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5.12.2016: First Sassy (Part I)


First Sassy (Part I)

Sassy. That’s what I called her. It wasn’t because of her mouth but more so her attitude. Her demeanor. It didn’t help that she looked like a pin-up girl at all times. Her fire red lips called to me and so I kissed her. Slowly at first but then the hunger that I’d held at bay all day took over. I pushed her against the frame of the bed until she fell backwards onto it.


She looked up at me breathless and I raised my eyebrow at her. Her lips, parted, made me want to put something between them. I took the red scarf from around my neck and leaned down to gag her, reinforcing it with a knot behind her head. Helpless eyes, heavy with curiosity of the unknown, stared back at me challenging me to take her to new heights. I removed her panties and tossed them to the floor. No need for them.


She nodded. Listening. Eager.

“Keep your body open to me.”

She spread her legs and put her arms above her head before giving a firm nod.

“Your orgasms belong to me.”

Sassy closed her eyes. I watched as she swallowed. She knew that orgasm control was my forte. I could drag it on for hours or force so many from her that they hurt. Which part of the scale I’d tip today wasn’t part of the information provided. When she opened her eyes, I knew that she was ready to move on. Good girl.

“The only restraints provided today will be up here.” I tapped her head and she groaned. It was something she loved and hated. It was a test to her willingness to please me versus the natural reaction to run from your tormentor.

I slid my fingers inside of her and was greeted with warmth, wetness, and her gripping walls. She looked behind me and I smacked her thigh.

“Eyes on me.” I knew she was a bit shy but as of today, she’d have to get over it.

I stroked her while kissing over her neck, shoulders, and nibbling on her ear. She relaxed into me and panted as her heart rate escalated. Her hands griped the bed as she fought the urge to touch me. I chuckled loving how much she was into it already. I bit the side of her neck hard and her cunt shivered. I twisted my fingers inside of her while thrusting and she moaned louder. Wetness coated my entire hand letting on to just how much she appreciated the ministrations to her. I drove her closer and closer to her orgasm and just before she tipped I pulled away. She knew better than to beg but her moans echoed through the room conveying just how close she had been.

I kissed up her body until I reached her gagged mouth. I made quick work of untying it before taking her mouth. I grabbed a handful of hair, forcing her head to tilt up toward my mouth. I took just as much as she gave and she mewled in defeat. I pulled away and she followed my lips. I chuckled at how needy she was. I gave her a bit more before slapping her thigh firmly before pulling away. She closed her eyes and groaned.

“You’ll pay for that, minx.”

“But it was well worth it, M’Lady.”

“We shall see.”

I removed her bra and a set of clovers pinched her hardened and swollen nipples. I hummed my approval at her following the instructions given before she’d gotten here. I walked over to the chair that held my matching floggers. I swung them loosely in the air and stretched my shoulders and arms. It was time. I turned around and was stunned momentarily by the view in front of me. My sassy minx lay sprawled out for my use, ready for more. In the corner, off to the side of me He sat watching, observing. Unable to keep away, I walked over to him and kissed him deeply. He slid his hand over my ass and then gripped it tightly. I tapped the side of his face with my hand playfully before pulling away and wagging a finger at him. The chastisement caused him to shake his head. Playful or not, I knew I’d pay for it later. I could only wait.

I turned toward my sassy girl and whirled my floggers in the air. Her eyes widened and fear ignited her arousal taking it up a few notches. The lips of her pussy were glistening, wet, and swollen. I watched as her fingers gripped the sheets even tighter. I leaned down sucking her clit into my mouth and sucking it until she was once again facing an orgasm that she wouldn’t get just yet.


“Be a good girl.” I told her before the corded lashes stung her skin with the first double succession.

She breathed in and out deeply. Her pain tolerance was high and I wanted to make her feel me quickly. Thighs, hips, cunt, and then breasts were the pattern that I stuck to. The deeper she breathed the more I quickened the rain of strikes. Her skin reddened, blushing in appreciation. I watched her face and body for cues of any and everything as I struck her over and over. Her groans grew lighter and lighter until she was silent. One strong and hard swat to her cunt made her scream.

“Breathe!” I chastised.

“Yes! Yes!” Tears flowed from her eyes down to the bed. Her hands limply held on to the sheets.

“Good, good sassy girl.”

Her reddened cunt dripped with the finest ambrosia. Her legs shook from the hold that she had on them to keep them in place. Though they’d started off as flat, they’d bent digging her feet into the mattress. Now they too were limp but still parted. Disciplined in the best of ways. I leaned over her, pressing into her heated skin. Her eyes were glazed over illustrating just how much of those endorphins she was feeling.

As I took off the clover clamps on her nipples, I commanded firmly. “Come for me.”

