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6.6.2016: No!



Inspired by Masturbation Monday



His fingers were deep inside me stroking a fire that he controlled. He was using his other hand to stroke his hard flesh. I wanted it. Badly. I licked my lips wanting to suck him off or ride him until he released inside me.

“See something you want?”

I growled in frustration. He wouldn’t let me come and I wasn’t allowed to touch his erection. I wanted it. Needed it.

I whined. “Please, Sir.”

“No. Bad girls aren’t allowed to touch my cock.”

I slapped the bed beside me.

“Temper tantrums are what put you in this position. Do you think you should be throwing another?”

“I’m sorry. I won’t… ooooh!” I moaned. He was taking me higher and my hips welcomed the thrusts of his fingers. What was I saying?

“I don’t trust the promises of a greedy girl.”

I wanted to touch him and my hands sought him but I stopped them, needing to follow his instruction. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I was a fiend and he was the best drug. Who could deny that?

As the spasms wrecked, my eyes were heavy, and I licked my lips again. “Please let me suck you.”

“No.” What did he mean “no”?

Frustrated I reached for him and when I was almost there, his facial expression of a disappointed scowl was enough to make me freeze. I gripped my hair feeling insane. I was getting angry but still I rode his fingers. They weren’t as amazing as his lovely penis but a girl had to deal with what she got.

“Girls that throw hissy fits don’t deserve to feel my dick inside them.”

I panted wanting it. Every time he said no, I wanted it more. Maybe I didn’t deserve it. Maybe I should act better. Maybe I shouldn’t have pulled all of my clothes out of the closet because I couldn’t find what I wanted to wear. Maybe I should have controlled my anxiety better. After being scolded, I’d cleaned it all up and made it nice and pretty. That was a start, right?

I saw a bit of cum shoot from him and I leaned forward. He shook his head no as he removed his fingers from my dripping cunt. He sniffed the fingers that he’d used to fuck me and switched hands, jerking with my juices on his hand. I wanted to object. I wanted him to use me instead. I was jealous. It was upsetting yet so flipping sexy. I was mesmerized by how he enjoyed me without—me. I watched as he came, making a mess on his thighs, groin, and stomach. It could have been inside me but maybe he’d let me clean him? His eyes were closed and he was savoring the moment. Conflict ricocheted through my mind. I wanted him to always find his pleasure, I just wanted it to be with me.

When he was finished, he pulled a towel from behind him and wiped away the evidence of his orgasm. I pouted silently. How could he just…?

“Go get cleaned up. We have to get to dinner and on time. Your clothes are hanging on the back of the bathroom door.”

I nodded and scurried away. I wiped the tear from my face as the punishment finally hit home. I turned on the water of the shower and felt Him enter the bathroom. I turned facing him.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered.

He nodded and walked over to me. The simple kiss to my forehead warmed me. He followed it with kisses to my nose, cheeks, and finally a long lingering kiss to my lips.


“Get dressed.” With that he walked out.

I got in the shower not wanting to waste any more time. I thought about his body as he came and how it arched into his hand. A hand that was coated in me. He’d wanted me just as badly, if not more. There was satisfaction in that. Mhm… His.

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5.30.2016: Caught


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Movement caught my attention out of my peripheral view. At first I couldn’t tell what she was doing underneath the table but like lightening, realization struck. This girl was masturbating underneath the damn table. I looked around trying to see if anyone else was aware of what was going on. I was surprised to see that no one else watching.


I looked up to see her watching me. The longer I watched the faster she stroked her little clit. She was a nasty girl that needed to be punished. If I had to guess, she was in her mid-twenties. School was still in so with it being early afternoon, there was no chance that a child would be a witness to her debacle.

I raised my eyebrow and her head dropped back as if she was overwhelmed with sensations. Her hips bucked. Her back arched. Her mouth gasped. Her nipples hardened through her white shirt. She fingers gripped the desk and her body grew flush from the force of the orgasm. I smiled watching the entire time.

