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9.15.2016: Am I Dreaming

I had to be dreaming. There was no way in hell that he was here with me. Or maybe I should say that there was no way that I was here with him. I looked over in the seat beside me to see him fast asleep. I really needed to go to the bathroom but didn’t want to wake him while trying to pass him. Carefully, I removed my seat belt and inched to the isle. When I was safely out of the waking him up zone, I darted to the restroom.

Expecting a tiny space like on a normal folk plane, I was taken back by the added space that the private plane offered. The nagging feeling of an impatient bladder stopped me from gawking to handle my business.  After freshening up, I headed back to my seat. He slept still and I maneuvered to slide by him. This time, not so lucky. Turbulence took control and shook us up a bit. Stumbling forward, I grabbed the seat above his head to prevent falling on top of him. I closed my eyes as the plane experienced shakes from the air pockets.

“Well, that’s a nice sight to wake up to.”

I opened my eyes to see him looking at my breasts that were at his eye level.

“Sorry. I was coming back from the bathroom and…”

The plane shook again and I held on tighter.

I felt hands along my sides and then he palmed my breasts through my bra. I gasped.

“Yes, this is definitely one hell of a way to wake up.”

He lifted the armrests and then my skirt as he pulled me to straddle him. I looked over my shoulder and saw no signs of the flight attendant. He leaned up taking my lips between his, disconnecting rational thoughts. He was him. The man I’d lusted over for god knows how long and he was here. Why would I not kiss him?


His hands stroked my thighs causing all kinds of tremors. I ground against him and he lifted my shirt. Distracted by his reveal, he moved his mouth to kiss along the tops of my breasts. I heard crackling before the pilot came over the loudspeaker.

“Prepare for landing.”

Fuck. Me.

He chuckled and pulled my shirt down. “Don’t worry, we’ll resume this soon.”

I sighed and stood to put myself back together. I sat in my seat and buckled my seatbelt. Why hadn’t I gone to the bathroom earlier?


Settled onto the ship, I went straight to the room I’d used the first time. We’d spent 5 days and 6 nights on the island. It was beautiful! He’d been filming scenes for his next movie so he’d been pretty busy the entire time while I toured. I expected to see him during the nights but that hadn’t happened either. All of that time had passed since I’d straddled his lap and I was in a constant state of arousal. I wanted him and now our trip was over. After this ride on the ship, it was back on the flight then off to the real world. I showered and went to sleep acknowledging the fact that it was a mishap that wouldn’t happen again.


My eyes flew open and my heart rate was off the charts. I moaned loud as the orgasm shook my core. What. In. The. Hell? He kissed up my body from between my legs and underneath the sheet until his lips were planted against mine. I heard the familiar sounds of foil unwrapping before he entered me. Moist and ready for him, I accepted his thickness easily. He filled me completely making me lose my breath once again.

“Were you expecting me tonight?” He asked.

“What? No! Why…? Mmm.”

“Because you aren’t wearing any clothes.” He moved inside of me with skillful determination.

“I fell asleep…” I moaned holding nothing back.

He leaned closer and I held his shoulders from underneath. Trying to hold on, I scratched at his back and he seemed to love it. He groaned loudly into my ear letting me know just how much he was enjoying himself.

I arched my hips and clenched my muscles around him. “Oh!”

I licked my lips and then kissed along his chest. I wanted to savor him too. He pulled my hair to give him access to my neck where he buried his face. I arched it giving him space to do as he wished. He sucked and kissed. I knew I would be marked in the morning but I didn’t care.

His body rocked mine taking me to greater heights than I’d ever been. He kept me on edge careful not to tip the scale. Slickened bodies caressed one another as we searched for new and exciting ways to arouse the other. He rolled over putting me on top. He pulled my arms behind my back and I whined yet again. It was so good and intense that tears threatened the back of my eyes.

“Ride me, beautiful.”

I purred and tried to give him what he needed. I leaned toward him, careful of my wrists allowing him fully inside of me again. With every motion my body fought for release, it was so intensely felt that I struggled to follow his orders. His hips moved to meet mine taking away the last bit of resistance I had. I came violently as he hit the same sweet spot over and over. He didn’t stop after the first time or the second. He rolled us over mounting me again where he rode me until my body seized hard.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” I screamed.

He roared just as loud as he came as well. Spent, I passed out trying to remember how he’d gotten into my room


I watched as the clouds surrounded us again as we left the airport. I was exhausted. We’d had sex multiple times throughout the night leaving me without sleep. I counted the cluster of clouds until they blurred.


His beard nuzzled along my neck, waking me from my slumber. “Get on top of me.”

I blinked trying to make sense of his words. “What?”

“You’ve made me unbearably hard. Get on top of me.”

“I’ve been asleep!”

“I keep thinking about the sexy noises you make when you’re helplessly riding me.”

Wherever the soreness was before was replaced by the deepest of throbs.

“Get. On. Top. Of. Me. Now, beautiful.”

I took off my seatbelt and stood up. I removed my shoes and panties, lifting my dress, I straddled him and he moaned.

“Now kiss me.”

I did. He prepared his shaft before he entered me slowly. I appreciated it since I was tender.

“Ride me.”