Her brain took a beat to catch on but then pain registered loud and clear. Her eyes widened and she screamed loudly as the orgasm pounded through her. I entered her with three fingers headed straight for her g-spot where I tapped against it insistently. Her weakened grip sought the sheets again as another orgasm threatened to shred the bit of sanity that she had left.

“Again, little minx.”

Her babbled cries were the response as she succumbed to my demands. Not finished with her, I slowly rolled her over onto her stomach. She hissed when her nipples grazed the bed.

“Glad that I have your attention.”

I picked up the flogger and rained even more blows to her ass. She arched into them spreading her legs to meet the sting. Her cries became wails of submission as she begged and pleaded for more. I dropped the floggers and climbed on the bed spreading her wide before entering her with the dick that was strapped to my waist. Together, we were in a zone. One that only included her and I. Though I’d pushed her, she was giving more to me than I ever expected and the fuel burned rapidly through me. I needed this just as much as she did. I noticed every movement. Every breath. I anticipated her responses and she delivered flawlessly. My skin tingled, hyper-aware of everything, especially her.

“Thank you!” She screamed as I fucked her hard and deep. Her thighs quaked against mine and I knew she was close once again.

I reached forward and grabbed a fist full of hair pulling her into each stroke.

“M’Lady, please! May I come for you? Your… girl… needs… you!” Her request was guttural and heady. Raw. Animalistic.

“Yes.” I commanded.

Her body relaxed to the point that she collapsed. Foreseeing it allowed me to follow her, grinding into her flat against the bed. I counted two more rolling orgasms that consumed her before I too released the building orgasm she’d ignited.

When I finally caught my own breath, I removed the harness from my hips. I pulled two pillows behind my head and my sassy girl into my arms. I stroked her sweat licked skin loving the smoothness of her. I watched as He stood and got the throw from the bottom of the bed. He laid it over us and returned to his post.



He nodded. “Welcome.”

“Thank you, too.” I heard the mumbling and looked down. I smiled at the drunken woman in my arms.

He chuckled. “Your welcome.”

She moved closer to me and closed her eyes again. I gave her time to rest before the hydration bit. Once she was alert and onto her favorite candy of the KitKat nature, I put her in the guest room to rest. Though she protested with weak excuses of not being tired, when her head hit the pillow she was already out. Riddle me that!

I knew He waited for me in the bedroom. My high from topping my girl hadn’t diminished. I sat in the arm chair in the living room trying to reign in my thoughts. I heard footsteps behind me and I closed my eyes. I didn’t open them when he stood in front of me. I felt the kiss to my forehead and it awakened something primal inside.

I opened my eyes and he lowered his body to the floor kneeling in front of me. Primal male versus primal female. I felt the chase and I met it head on. He leaned forward to kiss my cunt and I drew away. Carefully, I raised my legs into the seat away from him. I put my knee on the arm of the chair ready to jump it when He stopped me mid pose. He put my other knee on the opposite arm spreading me wide for him.


I groaned. I needed him and he knew it. My cunt was wet and though I wasn’t prepared to submit to him fully, he would always have my desires. When his tongue licked me for the first time my body fell backwards over the back of the chair. I’d seen the bulge in his pants when he’d stood to grab the blanket. He’d more than enjoyed the show that he’d witnessed. It was time for him to cash in. His tongue explored every fold before he thrust it inside of me. Crazed with need, I ran my fingers through my hair grasping at my sanity. I was losing control and war raged inside of me. Submit or fight. It echoed inside as my moans filled the room with my turmoil. Suddenly it stopped and so did he. I looked down and he winked before standing slowly. I put my knees into the seat of the chair while my lungs fought for air. My orgasm teetered and He was walking away.

“You know where to find me.” He said before he entered the room, leaving me with a decision to make.


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3.10.2016: Mine



One of my favorite fantasies is the one that I’ve never shared. Well, never shared in detail. You are bent over the leather padded table. Wrists cuffed in front of you, straight ahead with very little give. Your hair is in a tight ponytail, draped over your shoulder and out of the way. Your shoulders are bare inviting me to bite along them. All of your sexy, feminine curves are hidden down to your waist with a black satin corset. They are for me alone and I chose not to share. But your hips, they always invite me to caress your ass, hips, and thighs before I tease your folds, so I left them available. Legs bare down to those damn fuck-me pumps, black, silver, and slutty. Your legs are cuffed to the table, spread wide, and unable to close them. You have no idea what’s in store for you. It’s why you’re trembling with lust. The reason you’re slick with need. You’re helpless and you love it. I decided last minute to torture you even more by blind folding you but that won’t last for long. I want you aware of everything that would happen. I want you terrified with anticipation.

I look at the time and smile. Game Time. I open the door and a group of three walk into the room. They are all dressed in black pants, black shirts, and black masks. They stand in front of you and I spank your ass.