I stood and walked over to her, stiff dick and all. Her eyes widened in surprise when I leaned down and spoke so only she could hear.

“Meet me at the bathroom.”

I waited outside the bathroom after I checked it’s vacancy. I didn’t know if she would follow my instructions since we didn’t know one another. When she appeared, I was more than pleased. I opened the door to the bathroom and her pace slowed. The hesitation was good. She didn’t know what would happen once she was inside. When she was inside, I closed the door.

“Hands on the sink and bend over.” She followed my orders and I raised her skirt and pulled down her soggy panties.

When I dragged my hard over her bottom she jumped a bit at the initial contact. I continued but knew my time was limited. The door was locked but eventually someone would need in.

“Only bad girls masturbate in public.”

“I’m not bad.”

“What do you call it?”

“Being horny.”

“And you’re disobedient. What’s your safe word?”


“Yes. Do you need me to explain it?”

“No. Strawberry.”

“Strawberry it is then. You’re getting spanked for being naughty and teasing me. You’ll count them out loud.”


The sting radiated through the skin on my hand causing my own erection to jerk. She squirmed and then she whispered.





We continued this way until her ass was nice and red. Tears streamed down her face and yet she complied.

“Good girl.”

She sniffed. I landed another two to her ass and then pulled her panties up and her dress down.

“13.” She informed me as I worked to get her back in order.

“Good job. Now clean your face and return to your seat.”

I exited the bathroom and went back to the table where I went back to researching. Moments later, she walked out. Her fresh was freshly cleaned and she looked settled. She looked at me and blushed before she began writing. She fidget in her seat and I didn’t know if it was from arousal or the soreness from her ass. I smiled evilly and adjusted my crotch noticeably. She blushed more and kept her gaze lowered.

Too bad she wasn’t mine or I’d fuck her senseless. I stretched out my shoulders and went back to my work. Getting off would have to wait. There were more pressing issues that needed to be handled. Focused, time melted away while I worked. I felt a presence beside me and saw a scrap of paper placed on the table. When I looked up she was walking away and already halfway across the room. She turned to me, smiled, waved, and then exited the building.

Score. All of a sudden research didn’t seem as important. I packed up and headed off to find the naughty girl that liked to masturbate in public.

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5.16.2016: Let Me Show You


Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Let Me Show You

He’d ordered me to masturbate for him. Okay. I’d gotten undressed and gotten right to the point. Legs spread; I sat with pillows supporting my back. He’d given me my favorite bullet and I’d pressed it to my sweet spot. In less time than normal, I was ready to shoot off. I asked for permission and was taken back by his response.


I opened my eyes and looked to see a scowl on his face. I removed the vibe from my clit and pretended not to be hurt. It was the first time that I’d masturbated in front of anyone and he didn’t seem to be happy about it. I swallowed and tried to control the panic.


Shit! I knew she was timid about sex but I didn’t expect the one word to make her freeze up. I jumped to action getting her to calm. Once I’d gotten her to breathe it was time to talk her through it. I looked over her beautiful body and wondered how she’d never been appreciated before. It didn’t matter; it was every other fucker’s miss and my victory. It was time that I showed her the power of a woman.


“Lay down.” I instructed.

Gingerly, she got back into position. I could see panic starting to build so I cut it off the best way I knew how. I kissed her stupid. Lips crushed, tongues soothed, and her hands grabbed at me the more I deepened the kiss until she was breathless. I pulled away and she was one damn sexy bitch in heat. Perfect.

“Start at your ears and stroke your skin. Lightly. Teasingly. Draw out your need.”

I watched as she awakened her body. It was the best fucking thing she’d ever done. Before, her movements were robotic and unstimulating. There was a race that I’m sure she would have finished first in. This was different. I could actually see her body respond to her touch. I watched her body arch into the caresses, unable to wait for the next sensation. I leaned over and stroked her nipples the same way that she had.  Her moan feverishly grew louder making me painfully aware of how hard I’d gotten.