Raising my hips and rocking back and forth had never felt so good. My hair showered around us as I leaned down to kiss him. He lowered the strap to my dress and bra and pulled my nipple with his fingers. I moaned into his mouth and he moved his hands down to grab my ass, holding me in place as he rocked into me. He lowered the back of the seat until it lay almost flat. He went deeper inside me and there was no mistaking the sound of skin on skin as it echoed through the cabin of the plane. If he didn’t care, neither did I. I was so close. God…

“Please!” I moaned.

He reached between us, teasing my clit. I gripped him tightly as I rode out my orgasm. He came and the shaking of his body tipped me again into a blinding whirlwind of bliss.

Kisses along my shoulder and face woke me this time. He was holding me and I closed my eyes again.

“Baby, I need you to get into your seat while the plane lands. I’ll hold you while we ride to my house.”

“Your house?”

“Yes, did you think I was going to let you go that easily?”

I kissed him and then moved into my seat so that he could right his seat. I buckled in and put my head on his shoulder waiting for someone to pinch me to wake me from this dream.

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© 2016. Jade Royal. All Rights Reserved.

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9.12.2016: Masturbation Chaos


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Masturbation Chaos


Have you ever awoken to what feels like the most intense throb between your thighs? Well, here I am. 6:42 a.m. on a Monday morning and my persistent clit won’t let me sleep. It’s the reason why my hand is kind of… well…

I rolled onto my back and stroked the obnoxious, pounding beat of need. Mmm… I fought to keep my eyes open because I really just wanted to sleep. The haze of wine still hadn’t cleared from my mind. But… aaaah!

Teasing my clit seemed to sate it, so I did. But then I needed to be filled. I knew He was already gone. He’d left hours ago to catch his flight. I spread my legs and wasn’t surprised to find the rest of my pussy in a juicy mess. Fingers slid inside easily. My leg, with a mind of its own, lifted.  What… in.. the… hell…?

“Yes!” I moaned.

I moved my fingers hitting all of the good spots but my clit… I reached blindly beside me, into the drawer that held my favorite bullet. 8bd41cde1cf0b666ee309d138a2f35ccGrabbing it, I turned it on and placed it directly on the throbbing SOB. My eyes flew open and my body seized, almost curling. WTF!


My fingers pumped and my something inside tightened. I shook my head trying to slow the moment, to regain control.


The orgasm rushed over me at the same time that another began building. Fucking bullet! I moved my hand to remove it but the shift only moved the bullet down a bit. Holy shit! Another orgasm rushed over me and my fingers inside only aided on the intensity. I wanted to stop… but…

Another wave of dread took over because yet another orgasm began to build. I grunted while trying to breathe. The noise was strangled and yet another like it escaped. My nipples ached and I tried to sooth them with pulls, twists, and massages but it only pulled me deeper into the moment.

“Oh Gawd, please!!!”

My hips arched and dipped, the vibe set against my fingers driving the vibrations deeper as they thrust. Perfect. Fucking. Feeling. I fought to hold on to the moment much harder this time. Sweat poured from my pores and still, I fought. I could feel the distorted disconnect from reality in this moment. Sensation overruled everything. And it was fucking amazing.

Pounding wrecked me and when my body could hold on not a second longer, I seized and then combusted. Wetness filled my hand, leaking onto the bed and I removed my hands from all areas and gripped the pillow above my head as the vibrator did its thing. I couldn’t tell you how long the damn orgasm lasted but eventually I passed out.

I awakened to spasms wracking my body and another small orgasm hit. I kicked at nothing trying to get as far away from the damn vibrations as possible. It rolled away and my ass, wet from a good time, cooled from being exposed to the air. I groaned and covered myself. Pussy sore, body tense from too many orgasms, sated and confused… I fell back to sleep only to be awakened by my alarm clock. Time for work. Fuck!

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9.8.2016: She Doesn’t Know


She Doesn’t Know

She was late. I could have dismissed it but then I wouldn’t be me. I sipped my wine enjoying the unique flavor. The fireplace crackled behind me and the rain thrummed against the windows. There was a romantic dinner planned but each moment that she was late took us further from the plan.  I heard a car pull into the driveway and I knew that it was her. That distinctive sound that was attached to her car was the only indicator I needed. I took another drink and swirled the wine impatiently.

The door opened and shuffling feet moved across the hardwood floor. I shifted getting even more comfortable.  When she walked into the room she paused seeing my intense gaze. Her eyes shifted to the clock above my head and then back to my face. Nervously, she fiddled with a strand of loose hair that kept falling onto her forehead.

“Hey.” She finally greeted me.

“Hello.” I kept my greeting short. If I let her stew, she’d do more damage than I ever could.

“I’m sorry I’m late. There was more work than I thought and I lost track of…”

“I’m glad to see you’re alive.” I took another sip of wine waiting.

“I know I should have called but…”

“Is it still pouring raining outside?” I knew the answer but my question implied more than I was willing to say.

“It is and I’m sorry. I know you were probably worried because I didn’t call…”

“Strip.” The command came out more even than I felt. I wanted to shake her for worrying me and that thought was enough to let me know that I needed more time before I touched her.

“Yes, Sir.”

