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4.18.2016: The Way He Likes It


Inspired by: Masturbation Monday

The Way He Likes It

I sat my things down on the table and walked up the stairwell to my room. Just as I reached the top, I heard moans coming from my bedroom. Approaching the door, I saw Him on the bed. Legs spread, hips thrusting, and his hand pumping at his cock. His grip was strong and unrelenting as he pleasured himself.

There were growls, moans, and even groaning echoing through the room. I said nothing as I disposed of my shirt, dropped to the floor out of sight, and crawled over to his spread legs. I kissed his thighs before sucking his sac into my mouth. A loud hiss was my reward and I continued licking and sucking. I twirled my tongue around the base of his shaft watching his hand move faster.

When I heard panting, I slid my hand over his to catch his rhythm. He removed his hand and I took over. I jerked him the way he loves it. With a tighter grip, long strokes, and my tongue meeting the top of my hand to lick the tip. His cologne perfumed the air, accompanied by lust and desire. My need to pleasure him overrode the throb between my own legs. Watching him always aroused my body, but I had no plans to sate the building need. I was focused on him.

His pants drew my attention to him. It was my cue that he was close. He gripped the sheets at his side and my strokes shortened, moving from the middle of his cock to the end. I leaned forward and sucked the sensitive vein underneath. Strangled cries filled that room and I continued eagerly. His lungs wouldn’t fill quickly enough or fast enough. He gasped for air needed it to center himself.


The one word affected him deeply, prompting jets of cum to rain on my shoulder, hand, and neck. I milked him until his hips stopped seizing and his hand released the sheets. I leaned upwards and looked at his content face.

“Good girl.” He said smiling.

I nodded, stood, walked off to wash, and came back to him passed out in bliss. I kissed his hips softly and headed to make dinner, riding a satisfied high.