“You know that you’re doing it right when the person watching you just has to touch too. That’s when you know that you’re un-fucking-resistible. Teasing is an art. My beautiful girl, you’ve got it in spades. Allow yourself to let go and just feel and you could be the Mistress of Seduction.”

Her movements progressively got bolder, wilder. I stepped back to watch her in action. I wanted to see all of her. When her legs parted to explore her forbidden fruit, I groaned. She was swollen, ripe, and ready to be feasted. Her berry had produced some of the finest wine and I fought not to taste it. She needed to let this play out fully but when it was over, the rules to this game were over. I’d take her as I pleased. I growled and she shivered in response. Shit!

Her clumsy discovery became sure and precise. She didn’t even notice that she didn’t need that damn bullet of hers. Her hips ground against her finger tips and she mewled the most delightful sounds. She whimpered for more that only she could control and she didn’t even realize it. She worked herself up into a frenzy and her moans became second nature, a slave to her orgasm. I sat beside her to watch her alluring features contort into something exquisitely carnal. Primal. Lustful.

I was so drawn by her spell that I didn’t realize her hand moving over my groin until she cupped my man package. I hissed. My dick was so hard that it was painful against the inside of my jeans. She unzipped then unbuttoned them, freeing it into her stroking hand. A boldness I’d never seen from her was present. That powerful woman within her was out front and center. She licked the tip of my cock and then pulled it into her mouth lubricating it well. I stood and her hand took over. I leaned down to test her pussy and was pleasantly surprised at how wet she was. I groaned and began to fuck her with my fingers. Her fingers struggled to hold on to my dick when I hit a sweet spot.

Her body begged for more, needing to find release. I worked her over until her hand had fallen to the bed and she gripped the sheets. Sweat covered, she tossed her head back and forth searching for more. She was so close that I could feel her energy taking over the room. So damn hot that I wanted to say screw the masturbating and fuck her senseless right now.


“Ah, little vixen. You have no idea how difficult it is to not just fuck you right now.”

“Please fuck me!” She groaned out.

I thumped her clit with my thumb while fucking her with my fingers and she flew apart. I moved between her legs and entered her quickly. I used her trembling muscles to pull milk my dick. I ground into her deep and quick. I got to the brink quickly and held nothing back. Her body was the vessel I was using to get off. She’d created the monster tearing into her body without second thought and she needed to feel it. Her body quaked against me again as she succumbed to another orgasm. It pushed me over and I emptied inside her and collapsed on top of her. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Minutes later, I rolled over her and she snuggled up at my side.

“How’d I do that time?” Her face held a cunning expression but her eyes were unsure.

“I thought it was obvious when I started fucking you senseless.” I chuckled lazily.

Her smile spread across her face along with a blush that couldn’t be hidden. So goddamn sexy. Mhm…

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5.9.2016: Fucking Amazing


Inspired by: Masturbation Monday


Fucking Amazing

Waking up to an empty bed and stiff dick is the worst damn feeling when you have the need to fuck. Must be Monday. Any other day of the week and her sweet lips would be here welcoming me to a new day. Brighter fucking morning when you’re drained by her mouth and coffee placed in your hand as she says “Have a good day, Sir.”

Mondays though, I’m left to suffer without her while she goes to her early workout class. Yoga or another. All I know is that I’d have no issues getting up an hour early to work her out. Reasons of workout buddy commitments don’t seem like reason enough. She has a greater purpose and tending to me is a high priority. I’ll admit, I’m a man that wants what he wants, when he wants. So being denied doesn’t sit well for me, but I spoil my angel and giving her this day is the least that I can do.

