3.14.2016 #MasturbationMonday

Inspired by: Masturbation Monday: Week 80 The Prelude               “Fuck me harder!” Latoya San Hose screamed.             “Is this how you like it?” Chocolate Dynamite asked as she pounded away at Blue Cherry.             “Yes! Yes!” Latoya hollered back.             Renee sat up in bed and shook her head. “There’s no way I’m goingContinue reading “3.14.2016 #MasturbationMonday”

3.7.2016: Lunch Rush

Story Inspired by Masturbation Monday. Lunch Rush Out of breath, I made it inside the apartment with five minutes to spare. I had a report due to the big dogs by 11 a.m. Don’t misunderstand me. This report had been ready to go for days. We were preparing for a very important merger that required aContinue reading “3.7.2016: Lunch Rush”