The white shirt that was wet and clingy to her curves was unbuttoned with nervous fingers. She knew I was angry. It was more than about the dinner. She’d not followed the rules once again. Her safety was my number one concern. The fact that I’d called her but it went straight to voicemail and she was unaware, tells me that she hadn’t bothered with her phone since who knows when. Unacceptable.

Bra and shirt removed, she moved on to her slacks and panties. I watched as she removed each item slowly making sure to tease me as she went. She was good at remembering things like this. It was for me and that translated into important for her. Things like her wellbeing came as an afterthought. That’s why it bothered me more than one would assume. She didn’t yet understand her value. Every time it made me want to strangle the bastards before me that didn’t make her believe in herself.

She left her shoes and thigh highs in place. “Sir, should I keep these on or take them off as well?”

I swallowed the last of my burgundy spirit and placed my glass back on the table. Standing, I made my way over to where she stood. Her eyes lowered waiting for my next instruction. I wrapped my hand around her throat holding her securely and backed her against the wall. Her eyes glazed and I knew her full attention was exactly where I needed.  Her chest rose and fell quickly. She was afraid yet aroused by the act. She knew that I’d never hurt her but I needed her to understand me fully. Her attention was required.

I spoke directly into her ear using my body to pin hers into place. “I don’t think you understand just how precious you are.”

A lone tear slid down her face and she closed her eyes shielding herself from me. “I’d rather spend my time ravishing your body instead of wondering if you’re wrapped around a tree. I bet you didn’t realize your cell phone is dead.”

“No.” She’d tried to move her head, forgetting my hold, but I held steady preventing movement.

“What if something would have happened to my girl? How would you have let me know?”

She inhaled air through her nose and it was shaky. I knew she was moments from breaking and I planned to take her there. It was time.

“You are mine and I need you to act like it. You’ll do that for me. Take care of my girl, won’t you?”

“Ye-es.” The sob that followed wasn’t enough.

“I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you. You’re my world, baby.”

She opened her eyes, turning her head, which I allowed, and looked at me. Some of the biggest tear drops I’d ever seen rained down her face. “Sir, I’m so sorry.”

I kissed her silencing her apologies. My right hand gripped her hip while the left held her in place. She relaxed into my hold and kissed me hungrily. Maybe, this time, she’d understand what her life meant to me even if she couldn’t place value on it for herself. One step at a time. Concern for her safety was overshadowed by relief and the brewing passion between us.

I picked her up and took her to the rug that lay near the fireplace, close enough to feel the heat but far enough away to avoid any danger. Unbroken, our kiss continued making the fire envious of the heat we created. Her hands were on either side of my face holding me to her. My hands were all over her body at once. Feeling, touching, stroking, caressing, pulling, and teasing her until she was a pent up ball of need waiting for release. The cries from her were exhausted and now she panted wanting more than I currently offered her. She lifted her body so that her hips met mine and even through my pants, I could feel the heat of her pussy.

I lifted my mouth from hers and she whined following my movements. “No.”

She froze and lowered her head back to the floor.

“Hands above your head.”

When her hands were in place, she looked at me with a new level of determination. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight, but this was a start. I kissed over her body starting from her neck down. Each curve needed its own level of intensity to accompany my lips. Her neck, bitten. Swell of her breasts, massaged. Nipples licked, sucked, and pulled. Stomach, trails of my fingers. It made her giggle but then she moaned when I licked down her happy trail to get to the source of her heat. Just before I got to the crease of her good parts, I moved to her thighs. Groaning and gasping ensued. I smiled to myself as she whined for my mouth to grace her pussy. Not yet.

“You smell so fucking good.” I inhaled the heady scent of her arousal, not holding back the moan that resulted. “Fuck.”

My brain was fogged in a drug-like trance. It was hard to think, I could only react. I took off my shirt and the rest of my clothes went quickly behind it. She fidgeted, unable to deny her need for me.

“Please…” She begged.

I sat up on my knees stroking my shaft while admiring the woman laid out before me. “See what you do to me?”

She moved her hands to reach for me and I growled. Queue the whimpering. “Please!”

I spread her legs further apart and moved closer to her dripping sex. The nectar there would barely whet my appetite. I tapped her clit with my cock watching spasms consume her. She lifted her hips trying to entice me, it worked… but I held back. Instead, I got into position and began feasting. I watched as she threw her head back and her stomach dipped as she quivered for more. Her hands fisted the edge of the rug and she moved her hips to the rhythm of my tongue.

“I… ple… oh… gah… mmm… sh… don’… wai… I… oh please!”

I chuckled arrogantly as I sucked her clit hard. Her hands were lost in her hair and I allowed the momentary reprieve. She was close and exactly how I wanted her.

“Pull your nipples for me.” My voice was raspy and rough. I knew from experience that she loved it that way. She’d told me that it was an expression of how much I wanted her. I ached and if that’s what she understood, have at it.

Her hands massaged her breasts until she reached the peaks. She rubbed each between two of her fingers and pulled them away from her body.

“Good, girl.”

Her thighs trembled. And I lapped at her pussy until she was screaming.



She exploded gushing onto my face and hands. I tasted every drop and before she settled I entered her body with mine. She came again and I pulled her closer to my hips before I leaned over her, pinning her hands back above her head. I stared into disoriented eyes I sought my pleasure. Deep, hard strokes met her wet, tight folds.


