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5.9.2016: Fucking Amazing


Inspired by: Masturbation Monday


Fucking Amazing

Waking up to an empty bed and stiff dick is the worst damn feeling when you have the need to fuck. Must be Monday. Any other day of the week and her sweet lips would be here welcoming me to a new day. Brighter fucking morning when you’re drained by her mouth and coffee placed in your hand as she says “Have a good day, Sir.”

Mondays though, I’m left to suffer without her while she goes to her early workout class. Yoga or another. All I know is that I’d have no issues getting up an hour early to work her out. Reasons of workout buddy commitments don’t seem like reason enough. She has a greater purpose and tending to me is a high priority. I’ll admit, I’m a man that wants what he wants, when he wants. So being denied doesn’t sit well for me, but I spoil my angel and giving her this day is the least that I can do.

The image of her sweet face, sexy almond eyes, lips made for sucking me, and her wicked tongue only makes my situation worse. Harder. I can easily feel her mouth around me so I lower my hand under the sheet and close my eyes. Shit! I love how she looks up at me seeking approval as she lavishes me with that skillful tongue of hers.

But nothing beats when she closes her eyes and swallows me. Not because I’m in her throat but because she enjoys it so much that she closes her eyes to savor the damn moment. Tightening my grip, images start running through my mind of her on her knees shining me.

I use my hand to cup my sac and massage it while beating. The sounds of skin milking skin forces memories of her cunt gripping me as I slide balls deep inside her. It always makes her wetter. Without much movement, I reach into the drawer beside me and grab the lube. A squirt later I feel her wetness covering me as I began stroking my dick again. Twisting and pulsing movements make me throw my head back arching into my hand, her cunt.

“Please!” I hear her beg and my pace quickens. Her back arches into me taking more.

Tingling pricks race over my unoccupied hand while thinking about spanking her as her cunt swallows me. She’s a good girl and she fucking knows it. Suddenly her back slants downward with her head on the bed as I go even deeper. Holy Hell. Pumping instinctually, I lose me self in her folds and I’m happy to do so. She’s mine and the thought of marking her with my seed urges me buck wildly inside her. Hurting her isn’t an issue since she knows how to get my attention.


“Fuck, girl!” I groan out, barely able to voice my delight.

“Yours!” She screams and I nod while trying to breathe, grunt, and groan at the same time.

So. Fucking. Close.

“Sir, your girl needs it. Please cum, make me yours!”

Works every god damn time. Like rocket I shoot off. Liquid lust squirting up my groin and stomach. She turns toward me and begins licking, sucking me dry. Gasping and panting is the only thing I’m capable of as my body numbs out from the tension release. Fuck! The only thing better would have been if she was here to do the damn deed herself instead of her in my fantasy.

I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling wondering what she left me for breakfast. Pulling a cloth from the bedside chest, I clean myself and hands. Showering takes no time and once I’m fitted and ready to head to work, I walk into the kitchen whistling “Sex on Fire” and see a note on the counter.

“Sir, I hope Masturbation Monday was fun. Breakfast and lunch are in the fridge, ready to go. All your fixings are in your coffee tumbler, pour the waiting hot coffee and go. See you for dinner. Your angel.”

Like I said. I want what I want, and she’s fucking amazing!

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