything is” kind of way. There were notes, pens, highlighters, and such lying about; just where he’d left them when I’d crawled in here last night. I’d had the thought to crawl up to his lap and give him the perfect distraction. My lips wrapped around his shaft, the perfect solution. As always, when things got heavy, we moved from the office into other quarters of his apartment. There was one rule that stood out more than any others. “Don’t move my stuff.” Little did he know I itched to move everything half a centimeter to the right.


I looked toward the bedroom and heard silence. My feet were glued to the spot but I knew that if my plan was going to work I would have to act quickly. I put my foot down over the threshold and my anxiety turned into productive adrenaline giving me the boost that I needed. I stood in front of the desk and the grin on my face was just as wicked as I felt. I reached out to move the ink pen in front of the monitor and when no booby-traps were activated, I squealed inside. I proceeded to shift things over when I heard a throat being cleared. I paused turning my head slowly to see Him in the doorway, leaning on the door-frame. I bit the side of my lip and then looked down to see the stapler that I was about to move.


The warning was a direct stimulant to my clit. I licked my lips nervously and looked over at him as I slid the stapler over from its original post. I then moved the keyboard but before I could reach the monitor, he was pressed up behind me. I groaned feeling the rush of the moment. His hand snaked up my body, parting the bathrobe that I was wearing. My breathing was heavy, labored. Anticipation of his next move kept me on edge. His other hand caressed my neck before he wrapped it around my throat holding me.

I swayed overwhelmed by Him. My heart raced but my breathing slowed, hallowed as he applied pressure. My hand moved knocking something to the floor and the growl that I heard vibrated through the room. Air hit my ass just before two blazing spanks were delivered in quick succession. I moaned needing more. More of Him. He bent me over the desk, spreading my legs, and entered me quickly. I heard another growl and grunt before he spanked me again. I trembled already on edge.

“You just couldn’t resist, could you?”

“No.” I admitted.

“And now you’ll pay the price.”

I clamped my muscles around his shaft fighting back in my own way.

“Harder.” He grunted.

I did, unable to deny him.

“That’s my fuck-doll.”

I moaned loud as my body trembled. I shook hard. Not able to withstand the spasms I held onto the desk, supporting me. My legs were shaky and my vision blurred losing focus.

“No, no, no… Not until I tell you to come.”

I whined knowing that I’d hold it as long as I needed to. I could. I knew I would. But things got complicated when he spanked me hard and long just before he began moving inside me. I couldn’t tell you where one pleasure began and one ended. I didn’t know if the orgasm riding me was being held at bay or if it was coursing through me to completion. The one thing I could tell you was that I was His and for however long it took I granted the use of my body.

Loud growls, grunts, and strangled moans were like music to my ears causing me to lose even more focus on reality. He was finding pleasure in my submission in the same way that I found it from his dominance. The experience was exhilarating and as my high faltered a bit, I knew that my orgasm was still at bay, painfully waiting for one command.


“You want me to come for you?” He asked hoarsely. Sarcasm dripped from every word.

“Please!” I needed him to come just as badly as I wanted to.

There were no words that followed just his wild, bucking, hard, and deep strokes that grew shallow. Warmth flowed from him to me and I gripped the desk a little tighter. The lesson was obvious, but I had hope still as my body shook fighting back the orgasm that teetered on the edge. He withdrew from me and cum dripped down my thighs further marking me as his.


“Bad girls who move my things don’t get rewards, baby girl.”

I hung my head, knowing that he would retaliate. After a moment of recouping, I felt a warm cloth cleaning me. I smiled still floating a bit. I’d earned every bit of this and though I should be disappointed, satisfaction burned through me. I’d pleased Him with my body and myself with mischief. It was a win-win.

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© 2016. Jade Royal. All Rights Reserved.

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4.7.2016: Desperation



On the wide leather padded table, I lay waiting. I was strapped to the table spread, the entire top of my body available for his use. I knew that he could very well release the straps holding me in place and demand my ass to him. I knew that he could demand anything and I wouldn’t be opposed. But this was His taste for today. With the blindfold in place, I couldn’t see what was coming. I should feel fear at the unknown but my muscles clenched, dwelling on the fact that I was His to use.

