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3.17.2016: All About Me


All About Me

            Spread your legs. No questions. No comments. Just do it. I understand that you were caught off guard but what I have in mind requires focus. So listen. Slide your panties to the floor. Very nice. Keep your legs open, sweetheart. I can see just how much you like this from my seat across from you. Right now, you’re anticipating where this is going to go and it’s got your whole body on edge. Ready, willing, and desperate. You are. Trust me.

            Your ripe, juicy, and beautiful breasts are enticing. Touch them. No! Not like that. Slowly. Draw it out, we’ve got all night. Remove your dress but keep those legs open. I want to see your glistening mound the entire time. That bra, I remember purchasing it just so that while you wore it, I could picture tearing it off. I can see your hardened nipples through it encouraging me to come suck them. And I will, later.

            Remove that bra. Now tease your luscious peaks without grinding into the bed. I know you want to because you’re tingling with need. Keep your eyes open. Focus on me. My commands are your will and you’ll obey because you love it. No, no, no… keep those legs open. Good girl.

            Slide your hands over your stomach and down to your thighs slowly. Just like that. Yes. Trail heat back up to your bosom, over your neck, and now work back down to your thighs. Caress the inside of your thighs but don’t touch your… Good girl. Spread your legs a bit more. Right there.


            Excuse me while I suck on the lips of your cunt tasting your wetness. Mmm… better than I remembered. Sweet. Perfumed with lust.  Yes, I know it hasn’t been that long but… A long lick to your slit leaves you panting for more. Calm down. This is about me, not you. Pace yourself. I plan to be here awhile. I spread your lips wide and lick your inner lips. Your legs close around my head and I laugh. I know. You love it. But if you want me to finish what I’ve started, you have to play by the rules. Legs open. Keep them there.

            I suck on your clit, pulsing my lips against it and your body bucks off the bed but your legs remain open. Good girl. I slide my tongue around your clit and then suck it into my mouth pulling it upwards. My tongue spanks your clit while it’s in my mouth and your eager moans grow louder. Unabashed. You love it. I give you a second to relax while I kiss on your thighs.

            “Please.” You beg. I smile because I know how badly you want it, but I’ve already said that this is about me and not you.

            I slide my tongue from your clit, down your slit, and straight inside of you. Your legs close around me and I spank the outside of your thigh. You moan in approval and I wrap my arms around your legs holding them still. I know that you prefer your pleasure with a bite of pain. Sensual adrenaline is coursing through you and you welcome it like a junkie to drugs: my mouth. Using my tongue to part your folds I go back to exploring and satisfying my own needs. I wave my tongue inside you licking your walls making you shiver. I moan loving the way you taste and feel against my tongue. You’re so wet against my face. The realization prompts me to thrust my tongue in and out of you repeatedly while using the side of my finger to tease your clit. You cry out and I know you’re close. You throw your head back in submission to my oral fixation. I smile and kiss upward to your clit, pulling it into my mouth.

            “Yes, please!”

            I pull your clit completely into my mouth sucking on it. The pressure increases until you’re suspended with air trying to hold on to the feeling of needing to orgasm or beg for more. I like it when you’re here so I suck you a bit harder causing you to spasm. Sweat covers you as your orgasm builds and you wait to explode. Your voice cracks and I suck one last time shattering you to pieces. I hold your clit in my mouth as I unwrap my right hand from your thigh and work two fingers inside your clenching cunt. Your eyes widen as I fuck your g-spot forcing yet another orgasm.


            “I can’t!” You scream as your body begins winding tighter. You can and you will.

            I disregard the statement as your fingers grip me and I flick my tongue against your sensitive bud. Your hips automatically move toward my mouth repeatedly. A loud moan, followed by thrusts from me and hip grinding from you sends you flying into your second orgasm. I deepen my thrusting fingers and a third orgasm rips forward. As you ride it out, I work my fingers out of your tightened canal and deliver butterfly kisses to your wanton cunt, smooth thighs, and up to your belly. Your hands are in your hair as you try to calm. You’re out of breath and it’s exactly how I like you: just fucked. I kiss over your nipples and to your pouting lips. You wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me back.

            “Thank you for indulging me. You were perfect!”

            You laugh. “Anytime.”

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