4.11.2016: The Storm

Story Inspired by: Masturbation Monday The Storm There was something about it that always drew me to the window. I parted the soft thin drapes and watched as the drops of rain cried over the city. Each drop drummed its own tune on to each surface creating the song of storm. Thunder shook the moist airContinue reading “4.11.2016: The Storm”

4.4.2016: His

Story Inspired by Masturbation Monday His Bound. Helpless. Used. Open. His. I threw my head back as another orgasm ripped through me. I panted, moaned, and cried out to Him. He laid in our bed watching. I could feel his hardness pushing, begging to be let out of his pants. He only stroked himself through theContinue reading “4.4.2016: His”

3.21.2016: Diner Dash

Inspired by Masturbation Monday. Diner Dash I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Heart racing, I began stripping off my pants and kicked off my shoes. The throb between my legs was persistent, driving me mad. My panties were next to hit the floor, frustratingly so because I hadn’t pulled them with my pants.Continue reading “3.21.2016: Diner Dash”