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How They Do (Another Cheeky Girl Installment)


Inspired by Masturbation Monday



Mondays had become his favorite day of the week. I knew that I wrote for him but I wasn’t sure that he understood that until today. His call was brief but held so much promise.

“You’ve been a good girl lately. Snarky, but good. Time so see if I can get you all riled up like you graciously do to me. When I get home, be ready.”

I was a firm believer that even if I wasn’t around, he needed to still get off daily. Mondays were the one day that I could get away with teasing him without punishment. He looked forward to my weekly challenge and I could never disappoint him.  Today’s post had been rather explicit because we’d had incredible sex last next. It was so good that I could still feel him. I’d needed the world to know about it.

His promise of being ready meant that he’d come home hard and ready to rumble in the sheets. I’d taken the liberty of sitting at the table completely nude except the hat on my head and the pink lipstick on my lips. He’d expressed just how good this color looked wrapped around his cock. Since I was out to entice him, it seemed appropriate.

When the door opened he walked in with a perfect view of what was beneath the table. My arms propped up my head but my eyes were still a mystery, unseen. I licked my lips slowly bringing attention to my mouth. Effectiveness wasn’t a question once I’d heard a deep growl came from his lips.

“Good evening.” I greeted.

“Evening, pet. Feeling coy today?”

“All I know is that you wanted me to be ready and I am.”

“Good girl.” He moved toward me and I remained patient. He was here and that meant that good things would follow.

I could feel his presence in front of me, across the table.  I wanted to move but I knew better.

“Leave the hat in place, lie on top of the table and suck me.” Aroused, just as I thought.

I stood and crawled onto the table heading toward where I’d heard his voice. His hand caught me before I’d crawled too far, I leaned forward to kiss him and was welcomed with those delicious lips of his. He held the sides of my face making me feel like his treasured girl. Familiarity allowed me to unbutton his shirt and then his pants. I kissed down his stomach and then his groin where his very stiff member waited for me.

“Make sure you kiss it before putting me in your mouth.” He instructed.

Master was thorough in that way. I needed to show appreciation before worshipping and I was more than okay with that. I kissed along the length of him and just as I was about to put him into my mouth hands spread my legs and I froze.

“It’s only been a few weeks and you’ve forgotten me already?”

I moaned loud and long. I was about to be devoured by two of my favorite men. Together they could turn me into a puddle of mess. Sir licked my clit and pulled it into his mouth sucking it persistently before letting go. Where was I again?

“You’re going to play a little game with us. You’re going to mimic my actions on your Master. He’ll cum before you do and so will I. We’ll determine if you get a turn when the time comes.”

I whined and Sir punished my ass with a firm smack. “Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He sucked my clit and moaned, almost forgetting the rules to this ridiculous game. They’d win, they always did. Another firm slap to my ass sent me into action. Master removed the hat from my head and I looked up into his eyes.

“Have I told you how much I love that color around my cock?”

I pulled away briefly. “Yes, Master but I’ll listen again.”

Another transgression received the appropriate corrective action. He was licking me and I was talking. I groaned and mimicked his actions. Sir got into the taste of me and his actions became blurred and I tried to keep up as much as I could. Concentration became unbearable when he twirled this and that while sucking over here and over there. My moans became puffs of air that I tried to breathe while sucking. My fingers fumbled while trying to hold Master in my mouth. I needed a reprieve so that I could get back on track because whatever he was doing back there was wickedly right in all the wrong ways.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by sexual thrills that you felt buried in bliss? There was no way out and you weren’t really looking for the exit? This was that moment. Of course, Sir’s mouth on me was a godsend but it was about more than that. Submission was something that ran deep and with these two, it was easy to surrender my all. It was like a drug, too intense to fight off. My head was swimming in a pool that they’d filled. Unable to keep up, more pain was administered making it even more difficult to stay in the moment.

“Baby girl?”

I looked up and Master’s expression was hard to read. I blinked but the pending orgasm was too much. I was shivering and a thoughtless mess.

“Suck.” And I did.

“Deeper.” His instruction seemed so logical but without it I was clueless.

Before I knew it, I was back in the game. Master’s grip on the table was firm and I knew he was close. His instruction was far, few, and in between. His warning was loud and clear.

“Fuck! I’m coming!”

He finished in my mouth at the same time that I felt Sir finishing along my back. It was rare that they were ready at the same time, but I’d take it. Pride swelled once more before I Sir’s fingers inside and directly on my g-spot. He wasted no time but I didn’t need to be prepped. I was ready and exploded shortly after the right teases and touches were applied.

When I came down from my high, I was wrapped between the two of them on the couch with my favorite blanket. Sir smiled at me while my head lay on Master’s chest. He massaged my feet and I closed my eyes once again letting them take care of me the way that they do.

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