“Yours!” She cried. “Yours! Oh please!”

I growled loudly as I took her harder. Something primal held a firm grip on my resolve and I submitted to it, dominating her in the process. My grip on her hips and hands tightened. I didn’t care about bruises. In fact, marking her created a buzz that hummed around us. Nothing but sexual lust could be felt and we were in too deep. Buried. Tingling started at the back of my neck and crept down to my lower back. I held it there as I became that much more lost into her.

“My, girl!”

“Yes! Yours! Sir, I’ll do better. I prom… ah! I promise!”

“I know… Fuck!” I came… hard!

Roaring her name and expletives, I collapsed onto her depleted form. Weak and feeble arms wrapped around me. After catching my breath, I moved to her mouth kissing her. She was still shaking and I pulled away to get a good look at her. She was tense and I knew immediately she was still on edge. I smiled.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”



“I… I…”

“Yes, baby… you.”


I chuckled and withdrew from her before replacing my cock with my fingers. She gasped loudly. I sought her sweet spot and wiggled my fingers. She moaned and massaged that spot repeatedly, alternating with thrusts of my fingers. She was so close.

“I’ll get you there, needy girl.”

I kissed the spot behind her ear, lazily running my tongue there. Her grip on my shoulder tightened and she moaned indescribable noises right before she exploded once more.

I rolled to my side pulling her into my arms. Spent, she easily relaxed into my arms. I closed my eyes resting as well.

I awakened to a tray of food being placed at my side. She walked away but when she returned, she carried two wine glasses and a brand new bottle of wine. She sat beside me and kissed me.

“Hello, sexy man.”

I chuckled. “Hello, insatiable woman.”

She blushed. It was one of the sexiest things.

“Shall I feed you, my love?” She murmured.


And well, she did.

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Zorha Redwolf Edwards: Poet & Author



Congrats Zorha Redwolf Edwards on your RELEASE!


Who is the Dark Lady really?

Greetings to All! I am Zorha Redwolf Edwards, AKA “The Dark Lady.” I am a Poet and a Multi-Genre Writer…I have 2 poetry books available on Amazon. I have long loved in a place of peace, That is when the Moon is full…I walk the path of Learn and tolerance. I am always open for intelligent and engaging Discussion on any topic. I have a Back Ground in Ancient Languages  and Belief systems. I have lived through A life killing disease and now write about my journey, my way!

Allow me to Welcome you to my Madness



Want a sample of her Poetic words?




Listen to the Dark Lady as she gives you even MORE!

Graphic of a digital sound on black bottom


The Key

Soulful Shadows


Book 1


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Book 2


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Book 3


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Book 4


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Book 5


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Book 6 (New Release)


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Ready to Stalk the words of The Dark Lady: Zorha Redwolf Edwards? Let me help!

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Savannah Morgan: Author


Congratulations to Savannah Morgan on her RELEASE!!!




Savannah’s Bio:

I have traveled the world, fought against injustice, and brought evil to a grinding halt. I have made kings and destroyed empires. I have owned businesses, been a housewife and worked as an office assistant. I have written ingenious copy for PR campaigns and I have been an evil Senator. I have built towns, painted world renowned art, and photographed the world. I have found love in the most unlikely places and I have been betrayed. I have scratched and clawed my way out of dissolute situations and I have caused those I love pain. I can fly a plane and a helicopter. I can dismantle a bomb and find the cure of diseases. I can shift into any creature I wish and I am magical. I am a Warrior Goddess who will smite you down or send a faerie in to help you find true love. I am all of these things and more…in the fertile depths of my creativity.

In truth, I live in Central MS with my husband and two dogs and live a simple life, which I love. I have an adventurous spirit and thoroughly enjoy seeing new places while meeting new and interesting people.

Preview of Savannah’s words:





Men of My Dreams 2

Romance for the Senses

Dakota’s Autumn



Dreams – Short Video

Blackthorns/McKinnon Christmas 2014

The Truth About Leprechauns







Passion: A Sapphire Springs Series

Book 1


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Book 2


Amazon: Buy Link

Book 3


Amazon: Coming Soon!!!

Danger: A Deadly Flowers Story


Amazon: Buy Link

Adventure: Touch of the Irish Collection

Books 1-3


Amazon: Buy Link

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How They Do (Another Cheeky Girl Installment)


Inspired by Masturbation Monday



Mondays had become his favorite day of the week. I knew that I wrote for him but I wasn’t sure that he understood that until today. His call was brief but held so much promise.

“You’ve been a good girl lately. Snarky, but good. Time so see if I can get you all riled up like you graciously do to me. When I get home, be ready.”

I was a firm believer that even if I wasn’t around, he needed to still get off daily. Mondays were the one day that I could get away with teasing him without punishment. He looked forward to my weekly challenge and I could never disappoint him.  Today’s post had been rather explicit because we’d had incredible sex last next. It was so good that I could still feel him. I’d needed the world to know about it.

His promise of being ready meant that he’d come home hard and ready to rumble in the sheets. I’d taken the liberty of sitting at the table completely nude except the hat on my head and the pink lipstick on my lips. He’d expressed just how good this color looked wrapped around his cock. Since I was out to entice him, it seemed appropriate.

