The Savage Kings

A black mafia that originated in California is growing. These men are loving to their women but savages everywhere else. Crossing them is always a mistake and they don’t give second chances.

The Domino Effect (Releases December 2nd, 2021)

Book 1


Running the streets of California, nothing comes in or out that I don’t know about. Things are booming and this connect in Morocco is going to move my shipments incognito. A trip there was to be quick. Instead, I wound up in jail, cheated, and married. Was it a setup and my new wife was part of the con? I hoped not, because it would be a shame to destroy someone so beautiful, but I would.


My husband is a Foxworth, the king of everything moving in California. I know what he does, but he can’t find out my secret. It would ruin everything. It was a simple arrangement without emotion, but why did I care about him and his twins? And why was he such a bully? Could Domino, the babies, and his family prove to be too much to walk away from? Or would they break me when this was over?