“Baby,” The endearment was whispered into my left ear. “Slut.” My eyes shifted to the right hearing his whispers in the other ear. Silence surrounded me again and my ears searched for any sounds from him.


Warmth enclosed over my left nipple before he sucked the sensitive peak into his mouth. I whined searching for more but the tormenting stopped before it had ever really begun. I whined needing more. Coolness circled my clit just before his mouth sucked, making me arch as much of my body as I could off the table. Just like that, he was gone again. I groaned cursing him. My nipples had tightened into a frenzy of nerves bunched to elevate the sensitivity at the tip.  My clit was throbbing insistently that I satisfy it with more from Him.

My brain short circuited when I felt teeth pulling on my right nipple. My body was flooded with enough desire that my cunt flooded. I was seconds away from an orgasm when he released it from his hold. I panted, seeing stars behind my eyes. The throbbing between my legs escalated to a solid continuous pounding in my groin that spread out to my thighs.

“Baby,” I heard in my left ear. I moaned wanting to please him. “Whore.” The word sent shivers down my body. When I was good, putting his pleasure first, I was his baby. It melted my heart making me the happiest girl on earth. Whore was what he called me when I did things that good girls didn’t do. I loved surprising him with kinky manifestations that he’d never expect. Licking his cock in the shower with my clothes on, cuffed, and a tongue vibrator does that to a guy. Question was, which was I right now?

“Baby.” I heard again in my left ear. “Cunt.” I moaned as I felt my earlobe being pulled between his teeth slowly.

My cunt shivered and perked at the mention of the word. My nipples were teased repeatedly and his mouth moved from one to the other building the fire inside my steadily. Expertly, he tormented my body into a hypersensitive state with each pull of my breasts. My thoughts tunneled into one continuous chant. “More!”

I felt something on my nipples that I couldn’t place at first. I felt a pull on my nipple that only intensified until I thought I’d cum and then it held steady. I knew then that the suction cup pulling at my erect nipple would have me a crying mess soon. I waited for the inevitable as the other nipple was forced to submit to the same torturous bliss. I felt fingers on my cunt stroking the juicy folds. Fingers penetrated me and I moaned loudly needing to cum.

“Not yet.” His voice was steady, controlled.

His fingers twisted and pumped inside of me making me ache for release. I held on to his words but my body trembled, longing to come for him badly. I felt the suction cup on my cunt and groaned. It pumped against me pulling at my already sensitive parts until the blood pulsed just beneath my skin. And then… nothing.

My body ached with need. I was desperate.

“Baby.” I heard again. “Whore.”

The decision had been made for me the moment that he denied my first pleas. All that was left for me to do was experience. Feel. Become. Detonate. I felt a lubed item parting my butt cheeks and I doubted that he’d get anything in. He lifted me the bit the restraints allowed and then there was a plug inside. I shook with the necessity to release, unable to fathom anything surpassing the pleasure causing havoc throughout my body. I could easily be tipped but I’d never fall without a fight. This was for him. His pleasure was my fate.

The cup was released on my cunt and he slid his fingers over the hypersensitive flesh. I bucked against his hand moaning. The urgency to come was more than I could bear. My moans, whines, and begging did little to get me what I wanted. I could feel his smile as he watched me writhe for him. The slaps of his hand to my burning cunt was what took me over the emotional edge pouring down my face. Tears streamed as I continued begging for release. To be touched, used, and finished.

“I’ll let you come when I’m ready.”

I moaned loudly calling him, begging, and promising anything that he wished of me. He didn’t respond. I felt a thud to my clit with a rod like item. It wasn’t one that I’d felt before. The thuds continued and after a while, I felt the thuds radiating through my cunt. They continued, increasing in speed until all I could do was feel. My body convulsed to the tempo of the music that this thing played. My clit was being punished for demanding attention and the tears flowed in silent submission to him. The begging from my lips never let up as I expressed how much I wanted to please him. The thuds grew harder and less frequent creating a deeper urgency. My begging festered into a mumbling mess of requests.

