4.14.2016: To Move, Or Not To Move

To Move, Or Not To Move I stood looking inside the room that was deemed His. The office was organized in an “I know where everything is” kind of way. There were notes, pens, highlighters, and such lying about; just where he’d left them when I’d crawled in here last night. I’d had the thoughtContinue reading “4.14.2016: To Move, Or Not To Move”

4.4.2016: His

Story Inspired by Masturbation Monday His Bound. Helpless. Used. Open. His. I threw my head back as another orgasm ripped through me. I panted, moaned, and cried out to Him. He laid in our bed watching. I could feel his hardness pushing, begging to be let out of his pants. He only stroked himself through theContinue reading “4.4.2016: His”