The image of her sweet face, sexy almond eyes, lips made for sucking me, and her wicked tongue only makes my situation worse. Harder. I can easily feel her mouth around me so I lower my hand under the sheet and close my eyes. Shit! I love how she looks up at me seeking approval as she lavishes me with that skillful tongue of hers.

But nothing beats when she closes her eyes and swallows me. Not because I’m in her throat but because she enjoys it so much that she closes her eyes to savor the damn moment. Tightening my grip, images start running through my mind of her on her knees shining me.

I use my hand to cup my sac and massage it while beating. The sounds of skin milking skin forces memories of her cunt gripping me as I slide balls deep inside her. It always makes her wetter. Without much movement, I reach into the drawer beside me and grab the lube. A squirt later I feel her wetness covering me as I began stroking my dick again. Twisting and pulsing movements make me throw my head back arching into my hand, her cunt.

“Please!” I hear her beg and my pace quickens. Her back arches into me taking more.

Tingling pricks race over my unoccupied hand while thinking about spanking her as her cunt swallows me. She’s a good girl and she fucking knows it. Suddenly her back slants downward with her head on the bed as I go even deeper. Holy Hell. Pumping instinctually, I lose me self in her folds and I’m happy to do so. She’s mine and the thought of marking her with my seed urges me buck wildly inside her. Hurting her isn’t an issue since she knows how to get my attention.


“Fuck, girl!” I groan out, barely able to voice my delight.

“Yours!” She screams and I nod while trying to breathe, grunt, and groan at the same time.

So. Fucking. Close.

“Sir, your girl needs it. Please cum, make me yours!”

Works every god damn time. Like rocket I shoot off. Liquid lust squirting up my groin and stomach. She turns toward me and begins licking, sucking me dry. Gasping and panting is the only thing I’m capable of as my body numbs out from the tension release. Fuck! The only thing better would have been if she was here to do the damn deed herself instead of her in my fantasy.

I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling wondering what she left me for breakfast. Pulling a cloth from the bedside chest, I clean myself and hands. Showering takes no time and once I’m fitted and ready to head to work, I walk into the kitchen whistling “Sex on Fire” and see a note on the counter.

“Sir, I hope Masturbation Monday was fun. Breakfast and lunch are in the fridge, ready to go. All your fixings are in your coffee tumbler, pour the waiting hot coffee and go. See you for dinner. Your angel.”

Like I said. I want what I want, and she’s fucking amazing!

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4.25.2016: Spank Me


Inspired by: Masturbation Monday


Spank Me

The angle was all wrong, there wasn’t enough bite, and my frustration was making the moment cold. The sigh that escaped my lips sounded just as defeated as I felt. I turned the vibe off and sat down on the bed that I’d been arched over in a sour mood. I’d tried to create the same high that I’d experienced with Him and it fell flat. The spanking wasn’t the same. I growled and turned suddenly when I heard chuckling behind me.

“How’d that work out for you?” I glared at Him and then without a second thought it transformed into a pout.

“That won’t help you either.”


“No buts… you know how I feel about brats.”

I sat quietly toying with my hair.  I looked up to see him looking at the vibe on the bed. I blushed and looked away.

“What exactly were you doing?”

I knew modesty and lies would get me nowhere. I looked him dead on and spoke. “I wanted to be spanked while masturbating but when I tried it, it didn’t feel the same as when you do it.”

He chuckled. “Poor girl. And you didn’t ask me to join because…?”

“You were busy.”

“Bend over.”


“Bend. Over.” His command registered in all the right places.

I bent over slowly and put my ass toward him, holding on to the railing. He took his time sliding his fingers over my body. I relaxed into his caress closing my eyes.

“Turn your vibe to the highest setting. You’ll have to your count of 20 to come. You will count off every spank. If you lose count, no orgasm.”

I groaned and grabbed the vibe. I placed it on my clit on the highest setting. I began moving it over my lips and folds awakening my cunt fully.

“Hold on, wetness.”