When the door opened he walked in with a perfect view of what was beneath the table. My arms propped up my head but my eyes were still a mystery, unseen. I licked my lips slowly bringing attention to my mouth. Effectiveness wasn’t a question once I’d heard a deep growl came from his lips.

“Good evening.” I greeted.

“Evening, pet. Feeling coy today?”

“All I know is that you wanted me to be ready and I am.”

“Good girl.” He moved toward me and I remained patient. He was here and that meant that good things would follow.

I could feel his presence in front of me, across the table.  I wanted to move but I knew better.

“Leave the hat in place, lie on top of the table and suck me.” Aroused, just as I thought.

I stood and crawled onto the table heading toward where I’d heard his voice. His hand caught me before I’d crawled too far, I leaned forward to kiss him and was welcomed with those delicious lips of his. He held the sides of my face making me feel like his treasured girl. Familiarity allowed me to unbutton his shirt and then his pants. I kissed down his stomach and then his groin where his very stiff member waited for me.

“Make sure you kiss it before putting me in your mouth.” He instructed.

Master was thorough in that way. I needed to show appreciation before worshipping and I was more than okay with that. I kissed along the length of him and just as I was about to put him into my mouth hands spread my legs and I froze.

“It’s only been a few weeks and you’ve forgotten me already?”

I moaned loud and long. I was about to be devoured by two of my favorite men. Together they could turn me into a puddle of mess. Sir licked my clit and pulled it into his mouth sucking it persistently before letting go. Where was I again?

“You’re going to play a little game with us. You’re going to mimic my actions on your Master. He’ll cum before you do and so will I. We’ll determine if you get a turn when the time comes.”

I whined and Sir punished my ass with a firm smack. “Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He sucked my clit and moaned, almost forgetting the rules to this ridiculous game. They’d win, they always did. Another firm slap to my ass sent me into action. Master removed the hat from my head and I looked up into his eyes.

“Have I told you how much I love that color around my cock?”

I pulled away briefly. “Yes, Master but I’ll listen again.”

Another transgression received the appropriate corrective action. He was licking me and I was talking. I groaned and mimicked his actions. Sir got into the taste of me and his actions became blurred and I tried to keep up as much as I could. Concentration became unbearable when he twirled this and that while sucking over here and over there. My moans became puffs of air that I tried to breathe while sucking. My fingers fumbled while trying to hold Master in my mouth. I needed a reprieve so that I could get back on track because whatever he was doing back there was wickedly right in all the wrong ways.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by sexual thrills that you felt buried in bliss? There was no way out and you weren’t really looking for the exit? This was that moment. Of course, Sir’s mouth on me was a godsend but it was about more than that. Submission was something that ran deep and with these two, it was easy to surrender my all. It was like a drug, too intense to fight off. My head was swimming in a pool that they’d filled. Unable to keep up, more pain was administered making it even more difficult to stay in the moment.

“Baby girl?”

I looked up and Master’s expression was hard to read. I blinked but the pending orgasm was too much. I was shivering and a thoughtless mess.

“Suck.” And I did.

“Deeper.” His instruction seemed so logical but without it I was clueless.

Before I knew it, I was back in the game. Master’s grip on the table was firm and I knew he was close. His instruction was far, few, and in between. His warning was loud and clear.

“Fuck! I’m coming!”

He finished in my mouth at the same time that I felt Sir finishing along my back. It was rare that they were ready at the same time, but I’d take it. Pride swelled once more before I Sir’s fingers inside and directly on my g-spot. He wasted no time but I didn’t need to be prepped. I was ready and exploded shortly after the right teases and touches were applied.

When I came down from my high, I was wrapped between the two of them on the couch with my favorite blanket. Sir smiled at me while my head lay on Master’s chest. He massaged my feet and I closed my eyes once again letting them take care of me the way that they do.

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© 2016. Jade Royal. All Rights Reserved.

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8.25.2016: Bastard, Right? (Part II)

Catch Part 1 Here


Bastard, Right?

Well, that’s one way to start my night. I can’t help but wonder what else she wants and standing here checking myself out in the mirror won’t help me figure that out. I’ll admit that she’s fucking enticing but I can’t enjoy her the way that I want. Waiting for that other shoe to drop.

When I walked back out to the bedroom she was laying on the bed fast asleep. Fuck if it didn’t make me harder. Her legs were slightly spread teasing me of what lay between them. I already knew. She was responsive and sensitive. Who couldn’t fucking enjoy that?

I kissed over the cheeks of her ass before biting the juicier and fuller parts. Her moans started low and lazy. I knew she was trying to wake up but her brain fought against that theory. While kissing along her lower back I prepared my dick for entry. I tossed the empty foil that once held the condom that I now wore to the floor. Teasing her wet pussy until she begged with her body was easy.  I made sure to tap her clit with the head of my dick until she squirmed. Over and under. She was juicy, coating my hand with her nectar but it still wasn’t time to fuck. Bastard, remember?


I kissed up her spine and over her shoulders before biting her neck. I held her head in place to keep my targeted spot in position and she trembled. The more that I sucked and used my teeth to scathe her skin the more that she convulsed. I drowned out her cries as I focused on just the taste of her. Sliding along her folds was too easy now that she was soaked. It was all for me and I reveled in it. I was pulled from my thoughts by one word that she seemed to be chanting repeatedly.