“Ready for me?”

“Yes.” You say.

I take off the blindfold and you squint. When your vision focuses you gasp.

“You’ll please them as you would me.” I kiss your mouth thoroughly and as you kiss me you feel someone behind you sucking your clit. You moan into the kiss and I back away. “Be a good girl.”

Number One is tasting you. Savoring you rightfully. His tongue is mine and I can hear him lapping at you. I know how sweet you taste and for a second, I envy him. You’ve always been a slut for a good tongue lashing so I can guess how creamy you’ve gotten. He has an oral fixation and I’ve purposely used him to pull you into the scene quickly. Your legs begin to tremble and your quiet moans have become loud, unleashed cries that grow the longer that he teases you.


“May I?” You beg.

“No.” I reply.

Number Two takes the hint, walks over, and kisses your shoulders while Number Three unzips their pants. A jet black dong brushes your lips and you open wide. You suck her eagerly trying to shift your focus. Number Two bites your shoulder and you moan loudly around Number Three. Number One is inching his hard shaft inside of your dripping cunt and you love every second of it. For an instant, I see the shame wash over you tensing your body.

As you’re fucked, I walk over and spank your ass bringing you back into the moment. “Mine.”

You moan and along with One and Three. I crawl under the table and pause for a second. Under here I see your thighs as they tremble fighting the building need. Your juices are running down your legs showing me how much you appreciate it all. I reach up and began to stroke your clit. My clit.

“Fuck! Please…”

I continue teasing you, ignoring your pleas. Not too fast, not too slow. I see the three of them shift. One is inside of your mouth, Two inside your begging cunt, and Three is standing to the right of Two. I hear leather straps as they strike your flesh. I smile knowing that you’ll be begging soon. You count each lashing as they meet your skin pausing between the licks of the cock in your mouth.

The room is loud of moaning, groaning, whipped ass, and smells of sex. I’m pulled into the intoxicating pull that you’ve created. You’re taking it all and giving even more back.

“Please…. please… please… please… please… please…” The begging is hurried and I know that you’re barely hanging on. Do I make you suffer or reward you for your submission?

“Cum, girl.” I say.

Screaming cries echo across the room and Three fucks you faster. You buck against my fingers holding nothing back.

“God, yes!” I tickle your clit with my finger tips and you spiral into another orgasm.

Three moves as Two takes her place. He enters you and fucks you slowly building you up again. You love every inch as he slides in and out of you. Your body begs for it. Three stands to the left and I hear the crop as it is rained down over your thigh.

“Yes, it feels so good!” You moan before your mouth is filled.

Coming from underneath, I stand near your face watching you get used thoroughly. Your body is drenched in sweat and arousal. It stirs a deep need to claim you in front of these three. I bite the space between your neck and shoulder and you scream as you cum again.

“Yours!” You scream.

“Good girl.”

The panting, groaning, fucking and cries of pleasure are difficult to ignore. There’s no way that anybody in this room could be unaffected. You were the highlight of the show. You gave yourself fully to the experience and I was proud of my girl.

I walked behind you and Three and Two moved away. I unzipped my pants, stroking my already hard dick. “Ready girl?”


I slid inside of you deliciously slow. Each inch forced a new level of submission into you. You tightened your muscles around me and once I was seated deep inside of you, I paused. You shivered so badly that your shoes tapped the floor. Perfect.

I began moving inside you and the dirty slut in you surfaced. Just how I liked it.

“So big.” You said between gasps for air.


“So good.” You cried.

“You’ll take it.” I replied.






“God, Yes!”

“My slut!” My breathing grew labored as you pulled me further under your spell.

“Don’t stop fucking me, please…”

I gripped your ass and spread it as I bottomed out inside you.

“So big.” You whispered.

“Take it!” I fucked you faster and deeper.


Clapping sounded as I continued using my girl for your sexy body. You begged, pleaded and cried as I denied you over and over. Your body became limp as I forced it into submission. When you turned your head, the tears were pouring and your eyes were unfocused.. It registered in my groin and my movements stiffened. I pistoled into you coming with each stroke.

“Cum!” I shouted.

Like a bitch in heat, you bucked and fucked finding release. You were even more beautiful when you roared.

“That’s my good girl.”I kissed your back and shoulders while I massaged heat into your muscles.

You whined as you started to come down from your high. I withdrew from you and kissed over your ass and thighs.

“So beautiful. So sexy.”

You moaned your agreement and I untied you. When I looked up, all three of my accomplices were gone. I nodded to myself that I’d picked the right three. They’d been discreet in their comings and goings. When you were free and I moved you to the bed, you cuddled in my arms holding on to me tightly.

“Thank you, baby.” You whispered.

“You’re welcome, girl.” I kissed all over your face saving your lips for last. “Mine.”

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