I prepared myself but when that first strike was delivered it was more than I’d imagined. I gasped as the pain radiated into please.

“Are we ending so soon?”

I whimpered. “1, Sir.”

“That must have been good. We know how much you hate Sir.”

More strikes landed. “2, 3, 4, 5, 6!”

My cheeks were aching and I still had 14 more to go. The vibrator slid over my cunt through my dripping folds. This was what I needed. I moaned riding the vibrator and bucking against it. His hands wrapped around my throat and I shivered. I closed my eyes zoning everything out but him.

“7, 8, 9, Mmm… please. 10, 11, 12 oooooh!”

I pressed the vibe harder against my clit and the pain from the over-stimulation made me spiral into a fit of orgasms.

His hand was waiting. “13. 14. 15.” I panted. Must. Keep. Counting.

“16. Sir! 17. 18. 19.” I ground out through clenched teeth.

“YES! 20!” I screamed. I collapsed dropping the vibe from my cunt. The spasms shook every cell in my body making me a babbling, moaning mess.

I cuddled my pillow and let my body process as it may. I hummed in relief.

He crawled in bed next to me pulling me into his arms. I snuggled closer welcoming his embrace.


I cooed in response. “Yes.”

“Good. Next time…” He paused.

“Next time I’ll ask.”

“Good girl.”

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4.18.2016: The Way He Likes It


Inspired by: Masturbation Monday

The Way He Likes It

I sat my things down on the table and walked up the stairwell to my room. Just as I reached the top, I heard moans coming from my bedroom. Approaching the door, I saw Him on the bed. Legs spread, hips thrusting, and his hand pumping at his cock. His grip was strong and unrelenting as he pleasured himself.

There were growls, moans, and even groaning echoing through the room. I said nothing as I disposed of my shirt, dropped to the floor out of sight, and crawled over to his spread legs. I kissed his thighs before sucking his sac into my mouth. A loud hiss was my reward and I continued licking and sucking. I twirled my tongue around the base of his shaft watching his hand move faster.

When I heard panting, I slid my hand over his to catch his rhythm. He removed his hand and I took over. I jerked him the way he loves it. With a tighter grip, long strokes, and my tongue meeting the top of my hand to lick the tip. His cologne perfumed the air, accompanied by lust and desire. My need to pleasure him overrode the throb between my own legs. Watching him always aroused my body, but I had no plans to sate the building need. I was focused on him.

His pants drew my attention to him. It was my cue that he was close. He gripped the sheets at his side and my strokes shortened, moving from the middle of his cock to the end. I leaned forward and sucked the sensitive vein underneath. Strangled cries filled that room and I continued eagerly. His lungs wouldn’t fill quickly enough or fast enough. He gasped for air needed it to center himself.


The one word affected him deeply, prompting jets of cum to rain on my shoulder, hand, and neck. I milked him until his hips stopped seizing and his hand released the sheets. I leaned upwards and looked at his content face.

“Good girl.” He said smiling.

I nodded, stood, walked off to wash, and came back to him passed out in bliss. I kissed his hips softly and headed to make dinner, riding a satisfied high.

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4.11.2016: The Storm


Story Inspired by: Masturbation Monday

The Storm

There was something about it that always drew me to the window. I parted the soft thin drapes and watched as the drops of rain cried over the city. Each drop drummed its own tune on to each surface creating the song of storm. Thunder shook the moist air and lightening made its debut somewhere off in the distance lighting the sky in its path.

I sat for what felt like an eternity just listening and watching how the drops transformed the world into a wet mess of awe. Each time the thunder clapped, my nipples tightened as if feeling the strike directly. The cool breeze stroked my skin, leaving raised skin from the chill. I reached over to grab my sweater to distract myself from the liquid pooling, and I didn’t mean the rain. Ever since I could remember, I’d been a slave to the rain feeling it’s call. Today was no different. I was being disobedient, but I knew that I would pay the price.