“Come… Come… Come…”

“What are you yelling about?” I whispered in her ear.

“Miguel PLEASE!”

I growled. “You can have whatever you want if you keep begging like that.”

I could hear her desperation in every word as she continued to beg. “Please Fuck me!”

Easily, I’d be able to enter her fast and deep. I didn’t want that. I wanted to make her suffer. Slow, easy, and deep. I had all night and that meant so did she.  She gripped the sheets on the bed as I eased inside. The sweetest moan slipped from her lips. Appreciative. Her hips rose and she took all of me inside. I slapped her ass and she purred. I swore it would be the death of me. Something about it made me want to bring out that kitten that wanted to play.


She lay flat on the bed and I sunk in and out of her so easily. Wet. Ready. She tried to grip me to pull me back inside but she was lubricated too well to hold me. I kissed up and over to tease her lips. She arched her head back giving me access to tease her mouth. I kissed her just as slowly as the sex she was getting. I pulled away from her mouth and gripped her hips as I savored her cunt with each thrust.

“Good, good pussy.”

“Mhm…” She moaned.

“Take me.”


She spread her legs wider and I bottomed out inside of her. Every thick inch was within her walls and I flexed my hips but barely moved. I used the tighter grip to masturbate inside of her. As I bucked, she jerked. I couldn’t hold back anymore so I didn’t. I pulled out and flipped her over when I entered her once more. Legs spread wide, I pulled her body into mine as I ground my hips. Spasms rocked her body and I continued to take from her body more than what she knew she could. She threw her head back lost in sensations while screaming for me not to stop. I wasn’t. Shit was good and I planned to get my fill of her. I was on the brink but I had all night.

“What are you doing to me?!” She yelled.

I groaned and grunted. “Keeping my promise. I told you we were just getting started.”


I knew from her whimpering and the sobs that were starting that she’d gotten more than she’d bargained for. That wasn’t my problem and I didn’t sugarcoat it either.

“Next time that you show up to somebody’s room wearing a trench coat and indecencies, make sure that you’re prepared to follow through.”

“I did.”

“No… you didn’t. I’m not finished with you, yet.”

She grabbed the pillow above her head and bit down into it as she screamed. Each time that she came created another layer of sweat and determination from me. I would hold back until she just couldn’t take it anymore. Bastard, remember?

Her body held me firmly, spent. I rocked my hips gradually speeding up the pace until my body took over. I gripped her tightly as I released while inside her and I pumped. Relief took hold in a mind shattering experience that made my muscles tense so tightly that the pain burned into pleasure. Fucking perfect! Needing air and space to breathe, I rolled over onto the bed gulping in as much as I could.

Boudoir Couple in Bed in Phoenix

“You were trying to kill me.” She mumbled hoarsely.

“Yeah.” I chuckled. “I was.”

She mumbled something that I couldn’t decipher and I changed the subject. “Are you ever going to tell me your name?”

“You never asked.” She retorted.

“I am now.”

“Natalie. Everyone calls me Nat.”

“I’ll call you kitten.”

“What? Why?!”

“Because you purr, that’s reason enough.”

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© 2016. Jade Royal. All Rights Reserved.

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8.22.2016: Bastard (Part I)


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Catch Part 2 Here!


Maybe I was a bastard but I didn’t give a shit. Long days. CEO. Divorced. No kids, thank fuck. Nothing against them but my ex would have taken even more if I’d created hell spawn with her. Yeah, I drive a nice car, own a few more, house, and all that other fancy shit but in the end, it’s not worth what it seems. But you can’t tell that to the groupies that flock to the bling or sees dollar signs when they get a glimpse of real leather shoes that have initials that only money can buy.

There’s more to me than money but bitches will never see it. Not all women are bitches and all bitches aren’t women. But with the way that loyalty has been, I trust people as far as I can pay them. You know, arm’s length.

I was downstairs at the bar, minding my business when this floozy walks up and damn near begs to blow me off. I was in a bad mood. And “No” just wasn’t getting through her drugged out mind.


“Darling, sorry I’m late.” At first, I didn’t pay attention but then another woman, who was not the floozy, leaned around me and kissed me briefly. Startled, I looked at her and she smiled mischievously. “I said sorry. You don’t have to be cruel about it.”

Baffled, because I was still put off by the kiss, I nodded. The two women glared at one another until the beauty trying to save me spoke up.

“Who is your friend, Darling?”

I scoffed at the word friend. “I don’t know her. I think that she was looking for her dealer.”

The beauty with the southern drawl laughed and put my arm around her. Taking advantage of the moment, I caressed the curve of her back while looking into her eyes. She almost purred. The kitten laying underneath the skin wasn’t afraid to play. But what about the woman?

I looked over to see the floozy still there looking desperate. The jackpot radar was still whirling inside her head. And she seemed unaffected by the intrusion. Time to make this crystal fucking clear.

“You’re done here.”

