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Fucking Writer’s Block



Fucking Writer’s Block

Writer’s block. I hated the bitch. She had a way of taking all of my creative energy and turning it into shit. Ideas that started off as genius turned into a cluster fuck of “umms” and “uhs”. I threw wadded up pieces of paper at the computer screens saying the hell with it all. I’d tried paper to pen, typing, and even fucking voice recording. None of it was helping. I read the screen and my anger inched higher on the go “fuck yourself” meter.

Editor: Get out and get some fresh air.

“Fuck you.” I barked at the screen.

I swirled around in circles as I warred with the stuck words in my brain. The fuckers just wouldn’t flow. I jumped up and paced the room becoming more anxious as I walked. Maybe fresh air wasn’t a bad idea. I looked at the time as midnight seemed to approach much quicker than I wanted. I needed to put something on paper to get to give them.

Something moved quickly down the hall and I peeked to see my wife carrying a basket of laundry to the wash room. I tilted my head when I noticed that she was wearing my favorite boy shorts. They cupped her ass just right teasing me. Only the bottom of her cheeks peeked out making my fingers inch to grab them.

Her hair was wet indicating that she’d recently showered. She was lethal right now. Clean, barely clothed, and I could smell the cherry lotion she always wore. My mouth watered as I thought about tasting her sweetness. No matter how long we’ve been together, she still made me ache for her like we’d just met. I just couldn’t get enough. I took my shirt and jeans off and threw them into the chair. If I needed a distraction, she was fucking it. No better way to make sex sell than to experience it.

I rounded the corner as she was putting clothes in the dryer. She was bent over and spread nicely for me. I walked behind her and positioned us just right for the deed. I rubbed my hardness against her softness and she moaned.

“Lyle, what are you doing?” She asked.

“If you can’t guess, you’ll find out soon.”

“You should be working. You have a book to sell.” She added. Her protests sounded sincere but her sultry voice told me that her interest was piqued.

“I have to write the book before I can sell it.” I slid my finger along the edges of her shorts and her objection was caught behind the whimper that was released.


“Yeah…” My voice was just as raspy as hers was lusty.

Jaye stood and put her hands against my chest to push me away but her attempt was feeble. “Go write.”

“I will when I’m done.”

I moved towards her and she backed away. I continued until she was against the wall with nowhere to go.

“Shit.” She swore under her breath.

“Damn right.”

I leaned forward kissing her neck at the same time that I lifted her thigh. She lifted her hand to my head holding me close to her. I flexed my hips toward her and she hissed. My patience was running thin. I wanted inside of her. I needed to lose myself into her to rid the demons that blocked the creativity. I wanted to pound my frustrations into her willing flesh. She had the power to heal me and I needed to take refuge.


I lifted her and she wrapped both of her legs around my waist. Her heat beaconed me to enjoy her wetness. I pulled the skin at her neck with my teeth and she groaned. Her fingernails raked my back and I shivered. She knew just how much I liked that. I slid my hand down to her pussy and I teased her through the drenched material covering her.

I kissed up her neck until I reached her ear. I pulled on it with my teeth and whispered into her ear.

“I need you, baby. Are you ready for me?”

“Yes!” She cried out.

“Good, girl.”

Using the wall to hold her up, I freed my erection. I pulled her shorts down her ass and over her hips. They rode her thighs but her cunt was available for the taking. I teased her folds with the tip of my erection until she rocked against me. Yeah, she wanted it too.

I inched inside of her and liquid heat welcomed me. I put one hand on the wall to brace our bodies. Damn she felt good. Her arms wrapped tighter around my neck when I withdrew from her.

“Noooooooo…” She begged.

I sighed in content. “Baby, I’m not going anywhere.”

I sheathed all of me inside of her in one upsweep.

“Ah! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!” She roared.

I lowered my hands to grip her thighs holding her in place while I moved in and out of her. Her body quenched my thirst as I fucked her into submission. She gripped me flexing her vaginal muscles and it was my turn to roar.

I growled contentment and she purred in response. The dance we’d perfected over time was in motion and we didn’t miss one beat. Needing to feel more of her, I slammed her hips into mine challenging her to take more.

“Oh, yes! Lyle, that feels soo… soo… sooo good!”


Sweat dripped down the center of my back and between her breasts, reminding me of how much I wanted to taste her. I turned and sat her on top of the dryer. I withdrew completely and disposed of both pairs of our bottoms. I lifted her legs putting them on my shoulders. Her hands held onto my head as I lowered it to taste her.


I spread her wider giving me access to devour all of her. I French kissed her there until light shakes became thunderous tremors.

“Lyle, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!” She begged.

Lifting my head I found her lips. She kissed me eagerly, wanting the orgasm that I’d denied her. I inched my shaft inside and then out before slamming back home. Pulling her body closer to the edge of the dryer, I held back nothing. She arched into me and I went deeper. I pulled her hair exposing her neck. Kissing, nipping, biting and licking all of the exposed skin, I branded her mine once again. Her nails bit into my skin, piercing my back, marking me as hers.

“Jaye, so good. Perfect. Mine.”

“Yours! Mmm… Please!” She cried and pleaded at the same time.

“Come for me, baby!”

Jaye’s cunt gripped me tightly as she shattered. The firm hold pulled me right down the orgasmic tunnel with her. I growled loudly and grunted out my release. Fuck she was amazing.

Panting like we’d just completed a marathon, I rested my head on her shoulder. Her arms held her up but she shook from the effort. I pulled her into me and carried her to our bed, never disengaging from her. I fell backward onto the bed and she rested her head onto my chest enjoying me as much as I, her. I closed my eyes savoring the moment.

A flurry of scenes assaulted me. Ones I’d seen before but there was a new element. My eyes popped open and I was welcomed with darkness. I looked over to see the clock indicating that between sleep and the extracurricular, I’d been away from the writing lab for three and a half hours. The voices of characters yelling their stories to me grew louder.

Gingerly, I rolled Jaye onto the bed and kissed her beautiful face, disentangling from her. When I was finished writing, I’d be back for more of her loving. I hadn’t finished tasting her sweet body but when the voices called, I answered.

I sat at the desk and the computer came alive as if it knew of my arrival. The blank document stared at me and the cursor flashed insistently. My fingers began typing. The words flowed allowing me to finally create something more than anger. Three chapters later, I sent the unedited documents to my editor for feedback. Feeling great about the renewed energy, I closed the laptop and headed to the bedroom.

I climbed in bed and Jaye curled around me instinctively. Yes, this is where I belonged. I kissed her shoulder and she moaned lightly. Her scent enveloped me and I knew that she was in for a long night. I pulled one of her nipples into my mouth and she mewled.

“Again?” She asked barely alert.

“Yeah, again,” I confirmed.

“Yes, Sir.”

I growled and she shivered. Everything was going to be just fine as long as I had my muse. And she did a damned good job of inspiring.

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