The thunder roared at me and I stumbled backwards away from the window. I reached toward the curtain and lightening flashed brightly, pushing me back again. Another roar sent me backwards onto the bed and the wind blew fiercely uncovering my legs from beneath my skirt. Trembling in brazen lust, I untied my halter tank and threw it to the floor. The storm calmed a bit but the wind blew the curtain keeping it open.

My hands caressed my thighs as if they had a mind of their own while they put on a teasing show. The thunder rumbled low and menacing, warning me about stalling. My fingers slid into my panties and the long moan that rang free was appreciative. My fingers awakened nerves as it parted, caressed, and stroked. I was drenched and my cunt mimicked the sounds of the rain. The growling thunder warned me again, louder this time and I penetrated my heat.

The wind kissed my thighs, sucked my nipples, and forced shivers from my body. I twisted my fingers, pumped, caressed, stroked, ground my hips, clenched my muscles, and still I wanted more. Arching, the cool air nipped my folds pushing me closer to the edge while it pulled at the tips of each nipple. Lightening sparked and I panted in submission to the inevitable. Whistling winds cranked up the tempo and I begged.


Thunder groaned in disapproval taking me higher into its grasp.


My body took over making me grip the sheets as lust blinded me. The whirling wind hallowed at the same time that the rain beat down harder. Lightening flashed repeatedly, signaling the storms overwhelming desire coming close to combustion. Air left my lungs and I was suspended in time until the thundered roared, blasting my orgasm through over limb as it sought release. The scream that poured from my throat was drowned out by the storm. I knew its power was greater and this was just another way that its dominance was demonstrated.

The shocks lasted for an eternity but when they calmed along with the storm, I was spent across the bed. Clothes in a disarray, I was used and disposed until the next time; passed out from another hard session initiated by the storm. The light kisses of approval were placed every where at once, before the storm vanished, leaving me craving its energy and feeling more captive than ever before.

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4.4.2016: His


Story Inspired by Masturbation Monday


Bound. Helpless. Used. Open. His. I threw my head back as another orgasm ripped through me. I panted, moaned, and cried out to Him. He laid in our bed watching. I could feel his hardness pushing, begging to be let out of his pants. He only stroked himself through the fabric dedicating his attention to me. I was strapped; ankles, wrists, and thighs to the St. Andrews Cross.

He’d told me that I needed to feel his control over me so he’d clamped my nipples. He used the chain that hung between my lust swollen breasts to connect the second set of clamps that he graciously had attached to my cunt lips. When I stretched His body, it pulled on both sets of clamps. But he wasn’t done. Around my neck was a collar, one that he’d recently purchased. Across the front his name was beautifully displayed confirming what I knew. I was his to do as he pleased and in return, he’d take care of all of my needs. And still none of that was enough.

He’d inserted a medium anal plug and told me it was the only hole deserving to be filled today. He then explained that the reason was because it’s what he wanted. He then strapped a butterfly harness to my waist with the bullet directly beneath my clit. The tip touched the very bottom of my clit so that when he activated the vibrations, it teased it so. Afterwards, he’d sat in the very spot he was in now and pulled the remote from his pocket. I’d been given permission to cum and that gave away his evil Sadistic plans.

Here I am. Four orgasms later, writhing with need. I was drugged on the endorphins and barely able to focus. My desire to come had been sated but yet I needed more. I knew the reason, just as he. I wouldn’t be sated until he was. I’d allow him access to His vessel as long as it was needed.

I felt him move and I became hyper alert. He slid his hands to his waist and freed his erection. It was swollen, dripping, and finally ready for use. I’d been a good girl for him and it showed. He stroked his erection slowly and I felt the desire building in me. He’d powered the butterfly off and was now fueling me with him. I panted, needing this more than he. When he gripped his shaft tighter I knew he was getting close. I moaned and licked my lips wanting to crawl to him and lick his cock until it was sated.