The floozy rolled her eyes and stood walking to some schmuck she probably had a better chance with. I turned to thank the beautiful southerner but she was gone. I just knew I’d have to pay her off too. Lucky me. I’d managed to get out of all of that without paying a dime. Not even for a drink. Call me a horrible bastard but I was good with the outcome. Three Scotches later, I was feeling better than I had when I sat down. My tie was loose, suit jacket beside me on the stool, the first two buttons undone on my shirt and sleeves rolled up to my elbows. The amber liquid had taken effect and I was ready to retire for the night. Meetings over and I had the rest of the week to enjoy.

I walked to the elevator, jacket over a shoulder, taking my time. No rush. Leaning against the wall, I waited for the next elevator car to arrive. Ping! I looked up and then walked into an empty elevator. I leaned back and slowly released air from my lungs. Stress seemed to exit with it making for a lighter load. Just before the doors closed they reopened and in walked that southern charmer from earlier.


“Well hello, there Darling.” She greeted. Unlike earlier, that accent was slurred and laced with liquid courage. She stood in front but just to the side of me after she pressed the number just below mine.

I nodded accepting her greeting. “I never got a chance to thank you for earlier.”

“No problem sugar. I saw her at the bar harassing some poor bastard yesterday. You seemed ready to slug her so I decided to save you the hassle.”

Silence resumed and the sexual tension in the elevator was so thick it was difficult to fucking breathe. Her dress hugged every curve of her body displaying just how divine she really was. All she needed was a hat to finish off her “Southern Belle” demeanor. Her bare back only reminded me of how responsive she’d been. I reached forward and stroked her there. She gasped and it was the sweetest fucking sound.

“Don’t.” She whispered.

“Give me one reason.”

I walked up behind her and kissed the smooth skin at her neck. Did she just purr?

“I can’t focus if you’re doing that.” She looked back at me over her shoulder and said words I never thought she would.

“I’m not for sale.”

I chuckled but chose not to respond. Everybody had a price; she just hadn’t been faced with the opportunity yet. I bit the same place I’d kissed and her knees grew weak.

“You know we could take this to my room and discuss this over a glass of wine.”

She laughed low and seductive. “I don’t think you want to talk, big boy.”

I pulled her hips into mine and let her feel the truth in her words. She gasped again, caught by surprise.

“I don’t. I want to find out how sensitive you really are and if you’re smooth all over.” I knew I wasn’t playing fair since my mouth grazed her ear with each and every word. “Come, let me show you what I really want to do.”


“Mmm… fuck!” She whispered. Her breathing now labored, let me know just how aroused she truly was.

“Yes, exactly that.” The elevator opened and I walked around her and exited.

“Your call. Penthouse Suite 3.” I walked out and turned the corner where the Penthouse elevator waited. Up to my suite, I went hoping she’d eventually see reason.


I sat drinking another glass of Scotch in my room, debating whether to shower when I heard a soft knock. I sat down my glass and made my way to the door. When I opened it, in walked that southern girl and she was more exquisite than before. She walked in wearing a trench coat and shoes made just for her. As she passed me, her hand grazed my groin intently. I groaned and she continued as if she wasn’t fazed.

Her coat was opened and dropped to the floor revealing black lace thigh highs, panties and bra. Things were finally starting to look up. She walked into my bedroom and stretched out on the bed exposing her ass to me and disposing of her shoes. I could tell that her panties were already wet from where I stood but still I moved closer. I sat in the chair next to the bed and watched as her fingers teased that sweet pussy of hers. I had the perfect view of her bent over and her hand coming from underneath her to give me a show.


I’d grabbed my drink and sipped it slowly. We hadn’t spoken a word to one another and I preferred it that way. Soon there would be enough sound to forget the words. I watched as she expertly fingered herself as she probably had many times before. She was probably getting off on the fact that I was watching and I couldn’t blame her. The energy was fucking magnetic.

“Please…” She begged.

“Please, what?” I inquired.

“Please, do as you promised.”

“I am. I told you I didn’t want to talk.”

“No…” She whined so sweetly. And yes, I was going to make her beg for what she wanted. It was no secret that I got off on shit like that.

“Then what?”

“I want you…” Her words dragged, pleading.

I started unbuttoning my shirt. She was getting closer. “I’m here.”

“Don’t make me say it.” Her fingers dipped inside and she groaned. “Here, I want you here.”

“I am here.” My voice was gruff even to my ears. Fuck I wanted her. But I wanted… no needed her to fucking beg for it.

“God!” She moaned as she worked herself over.

“No, I’m Miguel. Not God but if you’re into role playing, I’m not opposed.”

“Please!” She whined.

“Good girl. Now we’re getting somewhere. Say it again.”

I saw her suck the fingers of her free hand and I groaned. We couldn’t have that. Her mouth could be taking care of much better things. I stood and took off my shirt and unbuckled my pants.

Her moans echoed through the room and her fingers were hitting something good because her thighs shook, toes curled, and her moans were reckless. She cared not who heard her and neither did I.

“Miguel, I’m so close… please… please… please…”

“Tell me what you need, pretty girl.”

“You!” Her screams replicated the shattering of her will as she came. Her hands pulled her hair and her body jerked while she succumbed to the call of her orgasm.


I stood and ran my fingertips down her back. Her skin was damp from the exertion of the take over from her orgasm and it was a good one.