“You can come when the pencil stops torturing your clit.”

I gasped at the knowledge that it was pencil bringing me to my wits end. Shame washed over me but instead of it putting a damper on my mood, I was empowered by it. My begging became insistent and the pencil drummed to the rhythm of my demise. My body lightened and the room became quiet. Everything changed letting me know that his control over me had reigned supreme once again.


The damn flooded and sensations poured in from everywhere. Overwhelmed with ecstasy as endorphins rapid fired away in my brain, I drifted seeking the comfort that lay in the fog.

“Baby.” The word stirred warmth and I sought to hear it again.

“Baby, come back to me.”

I took the endearment and snuggled towards it. I heard chuckling.


I opened my eyes to look into His. I smiled and blinked trying to focus.

“Ah… no no no. Come back to me, baby.”

I opened my eyes once again. This time I could focus on him. His kiss pulled me into the moment and I wrapped my arms around his neck. His beard grounded me letting me know that I was where I needed to be as I reveled at the feel of it.


“That’s my baby.” I nodded and snuggled closer loving the pleased tone in his voice. It was the perfect ending to His scene. I blushed knowing that regardless to which persona I chose, I’d happily submit to His will and I had.

(Image #1 source Tumblr, Image #2 source Tumblr)

© 2016. Jade Royal. All Rights Reserved.


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4.4.2016: His


Story Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Bound. Helpless. Used. Open. His. I threw my head back as another orgasm ripped through me. I panted, moaned, and cried out to Him. He laid in our bed watching. I could feel his hardness pushing, begging to be let out of his pants. He only stroked himself through the fabric dedicating his attention to me. I was strapped; ankles, wrists, and thighs to the St. Andrews Cross.

He’d told me that I needed to feel his control over me so he’d clamped my nipples. He used the chain that hung between my lust swollen breasts to connect the second set of clamps that he graciously had attached to my cunt lips. When I stretched His body, it pulled on both sets of clamps. But he wasn’t done. Around my neck was a collar, one that he’d recently purchased. Across the front his name was beautifully displayed confirming what I knew. I was his to do as he pleased and in return, he’d take care of all of my needs. And still none of that was enough.

He’d inserted a medium anal plug and told me it was the only hole deserving to be filled today. He then explained that the reason was because it’s what he wanted. He then strapped a butterfly harness to my waist with the bullet directly beneath my clit. The tip touched the very bottom of my clit so that when he activated the vibrations, it teased it so. Afterwards, he’d sat in the very spot he was in now and pulled the remote from his pocket. I’d been given permission to cum and that gave away his evil Sadistic plans.

Here I am. Four orgasms later, writhing with need. I was drugged on the endorphins and barely able to focus. My desire to come had been sated but yet I needed more. I knew the reason, just as he. I wouldn’t be sated until he was. I’d allow him access to His vessel as long as it was needed.

I felt him move and I became hyper alert. He slid his hands to his waist and freed his erection. It was swollen, dripping, and finally ready for use. I’d been a good girl for him and it showed. He stroked his erection slowly and I felt the desire building in me. He’d powered the butterfly off and was now fueling me with him. I panted, needing this more than he. When he gripped his shaft tighter I knew he was getting close. I moaned and licked my lips wanting to crawl to him and lick his cock until it was sated.

His back arched toward his hand and my moans grew louder. I shook and trembled fighting the orgasm that had wound so tight that it hurt. I waited, needing his pleasure to cum before mine. His hand movements moved quickly and I could see his unbridled lust breaking through his control. He growled, moaned, groaned, gasped, and even howled his passion until the room echoed nothing but his sounds. I saw the first spurt released from him and it pushed me over the edge in the most intense orgasm forcing me to pass out into the most satisfying feeling of being his.

When I awakened it was into his arms on the bed. He held me tight. I tried to move but was restricted by his legs,arms, and the rest of his body. I sighed reveling in the fact that he is and always will be mine, and I His.