His back arched toward his hand and my moans grew louder. I shook and trembled fighting the orgasm that had wound so tight that it hurt. I waited, needing his pleasure to cum before mine. His hand movements moved quickly and I could see his unbridled lust breaking through his control. He growled, moaned, groaned, gasped, and even howled his passion until the room echoed nothing but his sounds. I saw the first spurt released from him and it pushed me over the edge in the most intense orgasm forcing me to pass out into the most satisfying feeling of being his.

When I awakened it was into his arms on the bed. He held me tight. I tried to move but was restricted by his legs,arms, and the rest of his body. I sighed reveling in the fact that he is and always will be mine, and I His.

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3.28.2016: Awakened



Story Inspired by Masturbation Monday.


I woke up on the verge of an orgasm. Panting, I tried to focus on breathing but the need to be fucked overwhelmed my senses. I opened my eyes to see the reason for my demise stroking an erection that I needed to fill me. I started to move toward him but he stopped me with a single word.

“No.” He commanded.

I whimpered and lay still waiting his next command. He leaned down and sucked each of my nipples one at a time until they were rock hard. Once they met his approval, he used his teeth to pull the hardened peaks into his mouth making me pant… writhe… want… need…. I scooted to him and licked the veins around his shaft loving the shiver that I felt in return.

“Bad.” He responded.

I moaned around him agreeing. He slid his hand down between my legs and inside of my dripping cunt. He didn’t wait for an acknowledgement before his fingers thrust in and out of me. I felt invaded. Owned. Worshipped. His. I knew better than to move anything besides my hips which I did. His fingers arched, curled, tucked and hit my gspot cause me to free him from my mouth. I kept stroking him but when he hit that delicious spot my back arched, lifting me from the bed as I rode the building orgasm.


I screamed following his command seizing on the bed. I felt his mouth on my nipples again as he flicked my clit and another rush enveloped me into complete and total darkness.

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3.21.2016: Diner Dash


Inspired by Masturbation Monday.

Diner Dash

I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Heart racing, I began stripping off my pants and kicked off my shoes. The throb between my legs was persistent, driving me mad. My panties were next to hit the floor, frustratingly so because I hadn’t pulled them with my pants.

The first touch to my clit was cooling, soothing. I took a second to savior the moment but the need soared through me again ending that relaxed feeling. My folds were swollen, hot, slick and ready to be used. So I did. Stroking my clit, was nice. But not enough. I groaned needing more so I raised my shirt and bra and pinched my nipples. I didn’t recognize the animalistic moan that echoed but it stirred me on.

Stroking my clit lead me to sliding my two fingers inside where things grew interesting. I leaned back against the cool wall and rode my fingers seeking relief. Every cell in my body craved release. I held on to the tingling feeling and allowed my body to relax into it. I was fevered with lust and primed. I bucked against my hand but drew it out.

Standing on the tip of my toes heightened the experience and my moans became deep pants searching for air. I clenched my vaginal muscles and my body quivered. “Shit!”

I pumped my cunt harder while stimulating both nipples and I began writhing along the wall. My mouth opened and nothing came out as my senses simmered out except in that one region. Sweated beaded over me as my body became light, floating. Time froze and so did I as one of the most powerful orgasms swept through me. I groaned loud as it stuck like lightening. My body quaked as it tore through me. I moved my fingers to my clit pressing it hard and another orgasm blasted through me. Panting, I removed my hands from my body and held on to the wall. Trying to regain my composure.

Minutes later, I began to dress. I washed my face and prepared myself to enter the main part of the deli where knowing eyes watched. I took my lunch order from the counter and winked at the deli clerk. I smiled and walked out and down the street with a little more pep than before. I’d spent my lunch break properly and I’d eat my food while I worked. I’m sure that the next time that I stop by the deli it would probably get extremely interesting with the show I’d given. I smiled welcoming the adventure.