When she calmed, she looked back at me with a nervous smile. “Hi.”

I chuckled. “Hello.”

“I… I guess I should take off. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

“You didn’t and you were magnificent.”

She blushed. “Thank you.”

I leaned down and kissed the small of her back and she sighed.

“Now… now…”

“I’ll let you take a minute to recover and I’ll get you a glass of water before we start.” I turned and heading toward the bar to get her a bottled water.

“Start?” She asked bewildered.

“Yes. Once you’re hydrated, I want to see what it feels like for you to be that wet while I’m deep inside you.”

Her mouth opened in shock but nothing came out.

“I can put something in that hole too.”

I walked away leaving her to deal with the excitement that I knew was coursing through her. Yeah, she’d be a fun way to relieve the stress I’m feeling this week and I had no problems with doing that. Why? Because I’m a sick bastard and she hadn’t even tipped the iceberg on what that’ll mean for her.


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Sharon Johnson: Poet & Author

Collage 2016-08-21 14_18_39

Today is the Official Release Day for Sharon’s Book: Eclectic Poet My Voice!!!




Sharon’s Bio:

From the time Sharon Johnson learned to write, she had one dream, to become a writer and author. Writing has always been the one constant through every moment, both good and bad, in her life. She started with basic Haiku and rhyming poems; then later, she started writing simple one to two-page stories. She’s always kept journals documenting her life and those of her children. Through every poem, story and journaled event, she never stopped looking for what she calls her ‘Charmed’ book. Year after year the book never came, until the summer of 2013, when a two to three-page idea max, turned into ten then twenty pages and kept growing from there. It became clear within a very short time, her characters had much more to say and their story was far from over. And that’s how ‘The Chat Room’ was born. Eighteen months and a lifetime later, her dream finally became a reality in August 2015. There’s a saying she’s created as a part of her daily mantra; “Never stop looking for your happy ending, because your story isn’t finished yet… Just a few fun facts      She never tires of intellectual stimulation in whatever form it comes. She’s never met a stranger she didn’t like or couldn’t crack up in the first ten minutes after they meet. She loves to read anything romantic or erotica. She also writes poetry, as well as short stories and has a following on Facebook that grows weekly. She has the heart of a twelve year and considers grown-ups boring and not much fun lol. She prides herself on being able to sit Indian style and touch her face to the floor and she loves NFL football. There’s never been a pizza she didn’t love or a piece of chocolate she’d ever say no to. And most importantly; she never forgets how blessed she is and how important it is to tell those in her life how much they mean to her.

Sharing for Sharon: More words about Sharon

“Sharon, I know how much today means to you and I’m excited to help you celebrate the release of something so profound. You have an artistic flair with words that is difficult to ignore. Your personality and the way that you support other authors and friends makes you even more dynamite.  Hopefully today has been as amazing as you deserve and more. That “blank canvas” of yours should be filled with all of the love and support from those of us who can’t get enough of you. In case I don’t say it enough: Sharon, thanks for being you.”

Author Jade Royal


“Sharon has been an inspiration with both her written words and her friendship. She’s willing to help others in their journey in this maddening career we’ve chosen. And I have the privilege of calling her a friend and colleague.”

Author Teresa Crumpton

“Sharon, I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing you for a few short months, but the impression your words and your person have made on me make it seem as if you’ve always been a part of my circle of friends. Your poetry creates such imagery when I read it… exotic, erotic, exquisite… TRUE… that’s what your words are… They reach inside of me, touching my mind and my heart with their genuine feeling and wisdom. As a person, Sharon, you have always impressed with your calm, kind presence… Your optimistic greetings and encouraging words… Your support for authors and friends… It has been a gift to know you and I hope one I will continue to enjoy for a long time to come. Congratulations on your new release! I can’t wait to read it!”

Author Gabriella Messina


“Sharon Johnson and I are the new kids on the block. I’ve found nothing but grace and elegance in Sharon, both as a person, a poet, and an author. She’s been wonderfully supportive of me and my writing, and I am thrilled beyond words to call her my friend. I’m looking forward to a continued, brilliant, writing career from this woman, but even more so, I looked to build an enduring friendship!”

Author Ellie Masters







Some Poetic words from Sharon:

Something that lost… 

You’re busy again, but it’s been that way for a while now. I miss the days when the excitement between us, crackled like a roaring fire. I miss the days when you tangled your fingers through my hair and overtook my mouth with yours; devouring it, owning it and sending shivers down my spine. The way you’d loosen your hold slightly and my lashes would flutter, as I slowly opened my eyes and looked into your eyes. That deep contented sigh you’d make, as you looked at my face and your full beautiful lips would begin to turn up in a smile. Your breathing was like music to my ears, every time we made love and our rhythm was perfectly in sync. I miss the man who use to be my hero…the one who wrapped me up in his arms, and tell me I was safe and everything would be ok. There were so many nights we’d lay there in bed, just spooning, while you’d whisper sweet words in my ear. All the late night chats about everything and nothing at all. So many hopes and dreams we shared back then, and now; all we are, is a couple, linked together by a name and a forever that will never be.

Sharon Johnson Author Poet © February 2016.

Sharon has a collection of works that demonstrates her love of words and her amazing finesse of arranging them poetically.





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